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I've been lurking in this thread for a while now, and I'm finally going to do my first scramble. This will be in Fire Red, and since this is my first scramble, I want a medium difficulty scramble.
Take a Venusaur called MustEat, it can only know health absorption moves and non-damaging moves. Must solo all of the trainers in Brock and Misty's gym except the gym leader.
Take a female Geodude named "Katy Perry". It likes the song "Fireworks", so teach and keep Selfdestruct, then overide with Explosion. Her #1 hit was "Teenage Dream", so what ever it's moveset is once it hits level 20, that's it's permanent moveset (Bar Explosion)

More soon, my sister kicked me off the computer -_-.
Nice to know we have someone active in this thread that can actually edit posts and stuff, congratz on getting the role Random :D

Anyways, In my Fire Red Scramble, i was up to Misty, but strangely enough, my Lotad can't evolve, it's as if you press B every time i try to evolve, so i used gameshark codes and caught a wild Lombre. Bet my rival with my underleveled pokemon, will do a proper update later.
It's the same for all Pokemon not in the Kanto Dex, even Golbat, who CANNOT evolve unless you get the National Dex. Ridiculous.
kingofkongs take a pidgey named evolve into pidgeotto must participate in 2 rival evolve into pidgeot must first know agility through level up...


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Take a psyduck named Platypus
It's final moveset must be all Tm's and Hm's
At least 2 have to be Hm's
Cannot evolve until it solo's your rival's grass type


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You get RK9 the Growlithe/Arcanine. It may not evolve into Arcanine until it learns Flamethrower by leveling up to 49. It must also solo Blaine's Arcanine. That is all.
kingofkongs, take a Hitmonchan, name it Puncher. It may only use moves with "Punch" in its name in battle.

Have fun.
Take a Venusaur called MustEat, it can only know health absorption moves and non-damaging moves. Must solo all of the trainers in Brock and Misty's gym except the gym leader.
Take a female Geodude named "Katy Perry". It likes the song "Fireworks", so teach and keep Selfdestruct, then overide with Explosion. Her #1 hit was "Teenage Dream", so what ever it's moveset is once it hits level 20, that's it's permanent moveset (Bar Explosion)
kingofkongs take a pidgey named evolve into pidgeotto must participate in 2 rival evolve into pidgeot must first know agility through level up...
Take a psyduck named Platypus
It's final moveset must be all Tm's and Hm's
At least 2 have to be Hm's
Cannot evolve until it solo's your rival's grass type

I challenge anyone who will take the challenge (first come first served) of travelling through any region of their choice, however, they must only catch pokemon that are the same colour as their starters, shinies included.
Hey guys, been a busy week, and yet again I do not have much time for a thorough update, mainly because not much has happened in my SS Scramble. Rode on the SS Anne, beat up all the trainers, beat Lt. Surge. That is all that has happened. Time to go explore Kanto a bit :P


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Pearl No-Evo Scramble Update #FINAL!

Alright, final update of this Pearl No Evo Scramble. Enjoy the read & reply if you want.

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5
Update #6
Update #7
Update #8
Update #9

  • Shinx (Lailaps): Must know Return (Athenodoros)
  • Piplup (Mr Penguin): Must be male. Must solo rival's main Pokemon at each battle. Once Surf is learned, it may never learn another level up or Water type move (Sprocket)
  • Buneary (Larolla): When it learns a level up move, the oldest move is replaced. It is to be taught exactly 2 TM's/HM's after each gym, starting with the 2nd. Cannot learn more than 2 TM's or 2 HM's at any time (auramaster)
  • Misdreavus (Missy): Can only learn & use STAB moves. For it to learn other type attacks, you must own an Unown of an appropriate HP (Paradox808)
  • Hippopotas: Cannot use Normal-type moves. If it has one, it must be overwritten ASAP (DetroitLolcat)
  • Starly: Must have a moveset of Quick Attack/Agility, Whirlwind/Endeavor, Brave Bird/Take Down & Fly before Palkia. Must Solo Gardenia at a level below 17, Maylene below 33, & One of Volkner's Pokemon (Chocolate-Kipp)

Okay, grinding has finally finished, & Now it's time to take on the E4. What's changed? Apart from levels, Some Pokemon got new moves. Missy has Psychic in place of Psybeam, Stortamus has Rock Slide in place of Sand Attack, & Larolla has had an overhaul in terms of moves, now carrying a moveset of Shadow Ball/Charm/Bounce/Healing Wish. As far as EV Training is concerned, Lailaps gained in Speed & Attack, same with Chocolate, who constantly beat Battle Girl Helen on Route 207, Mr Penguin gained Sp. Attack & Speed, same with Missy, Larolla gained Speed, & Stortamus gained Attack & Defence. After buying some items, I was finally ready to take on the E4.

Random's team at this point:
Stortamus: Lv60
Larolla: Lv60
Chocolate: Lv60
Missy: Lv60
Lailaps: Lv60
Mr Penguin: Lv62


Aaron: Lead with Missy against Dustox & try to kill it ASAP before it does too much damage. Heracross would probably come in at that point, where I switch in Chocolate & Brave Bird it into oblivion. Next would probably be Drapion, where Stortamus can come in & set up Stealth Rock, before taking him out with Eathquake. I will need to watch out for Ice Fang, however, so if Stortamus gets killed, Missy can come in as a back up (Lol, no Dark Type attacks on Drapion), & kill with Thunderbolt. Lastly, Vespiquen & Beautifly should be easy picking for Lailaps (Or Stortamus if he is still alive), thanks to Stealth Rock.

Bertha: Bertha should be incredibly easy. Lead with Mr Penguin & rape her entire party with Surf & Grass Knot. Choice specs should be really useful to ensure KO's on a couple of Pokemon, Quagsire in particular, as I have known him to survive a Grass Knot. Other than that, this should be no hassle to win.

Flint: This will be a tricky one. Lead with Mr Penguin & use Surf to deal a lot of damage while Rapidash should survive & set up Sunny Day. Assuming this is the case, I will switch in Stortamus, predicting a SolarBeam & set up Sandstorm & Earthquake Rapidash while he is charging, most likely KOing in the process. Next up should be Infernape, Stortamus should EQ Infernape, hopefully surviving a predicted Flare Blitz & KO the monkey. Drifblim should be next, where I'll send in Missy & blast it back where it came from with a Shadow Ball. After that, Steelix should come in, paving the way for Mr Penguin to score an easy KO, & lastly, Lopunny, who should be 2HKOed by Something.

Lucian: Lucian should give me a run for my money here. Lead with Stortamus against Mr. Mime, & while he sets up Dual Screens, Stortamus will set up Stealth Rock & slowly chip away at Mr. Mime with Crunch, if Stortamus kills Mr. Mime, then next will probably be Medicham, in which case, I'll switch in Chocolate & go suicidal with Brave Bird, otherwise, if Chocolate dies, Missy should come in & kill Medicham. Third will most likely be Girafarig, where I would send Stortamus back in & chip away with Crunch while healing off damage with items. If Stortamus dies, then I'll send in Lailaps to pick Girafarig off. Should Stortamus win, then Alakazam will probably next, where it's Missy's turn to blast him into oblivion with Shadow Ball. Last would be Bronzong, where my best bet is to use Missy & keep using Shadow Ball until it falls.

Cynthia: And we come to Cynthia. Lead with Lailaps against Spiritomb, & alternate between Charge & Spark until Spiritomb bites the dust. At that point, one of two Pokemon will show up, either Gastrodon or Garchomp. If Gastrodon comes out, Mr Penguin comes in & Grass Knot's Gastrodon into oblivion. If Garchomp comes out, then I'll switch in Missy & alternate between him & Lailaps, lowering Chomp's attack in the progress & then after one of them (Probably Lailaps) gets KOed, I'll send in Mr Penguin & finish Chomp with Ice Beam. Either way, Roserade will probably come in next, where I'll send in Chocolate & go Brave Bird suicidal. If Chocolate fails to kill Roserade, then Missy shall come in & finish the job with Psychic. Assuming Chocolate succeeds, next would be Milotic, where I'll send in Mr Penguin & revive Lailaps (Assuming Chomp came out first, otherwise, I would send in Lailaps directly) & eventually use Larolla as death fodder to give Lailaps a safe switch in. At that point, I would alternate with Charge & Spark until Milotic comes down. Then the other of the two Ground Types would come out & I'll deal with them accordingly. And then finally, we come to Lucario. The main plan would be to send in Stortamus & try & kill it by spamming Earthquake. If he fails, then I'll do with what's at hand (Most likely spamming Missy's Thunderbolt) to kill Lucario & win the Scramble.


I went into the first room & encountered Aaron. I approached him & challenged him to a battle. Random vs. Aaron.

The battle begins with me sending out Missy & Aaron sending out Dustox. True to plan, Missy opens out with Psychic & sets the tone for the battle, OHKOing Dustox without any problems.
Beautifly comes out next & gets OHKOed by Thunderbolt.
Heracross is next & I send in Chocolate, but Heracross turns out to be faster & OHKOes Chocolate with Stone Edge. Missy makes a return & 2HKOes with Psychic, taking about under half health from Hera's Megahorn.
Stortamus enters while Vespiquen comes out & starts out with Defend Order, before being 2HKOed by Stortamus' Rock Slide, who only takes 30% damage from the incoming Attack Order.
Last was Drapion, who could ony manage to do ~20% damage with 2 Cross Poisons as Stortamus deals a crippling 2HKO with Earthquake even when factoring in the Sitrus Berry, winning me the battle.

After the anti-climatic first battle where Aaron was simply outplayed, I heal up my team & go to the second room, where I find Bertha & challenge her to a battle. Random vs. Bertha.

I open the battle with Mr Penguin, who was armed with Choice Specs. Bertha opens with Quagsire, & gets the jump with a feeble Protect, delaying the inevitable. I select Grass Knot as Mr Penguin's attack & basically watch the battle roll. Quagsire falls easily, Sudowoodo gets 3HKOed by Grass Knot, factoring in Full Restore & Sucker Punches in return, doing ~40%. Hippowdon & Golem are outsped & OHKOed by Grass Knot, & Whiscash gets 2HKOed by Grass Knot, dealing ~30% in return with Zen Headbutt. The battle was won.

After that, I heal Mr Penguin, take Choice Specs off it, & go to the next room with Stortamus in the lead. Flint awaits, & I confront him. Random vs. Flint.

The battle has a sandy start as Stortamus leads the party against a Rapidash. Rapidash doesn't like the flying sand & promptly sets up Sunny Day, as Stortamus sets up Stealth Rock. Expecting an Earthquake, Rapidash jumps up, dodging the EQ as expected, & then bounces over Stortamus, dealing ~30% damage. The jumping, however, wasnt enough, as he was promptly OHKOed by Earthquake.
Mr Penguin comes in against Infernape & I immediately switch in Stortamus, just because Sunny Day sucks balls. It wasn't a good idea, as Infernape KOes with a combination of Mach Punch & Flare Blitz, in that order. Missy comes in & tries to take out Infernape, but the flaming monkey bites back with Flare Blitz, dealing ~95% damage. Missy then KOes with Psychic, only to be KOed by Sandstorm damage.
Mr Penguin returns for Drifblim & gets bad luck, with Ice beam missing twice while Drifblim set up Double Team twice. Then Jirachi (The god of hax) frowned on Drifblim for breaking Evasion Clause & made his Will-O-Wisp miss & Mr Penguin's Ice Beam hit, but Drifblim survived, only to be killed by Sandstorm damage.
Steelix came in next & was easily OHKOed by Mr Penguin's Surf.
Last was Lopunny, & I sent in the incredibly loyal Lailaps. Lopunny hated the sand as well, so he set up Sunny Day. Lailaps replied with Return, doing ~40% damage...Then Lailaps felt sorry for Lopunny & hit puberty, falling in love with Lopunny...So I switched Lailaps out for Chocolate, who took a Fire Punch, losing ~45% health. Then Chocolate went suicidal, dealing 2 Brave Birds, one of them critting, & finishing Lopunny & Flint off with Quick Attack, winning me the battle.

After that, I heal up, & go to the next room. Lucian is there waiting, reading a book on something. I confront him & challenge him to a battle. Random vs. Lucian.

I lead with Stortamus against Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime starts out the battle with Light Screen, while Stortamus starts out with Stealth Rock. then the two trade blows, both taking 75% damage from their respective attacks, Stortamus with Crunch, Michael Jackson, err...Mr. Mime with Psychic. Lucian then deals a Full Restore Mr. Mime's way as he is Crunched again. Knowing his death is inevitable, he sets up Reflect as he falls to Stortamus' Crunch.
Chocolate comes in on Medicham, & Flies up, hits Medicham, only to be OHKOed by Drain Punch. I then make a blunder, sending in Larolla, thinking Light Screen is still up. I then kill it for no reason with Healing Wish, sending in a full health Missy...What a bad mistake on my part. Missy then takes 30% from an Ice Punch to KO with Shadow Ball.
Lailaps came in for Girafarig, & traded blows, surviving a Double Hit & a Crunch to 2HKO with Crunch...Lailaps however, didn't have enough HP to survive the Sandstorm & was killed off by it.
Then came Bronzong...bitch...Stupid metal bell...Made me use a lot of revives...Basically, Bronzing set up Calm Mind & forced me to use items...a lot. A long time later, Lailaps kills it with Crunch. Not going to do turn by turn, & at the point where Bronzong finally went down, Lailaps was my last Pokemon remaining. I still had revives...
So last out was Alakazam. I revive Stortamus & Missy as Lailaps goes down to a Psychic, following a Recover. So Missy comes in, survives an Energy Ball & a Recover to 2HKO with Shadow Ball & finally win the battle for me.

After that, I heal up my party & give Missy an Elixir. I put Lailaps in the lead position. I go up into the champion's room. Cynthia was there. She started speaking. "Have you been keeping well? Thank you for Mt. Coronet. I'm truly grateful. Together, you and your Pokémon overcame all the challenges you faced, however difficult. It means that you've triumphed over any personal weaknesses, too. The power you learned... I can feel it emanating from you. But that's enough talk. Let's get on with why you're here. As the Pokémon League Champion, I accept your challenge!" And with that, the final battle of the scramble had started.

Lailaps opened the battle against Spiritomb. And from the outset, I was at a disadvantage, being forced to rely on Hyper Potions. Lailaps kept on charging, Spiritomb kept on attacking, & eventually, an Embargo sealed Lailaps fate, as it eventually got KOed by Dark Pulse. Spiritomb was at half health at that point. Missy came in, survived a Silver Wind, to KO in two with Shadow Ball.
Chocolate came in for Roserade, & got outsped & OHKOed by Roserade's Extrasensory. So, I sent in Missy, who 2HKOed with Shadow Ball after surviving a Shadow Ball himself with little health remaining.
Mr Penguin came infor Gastrodon, & 2HKOed with Grass Knot with 70% health remaining after a Muddy Water.
Then Missy became involved in an item spamming stallwar against Lucario, with me alternating between using a Hyper Potion & spamming Thunderbolt...And Confuse Ray...And being forced to take Psychics & Dragon Pulses on the chin, which missy can do remarkably well. Eventually Lucario goes down.
Next up was Garchomp, & I alternate between Lailaps & Missy for a couple of turns as the other gets KOed, before sending in Mr Penguin. Mr Penguin out of all things, survives a Giga Impact to 2HKO with Ice Beam.
Mr Penguin stayed in for Milotic. By now, I was running low on Potions & Revives. So I do what I need to do to survive, making do with what's at hand, & after a long war, with Mr Penguin, Lailaps & Stortamus all being killed once (Milotic got three doses of Freeze-Hax for the record), Mr Penguin finally lands the final blow with Grass Knot, winning me the battle.

After that, I enter the Hall of Fame & confirm my Scramble victory. Larolla, Chocolate, Stortamus, Lailaps, Missy, & Mr Penguin. Each one contributed to this win. Thank you all for the challenges.

tl;dr: I beat the E4 & won the Scramble.


Larolla (Female Buneary) @ Nothing
151 HP/94 ATK/72 DEF/76 SP ATK/90 SP DEF/150 SPD
-Shadow Ball
-Healing Wish
Comments: Given to me by user auramaster, Larolla was an eccentric little bunny, due to the fact that it couldn't keep its moveset for long. This wasn't favourable, & as a result it consistently went through 2 Phases, one where it's useful, & one where it plainly sucks. Unfortunately, It's final phase was the "It plainly sucks" phase, which was a shame, as it was it's inconsistency & suckiness that landed it the LVP Title. Sorry auramaster, but thank you for the Buneary anyway.

Chocolate (Male Starly) @ Wide Lens
Lv:60/Lax/Keen Eye
128 HP/101 ATK/61 DEF/54 SP ATK/47 SP DEF/122 SPD
-Brave Bird
-Quick Attack
Comments: Given to me by user chocolate-kipp, Chocolate the Starly was surprisingly useful...Early on in the game...When it had access to Double Team. After Maylene, its usefullness started to decline, & the rate only increased. At least it was powerful enough to solo Volkner's Ambipom, but nevertheless, it became fairly disappointing. Thank you chocolate-kipp for the Starly.

Stortamus (Male Hippopotas) @ Smoke Ball
Lv:60/Quiet/Sand Stream
168 HP/125 ATK/123 DEF/77 SP ATK/69 SP DEF/54 SPD
-Rock Slide
-Stealth Rock
Comments: Given to me by user DetroitLolcat, this was essentially a no good moves challenge in a way, because it couldn't use Normal Type moves. This denied it moves like Yawn, Slack Off...But I lived. It was the last member to join the team, but it didn't take it long to prove itself, with Stealth Rock & Sandstorm support. It wasn't that powerful, but it was this support that made it as valuable as it was. Thank you DetroitLolcat for the Hippopotas.

Lailaps (Female Shinx) @ Nothing
145 HP/110 ATK/52 DEF/63 SP ATK/56 SP DEF/111 SPD
Comments: Given to me by user Athenodoros, The incredibly loyal Lailaps was like Chocolate, useful earlygame, crap lategame, but unlike Chocolate, Lailaps decline in usefullness wasn't as bad as Chocolates, her main problem was her fragility & rather low speed despite the Jolly Nature. But then again, Lailaps did have her moments. Thank you Athenodoros for the loyal Shinx.

Missy (Male Misdreavus) @ Razor Claw
150 HP/81 ATK/102 DEF/136 SP ATK/146 SP DEF/134 SPD
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Ball
Unown HP's obtained: Poison, Bug, Dragon, Ground, Rock, Ice, Fighting, Electric, Psychic, & Dark.
Comments: Given to me by user Paradox808, Missy got off to a slow start. It was far from broken initially, but then I got the appropriate Unown Hidden Powers, & when I got it the right moves, his usefullness shot up, as did his brokeness, the main reason to his usefullness was his incredible bulk on the Special side, & a good movepool & speed. At the end, it became the most brokenest Ghost in Little Cup, achieving its goal of being banned from Little Cup Standard play. Missy made push for the MVP Title, but sadly fell just short. Thank you Paradox808 for the Misdreavus, it is sad that you don't post anymore, please do come back, some of us on Smogon do miss you.

Mr Penguin (Male Piplup) @ Nothing
156 HP/72 ATK/90 DEF/139 SP ATK/89 SP DEF/95 SPD
-Grass Knot
-Ice Beam
Comments: Given to me by user Sprocket, Mr Penguin was an absolute beast. Modest Nature was a huge boon, & it's usefullness only shot up. It had almost perfect coverage with Grass Knot/Ice Beam/Surf (Fuck you Shedinja), & he hits like a truck. He had stiff competition from Missy, but the Bertha solo pretty much sealed the MVP Title. Thank you Sprocket for the Piplup.

Final Game Time: 39:24
#Blackouts: 0

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the update, reply if you want. Next up for Pearl is a Warm Up Solo which I've already started. I've got the egg & hatched it. That's it for Pearl No-Evo.
Time for an update on my XD Scramble:

I've reached Pyrite Town, and am about to head out to find Duking at the PokéSpots. And the sole way to describe the performance of Flareon and Baltoy thus far? ... THEY ARE BROS FOR LIFE. Seriously, they just cannot be stopped, and being the only members of my team for now, are grossly overpowered compared to everything. That said, Water-types make me crap myself. And will continue to do until I get my hands on Zaprong or Paras...

Baltoy swept Lovrina's three non-Shadow Pokémon out of the five he is required to, so I'll probably be able to get him to solo two of Snattle's too. And I've snagged a lot of Pokémon, but killed a few so I can fight Miror B. a few more times. Partially for EXP, partially because... Well, it's Miror B.

The Bros:

Flareon(M) "Broleon"
Sassy Nature
Level 25
Bite/Quick Attack/Sand Attack/Tail Whip

A true bro, who strives to overcome his inability to use fire moves. He's a somewhat... flamboyant member of the party, but easily the strongest. He doesn't die. Ever. On a serious note, I'm not pining for STAB yet. After all, all I could have by this point is Ember, which is the same power as Bite. Not missing much.

Baltoy "Brotopper"
Calm Nature
Level 26
Psybeam/Selfdestruct/Mud Slap/Ancientpower
Admin Pokémon solos: 3/5

A surprise powerhouse of a bro, whose damage output has been equal to, if not better than Broleon's. Psybeam is fantastic, Mud Slap is good for weakening Shadows, and accuracy hax, Ancientpower is coverage, and Selfdestruct is my last resort. Brotopper is much more reserved than Broleon, and is stalwart in the face of danger. A true man. Despite having no gender. Absolutely annihilating Lovrina was a highlight.
Nice work random, must have taken a lot of patience.

Anyways, because of that mishap in my FR scramble, i instead am going to do a trio run through with smoochum, magby and elekid. Should be fun.
Obsidian, do you need restrictions for them? If so, reserving.

Random, congratulations on your victory. I am extremely impressed, believe you me. I wonder what would happen if you and Texas had a child... HE WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE SCRAMBLER!
Okay, I`m officially somewhat flattered and creeped out at the same time. Thanks?

Also congrats on (finally) finishing your Scramble Random. I plan to taler a no-evo run of Pearl once I finish my outstanding Scrambles. Also, I agree Paradox needs to come back. He was one of the good ones, apart from the bad and the ugly ones (Yeah, I just watched the movie, so sue me).
hey guys i intend on starting a platinum scramble since i am a bit bored to complete my heartgold nuzlocke....

this is my first scramble so i would hope you are good with me(easy-medium difficulty), and also i 'd prefer no trading...ah, and also be creative...

also,one has to be a starter...


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Random, congratulations on your victory. I am extremely impressed, believe you me. I wonder what would happen if you and Texas had a child... HE WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE SCRAMBLER!
that comment made no sense, and wasn't heterosexual at all.
Anyways, thank you all for the kind comments, much appreciated.

ironman, take a Gligar, name it Capers. It must have Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rock Slide & X-Scissor before the E4. If you evolve it into Gliscor, Replace Earthquake & Rock Slide with Roost & Return. Have it KO 5 Pokemon in the Pokemon League.

Have fun.

Also, in my new solo run, I have a Misdreavus to do it with & I'm in Oreburgh City at the moment & it's at Lv14. It has learned moves of the following types: Normal, Flying, Electric, Psychic & Dark, And it has killed Pokemon of the Normal, Flying, Electric, Psychic, Bug, Water, Grass, Poison, Fighting, Rock & Ground Types. Good Luck me on that.
Obsidian, do you need restrictions for them? If so, reserving.

Random, congratulations on your victory. I am extremely impressed, believe you me. I wonder what would happen if you and Texas had a child... HE WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE SCRAMBLER!
Hmm, i don't think I'll have restrictions to be honest, my party and movesets will already be pretty limited.

Ironman, take a Empoleon called Moar! Every time he/she tries to learn a new move, he/she must learn it. Can't learn any HM's and must learn one TM.
@ironman: Enjoy you new Snover named OTanenbaum. It must know exactly one STAB move of each type at all times, and it must have at least three attacking moves. It must change the weather (another weather must be in effect already) five times to evolve. Have it solo Bertha's Hippowdon and any Pokemon she sends out after it.


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Pearl Warm Up Solo Run Update #1

Ehh, I might give an early update to my Warm Up Solo Run for Pearl while I'm here.

The Initial Post

The Solo Runee...Misdreavus (Maniac): Must always have four moves of different types. Before the E4, must have learned moves of 10 different types. Battle at least one Pokemon of different types to evolve (Fire Blast)
  • Named myself Random, my Rival Idiot & started with Chimchar.
  • After catching 2 Pokemon, I trade Chimchar for an Egg, which I hatch. It's a Male Misdreavus, Calm Nature, & knows Psywave, Psychic, Thunderbolt, & Shadow Ball (I bred Missy the Misdreavus from my Pearl No Evolution Scramble with a Ditto on Heart Gold, the one with the strong monsters, not the one I'm Scrambling) I name it Maniac.
  • I start the solo run in earnest!
  • I blitz through the first part without losing a single HP! Missy has Psywave replaced with Hidden Power, which I deduce to be the Flying Type. Idiot falls easily, so does Roark.
  • After winning the first badge without any problems, I go back to Jubilife, beat the Galactic Grunts & make my way to the Valley Windworks.
  • Mars' Purugly gets the honour of being the first Pokemon to do some damage to Maniac, & a lot, consistently using Faint Attack & forcing me to use 2 Super Potions, luckily Faint Attack only had the power to 3HKO. I beat the Purugly.
  • In Floraroma town at the moment, about to go up Route 205.
  • Oh, I forgot to mention my HM Slaves: Derp... the Bidoof, Bird the Starly, Headache the Abra, & Rock Pile the Geodude.

Maniac (Male Misdreavus) @ Nothing
-HP Flying
-Shadow Ball
Types of Moves Learned: Normal, Flying, Psychic, Electric, Ghost
Types of Pokemon Beaten: Normal, Flying, Electric, Psychic, Bug, Water, Grass, Poison, Fighting, Rock, Ground

That's all. Hooray for early updates...

You get Marilyn the female Buneary.
She must always know Attract upon receiving the TM.
To evolve, she must solo Crasher Wake, and must Attract each of his Pokes.
I'm looking to do a solo run on either Pearl or HG, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to throw a random Poke at me for it. Looking for a bit of a challenge. Not impossible, but hard please :)
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