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Yes Atheno, Calm nature. You have a fast taunter so synchronizers shouldn't be a problem.
I will ask a challenge in half an hour.
To clarify Atheno, if you can't get to an item on a route (for example, you haven't got Surf yet) you don't have to get it the first time through. However, you must go back to get it as soon as possible, and you can't move on until you do. Also, out of curiosity, let me know which spy or secret agent tune you use :)

@zdrup, Why not ask for it now?
I've misunderstood Sprocket's quite frankly devilishly difficult challenge. So I now have my 6 pokemon, being:

Grotle: Nicknamed Wartortle. Must know withdraw at all times, and beat every fire pokemon in the elite 4. Cannot evolve.

Shieldon: Nicknamed Shield. Must learn and keep Blizzard, Thunder, Fire Blast and One other special move. Most solo one gym leader to evolve.

Shinx: Must net last KO in every gym. Can only evolve as a direct result of levelling up from gym leader.

Geodude: Can only evolve after soloing 10 gym leader pokemon. Must solo rival in Victory Road, but can never be the highest-level pokemon.

Lucario: Cannot know: Swords Dance, Close Combat, Stone Edge, ExtremeSpeed, Crunch, Ice Punch, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Dragon Pulse, Agility, ThunderPunch, Calm Mind, Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave, and Counter.

Sprocket's Pokemon: Every time I enter a new area, I must catch the first pokemon I see. The pokemon caught beforehand using this method must then be released. Failure to capture first pokemon still means releasing the last one. It must also be the lead in any Gym Battle, unless any challenge overrides, and it cannot switch out until either the lead has fainted or the pokemon faints (will have to be overridden for one gym, due to the challenge on Shieldon's evolution).

My word, will this be a challenge. I'll keep you posted!

EDIT: Yes, I accidentally posted it too quickly. Fixed now.


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You have a fast taunter so synchronizers shouldn't be a problem.
What does this sentence mean?

And Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God auramaster. I'm going to take days to move forward at all as soon as I get Surf.

And @DragonBreath: I think Sprocket's challenge was part of your Scramble: the one Pokemon i gives you at all times serves as the Pokemon you don't have yet.

EDIT: Disregard that last. And those six Pokemon look a lot like two Pokemon to me.
Chimchar has taunt so you can taunt abras teleporting and capture them easily. After a while you should find a calm syncronizer.

So I want a Platinum challenge. 6 pokemons b4 the League and 4 after to replace 4 of them (I think it's refreshing).
I want CREATIVE CHALLENGES RATHER THAN TOUGH ONES! And make it so that I have 2 pokes b4 Gardenia. That's all.

Slots reserved:

-Athenodoros payback (you can follow the SPL theme if you want)
Zdrup, take a Buneary and call it Easter. As a Ghost-Killer, this Buneary wins as it must always know foresight. It must always have Return and a fighting move, with one non-attacking move of your choice. It must then solo one of Fantina's pokemon using only the normal and fighting moves in order to evolve.


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Okay, here it is:

Pokemon culture is rich in achievements and trials, but none are richer than the culture of a certain tribe of Bidoof and Bibarel. Every time a promising trainer comes through their patch in the East of Route 201, it is the duty of every Bidoof to try to be caught, and the best one is traditionally picked by the trainer, given a sacred name by the tribe, and sent on his or her way. This Bidoof, soon to be Bibarel, then travels around Sinnoh, learning techniques from the most powerful trainers around, and is considered to have ascended to the peak of the Bibarel culture when he/she defeats the most powerful Pokemon in the land, at which time Bibarel is bound to its trainer for all eternity, and is celebrated by the tribe back on route 201.

When you first get Pokeballs, you must immediately purchase another 5, and go and catch as many Bidoofs as you can with these 10 balls in route 201. You must keep the one with the highest stat total (if it is a tie, keep the one you caught first, because it obviously saw you faster and had better reflexes) and name it Atheno if it is male or Athena if it is female.

It must solo a Pokemon in every gym, and after doing so must learn a move of the type of the gym you just defeated before the next gym (this is actually possible). It must also solo Cynthia's Garchomp, after which it may not forget Curse, the ??? move, to show its mastery of all fighting styles. To celebrate defeating it, you must march through route 201, with Athen@ at the front of your party, and stay the night there as celebrations take place.

Finally, you must keep Athen@ after the League, and it begins to hate all of the newcomers, which means that in any double battle, it must only use moves which damage in some way the newcomers until either they are all knocked out or the battle is won. You must also solo an elite four member on the second way through, to demonstrate that it is keeping up its training still, in an unending quest for ultimate fighting skill.


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Take a Gastly. It is quite ghastly.

Name it Ghast, as it's quite ghastly.

Now if you know one thing about Gastlies, it would be that they are ghastly.

So ghastly indeed that they need to fight to stay alive.

Now your Gastly is particularly ghastly.

It hates Team Galactic for not being ghastly enough.

In fact, it soloed the first ten Galactic Grunts and one Admin before it evolved into Haunter.

Now Haunters aren't ghastly, but they love to haunt.

Your Haunter loves to haunt places.

It wanted to haunt every place it could find.

Which is why it killed one Pokemon from every Gym after evolving, plus the first Cyrus battle.

Then it evolved into Gengar after defeating Volkner.

Gengar isn't a pun on any word, so the only restriction I put on it is that the sum of the Base Powers of its moves cannot exceed 200.

Ghastly Gastly must solo ten Galactic Grunts plus one Galactic Admin (not necessarily the first).
Haunting Haunter must solo one Pokemon from every Gym, plus the entire first Cyrus battle
Gengar the Gengar must not have the BPs of its moves exceed 200. Hidden Power counts as 50.


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Mesprit isn't very legendary. It's UU for goodness sake. And bad luck Vratix. I'm going to want to see your team after this. I suppose you were giving out OU, so (from what I understand of the process you all had) you would have one less than everyone else.

And who does Dexington have to play next round?
zdrup: Take an Onix named Puff.

This Onix lives by the sea, so it has to solo one of the water gym leader's Pokemon.
It frolicks in the autumn mist, so you aren't allowed to use Defog on any of the routes.
And it lives in a land called Honah Lee, so it must solo a pokemon whose names begin with H, O, N, A, H, L, E, and E, in order. You can battle Pokemon in between those letters, but again, it must be in order.
Since everyone knows zdrup has a Rotom, I have to say that I HATE THAT ROTOM. My team hates Rotom. And I will get my revenge NOW. Take a Rotom named Loser, it cannot know any moves you had it use during the SPL, and one of its moves must be Thundershock. If you ever find one of the Pokemon I used on my team, you must send in Rotom and LET IT FAINT. Thus, through your game I will get my revenge! Mwahaha! If, while waiting for Rotom to faint, the other Pokemon faints first, then Rotom must go all the way back to Mt. Coronet, and find a Level 13 Geodude, and let it defeat Rotom as Rotom helplessly Thundershock's it :P Thus, I shall be avenged.


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Hey zdrup15, I just noticed that Slowbro doesn't learn Calm Mind. Any other ideas?

And I am laughing at auramaster. Only that it sounds kind of bad that his Rotom is more annoying than mine.


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Sapphire Scramble Update #2

Alright, time for Update #2 in this Sapphire Scramble...

Update #1

The Pokemon...
  • Wingull (FrostGull): Must Know Mist & One other Ice-Type Move (Bynine)
  • Gyarados: Must know Fire Blast/Thunder/Blizzard & one other Special Move (Athenodoros)
  • Pikachu: Cannot Evolve (Sprocket)
  • Torchic (Khan): Solo one Pokemon of each type (except for two, decided before game start (Fire & Ice)) up to 10 levels lower, & solo 2 Fully evolved Pokemon (One from a Gym Leader & Another from the Rival) & solo one of the champion's Pokemon. Complete one half of the challenge to evolve into Combusken & clear Victory Road to evolve into Blaziken.
  • Abra (Lolcat): Must have four different typed moves ASAP & always have moves of four different types. Can never evolve into Alakazam (DetroitLolcat)
  • Absol (Hirador): Pure Special attacker (auramaster)

The adventure so far in text...
I leave the Pokemon Centre in Rustboro & go to the Cutter's House to get the HM for Cut. After leaving his house, I go back to Route 116 & decide to catch myself a HM Slave. First go, a Nincada & catch it after weakening its health. I name it "Cicada" & teach it Cut. I then deal with the previously unreachable School Kids, where Khan (Torchic) scores a Psychic-Type Solo for dealing with a Ralts. I then go inside the cave there & deal with another pirate, saving a Wingull's life & earning a Great Ball & a Pokenav. After that I go to the cottage that the sailor random told me to visit. I ask the sailor man to take me to Dewford (With manners) & he does (Look what good things manners do...).

I arrive in Dewford & instantly get an Old Rod. I go fishing for a Magikarp, & along the way, Khan scores a solo for Poison via Tentacool. I eventually hook a Magikarp & catch it. I name it "Atheno" (After Athenodoros, the challenge giver (Yes I know it specifies Gyarados, but I can't be bothered waiting till Sootopolis to find one, so a Magikarp will do)) & start bait & switching with it...After I heal at the Pokemon Centre.

After leaving the Pokemon Centre, I find out that "Good Anime" is what's "hip & happening" as I head into Granite Cave. Along the way, Khan scores solos for Ghost via Sableye & Steel via Aron. I also catch an Abra (A scramble Pokemon) in two tries with a Great Ball & name it "Lolcat" (Thanks to DetroitLolcat, and as I don't have any attacking TM's/HM's that it'll learn at the moment, I have to bait & switch for now). I eventually find a grey-haired man & give him a letter in exchange for the TM for Steel Wing.

After that, I leave Granite Cave (After recieving a HM from a Hiker) & tackle the Dewford Gym. During the minor trainer beatings, Khan evolves into a Combusken as it has reached what I assumed, was "half the requirement" (13/15 types & 0/2 fully evolved trained Pokemon). After dealing with the minor trainers, I decide to go back to Rustboro to get some Super Potions (There's no mart in Dewford). I come back to the Gym, & then challenge the Gym Leader: Brawly, for Badge #2.

I send in Atheno while he sends in a Machop. I switch in Khan, who took a Karate Chop. Khan then proceeded to 3HKO with Peck, surviving a Bulk Up & a Karate Chop with 2HP remaining.
Last was Makuhita while I bait & switched with Atheno back into Khan...which was rather risky, considering HP, but Khan switched into a Sand Attack. I then proceeded to heal Khan while Makuhita continued to lower Khan's accuracy. Eventually, Khan 3HKOed with Peck, with one Peck missing, surviving Bulked up Arm Thrust (Which hit twice) & yet another Sand Attack. The battle was won, & I got the TM for Bulk Up.

After that, I healed at the Pokemon Centre & got the sailor man to take me to Slateport...Beach. I cleaned up the trainers there & those inside the hut there before arriving in Slateport & healing at the Pokemon Centre. I then delivered goods to a Captain inside a museum after dealing with a couple of Pirates. And that's where we leave off...

And the current team...

Atheno (Male Magikarp) @ Nothing
Lv:13/Modest/Swift Swim

(Will become the Gyarados in the Scramble Pokemon)

Comments: Magikarp used Splash! But Nothing Happened!

Lolcat (Male Abra) @ Nothing

(No attacking TM's Lolcat can learn)

Comments: Abra used Teleport!

FrostGull (Male Wingull) @ Nothing
Lv:17/Lonely/Keen Eye
-Water Gun
-Wing Attack

Comments: Most used Pokemon. Has a lot of the workload with two Bait & Switch Pokemon.

Khan (Male Combusken) @ Nothing
-Double Kick

Types (*Not Soloed, Underlines are omitted): Dark, Normal, Bug, Water, Flying, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric*, Dragon*, Gym Leader*, Rival*, Fire, Ice

Comments: Has a lot of the workload due to two Bait & Switchers...

And that's all. Don't expect me do do a lot of updates until I deal with the E4 on the current Pearl Scramble. :)
Hey zdrup15, I just noticed that Slowbro doesn't learn Calm Mind. Any other ideas?

And I am laughing at auramaster. Only that it sounds kind of bad that his Rotom is more annoying than mine.
Slowbro learns Calm Mind (TM).
Forgot to say I can't trade so lolcat's challenge will end with a haunter.
-Bibarel (must stay after E4)
-A1's slot
-doom's slot

I need 2 more before the E4 and 4 after it. Remember, be creative! And take synergy into account when giving me pokemons.


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No, I mean that it only learns it via TM, and you can only get the TM from the Battle Frontier, and I am certainly not going through the Battle Tower using the ones I've been given, which would be destroyed instantly.


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Navelpluis, I will give you a Garchomp, which must be called Poseidon (who on his days off from being god of the seas was also god of earthquakes). This is hugely ironic, because this Garchomp will never learn Earthquake, and in fact will never learn any move, apart from by level-up, apart from Surf (which is mandatory), to show that he is being diligent and keeping to his primary job of organising the seas. However, to show that a Garchomp without Earthquake, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Swords Dance, Fire Fang (just to name a few) can still be good, it must solo the Ice-type gym, and then Cynthia's Garchomp. Enjoy.
Wait... So I need a Garchomp that can only learn level-up moves and Surf, but he is not allowed to learn Outrage/EQ/whatever? And then I have to solo the Ice-type gym, and make it kick Cynthia's Garchomps ass.

Now I wonder how I'm gonna get a legit Garchomp before the 7th gym, but sure. Any rules on leveling it?


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It is easy to get a Chomp before the seventh gym. As soon as you get Strangth, you can get a Gible, and it does not necessarily have to be a Garchomp when it solos the leader. It could be a Gible or Gabite: it just has to solo the leader. And no, the only other restrictions are soloing Cynthia's Garchomp, learning Surf ASAP and only learning moves by level-up apart from Surf.
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