The NU Open VIII - Round 4

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Lost to garay, ggs and gl in the remainder.

Disappointed that I went from being in 5 opens to being out over the span of ~10 days, but happy with how I played overall. Happy my last loss was clean and to a good friend like garay -- I hope you take it all bro.

I will update the OP and deal with the round stuff on Sunday night, fwiw.
Gonna have to call act for now, it's 45 min past the time range we scheduled for (7-8pm gmt+8) and I've still got no response from my opp.


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Act, I gave my opponent my Discord on Tuesday to contact further since I stated I would respond there way earlier than on Smogon. He Pm’d me on sunday with his discord tag and no further notice on when to play. I know my activity on smogon hasn’t been the best either since I’m on vacation but I told him my Discord on which I’ll pretty much always respond within a couple hours
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