The Borderline Tournament [Round 1]

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The Borderline Tournament


- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Evasion Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Timer Clause
- BO1
- Participants must use at least one of two Pokemon or abilities released every round. They can use both if they wish to
- Winners must post the replay of their games. If they fail to do so, their win will not count. Smogtours automatically save replays, so you should probably play there

Zygarde and Crawdaunt will be released this round.


Rhythms vs acidphoenix
Confide. vs Staraptor 4 UU - [Replay]
I'm actually Cash vs gobosox
Arifeen vs -Tynamo- - [Replay]
DKFirelord vs MeowMiXXX
Colbrushie vs Dr Ciel
Joltage vs Shiba - [Replay]
NotAGymLdr vs iWanka - [Replay]
Dream Eater Gengar vs LilOu
eaglehawk vs TSR - [Replay]
Twix vs Christo The Gr8 - [Replay]
YABO vs LeoLancaster - [Replay]
Kreme vs RyanX - [Replay]
Aquadext vs fran17 - [Replay]
Laxuy vs NV - [Replay]
~BLOOM~ vs shartruce
King UU vs Max Carvalho - [Replay]
absdaddy vs Sweep - [Replay]
PK-Kaiser vs TTFTW
GULLY vs daedalus1103
Hogg vs shadestep - [Replay]
iplaytennislol vs Chamaeleon - [Replay]
teal6 vs Sacri' - [Replay]
ManOfMany vs DaSpoofy - [Replay]
Rare Poison vs majaspic22
Pak vs Euphonos - [Replay]
LittleRunnerXC vs Shrug - [Replay]
Rattled Snakes vs Recreant - [Replay]
Sabella vs Megazard - [Replay]
Funbot28 vs R0ady - [Replay]
newfren vs fatty
wisc vs malinowski - [Replay]


Players have 3 days to contact their opponents. I will sub out anyone who fails to show any signs of activity.

Round 1 deadline is November 24th.
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I'm a sub for this tour. If anyone wants to test teams without having to play people who are currently part of the tour feel free to challenge me any time. I've got a couple different teams built for this to specify if you want to play against Offense/Balance/Stall. Msg me here or on PS (same as smog username) if you want to test :)
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