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King Serperior,

You get MEOW MIX the Meowth! It's a bit of a kleptomaniac, so its ability must be Pickup. You can never give it an item, because it wouldn't be able to pick up things. It's afraid of being paralyzed by Electric types, as it would be more difficult to pick up things, so you can't use it against Electric-type Pokémon until it evolves. It seeks to find its hidden power, so it must learn and keep Hidden Power to evolve. After evolution, its ability will no longer be Pickup. It will be Limber, freeing it from the Electric-type restriction as it can no longer be paralyzed.
First time I've given this out in over a month!
@King Serperior, take a Horsea named Krill. Krill cannot use any STAB move with more then 40 Base Power, and cannot evolve until he solo's Giovanni. Have fun :)
Take a Bulbasaur and name it Snivy. it may only use moves that Snivy can learn ASAP(it can use Tackle until it learns Vine Whip). Once it evolves, rename it Servine, and when it becomes a Venusaur, it shall be named Serperior. It is confused about the Gyms as well, so it may not be used against the 3rd and 7th Gym, and must solo the 5th Gym.

Also, since I only got one entry for my HG Chikorita solo, I'll accept more entries until 24 hours after this post(procrastination FTW). Look at previous page for rules.

Take a female Nidoran, name it Victoria.

Named after the queen who ruled England between 1837 to 1901.

For a queen her status is equally important. To build your Nidoran's status it must poison 10 trainer owned pokemon before it can evolve into Nidorina.

As a Nidorina it learns that status alone is not enough and decides to take matters in her own hands. Solo Lt Surge (he's a Tory) and one subsequent gymleader of your choice with Victoria to crown her into Nidoqueen.

Now a queen has certain duties:
- First of all she must deal with other royalty: Solo every King or Queen pokemon that you encounter (skip Giovanni's Nidoking due to other challange).
- She must guard the royal treasure: Learn it Pay Day by TM (if possible). Whenever you battle a trainer with a decent profession you must use this move once. Of course you can be the judge of which these trainers are.
- She must protect her subjects. Crush those pesky rocket executives in radio tower to show the world that Queen Victoria means business.

Finally she must continue to increase her status. Aspiring to become empress she must Paralyze, Freeze and Burn 5 trainer owned pokemon before she can be used in the elite 4.

Have Fun!
I have never done a Scramble Challenge before, so I am very interested in trying one on my Firered version.
1. Must have a full team by Blaine.
2. No bugs.
3. Must have at least one attacking move per pokemon.
4. No trades or pokemon that evolve by trade.
5. No insulting names or profanity-based names.
Firered team:

1. Meow Mix the Meowth: must have the ability Pickup, can never hold an item, cannot be used against electric types, cannot evolve until it learns hidden power, and when it evolves it can now be used against electric types.​

2. Krill the Horsea: cannot use STAB moves with more than 40 base power and cannot evolve until it solos Giovanni.

3. Snivy the Bulbasaur: can only use moves Snivy can learn(may use tackle until it learns vine whip), when it evolves its name must be changed to Servine, when it becomes Venasaur it must be named Serperior. It may not be used against the 3rd or 7th gyms and must solo the 5th.​

Thanks guys and keep them coming!​
King Serperior, Snivy and Emolga are rivals in the anime. Because of this, you get a Pikachu named after Emolga. This Pikachu comes from Viridian Forest. The only moves it can use are ThunderShock and moves Emolga can learn in BW, minus the Flying moves. It must solo Misty, and Erika if she's not your 5th gym leader, and cannot evolve into Raichu until after Erika. As a Raichu it must solo the rival's Charizard both times after you defeat Giovanni at the 8th gym, good luck.

Speaking of the electric rodents, Its_A_Random gets a Pachirisu named after Pikachu; the only moves it can use are moves that Pikachu can learn. It must solo 3 e4 Pokemon, and 1 belonging to Cynthia, good luck.
You lack a fire-type, so I will give you a Growlithe.

This Growlithe is proud to be a fire-type and as such wants to prove its superiority over grass-types and water-types. To do this, it will have to solo your rival's water and grass Pokemon at least one time each.
Additionally, it thinks it is the best fire-type ever and wants to solo Blaine to show every fire-type in existance who's the boss here.
Problem is, the little guy is so overconfident that he refuses to evolve before this. As such, you can only evolve it after the 7th gym.

Hope it won't make you tear your hair out.
Have fun!
King Serperior, pick a number between 1 and 5 right now and tell me, as this will determine your next pokemon.Then open this hider thingamajigy.

Number 1 is a old buddy of mine, Odd the Oddish. Odd must solo every trainer in 2 gyms to evolve, must never know any move ever used against it, cannot be used against any of your team members lines, and must be thrown out every 25th turn. Also, have Odd solo your rival the last time you face them, and 3 pokemon in the E4. This is your 7/10 challenge.

Number 2 is your 1/10 Annoyer challenge. It is Tele the Abra. Tele must teleport from 100 wild pokemon to evolve, and must teleport at least 2 times from every cave. Finally, never have Tele forget Teleport.

Number 3 is your 10/10 challenge. Take Far Out the Farfetch'd. Solo every pokemon(wild is OK) in the game with False Swipe and 1 other attacking move at least 1 time, and never forget Sand-Attack,

Number 4 is your 3/10 challenge. Take Diggy the Diglett. Use dig the first turn Diggy is sent in every time. Also, solo Lt. Surge with whatever you would like.

Finally, Number 5 is your 6/10 challenge. Take Crab the Krabby. Use Frustration every time Crab comes into battle. Also, Solo any 2 gym leaders with only STAB and normal type moves. Finally, DO NOT BE A CRAB WHILE TAKING ON A CRAB CHALLENGE!!!!

If any of the above faint 3 times, they need a buddy, which is Blech the Ekans. Blech can only use poison type moves and must be in your party with the pokemon you get above, if ever.

EDIT: 50th post yes!!! I can't wait for the next DS game to come out so I can get on with my 1st ever scramble!!


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@its a random.

take a pachirisu.
name it "i suck"
in order to use STAB moves, you must first of all, take 5 supereffective moves and live it.
next, depending on your ability you will either

pickup- pick up 5 revives
run away-successfully run away from a trainer battle. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. no im kidding.
if you have run away, you have to run away from 20 pokes that are in the red zone.
Accepted, even though it is rather easy by my standards...

Pika25, you were ninja'd...

All I need is a (Hard) Burmy now.
Yes!! I got Diggy the Diglet!!! I cannot take that Ekans because Diggy makes team member number six. I not be able to start for a couple of days due to projects and tests coming up, but I want to thank you guys. By the way, Axemaster68, how in the world did you come up with Odd the Oddish? It almost confused me reading it.
So my 200 post scramblocke was defeated, unfortunately, against Fantina. I had put the game into a long hiatus and turned on the game to find that all of my pokemon were in the dead box except my HM slaves... not a pretty sight.

To replace it, I'm taking a scramble for one of my top three Pokemon games, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. All pokemon must be obtainable before Dusknoir sends you to the future. Also, due to the increased options and the brutal Hidden Land and Ruined Future screwovers (if you die you lose everything and there's virtually no way to get it back), there are more restrictions than normal.

Before the restrictions start, you may give me challanges for a starter, a partner, or 4 different sidekicks (who I will rotate in and out based on my own personal whims). I will be playing as a Male.

-You may not give me any Normal Type starters or partners. This is because one section of the game is almost entirely ghost types, and I don't want to be able to only fight with regular attacks for that section.

-You may not give me boss battle restrictions, since the gang style boss battles (Luxray and Dusknoir, I'm looking at you) are next to impossible when your Piplup has to solo kill all 6 of Luxray's Luxio cronies.

-You may restrict a maximum of 3 of a pokemon's moveslots, the reason being that stalling is completely ineffective in PMD and I don't want to be screwed by a stall challange.

-You may not give me more than one challange, the exceptions being below.

-All posts WILL INCLUDE A STARTER CHALLANGE in addition to whatever other challange you want to give. This is because I don't want to endlessly replay the quiz sequence until I get the right starter. I will post a list of starters and their corresponding nature.

-If you wish, you may submit more than one starter. The maximum is three per poster.

-If you are issuing a partner challange that is not a Pikachu (THIS IS THE PARTNER YOU CHOOSE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME DIMWITS), you may issue a second partner challange in the same post in the case that I choose a starter that is the same type as your intended partner.

-If you have clearly never played PMD and it shows in your post, I will completely ignore your challange.

-Obbmud99 may not give me a starter or a partner (I've learned my lesson on that front)

-I reserve the right to reject any and all challanges that disobey the posted rules.

EDIT: List of starters and their corresponding natures:
Its_A_Random, you accepted the other Pachi and not mine? You must catch the first Burmy you find. The restrictions depend on the gender.

If it's a male, he must be named "Moth" and must keep Hidden Power upon learning it. As a Mothim he must solo 20 Pokemon that resist his Hidden Power (no immunity, please!), with Hidden Power alone.

If it's a female, she must be called "Cloak". As a Wormadam she must solo 20 Pokemon whose type matches her cloak's secondary type.
MelodyRae91, take the Charmander given to you on route 24, no nickname due to being another trainer's pokemon. This Charmander doesn't like to to listen, and decides he doesn't want to evolve or use any move but Ember. But when he learns Rage, his rage causes him to evolve into Charmeleon. Charmeleon is starting to trust you, so now he will use any move you want him to, but must start with Rage at the beginning of every Gym Leader battle. When Charmeleon learns Flamethrower, he evolves into Charizard and is completely loyal to you. Charizard will use any attack, whenever you want. He proves his strength by soloing Giovanni and Champion Blue's Eeveelution.

1.Charmander can only use Ember, can evolve when it knows Rage.
2.Charmeleon must start every Gym Leader battle with Rage, can evolve when it knows Flamethrower.
3.Charizard has no move restrictions, but must solo Giovanni and Champion Blue's Eeveelution.

Good Luck.
@shinyskarmory: My first starter challenge for you is Butrfingrs the Squirtle. It cannot use hand-based moves, it cannot eat gummis, and it must throw every throwing item (sticks and stones) it picks up ASAP.

Second starter: Seed the Turtwig. It cannot use any items except seeds and it must keep at least one seed move when possible.

Third starter: RocksSocks the Charmander. It cannot throw Geo Pebbles or Gravelerocks and it can only use moves of base 60 or above power on Rock-types.
Okay, Shiny, you get KipKip the Mudkip as a starter. Kip must learn 1 move with a K, 1 with an I, and 1 with a P. Solo 30 electric types before Luxray, and when in the Hidden Land, solo 10 grass types. Finally, throw 1 item at the next 5 rock type enimies after completing one of the above solos.

Now, as a partner OR a starter, take Tear the Chickorita. Tear is very sad, and must use a move with less than 40 BP every other turn, as it cannot regain its strength easily. Also, Tear can only throw thorns and gravelrocks at enimies.

My 3rd starter is Chicky the Torchic. Chicky will only use moves that any other bird-like pokemon can learn, until it throws 15 items, in which case Chicky can learn 2 other moves, but 2 moves must be learnable by bird-like pokemon, but you get your pick of 3 moves IF you solo 50 types with NFE moves before your Apple mission for Wigglytuff.

Good luck with your MD challenge!! (I have one of those(Time/Darkness) and man, it's really sad at the end of the game right before the credits)


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Its_A_Random, you accepted the other Pachi and not mine? You must catch the first Burmy you find. The restrictions depend on the gender.

If it's a male, he must be named "Moth" and must keep Hidden Power upon learning it. As a Mothim he must solo 20 Pokemon that resist his Hidden Power (no immunity, please!), with Hidden Power alone.

If it's a female, she must be called "Cloak". As a Wormadam she must solo 20 Pokemon whose type matches her cloak's secondary type.
Accepted. The other Pachirisu was issued first, was legal & I didn't want to cause too many arguments.

That's all, I might give an analysis on the team later...(This will be fun)

Thanks for giving me Pokemon, I'll start soon!
@ Shinyskarmory, you get Shinx, Named "Friend". Luxray and his gang has bullyed him, so he can't use any Attacks other than his standard attack, until Luxray is defeated. When it's friends travel to the future, he goes into deep depression. His friends (you) come back just in time to save him from leaving you forever. But that doesn't go away. Whenever he gets under 10% health, he must run away (SET HIM TO "GET AWAY FORM HERE") because he thinks you don't care about him. He can't evolve into Luxray because he doesn't want to be a bully. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@shinyskarmory, you get Loser the (starter) Charmander. It vaguely recalls losing in a very important competition by the ridiculous score of 5-0 as a human, and so it has the determination to keep going... until it gets a status effect. When it has a status effect, it can only use its regular attack.

Oh, and for some random unimportant pokemon, you get KingSpoony the Rhydon, no STAB allowed outside of boss battles.
Everyone accepted, so far.

@ axmaster: That's why it's one of my favorites. It's the only pokemon game with a good story.

@yaya0: That reminds me of something...


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@ Melody, take Dudduo the Doduo. One of Dudduo's heads is a dud. It just kind of hangs there, all limp like. As such, it can't use any attacks that would require it to use its other head or has something to do with the number 2 or 3 (Since this is gen 1 and the attacks are so few, I'll list them here: Fury Attack, Tri Attack, Double-Edge, Double Team, Mimic [just roll with my reasoning here]). It also renders him a little slow mentally, so he/she always growls uselessly before attacking.

For some strange reason, it seems attracted to the Celadon Gym's Leader, Erika. In order to evolve, it must solo her entire team, after which the reason is revealed! The strange chemicals in her Pokemon allow him to grow another head, evolving into Dodrio. However, one of it's heads is still a dud. As such, you must rename it to "Dudrio" at this point, and while most of the old restrictions no longer apply it still cannot use Tri-attack.
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