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And those pesky New Zealanders strike again... (I'm in Australia, so I'm practically obliged to say things like that ;) )

Seriously, what's with the wall of text? I don't remember you doing anything wrong? For all I care, deleting Flapper is a good thing, it's starting to get stale. It'll soon go into the MEP bin, challenges that people give out when they just have no creativity left in them. I mean, we already have MEP, the Ralts that never go past lv. 30, zubats, and so many other people trying to make their own signature challenges...they just arent as good as MEP. I say good riddance to Flapper.

*burns cheri berry*

Threadshot out.
Bloody Auzzies... Always missing the point. (You're not the only one who can play the "Better Island" game. )

What I'm saying is, there need to revive the creativity; not just redistribute the old, good ones because they belong to *your name here*. New challenges, that incite awe and inspire each other to become better, not stupider. I'm not saying that the old is bad, but it's not fresh anymore. The new guys who come in should look at us (or rather, you guys) and think "Wow, this is high-quality shxt up in here."

You are forefathers. Carve the way for those that follow behind, for their feet are not trained for the unsteady ground.

PS Nice touch of irony. =]
With all due respect, Simon, what's with the drama? Sure we have a lot of trolls now, but it's not like Haunter's about to lock the thread. And besides, calling out the noobs and trolls just makes things worse.

And Treadshot, while I agree that noobs shouldn't have signature challenges, Random is hardly a "noob", and he has enough tenure in the thread (he even has the OP, for God's sake!) to have a sig.

This discussion + $.02
It's 3am in the morning, and I'm not tired. And, I haven't typed in a while, so I got words that won't stop coming out. They just flow on and on and on...

The influx of stupid is distressing, to put it simply.
Yeah, I said noobs can't have signatures. Random can, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get old. It's just like MEP: old and uncreative, but with enough Nostalgia to keep the Haunters away.

Threadshot money count: $0.04

What are we talking about? It seems like we're debating a problem that isn't really a problem, so can we get back on topic now? Also, for those who haven't been paying attention to the Scramble Challange Social Group, we are discussing the Scramble Premier League 3. Anyone who wants to help decide the format for SPL 3 should join us :)
I'm beginning to feel like I'm not contributing enough to this thread anymore. However, that's probably due to the 6+ challanges that opened up on the last page, none of which I was able to keep track of long enough to figure out who still needed a Pokemon.

Anyway, two real reasons for this post:

@auramaster: Sweet! I'm going to head to the group once I post this so I can feel like I'm doing something again!

@Its_A_Random: They don't call me "Most Creative" for nothing! You get something to help negate the terrible Grass weakness you have right now: MoldBreakr the Foongus (see what I did thar?)! MoldBreakr wants to break the mold for standard Foongus, so he may never use status moves (he can know as many as you want, but you can never use them). Now, he also wants to break the mold for standard challanges, so unlike most other challanges, he has no restrictions on evolution (except that he must evolve before the E4), soloing, or battling, only the aforementioned "no status" requirement. Oh, wait, there is one thing: He is a good friend with his fellow revolutionaries, so he may never fight a Pokemon with the ability Mold Breaker.

After evolving, something changes in him. He seems a little...tired. Your poor Amoonguss is more of a Hasbeengus, which you must rename him ASAP. He loses all his revolutionary spirit, as well as his drive to battle. You must change his moveset to one of the Smogon sets as best as possible ASAP. He must also solo 1 Pokemon in the Elite Four, so he can both comply with the standard and not battle much. As a final example of how depressed he is, he may not fight any Pokemon in the Elite Four (or N or Ghetsis) except the one he has to solo.

If you keep playing until Alder, there is one extra bit, though: If three or more of your Pokemon faint in the Ghetsis battle and Hasbeengus is in your party, he is inspired by their dedication against evil. His fighting spirit flares up again and you must re-rename him MoldBreakr. His requirements are now the same as those he had as a Foongus (minus the evolution one).

Have fun!
@Its_A_Random, I got your Payback Pokemon for you.

Its_A_Random said:
Raikaria, take a Vanillite, name it VanillaIce. It must know two attacking moves at any given time, one physical & one special move. In any major battle, whenever he inflicts damage to the opponent, he must switch out, because he's a one-hit wonder (Where I come from anyway). Before then, just use a Lillipup or something.

Have fun.


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Galladiator: Try again, I didn't want a Drilbur, as per rules.
Treadshot: Yeah, I'll accept that minus the under Lv40 bit as per rules (Hooray for loopholes...), also, be careful what you say, Flapper may haunt you...Besides, I have derived from Cheri Berries before, see, I gave SimonSays' friend a Zubat that hates Cheri Berries & doesn't want to hold them, & the next unlucky person may end up with an Oran Berry Zubat, & that is far worse than Cheri Berry Zubats...[/SARCASM]
Dummy: Accepted.
auramaster: Accepted.

3 to go. An easy challenge, a Variable Challenge & a second challenge from either category.

SimonSays: Post of the series of 100 Pages.

EDIT: Texas is accepted, I'll take the Basculin. Variable & Joker to go.
Hello, this is my first scramble challenge so I wanted it to be moderately difficult.
-This is for Soul Silver
-No access to trading
-No level caps
-I would like at least one variable challenge
I think thats it. Thank you all!


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Electromagnetic, welcome to Smogon!

Start with Cyndaquil, name it Kindler. This Cyndaquil likes to use fire, but is too nervous that it will start a bush fire, therefore, the only Fire-Type move it may know is Ember. To evolve, it must solo 20 Trained Pokemon without SE moves, & a further 130 trained Pokemon without SE moves to evolve again.

Have fun.

your new partner is paras the NoOgre...
this paras has the dry skin ability...
this paras thinks it is one of the best water types counter so whenever you face a water type pokemon you have to immediately send out NoOgre and solo this pokemon...

to evolve into parasect it must be healed by a water move at least 5 times...
it can only know attacking moves(sorry no spore)...
finally, it can't know two attacks of the same type...

You get the Togepi that hatches from the egg that is given to you in Violet City.

If its ability is Hustle: May never use any moves that have less than 100% accuracy.

If its ability is Serene Grace: Cannot use any Physical moves.

Whatever its ability is, it must be named HyperSoar.

Have Fun!
Electromagnetic, You have a Magnemite named Old Tech. This Magnemite thinks this is still Gen 1 and doesn't realize it's a Steel Type now. Therefore, it must solo all Fire and Fighting types, but may never fight a Ground Type. It can't know any Steel Type moves.
@Electromagnetic: Enjoy Street Rat the Sentret! Street Rat has become quite the expert in the ways of thievery, so, in order to evolve, three of its moves must be on the following list: Foresight, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Protect, Dig, Thief, U-Turn. Upon evolution, it may only replace those three moves with other moves from the list. Its final move may be anything as a Sentret, but, as a Furret, it must be a move with 90 or more base power to further punish the cops (the list is: Hyper Voice, Focus Punch, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, SolarBeam, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Giga Impact, Surf. If you want to breed for your Sentret, Double-Edge and Last Resort are acceptable. Aqua Tail and Last Resort count if you find their move tutors.) Regardless of which stage of evolution it is in, Street Rat must solo Morty, since his otherworldly powers can still track the elusive Sentret/Furret.

Welcome to Smogon!
Lol, for some reason I'm very excited about this.
It's A Random: Thank you! Kindler will be my new starter Pokemon.
Ironman: Never really used Paras before, so this should be interesting.
EEVEE3: I used Togepi on my first run on SS with Serene Grace and it was a beast. Hopefully I get Hustle this time as an added challenge.
Bob Squob: Bruno is going to be a pain lol. Looking forward to doing this.
EDIT Dummy007: Thanks! I pretty much joined because I really wanted to do this challenge and I was lurking a lot. Street Rat is added to the list.

Just one more.


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Its_A_Random's Super Random Spectacular Scramble! (A 1k Challenge) - Update #2

Alright, while I'm here, I might update on my Super Random Scramble on Heart Gold. So here's Update #2: Kangaskhan Bogaloo (Why do they say that???)

Original Post
Update #1

  • Red Gyarados [Easy]: Must know & keep Dragon Dance (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Ho-Oh (DscoNferno) [Creative]: Must have a move from the following categories:
    Turn Up the Heat- Sunny Day / Sacred Fire / Overheat / basically any Fire move
    Super Fly- Fly / Brave Bird
    Get His Swagg On- Swagger / Punishment / Hyper Beam
    Chill- Recover / Rest / Roost
    Must solo 2 Kanto Gym Leaders, whenever a Pokemon uses a move with Dance in its name, it must come in & kill it, & it must solo Red's Pikachu (Dummy007)
  • Sunkern (Troll) [Hard]: RNG a number between 1-20. This is how many GLP Troll must solo before evolution (+1 E4 Member if number is less than 10, or 2 if number is less then 5). Can only be healed through the use of Pokemon Centres, max three per town when Troll is in the party, Must be done on first try, otherwise, may never evolve until I solo Blue. Only STAB move is Seed Bomb (Galladiator)
  • Sudowoodo [Creative]: Must win the 5 Pokeathlon events with Sudowoodo, then buy an item & use it on it. I must then teach it a TM/MT move starting with the same letter as the used Item. After each badge, I must participate it in a Pokeathlon Challenge (ObsidianRanger)
  • Kangaskhan [Payback]: If Scrappy as ability, Must know Normal & Fighting type moves & cannot be used against Morty. If Early Bird as Ability, Must solo Morty, & when it learns a new move, it must replace the oldest move it knows. Either way, it must solo an E4 Member of my choice on the first try, failure to do so means it must give up a move slot permanently (Skwog)
  • Nidoran M/F (Very Able/NoReserves) [Variable]: If it has poison point it can't have any poison type moves and must solo either Koga or Janine, if it has rivalry it must appear against all gym leaders of the same gender unless it conflicts with another challenge and solo 1 GL of the same gender.
    If it's male you must teach it swagger, if it's female you must teach it attract.
    Now it gets a move based on nature, +att=physical attack, +spa=special, +def/spdef=growl/leer depending on gender, +speed=substitute and neutral=whatever you want.
    Next you get a move based on which of the following GLs you choose to solo, if you solo whitney you get headbutt, if you solo chuck you get focus punch, if you solo pryce you get blizzard/ice beam and if you solo clair you get whatever you want. If you solo more than 1 of these GLs you can choose which move you want (eg. solo whitney and get headbutt, then solo pryce and replace headbutt with blizzard).
    Now roll a die, this is for your last move, if you roll a 1 you get any level up move, 2= any HM move, 3= any TM move, 4=any special attack, 5=any physical attack and 6=any move under 61bp.
    Now the last thing for you to do is flip a coin, if heads name this pokemon "Very Able", if tails name it "NoReserves" (Dark Ray)

  • Started from Violet City after getting an egg.
  • Went down Route 32.
  • Got an Old Rod.
  • Went through Union Cave.
  • Arrived in Azalea Town.
  • Went to the Slowpoke Well.
  • Owned a few Rocket (BAN ME PLEASE) without losing a single HP.
  • Went to the Azalea Gym, beating all the minors bar the Twins, because I only had one Pokemon (noobs...).
  • Beat Bugsy without too much trouble. Scyther failed to fire, & the cocoonsome twosome of Kakuna & Metapod had no chance.
  • Got the Hive Badge!
  • Healed up at the Pokemon Centre.
  • At Azalea Town at the moment.

Bonza (Female Kangaskhan) @ Nothing
-Mega Punch
-Giga Impact
-Fake Out
Comments: A powerhouse who's soloed pretty much everything in the game at the moment...Only because I don't get anything else until Goldenrod. Current LVP & MVP.

That's all for this update, Update #3 will probably come after beating Whitney & her Bitch-tank.
First update!!!

Enjoy your solo run! Your runner is a Nidoran (M), name it King Odin. You must evolve it to Nidoking ASAP & it must know all TM Moves by Celadon. When it learns a new move it must replace the oldest move it knows.
-Caught a modest nidoran(M) in route 3(Yeah!).
-Went to train him in the Viridian forest until level 12.
-He evolved inside mt.moon,and I inmediately used a moonstone to evolve him again.
-Defeated Gary in the nugget bridge,using trash and double kick.
-Won against misty with...trash(Such a beastly move...)
-Beated Gary and Surge with...trash,again(I just spamed trash in every battle)
-I'm now at Celadon,trying to get enough coins to buy Thunderbolt...

Scrambler data:

King Odin(Nidoking).
Lv 42.
-Brick Break
-Water Pulse

I'm using him for HMs,because he can learn the 3 necesary ones to beat the game...(Cut,strength and surf)
My friend and I are taking Scramble challenges. Mine's going to be on Crystal and my friend's gonna Emerald.

My rules:
-No type overlaps(I'll make an exception if two Pokemon have the same secondary type)
- I want a Starter
-Most of the Pokemon can't be late game.

Friend's rules:
-No type overlap
-Medium challenge
-No extremely late game Pokemon
@Electromagnetic: You finish your team with Blooper the Wooper! Blooper's biggest role model is Blooper from the Mario series. He's so transfixed with the 'M' on Mario's hat that he must solo any Pokemon whose name begins with M that you aren't required to kill with any other Pokemon. He cannot evolve until you use the Sludge Bomb TM on him, and he must keep Sludge Bomb forever. (you can get it as soon as you beat the Radio Tower)
@Too funk to Dunk

You get Stupid the Kadabra Due to his low intellence, he may not evole further. He may only use physic moves for he thinks it's gen 1 and nothing resits psychic and may not ever switch out for he thinks he can kill all. Stupid must solo all psychic and steel pokemon in the game (including steel and physic gyms)

Your friend gets Surfer the hariama. He must evole ASAP and must learn Surf ASAP for he loved surfing and then must use surf at least once a battle and solo every team Magma member for they want to take away his precious water, but cannot hurt team Auqa for he agrees with them. Most solo the fire gym, so it dosen't burn up his ocean

Good luck
@ You
Catch a Marill named Pikablu. This Marill thinks it's a Pikachu and will not use any Water Type moves, except for Surf, because Pikachu can Surf. It cannot evolve until you get a Thunderstone.

@ Your Friend
Catch a Whismur, call it Boombox. It must evolve ASAP and can only learn Sound moves. It must solo Glacia.
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