The BW2 Doubles Tourney Round 1

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Lets keep our secrets dirty
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confirming loss,my opponent did switch teams two different times, don't know if that's against the rules or not. also they weren't gg's


Banned deucer.
after being subbed in i faced aurarayquaza once, then he ditched and i haven't been able to get in contact with him. I won the one match we did play. forgot to save a replay, but pocket spectated and can vouch if you need
Round 1 is over. Round 2 will be up shortly.

-Since Pwnemon has mentioned that he won one game against Aura Rayquaza and since Aura Rayquaza has not made any attempts to contact, I'm rulling Pwnemon the winner.

-Since both Pan and Bri have been MIA, coin flip declares Princess Bri the winner.

-Since Chase has posted activity and Snowflakes has not responded to me, Chase will advance.

-Since Atoni has posted activity and Terraquaza hasn't, Atoni will advance

-Since Raseri has posted activity and Nefask hasn't, Raseri will advance

-Since TheSweeper has posted activity and Kojes hasn't, TheSweeper will advance

-Due to scheduling conflicts and the like, the matches LivingThings v Morgenstern and Ace Emerald v Staraptor will be carried into r2, and the winner of each will battle the other.
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