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Yaya, I edited my challenge into my earlier post, but just in case, here it is again:

Okay Yaya, you get Flip the Bronzor. Flip is obsessed with flipping, so every move Flip uses must flip something in some way(yes, moves like confuse ray count), and every time Flip uses an attacking move, you need to flip a coin to decide what type of attack to use next, meaning Flip only gets 2 types of attacks(take your pick). To evolve, solo 35 trainer owned pokemon with only flipping moves while holding an item that flips absolutely nothing (it helps Flip focus on his/her flipping). Once flip evolves, Flip cannot flip anymore, so Flip finds a new obsession: Spinning. Rename Flip Spinner, and use Gyro Ball with a speed boosting item every other turn against at least 50 pokemon and 2 gym leaders (other than that the item does not matter, but the GBing does), soloing at least 1/5 of the pokemon for each. Finally, have Spinner never leave the party when your starter is in your party. Enjoy your Diamond scramble and hope you enjoy your potential MVP!!

EDIT: What's too confusing Yaya? I will change that if you'd like.
@Yaya0: Take a Munchlax, name it Cartman.

Cartman really hates losing. When send out against a fighting type or taking more than 75% damage in one hit, he must switch out or flee from battle. Shout “Screw you guys, I'm going home!” for flavor. Speaking of shouting: Learn it Screech and use it whenever your opponent haxes you.
If he does faint he must go straight home to tell on his mom. Backtrack to your house before using him in battle again. After two times he gets fed up with this restriction and starts plotting his revenge instead: Remember the species that fainted Cartman and solo him on the next encounter instead. Because you can hack, you may opt to learn him Payback as a 'special event move'. He can have multiple vendetta's at once.

The other pokemon make fun of Cartman. To prove that he's not fat (just big boned) he must solo a gym of your choice (Preferably Candice to put his fat to good use (like on the sled)).

Because he's such a fat bastard you will give him a berry at all times. He must consume 25 berries in battle to evolve to Snorlax. If you happen to have the ability Pick Up instead he must consume 10 rare candies to evolve.

Extra Challange: "Scott Tennerman must die!" → Solo Flint, ignoring any previous restriction. Cartman is not known for playing by the rules.

Have Fun!

- Thick Fat: Consume 25 berries in battle to evolve. Pick Up: Consume 10 Rare Candies to evolve.
- Flee or Switch from fighting types or taking >75% damage.
- Faint = backtrack to Mom. After two times: Revenge-solo the pokemon-type instead.
- Solo Candice, solo Flint.

@Pika25: Take a Mime Jr: Copycat 10 attacks with a basepower over 80 to evolve to Mr Mime. Upon evolution you can choose between Double Screens or Copycat + Role Play as your mandatory moves. Use either combination once during a gymbattle to use him in the E-4. Have fun!
Pika25: Giving you the Meditite

It hates to be a Psychic type. This thing of using it's brain besides of it's punchs SUX. So it can never learn a Psychic type move. It must solo 5 different species of psychic pokémon to evolve, using only fight type attacks(to show them how a real man(whoops, pokémon) really fights).

After evolving, the restriction of Psychic type moves continue, but now Medicham know that it's better than this head users idiots. Ignore them by switching out when you encounter one psychic type.


@ShinySkarmory: How EvilEyes went on the scramble on Pearl? He was one of the last one to die?
Bored as always, so I'm looking for a Scramble on Leafgreen version

Same rules as always:

1. No repeating types
2. Please include a nickname/story. This really is the most interesting part of any scramble
3. No Pokemon that I've previously scrambled with. For FR/LG, the list is:

@yaya0, your starter Pokemon is Pulpip the Piplup. He has the Fire-Grass-Water chart backwards. If he faces any fire Pokemon, he must use Water Sport first and cannot use water attacks since he thinks they're not very effective. He must solo all grass Pokemon he is sent out against since he believes he has the advantage. ASAP, his moveset must be:
Water Sport
A damaging Water attack
A damaging Flying attack
A damaging Steel attack
He must solo Gardenia and Flint. He also must always solo Barry's Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra.
No restrictions on evolution except nickname Prinplup, Pulpnirp, and Empoleon, Noelopme.
Good luck!

@Tyranitarphantom, take Trunks the Eevee. He is from 3 years in the future, where Team Rocket has taken over the world. He wants to stop them at all costs. Buy a Thunderstone to evolve him into Jolteon ASAP. Now that he has powered up, he wants to solo every Team Rocket Pokemon that isn't a Ground type. He is very fast so must always know Quick Attack and/or Agility. Once Team Rocket has been defeated in Celadon City, he realizes he has saved the future and decides to keep travelling with you. In the Final battle with Giovanni, he cannot be used, due to his Ground-type weakness. To make up for it, he solos Lorelei. Good luck!
Tyranitarphantom, use either Jacky the Charmander or a Squrtle(Jean if female and George if male). Your restrictions are the following depending on who you choose:

1. Charmander: Jacky wants to be better than all rock types so it must KO a rock type using only flamethrower to evolve. It can only use special moves to KO Brock's Onix. Once it evolves, it must know Blast Burn and Focus Punch ASAP. To evolve into Charizard, however, it must KO a pokemon at least 5 levels higher than it using only Cut. No TMs, HMs, tutor moves or any future lv. up moves(Wing Attack at Lv. 36 for example) after it evolves intio Charizard except what is specified.

2. If the Squrtle is female it must battle and KO all psychic type pokemon and Solo Sabrina because she is disillusioned into thinking she is Jean from the X-Men due to being hit on the head by Machop.

3. If the Squrtle is male and has an attack, sp. attack or speed boosting nature, he must know all moves with 100 or more base power ASAP because he believes that he is unstoppable. If his nature is anything but, he must have 3 non-attacking moves and his only attacking move must have base 60 power or less(STAB not included) because he doesn't like inflicting pain on others.
Tyranitarphantom, you get Sapling the Bellsprout.
As an unevolved Pokémon, this little grass-type is constantly trying to grow up.
As such, it must use Growth immediately every time it is sent out. (After level 6)
It must solo every trainer in a gym except the gym leader to evolve, to prove itself. (Mandatory evolution)

As a Weepinbell, it feels it has grown enough, so the previous restriction is lifted.
However, it is now frustrated that it cannot evolve again without your help, so it must learn Frustration ASAP.
It can evolve again if it soloes 10 trainer-owned Pokémon with only Frustration, to vent it's anger. (Optional evolution)

If it evolves to Victreebell, it is ecstatic that it is finally fully evolved!
In it's excitement, however, it forgets how to switch moves.
It is now under the effects of a choice item every time it is sent into battle.

It must solo Giovanni and at least three Pokémon in the elite four.
Good luck!
I'll start my white scramble soon(don't started yet because of tests in college and a pearl to finish). But I want another one on Platinum:

- Chimchar as starter
- Nicknames for every mon, please
- A ghost type from any generation(that is not Gengar or Spiritomb)
- One from the generation I
- One from the generation II
- One from the generation III
- One from the generation IV
- No other fire besides of Chimchar or and no other ghost type
- Every pokémon have to be able to fully evolve(if it's a pokémon able to evolve, of course), but I want cruel restrictions(please, torture my head)
- I can trade and catch whatever I need to catch to evolve
- Won't get a Feebas
- Won't catch any pokémon from any route! I'll pass them to platinum to make babies when I got the right
- No level restriction
- At last, but not least, every gym leader and E4 member have to have an owner, so, when you say the history of the pokémon, say witch one I'll need to solo(so, for the no-math ones, every pokémon must have 2 gyms/e4 to solo):

-Roark - Clover - Solo as Budew using only Absorb. Cannot use X itens or Growth
-Gardenia - Trusty - Disobedient stage
-Fantina - SuperStuff - Using only bubble
-Maylene - NOWEAK - Only Knockoff
-Crasher Wake - SuperStuff - Using only bubble
-Byron - NOWEAK - Without Rock Smash
-Candice - ICU/Cacophony - OHKO Frosslass
-Volkner - Chumchar - No restrictions
-Aaron - Chumchar - No fire types against Heracross and no fire types until Blaze is active.
-Bertha - Clover - Solo as Roserade using only Giga Drain. Cannot use X itens or Growth
-Flint - ICU/Cacophony - OHKO Houndoom
-Lucian - Trusty - No restrictions

My team:
-EndQuote's Chumchar, the Chimchar
-bwburke94's NO WEAK, the Sableye
-King Serperior's Trusty, the Tauros
-Tyranitarphantom's ICU/Cacophony, the Yanma(name depends on ability)
-AxMaster68's SuperStuff, the Surskit
-Pika25's Clover, the Budew

Reserving the right to say no to easy or medium difficult ones
You want tough, BrazillianGuy? I'll give you tough. You're going with a Yanma as your Gen 2 Pokemon.

Now, you may say that Yanma isn't that bad. While you said that every Pokemon must be able to become fully evolved, you'll be going to hell and back to get it that way.

Now, your Yanma's restrictions will vary depending on it's Ability.

If it's ability is CompoundEyes, it's name will be ICU, and it must abuse CompoundEyes by hitting every Pokemon it fights with Supersonic (or later, Hypnosis) before it attacks. If the opponent wakes up or snaps out of confusion, you must put them back to sleep or confuse them again. Once it evolves into a Yanmega, it's ability will change to Tinted Lens, and at that point, it is only allowed to attack when it's move hits for super effective damage. What's more, it can only use STAB moves to attack.

If it's ability is Speed Boost, it's nickname will be Cacophony, and it may only learn moves that are blocked by Soundproof. Once it evolves, it realizes what a stupid restriction that was, and may never learn a sound-based move. Instead, it will only learn Physical attacking moves, and the only Bug-type move it can learn is U-turn. It may only attack with STAB moves.

To top it off, if any of it's moves have their secondary effect activate (e.g. Air Slash's flinch) it must switch out immediately. It may also only heal it's HP with Roost (once you get the TM on Route 210), though it may heal at each Pokemon Center once. To evolve, of course it must learn AncientPower, but it can never use it in battle. Instead, it has to solo 20 trainer-owned Pokemon that are capable of learning AncientPower in order to evolve. It also may never have a hold item

Now, as for it's solos, the super-effective STAB only restriction is lifted(though it still may only use STAB, based on the ability) it must solo Flint, and it must OHKO his Houndoom. It must also solo Candice, OHKOing her Froslass. Also, just for fun, have it solo Cyrus' Flying types at the fight in the Distortion World (STAB Super Effective restriction also removed for that fight).

So, I think that's pretty difficult. Good luck, have fun!
BrazilianGuy, take a Chimchar and name it Chumchar.
This little monkey is incredibly friendly, so it doesn't like to fight it's friends.
It cannot attack fire types, fighting types (Except Aaron's Heracross), or the Turtwig/Piplup lines unless you have no other Pokémon left.

It also is fiercely loyal, and tries to protect it's friends.
If one of your Pokémon faints, you must send out Chumchar next. (You can call it back immediately, though)
If one of your Pokémon has a status condition, Chumchar feels sorry for ailing team member, and cannot use any attacks out of sympathy until the ailing team member's status returns to normal.

When it evolves to Monferno, have it learn and keep Feint ASAP. (Mandatory evolution)
It feels sorry for Feint for being such a useless move pre-5th-gen, so it tries to use it as much as possible.
It must use Feint immediately every time it is sent into battle.
It can evolve to Infernape if it successfully uses Feint five times against foes.

It wants to solo Aaron, but doesn't want to burn a fellow fighting type (Heracross) or his friends.
It cannot use Fire-type attacks unless it has taken a lot of damage. (Blaze has activated)
It cannot use fire-type attacks against Heracross, period.

It must also solo two other Pokémon belonging to the elite four/champion.
EDIT: And Volkner.

Good luck!

For your really difficult Gen III ghost, you get NO WEAK the Sableye.

Must learn Astonish, Detect, Knock Off, and Rock Smash ASAP and never forget them.
No TMs or HMs other than Rock Smash.
Must solo Maylene with only Knock Off, and must solo Byron without using Rock Smash.
It can never fight a Normal or Poison-type unless it is your last Pokémon, in which case it must use Detect until it faints and you lose.
Must hold a berry that protects against super-effective non-Fighting damage once you get one; since it has no weaknesses, it will not lose the berry.
Finally, if it faints during the battle against Cynthia, you must immediately soft-reset to your last save, which must be before Aaron. Sorry, but saving during the Elite Four kinda goes against the spirit of the game!

Keep in mind it learns Knock Off at level 29, so you might need to grind a bit if it's lacking on level. One revive is allowed during each of the gym solos, but only one.

EDIT: I'm sure he didn't mean "one ghost type from Gen I" but rather "one Pokémon from Gen I". Otherwise, he would have specified that he wanted a Misdreavus. :)
The ghost typed will be from Any generation, like:

-A ghost type from gen X(no gastly family and spiritomb)
- One from gen I
- One from gen II
- One from gen III
- One from gen IV


@bwburke: Accepted, I really like the restrictions on the gyms! But the elite four saving part is the same for me, because I have never saved in the middle of the e4 in my life.
Yeah, I know.

I always taught that saving in the middle of the e4 is something that god doesn't allow. Kinda loses the fun part I think

@EndQuote: Can you say another gym leader/e4 for it to solo?

But the rest is completely accepted


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Tranitarphantom, you get RollyPolly the Voltorb/electrode. RollyPolly loves to roll, and so must learn Rollout ASAP and keep it forever. It has a little problem however; if it misses when rolling, it tends to hit things and explode. For this reason it must always have Self-Destruct/explosion and use it whenever rollout misses. In order to evolve into Electrode it must solo 15 trainer owned Pokemon with Rollout (You can use the Vs. Seeker if needed, but they must be 15 DIFFERENT pokemon ie, you can't solo the same trainer over and over in order to make the requirements).

@Brazilian Guy. You get a hard challange, initially intended for HG/SS. There's no direct mandatory solo, but I hope it's okay.

Take a Smeargle, name it DaVinci*

DaVinci joins your party to meet as much gymleaders as possible. As an artist, he aims to sketch a picture during every gymbattle. He's also interested in the technical aspects of battle, so he must effectively copy a gymleader's move in the process. Sketch a move from 7 gymleaders to complete the challenge. After sketching a move in the eighth gym he is ecstatic. Solo the first two proper trainers on your way to the pokemon league.

DaVinci also aims to put his new moves to good use. Wanting to be a true member of the team, he must participate in major battles. Have him land an attack versus all three Galactic executives, and have him land a status move during two rival battles. For cool points you may solo a gymleader of your choice (depending on who is left) and sketch Garchomp's Outrage (?) in the battle with Cynthia.

Start your challenge ASAP, as he re-learns sketch at level 11, 21, 31 etc. This gets him at lvl 61 in the eight gym. Do yourself a favor and hatch him pre-trade to save yourself the boring grinding. You may also equip/trade cool items to raise his lackluster stats. In case you need to grind, why not get him some proper EV's while you're at it? Save and reset are your friend.

Have Fun!

*Aim for Technician. If you get Own Tempo, I guess you should call him Van Gogh.
Sure Brazilianguy!
I could be nice and say "Solo Gardenia" but it's a hard scramble.
Solo Volkner.

Also, the "retaliate" bit was just flavor. I'll edit it to be more clear right now.
Sage Chow: You can still give a Smeargle, but, I do want you to choose which gyms/e4 I'll need to solo with him(2, please)

@ Sage Chow: Sorry, I reallized right now! Tyranitarphantom will give a second gem mon, so Smeargle is not acceptable.

You're allowed to choose another, and have the preference(if wants)

@Tyranitarphantom: I appreciate it, so it's a yes
@Jimera0, I like that challenge, but Electrode was on my list of things I've already Scrambled with, so I'm gonna have to reject it. However, if you want to assign something else, you'll take priority over anyone else

Current assignments:

1. Super Saiyan's Eevee/Jolteon
2. King Serperior's Charmander
3. endQuote's Bellsprout

remember, no repeating types, and please include a nickname

For reference, my list of things I've already used

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