The BW2 Doubles Tourney Round 1

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j/s that i'd play my oponent yesterday.. when he called me i was busy so i couldnt play atm, but when i ended my "work" i called him but he was offline on irc lol


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@Brap I'm sorry but ever since you've joined Smogon you have had a really shitty attitude towards others and when you get 'haxed'. Even if you did get haxed, who cares, you don't have to point it out towards others. I've seen you do this countless times and you just need to stop being a poor sport and say I lost. Seriously your attitude when losing is very annoying.

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VM'd again, still heard nothing back even though he's been online. I have no idea if I'll be able to battle him in the next two days because it looks like he's in Germany, and my only available times over the next few days will probably be late for him. I had plenty of time earlier and vm'd him a long while ago.
AceEmerald, Soulwind, since I've checked and your opponents indeed haven't responded to any of your messages nor made activity posts this late in the round, I'm subbing them out. AceEmerald, your new opponent will be BrickBreak. SoulWind, your new opponent will be DarkLoïc.

Also, given the miscommunication about the matches being bo3 along with subs very late in the game, I'm going to give a one week extension to the matches. Round 1 will end on Friday, February 22nd at 11:59 P.M. EST. Get your battles done, for I will not be giving any more extensions.
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