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Yeah, I am failing at the "being observant" thing lately haha.

anyway I noticed that you still need one more Pokemon for your friend, so...

Take a Machop called Rage Champ. It is annoyed that it cannot fully evolve and hence, must learn Frustration and deplete its PP before being able to use any other move.

anyway I noticed that you still need one more Pokemon for your friend, so...

Take a Machop called Rage Champ. It is annoyed that it cannot fully evolve and hence, must learn Frustration and deplete its PP before being able to use any other move.
Are these your signature lately? Giving out Pokemon that are raged by not being able to fully evolve? haha.
You get ImBoss the Timburr,
to Evolve him you must solo two Psychics and one Flying type 2 levels lower than you or anything above your level without using super effective moves.
i consider my official signature to be the Trollbird, tbh.

God, I hate how many Scrambles I miss when I'm sleeping.

In other news, XD Scramble going swimmingly. Got Zaprong, and have been grinding him and Lunatone to catch them up a bit before the Snagem Hideout. Yes I know, I'm going slowly.

It's not strictly 'official' in that sense as to Cheri Berry Zubat and MEP, but I'd prolly rage a bit if somebody uses that.
Hehehehehehe. I know how to piss off IB now.
In other news my Munna died in my black scramblocke after missing a woobat or whatever they're called like 5 times in a row. Psywave is such a gay move...

You get Tinker the Klink. It can only have one attacking move, which it can only use while holding a claw-based item. It must solo 6 Basculin to evolve and 6 Krokorok/Krookodile to evolve again.

Kudos to anyone who can correctly guess the game off of which this challange is based.
This would be DOTA, am I correct?
My diamond scramble is now cancelled due to my game being broken!

So i now cannot decide which game to scramble. Options are:


Im not sure which game to opt for, what do you guys think ?
Go Sapphire, and take a Ralts called "Decyze". It's one of my signature RSE Ralts, so it may never exceed level 45 (i'm being generous here). Solo Wally at the end of Victory Road. If you use items during this battle, you may NOT use Decyze in the E4 and champion battles.
Ok sapphire it is, as i have had a challenge issued.

No trading
I would like somebody to come up with a creative trainer challenge as well
No starter
Also no Tailow,Swellow,Shroomish,Breloom.

Hm.. Take a Gulpin called Atkins. This Gulpin thinks it's getting too fat, and refuses to eat too much, so you can only use one of each item on it ever, and a maximum of one item in any battle. (Might want to keep track of what you've used on it!)
In order to evolve, it must eat 10 salads (Beat 10 trained Grass-types). After this, it's less conscious about its weight, and moreso about its health. After it evolves, it can never have something bad for it (read: use a Poison-type attack).
Oh, and.. it must solo at least one Pokemon from each of three different Gym Leaders.

Hope that's okay. :)
You get Conducter the Electrike. It wants to use its ability to the fullest (lightningrod) so it will solo all electric types from then on. You can evolve after soloing Wattson, but then the restriction is soloing all electric and steel types (In other words Electrike = soloing Electric types and Manectric = soloing all Electric and Steel Types). It must have lightningrod and no more than 2 electric type moves.
@pokemagnificent, you get Clarisse the Female Cacnea. This Cacnea just wants to be loved, so she needs to use Attract on at least 10 male Pokemon and make them not able to attack because of infatuation. After this, it becomes more open and Attract can be forgotten. As a Cacturne, she's becoming more jealous of other females and feeling less comfortable in her skin, because no one wants to hug her, so she must solo 30 trained female Pokemon before the E4. She must also solo Pheobe. No move restrictions past Attract as a Cacnea, and can evolve at any time.

EDIT: Didn't notice the fact that you want it to be hard.

Clarisse must use Attract against every male Pokemon she is sent out to, and they must be infatuated 3 times before she can attack them. In order to evolve, she must solo 100 male Pokemon. As a Cacturne, she becomes a jealous bitch and hates all female Pokemon besides her and her teammates. She must solo 50 trained female Pokemon before the E4. She also hates Pheobe, and must solo her. Finally, she hears that Steven is a misogynist, so she mustn't fight against him, because she hates females as well.
pokemagnificent said:
Just sayin'. :(
Also, wow, I am going to chime in and say that I would flat out refuse Scrafty's challenge if that were me, unless someone could provide a list of every Poke in-game that used an electric move.
This would be DOTA, am I correct?
Whatever that stands for, that's probably not the game I was thinking about.

@pokemagnificent: You get Ruby Sucks the Lotad. It must solo everything that is mostly red and is not reserved for another challange. It may evolve after soloing 25 red Pokémon and evolve again after soloing 66 more.

On route 114 (not before) catch a Marril and name it LateBluemr (because it's blue and you'll get it late, see what I did there?)

LateBluemr must know Dig to evolve but before you can teach it Dig you must solo Flannery without using any Water type attacks and no more items than Flannery uses on her own pokemon.

You may not delete Dig.

Once you recieve Surf (should you choose to teach it to marrill) you may not use it in any double battles however Marril must participate in the battle vs. Tate and Liza.

Any Pokémon. Can only use Hidden Power in battle.

Now you have your HM slave.
Not going to lie, you gave me one of these and it's probably the most boring Scramblemon ever. With a sole restriction of "can only use Hidden Power" it practically means here's a deadweight on the team with no restrictions other than one move.
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