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P(n) = 1 - (1 - P(1))^n
@Xabu1, you get a Raticate (it may be caught as a Rattata). The only stipulation is that it must learn and keep Hyper Fang and Super Fang, and it must be within 5 levels of your highest level Pokemon at all times.
@random still waiting for another pokemon? Well here's another 1 that was never chosen.
If he doesn't reply Vratix, I have a replacement challenge...

You get an Abomasnow named No1LovesMe (because noone would give you your last pokemon). You must catch it as an Abomasnow.

It must know & keep Ingrain & use it upon entry into battle. It may not know any other Grass type moves.

Have fun (If you do take this challenge)
Hope you don't mind the nn change.


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Thank you Dark Ray...Poor Abomasnow, rejected in favour of a Skorupi...

Now I can stop annoying people about my Pearl Payback Scramble. :)

Recap: So I have an unevolvable Piplup, a MEP, An OU Garchomp, A Stockpile Drifloon, a speedy Buizel, & a dejected Abomasnow.

Have you decided on your type yet, Dark Ray?
@random nope voting is still going on but its now 2psychic 1rock 1flying (why is noone voting for a type?) Also since its not on this page yet Link. Come on people vote for your favorite type, it's still any types game (except water and dragon ofc).
P.S. random good luck having abomasnow and 5 pokemon that take damage from hail :P
Weather weakness isn't too awful. I have a Hippopotas on my team but other things that take damage from it (then again, two other party members are -ground and I'll later have a -steel Pokemon). But yeah, you get the point.

Still voting for mono-Psychic since I think it'd be pretty challenging. Never actually done a mono-type run though so I can't say I have experience.


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My current LC Mons Scramble (Pearl) has a Hippopotas in it & none of my LC Mons are immune to it (Except for said Pokemon), Lucky I haven't got up to that part yet, I'm currently Unown-hunting, that reminds me, I should do my next update for that scramble after soloing Maylene with a Starly...
Dark Ray, I vote for Poison. (Go Venusaur)

As such if it wins I give you Venusaur. Its only restriction:

It cannot use any move listed as part of a Smogon set. The Other Option are fine, but no moves on Smogon sets.

BTW, put that down if Grass wins too.
@Dark Ray: I vote for Psychic. As such:

Take an Espeon. It cannot learn more than one damaging move at a time, and it must be a Special move. It must evolve from Bill's Eevee ASAP, and it must solo either Chuck or Jasmine.


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Pearl No-Evo Scramble Update #3

The LC Mons return! here's the third update of the scramble for LC Mons...

Update #1
Update #2

The Pokemon...
  • Shinx (Lailaps): Must know Return (Athenodoros)
  • Piplup (Mr Penguin): Must be male. Must solo rival's main Pokemon at each battle. Once Surf is learned, it may never learn another level up or Water type move (Sprocket)
  • Buneary (Larolla): When it learns a level up move, the oldest move is replaced. It is to be taught exactly 2 TM's/HM's after each gym, starting with the 2nd. Cannot learn more than 2 TM's or 2 HM's at any time (auramaster)
  • Misdreavus (Missy): Can only learn & use STAB moves. For it to learn other type attacks, you must own an Unown of an appropriate HP (Paradox808)
  • Hippopotas: Cannot use Normal-type moves. If it has one, it must be overwritten ASAP (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starly: Must have a moveset of Quick Attack/Agility, Whirlwind/Endeavor, Brave Bird/Take Down & Fly before Palkia. Must Solo Gardenia at a level below 17, Maylene below 33, & One of Volkner's Pokemon (Chocolate-Kipp)

The adventure so far in text...
So, I was fresh from my second badge & I needed to teach Larolla (Buneary) 2 TM's. I teach her Hidden Power & Rock Smash as I had no other suitable TM/HM's. I also teach Doofus (Bidoof), a HM Slave, Cut. I go inside a building & find Spacemen inside. It takes me one battle to identify Larolla's Hidden Power Type: HP Ghost (It deals no damage to a Glameow). I then make my way to the top of the biulding where I encounter Jupiter, another elite Spacewoman, & challenge her to a battle.

I sent in Chocolate (Starly) while Jupiter sent out a Zubat. Chocolate wasted no time getting to +6 Evasion with Double Team while all Zubat could do is hit then miss with Bite, Wing Attack, & Giga Drain...I used one Super Potion on Chocolate while raising Evasion. Once +6 Evasion was achieved, Chocolate proceeded to 3HKO with Wing Attack.
Last was a Skuntank, who got Endeavoured by Chocolate, before OHKOing Chocolate with Night Slash after one miss.
So I sent out Larolla, who KOed with 4 Rock Smashes & 2 Quick Attacks while Skuntank seemed intrested in lowering Larolla's Defences with Screech & Accuracy with Smokescreen. And Skuntank's lack of interest in attacking meant that I had won the battle.

After that, I went to the Bicycle Shop to pick up a Bicycle & then go down the Cycling Road. After that, I got a Vs. Seeker from Lucas before going into Wayward Cave to deal with the side quest there. At that point, I equipped an Exp. Share to Mr Penguin (Piplup), because a battle with Idiot was coming soon & he needs to solo his main pokemon. After that, I healed up & headed for Hearthome. When I got there, I randomly stopped a Buneary & was told to go to the Contest hall, where I got a dress. After that I healed up & was about to leave Hearthome, when Idiot came along & challenged me to a battle!

LC Mons Team at this point:
Lailaps Lv20
Larolla Lv20
Chocolate Lv20
Missy Lv21
Mr Penguin Lv26

I sent in Lailaps (Shinx) while Idiot sent in a Starly. Starly got the jump with a Quick Attack, but I wasn't worried, the incredibly loyal Lailaps charged up some energy, ready to strike. Starly then decided to use Wing Attack, not doing much, but it was in vain, as Lailaps loyally let off a charged Spark, OHKOing the bird.
Lailaps stayed in for Buizel, who got the jump with Quick Attack while Lailaps charged up some energy. At that point, I used a precautionary Super Potion on Lailaps, while Buizel let off a Water Gun, followed up by a Quick Attack. Lailaps survived this, & fired off a charged Spark, OHKOing the weasel.
I then sent in Mr Penguin against Grotle (Mr Penguin must solo it). The first thing I thought upon seeing Grotle was Holy Crap! 5 Level Difference! By this point, Piplup users would've gotten rid of Growl. I was redundant & I had kept Growl, knowing it would be incredibly useful. So Mr Penguin wasted no time reducing Grotle's Attack to -6, at this point, Grotle raised his Defence to +5, & got in a crit Tackle. I then opted for Mr Penguin to start BubbleBeaming away at Grotle, Grotle then got in a Razor Leaf, which does 8 points of damage to Mr Penguin...That's at least 64 points of damage should it crit when you factor in the attack reduction, & Mr Penguin has a Max HP of 68. So I top up Mr Penguin's health with a Super Potion, while Grotle uses Absorb, which also does 8 points of damage. Instead of worrying about Potions I opt to alternate between BubbleBeaming & the occasional use of a Super Potion, while taking repeated Absorbs & Razor Leafs, before finally sinking down Grotle. Whew!
Last was a Ponyta, which was a lost cause, as Mr Penguin easily 2HKOes with BubbleBeam, winning me the battle.

After that, I heal up & start to head towards Solaceon Town. At this point, I unequip the Exp. Share that Mr. Penguin was holding. So, I make my way through Route 209, picking up a Good Rod & beating the trainers along the way, I arrive in Solaceon, heal up, & make my way to the Lost Tower, where something major occurs: I get the TM for Return, which I immediately teach to Lailaps, who becomes even more loyal than before. At the top, I get the HM for Strength & make my way back to Solaceon, where I heal up & go into the Solaceon Ruins.

There, I capture 10 Unown, & check their Hidden Powers through battle: Unown F (HP Poison), C (HP Bug), O (HP Dragon), A (HP Ground), U (HP Bug), H (HP Rock), P (HP Bug), Y (HP Ice), Z (HP Fighting), & T (HP Ground). Unsatisfied with this, I go looking for two Unown: HP Electric, one with HP Psychic, & one with HP Dark. I eventually find them in the form of an Unown L (HP Electric), I (HP Psychic) & R (HP Dark). After that, I continue on with my adventure, going north of Solaceon & on the way to Veilstone.

I eventually arrive in Veilstone after some gruelling battles, heal up, & go to Veilstone Gym, beating the minor trainers before attempting to solo Maylene with a Lv29 Starly. First attempt, Chocolate easily takes advantage of the Detect abuse from Meditite to get to +6 Evasion, but things went downhill after Machoke used Foresight, as Machoke went down, Lucario came in & got in hit after hit after hit...Second attempt was an epic fail on my part, as Meditite managed to crit hax kill Chocolate. Third attempt went pretty much the same way as the first. After the third, I decide to raise Chocolate to Lv31 before making another attempt (Chocolate cannot be above Lv33 for the Maylene Solo).

So attempt #4, & Chocolate gets hax-killed by a Meditite Confusion. Attempts 5, 6, & 7 were the same, with me ragequitting after a Machoke Foresight, but for the 8th attempt, I tried something different. I raise Chocolate's Evasion to +1 with Double Team, before killing Meditite, & Machoke, whodidn't do anything thanks to crit-hax from Aerial Ace, & then set up Double Team on Lucario. Two Moomoo Milks later & several Aerial Aces later, & Lucario finally fell, giving Chocolate the Maylene Solo, the Cobble Badge, & the TM for Drain Punch.

After that, I left the Gym & healed up at the Pokemon Centre. So, that's three Gym's down, five to go, & now I have to teach Larolla 2 more TM's, just which ones? Find out in the next update. And that's where we leave off...

And the current Team...

Missy (Male Misdreavus) @ Nothing
-Confuse Ray
Unown HP's obtained: Poison, Bug, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Ice, Fighting, Electric, Psychic, & Dark.
Comments: The most brokenest Ghost in Little Cup History is being a pain in the neck to raise, with shite STAB, Psybeam is a good attack, but it's the current LVP, not broken by a long margin...

Larolla (Female Buneary) @ Nothing
-Rock Smash
-HP Ghost
-Quick Attack
-Jump Kick
Comments: Just got to find 2 TM's to use for it, doing better than Missy though...

Lailaps (Female Shinx) @ Nothing
Comments: The incredibly loyal Lailaps got more loyal this update, getting Return, but has struggled a bit this update post-Idiot battle...

Mr Penguin (Male Piplup) @ Nothing
-Fury Attack
Comments: Did a great job to beat Grotle in the Idiot battle, hasn't done much this update, but has kept the party in check. The current MVP

Chocolate (Male Starly) @ Nothing
Lv:32/Lax/Keen Eye
-Double Team
-Quick Attack
-Aerial Ace
Comments: Did a very good job to solo Maylene below Lv33, over leveled due to Maylene, moveset almost complete...

And that's Update #3 of the Pearl No-Evo Scramble, 3 Badges obtained, & now I am starting to realise the perils of not evolving a Pokemon, things are starting to become more difficult, now I need to teach Larolla 2 TM/HM's, and...yeah. See you next update! :)
I've also got an update for my Emerald Scramble.

loudkirbyking said:
Auramaster, for a bit creative, take Treeko as your starter. When caught, it was struck on the head to think it was Road Runner. But, since that nickname just doesn't sound quite right, call it by the main phrase. Your treeko must be nicknamed "Beep Beep".

Because it thinks it's so fast and smart, it must also be. It must know both Agility and Quick attack. Other two moves don't really matter, but cannot be Pursuit. Road Runner usually runs away, not after.

And finally, since it still hates Coyotes, it cannot fight any dog-like pokemon, unless in a trainer battle. But, while in a trainer battle, if you fight a dog-like pokemon with it, you must continually play through many explosions on Wile E. Coyote through your mind, or other comical scenes like that. And, if it is with the Poochyena given in a double battle, it can only use Agility or Quick attack. If not obtained yet, then it cannot attack the same target as Poochyena.
chocolate-kipp said:
Take a Poochyena. Have it solo Brawly to evolve. Also, name him "Cuddles".
Detroitlolcat said:
Take a Skitty, and name it Skitteh. As soon as it gets to Level 19, teach it Assist and solo two of Wattson's Pokemon and one of Flannery's with only Assist.

It may evolve after that. It must solo three Admins or either team, two of which only using the move Assist.
Plusle said:
Take a plusle and call it Minus. Every gym battle it must use flash 2 times. (as soon as you get flash)

Athenodoros said:
Okay, auramaster, you get a Spinda. It must always know Hypnosis, Dizzy Punch and Teeter Dance, just because all Spinda should. It should also solo a gym leader, or have all of Tate and Liza's Pokemon KO'd by Spinda or Confusion induced by Spinda. It should be called "Dizzy", and you can only progress past the Pokemon League after a confusion-inducing move has been used on Dizzy (you may switch). Finally, It must solo 10 Pokemon from the League or from Steven before every Pokemon on your team can be fully evolved.
Its A Random said:
auramaster, take the Castform you get from the Weather Institute.

You must then go to the name rater & give it a nickname (The Institute gives you an unicknamed one), either Sun, Rain, or Hail.

If you name it Sun, It must know & keep Sunny Day, Ember/Fire Blast, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Sunny Day when the weather isn't Sun.
If you name it Rain, It must know & keep Rain Dance, Water Gun/Thunder, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Rain Dance when the weather isn't Rain.
If you name it Hail, It must know & keep Hail, Powder Snow/Blizzard, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Hail when the weather isn't Hail.

Have fun.

Started with Beep Beep (Treecko), very strong early game

Caught a Wurmple, which caught Cuddles (Poochyena) (Beep Beep can't fight him)

Both were at level 10 before Petalburg due to me hunting down Zigzagoon

Wally is the luckiest boy in the world with a level 5 Ralts (Although his Zigzagoon missed a Tackle XD, he had to catch Ralts in the green)

Cuddles got Bite in Petalburg Woods, and Beep Beep got Bullet Seed right after, giving them both powerful STABs

Caught Skitteh (Skitty), it's Attract is incredibly useful, especially in Double battles

BAttled Roxanne, her first Geodude nearly KO'd Cuddles with Rock Tomb. After we both healed, it used Rock Slide and left Cuddles with 1 HP left :) Cuddles finished it off, then Beep Beep swept her other 2 Pokemon with no trouble.

Beep Beep (Male Treecko) @ Oran Berry
Level 15
~Bullet Seed
~Quick Attack

Comments: Outspeeds and OHKO's almost everything, saved me in the battle with Roxanne. Current MVP

Cuddles (Male Poochyena) @ Nothing
Level 14
~Sand Attack

Comments: Even with his low Special Attack, STAB Bite is powerful, and almost nothing resists it. If not for the gym battle, he would be tied for MVP.

Skitteh (Female Skitty) @ Nothing
Level 12
~Tail Whip

Comments: Attract is severely underrated, especially in Double battles where Beep Beep and Cuddles can make up for its fairly low power. Wins battles with Attract instead of brute power, but with my other Pokemon doing so well, it's the current LVP


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Wally is the luckiest boy in the world with a level 5 Ralts (Although his Zigzagoon missed a Tackle XD, he had to catch Ralts in the green)
Lol at this. I didn't even realise that could miss. I thought they all never missed or critted in the demos, although I suppose that would be why they only ever attack once.


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^Same, Tackle onle has an accuracy 95%, so that's a 1 in 20 chance Wally would have to catch Ralts in the green, wonder if anyone has any demo's showing Wally failing to catch Ralts...

Anyways, I might as well start my Fire Red Scramble.

Pokemon are below...
  • Seel (Kanye West): May not know any other attacking moves as a Seel if I teach it Surf, Solo 7 Pokemon in Blaine's Gym (Including one of Blaine's Pokemon) to evolve, as a Dewgong, It must solo 15 pokemon in Giovanni's Gym (Including one of Giovanni's Pokemon) as well as Lorelei's Dewgong, Both of Bruno's Onix's, Agatha's Golbat, Two of Lance's Dratini evos, & the Champion's Rhydon. May never be the lowest levelled Pokemon on team. (Dummy007)
  • Charmander (Behemoth): Solo Erika to evolve & Blaine's Rapidash to evolve again. As a Charizard, cannot use moves of a power below 120. (Dexington)
  • Snorlax (Fat Camp): Must be caught south of Lavender Town then must immediately face its Celadon Cousin. If it solos it, It must know & keep two of the following: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, & Toxic. One of its other moves must be Physical. Otherwise, it must know & keep Thunder, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, & Sandstorm. Either way, the moves is to be obtained before Fuschia Gym (Vratix)
  • Wynaut: Cannot evolve or use Encore (bwburke94)
  • Clefairy (ImARandom2): Only move is Metronome, until it learns it, only move if Pound/Double Slap (Dark Ray)
  • Ratatta (TopPercent): No STAB, Adamant nature, Solo both of Lance's Dragonites on the rematch to evolve (yaya0)
Good luck me...


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I am a man of no mercy. I love watching people squirm in pain, cursing me for issuing difficult Scrambles. You should hate me. I should hate me. But I do not.

But how many Scrambles have I ever done myself? That's right. None.

That will change.

I request an Emerald Scramble. I can trade, but prefer not to. You can make it hard, but at least make it fun. No "Take a mudkip keep it at level 5 and solo Wallace with 1 HP" challenges. No restrictions besides make it fun.

You may begin.


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Well, then, Lolcat.

Only once have you contributed a Pokemon to one of my challenges, and it was back in my first challenge. You gave me a Nidoran (m), which proved to be one of the great Pokemon in my team. For that, I give you your favourite Pokemon, Swampert. However, in order to evolve into a Swampert it must:

-Solo two gym leaders, not including the first two
-Have learnt all three Water-Type HM moves at some time.
-Solo an Elite Four member.
-Solo every Pokemon you met (at least two) the first time you completed five different routes on your journey, of which one must be water based, one must be land based, one must be a cave, one must be inside a building and one must be that red surface in the Magma hideout.
-Beaten your rival's starter twice
-Be called Posiedon (who I remain convinced was the model for Swampert, as the God of both the sea and of earthquakes)
-Know two moves which are not Normal-, Water- or Ground-Type.
I'll give you something simple. Take an Illumise named Nightmare, it must solo 2 gym leaders, 2 rival encounters, or 2 Elite Four members. Good luck :P


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DetroitLolcat, Take a Loudred & name it GRRAAGH!!!. Catch it as a Whismur & evolve it into Loudred by Slateport.

This Loudred has a grudge against the boss of Team Aqua after he dumped him long ago in favour of a Sharpedo, he is not very happy, & must solo every Team Aqua Grunt in the game from Slateport Museum onwards. At the Weather Institute, Team Aqua Hideout, & the Seafloor Cavern, he must solo the entire place without saving or dying. If he does, turn off without saving & raise his level by one to ensure it doesn't happen again! He may evolve into Exploud after the Team Aqua Hideout solo, & he must be the highest levelled pokemon at all times.

Have fun.
@detroit Take a male Spinda and name it "King Tut" This spinda loves learning new moves, especially moves it can't normally learn so everytime you go to an area with a move tutor spinda must learn that move if it can (if it has no more room delete a move). And since this spinda is a king it must never be the lowest leveled pokemon you have (if it is get to training).
Good luck on your first scramble challenge. EDIT: should have said this before but it can't forget a tutor move unless it's to learn a new 1.


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@ Detroit: You get Pauly D, the male Jersey Shore Machoke.

All it likes to do is work out and hit on ladies. Therefore, it must know the following: Bulk Up and Attract. Furthermore, since he's a spiteful ass, he must know Revenge and use it whenever he is damaged by a trainer's pokemon. The last move is your choice.

It can never evolve into Machamp and must use Bulk Up against every male pokemon he comes across and Attract against every female pokemon it comes across.
@biggie I assume it has to be a male machoke? (yes machoke can be female).
And since it's a new page an update on my mono-type challenge.
The votes so far are 4 psychic, 2 flying, 1 poison and 1 bug. I will give it until tonight (around 12 hours) and then declare the winning type.
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