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Look, Magma Boss, if no one posts by the time this thread gets locked, take either Granny the Vulpix OR Gramps the Growlith. Granny must know Solarbeam/Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Grudge, and Extrasensory. Gramps must know Dig, Flare Blitz/Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse/Crunch/Thunder Fang, and Morning Sun/Iron Head. You don't have to take either if you want a challange from someone else, but I would like to give you a back-up plan.
To remind you,
Alright guys, as you lot might've read in the Group, I've been asked to create a new thread, and as a result, this current thread will be locked & replaced soon. However, this thread has been allowed to reach Page 500, & we need to complete the Page 500 Scramble Awards before we do so, with the final results on Page 500. So, to maximise exposure & send out this current thread on a high, I'm going to do the following.


As the OP of this thread, The last three pages (498-500) will be dedicated to the Scramble awards & basically, sending this thread off on a high, before we start with MkII. The awared winners are to be posted on Page 500, & eventually, I'll give the all clear to start a new thread, which I'll put up, of course.

After all that, If you want a Scramble Challenge, this will be your last chance to do so before the new thread. Other than that, here's to sending this thread out on a high!

I still need Trophy Garden (Pichu/Pikachu), Great Marsh (any), Route 213 (Wingull), and Ruin Maniac Cave (Hippo) for my Diamond Scramblocke.
Look, Magma Boss, if no one posts by the time this thread gets locked, take either Granny the Vulpix OR Gramps the Growlith. Granny must know Solarbeam/Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Grudge, and Extrasensory. Gramps must know Dig, Flare Blitz/Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse/Crunch/Thunder Fang, and Morning Sun/Iron Head. You don't have to take either if you want a challange from someone else, but I would like to give you a back-up plan.
i will go with that if no-one posts
Also yes pika i know, but i already mention my challenge 2 or 3 pages ago and needed 1 more.
@Pika25, take a Pichu from the Trophy Garden. Must know Thundershock and 2 status moves at all times. The 4th move cannot be Electric or status. Always under the effect of Torment. Good luck!

Original post said Maxine. I meant Maxie. Predictatext fail. Sorry Maxie.
It's too late in the thread to post another challenge, but seeing as my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is nonfunctional 9_9 I'm taking a different challenge. Apologies to everyone who put in multiple pokemon for that scramble.

I will be doing a monotype scramble of Pearl to celebrate the opening of the new thread. All 492 non-legendary 4th gen pokemon are eligible. Obviously, I can trade. Full details will be in the next thread.

If you gave me more than one pokemon in the canceled PMD scramble, you are reserved a slot for this scramble automatically. I will edit this post with the reserved slots.

I'm trying to inspire more interest in challenges that are in progress. Whether you have a reserved challenge or not, you may PM me the type you would like me to monotype with. The type with the most votes will be the type I use.

Oh yeah, and I'm about to fight Roxanne at long last in the Shedinja solo. I'm going to fight her at level 15 with the moveset Harden, Scratch, Fury Swipes, and Leech Life. I'll edit this post with live updates when I start.
The Awards are a post on page 500. IAR's post is to make sure we don't post too much and get to page 500 without people having time to vote.

There are only 4 people left to get their pokemon so ONLY POST HERE IF YOU WANT TO GIVE A CHALLENGE TO TMBM, MARODIN, PIKA25, OR ZDRUP15!!!

Also go to the group and vote for the Awards if you haven't done it yet!
Um.....Zdrup, in case you didn't see it, I gave you a Gyrados last page. The details are there.

Edit: Pika, take AngryScorp the Scorupi. All of it's moves must deal with it's mouth: biting or roaring counts.
If everyone does their challanges by PM, and no one else asks for challanges, we will never make it to Page 500. If you're worried about not getting your votes in, then vote now, not later!

Also on a totally unrelated note, I've officially gotten back to work on my Hardest LeafGreen Scramble Ever (Which you should vote for as the Hardest Team :P) battled my Rival on the S.S. Anne and recorded it, you'll have to wait until the update to see if I succeeded :)

EDIT: That's a lot of posts all of a sudden...maybe I shouldn't have said anything...


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Alright, since everyone is still posting I'm not going to edit my last post and instead just post the update you've all been waiting for right here!

First off as always, the restrictions:

From King Serperior: Jimera0, take a Snorlax and have it as close as possible to the first gen 1 moveset for it. Must solo Giovanni and your rival before the E4 and after gym 8.
for that Snorlax, teach it surf in place of self-destruct unless you have access to a way for it to learn it. Name it Gen1OU since I forgot to give it a name.

From Tyranitarphantom: you'll both be going with a Poliwag named Wuzzle. It loves confusing people with it's swirling patterns, so it must always hit an opponent with Hypnosis before attacking (once it learns it, of course). However, once it evolves to Poliwhirl, it's swirl reverses, so it must forget Hypnosis. From that point on, it may never use a move on the opponent that isn't an attacking move. It prefers to use brute force, so it must learn strength. It may be evolved into Poliwrath once you have obtained 6 badges, and it must have soloed one of those leaders. All other restrictions remain.

From EndQuote: take a Charmander and name it Charming.
This adorable little lizard is quite the smooth talker, so it must learn and keep Attract ASAP. (TM is on Route 24)
It must use Attract to infatuate every Pokémon of the opposite gender it is sent out against.

In addition, it cannot use Fire-type attacks against Pokémon of the opposite gender, because nothing ruins a date like a whirling inferno.
However, if the date is going badly, he might as well use fire. (If Blaze activates OR he is the last Pokémon alive in your party, you can use Fire-type attacks)

He must solo Erika and at least three Pokémon in the elite four.
Good luck!

From Super Saiyan: take Shenron the Pikachu . He has 3 flaws though.
1. He has limited attack knowledge, so he can only use his level up moves. No tms or hms.
2. He has poor endurance, so he must rest after defeating an opponent. He can battle again once the next opponent is defeated or the battle ends. (Can solo Gym Leaders)
3. He is terrified of Flying and Water Pokemon so he may never battle them. This restriction is SO getting wished away, RIGHT NOW.
Knowing this, he has the power of the Eternal Dragon and will grant you a wish. You may remove one of the above restrictions immediately. If he solos 4 Gym Leaders (Changed to soloing 50 Electric type Pokemon, wild or trained, since soloing 4 Gym Leaders in conjunction with my other challanges is impossible), you get another wish and may remove another restriction. Unfortunately, 1 restriction will always be in place. No evolution restrictions. For an extra challenge, you can refuse the wishes. Congrats, you are the first recipient of my Signature Challange! Good luck!

From Axemaster68: you get Ball the Sandshrew. Ball has no restrictions, congratulations!! Just a few small things first:

1) Set up Sandstorm in every E4 battle not being soloed and make sure to have the move before going there.

2) Use Defense Curl against 15 different evolution lines(one member of each) to evolve. COMPLETE!

3) One boosting move at a time maximum.

4) Use Sand Tomb against 50 pokemon to forget the move after Ball learns it.

5) Solo Koga after evolving, or any other gym leader and his GLMP(yes AFTER evolving I am being nice today).

You can remove any 1 restriction after the solos are completed.

If Ball faints more than 5 times, he needs a buddy. That buddy will be a Grass type decided by someone else. Good luck and enjoy one example of my signature buddy challenge!!

From Oh Biscuits: Enjoy Bulbus the Bellsprout! In the Latin story that I'm translating right now, there's a character named Bulbus. His name means "onion," just so you know. Bulbus is extremely jealous of Modestus, who he thinks is Charming the Charmander! So he must never fight ANY double battles with him. He must also solo Misty, since Misty comes before Erika and Bulbus believes that he's better than Charming. (This works 'cause Modestus wasn't so modest and was quite the ladies' man.) He must evolve before Charming and after he solos Misty, and he can evolve again any time. This shouldn't be TOO hard.

I'm not going to bother posting the previous chapters this time, since I'll be making a single post to update Scramble as soon as the new thread gets made anyway. If you want to read it just go back a couple pages, they're all there.

So here's the newest chapter, and I warn you, it's a big one! It turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated, so I guess I'm sending off this thread with a bit of a bang of my own. It's also the half-way point, so I suppose a bigger one makes sense.
Ok I'm just making excuses for making the thing really long. I hope you don't mind.

Alright, off to route 8! There are just a few trainers along here to battle, and a Vulpix to catch as well.

*fighting a lass*
You know what disturbs me about the Lasses in this game? They’re all clearly pre-pubescent girls wearing super short miniskirts. Seriously, take a look at this sprite:

She’s even posing suggestively. I thought this was a game aimed at kids, not one aimed at pedophiles.

And why do Super Nerds use Poison types like Muk and Grimer? I get why they use electric types, since that’s associated with science and such, but poison? Are you trying to say that nerds are slimy and gross Gamefreak? Is that it? WELL FUCK YOU THEN >:O

Oh ho! It’s time for my first double battle of the playthough! Twins... hrm well Shenron and Charming should do OK together...
*they just have Jigglypuff and Clefairy*
Lol ok I don’t think it’d matter who I sent out against these two.
*easily defeats them*

Oh, it’s time for the massive line-o-trainers! I’ve always been confused by this... why would 4 apparently unrelated trainers stand in a line next to each other? Furthermore, one of them is a Super Nerd and the other 3 are Lasses. Why would the Lasses... oh ho! Now Gamefreak is saying Super Nerds are slimy chick magnets! Errrr... Gamefreak doesn’t know its audience very well does it?

Oh hang on; the Super Nerd says they’re just stuck there because the gate to Saffron is closed. Suuuuure, that’s why you’re hanging out with 3 young girls you... either player or Pedophile. Depends on how old he is. It’s hard to tell.

Heh in a battle against a Nidorina I got my first chance to use Blaze. Poison and Double Kick put me in range. Ember did more damage with Ember than Mega Punch then, but I just wish there had been another Pokemon left so I could test how strong it is on an un-weakened Pokemon!

Heh, for having such low BP attacks, Bulbus is pretty effective. Sleep powder then set up with Growth, works like a charm. After he’s gotten 2 or 3 growths, nothing much stands in his way! After 4 or more, not even Pokemon that resist it can stand up to his mighty Vine Whip!

Alright, all the trainers have been demolished, so it’s time to catch a Vulpix!
*Couple minutes later*
There that wasn’t very hard.

Just a quick trip through the Underground Path and into Celadon I go!

Well things aren’t looking so hot in Celadon, with Rocket Grunts walking the streets like they own them. But before I deal with them, I got some exploring to do!

Ah, a nice old lady gave me some Tea inside the Celadon Mansion! I think some thirsty gate keepers will be liking this :P. Though, this doesn’t really make much sense for curing thirst, as the caffeine in Tea means it actually dehydrates you...

And now to talk to the Gamefreak employees for some blatantly unfunny 4th wall breaking and ego stroking. How wonderful.

I think I’ll be trying the back entrance now hm? I seem to remember a cute little split-evolving Pokemon that can be picked up there.
*few seconds later* Well hello there Eevee! Enjoy your time in the PC box >:D

Ok, now to take a Coin Case off some guy in the bar, who’s drinking away his sorrows after losing it all at the slots. Don’t believe that’s what he’s doing? There is CLEARLY a beer on the table in front of him. Yellow colour, classic beer mug, and foam on top. I wonder how they slipped THAT past the censors.

Rocket Grunt: “Don’t touch the poster at the Game Corner! There’s no switch behind it!”
I don’t need to say anything illustrate the incredible stupidity of this. It speaks for itself.

Alright, now for the department store! While I’m here, I gotta buy a water stone, a leaf stone and a thunder stone. I’m going to evolve Shenron right now as he doesn’t learn any other moves worth my time by level up, except maybe Light Screen at level 50 and I’m not waiting that long. Bulbus is another story... He doesn’t learn Razor Leaf, his best Stab (pathetic I know >.<) until lv 42. I’d normally wait on this, but I can’t evolve Charming until after Bulbus evolves, which is an issue since I need him to use Fly. I could evolve him now and simply relearn Razor Leaf when I get to Two Island and the move relearner there, but that’s a long time to go with just either Vine Whip or Giga Drain... I think I’ll leave him for now, and if he starts becoming a pain or I find I need to evolve Charming then I’ll evolve him. The Water Stone is for Wuzzle once I get him, but I don’t need to worry about that yet.

First though, let’s see what else the store has to offer shall we?

Some of these TMs will be useful, so I’ll be buying a few of these... Ball gets Brick Break over Sand-Attack, Charming also gets Brick break over Metal Claw, Ball gets Secret Power over Slash, and Bulbus also gets Secret Power over Acid since it’s more powerful even though it doesn’t get STAB and the only thing Acid gets super effective damage on before the national Pokedex is Tangela.

I love the animation for using the TMs and HMs in FR and LG. You take this CD and slap it on the Pokemon’s head, and it magically gives the Pokemon a new move. It looks hilarious and makes no sense at all XD.

There, I bought my evolutionary stones. I might as well evolve Shenron now.
*Shenron evolved into Raichu! Maybe he won’t be so freaking weak anymore!*

Ah, and up here I can buy soft drinks! I’m going to sell my Super Potions and buy Lemonades instead. Also there’s a girl up here that gives you 3 TMs, one for each drink! Best deal ever!
*TMs for Relect, Safeguard and Light Screen obtained!*

Now for the Game Corner. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to waste time at the slots just now... You’ll be wanting your update today, not next week :P. Instead I’m just going to talk to the people in there, and then Tom Clancy this shit up!

LOL you know that guy at every gym who gives you advice? Apparently he got a bit sidetracked by the Game Corner! He’ll still give you advice, but it seems that he ain’t leaving his seat for anything.

Wow there’s an enormous amount of hidden coins on the floor. My Itemfinder is going crazy! All these will come in handy when I do some slot playing later (oh you bet I will, just not until next chapter >:D)

Hello mister grunt, why are you guarding a poster? :P yeah let’s just battle and get this over with.
*plain demolishes pathetic guard*
If you’re going to have someone obviously guarding it, why even bother hiding the switch anyway? The guard kind of gives it away.

Alright, down I go, into the depths!
*Que Mission Impossible theme*

... Except that a real spy wouldn’t be running around just obliterating all the guards. But why be stealthy when the guards are so weak, eh?

Ah the old arrow floor tiles. I remember when I was a kid I had so much trouble with these. These days, I figure them out without even trying. Amazing what a difference something like 13 years makes, eh?

Wow I out-level all the grunts here by 10+ levels, and I haven’t grinded at all. Having just 4 Pokemon has led to me having them higher level than they usually are at this point... Especially since I tend to have enormous teams of 10 or more Pokemon, the members of which I regularly swap in and out of my party. I just like using a lot of Pokemon ok?

TM21 (Frustration) obtained. This totally useless move is going to rot in my bag for all eternity, since all my Pokemon love me :D. Not that it’s hard to get them to love you lol.

Oh cool I found the Blackglasses. If I actually had a single Pokemon that used Dark type moves that might actually be helpful!

TM49, Snatch... another useless TM. Well, in-game anyway. It’s pretty much impossible to predict the AI since they select moves at random =/

I love how the grunt with the Lift Key conveniently drops it right after you battle for no perceivable reason, then LETS YOU PICK IT UP! I mean seriously, it’s like the grunts are actually trying to HELP you instead of stop you sometimes.

And again, at the first floor where the elevator is blocked off by a gate, fighting the grunt causes the door to magically open. Is it just me, or is the writing in this game REALLY lazy?

Alright, all the grunts have been obliterated, time to fight Giovanni!

Or I have to demolish a couple more grunts guarding the door first. Whatever.
*Two thoroughly obliterated grunts later*
And the door magically opens again. Not even an “Oh our fight opened the door (somehow)” this time; it just opens magically on its own. Seriously, what is with this shit?

Anyway, time for Giovanni... but first, I’ve made my decision
*pulls out Leaf Stone*
Someone is going to evolve.
*Bulbus evolves into Victreebel!*
I figure that having one crappy stab move will be better than having TWO un-evolved Pokemon. Besides, I get Giga Drain for defeating Erika, and then I’ll just bloat it with PP Up. Hell, if the low PP doesn’t prove an issue I might not even replace it with Razor Leaf later.

Alright Giovanni... I got a lean, mean, yellow and green killing machine that wants to meet you!
Alright, first Pokemon is an Onix... I know what I’m doing
*Uses Sleep Powder*
Alright, time to boost up to ultimate destruction.
*3 Growths later*
That should be enough >:D time to go to town with Vine Whip!
*2 OHKOs later*
Just Kangaskhan left. Let’s see how well it can take a +3 Vine Whip!
*Does less than half health*
O.O pretty well apparently. Alright, off to dreamland you go while I boost some more.
*2 flinches, three misses and -1 def from tail whip later*
*Mega Punch*
*Bulbus hangs on with 1hp, Sleep Powder finally hits*
ABOUT FREAKING TIME. That hax was driving me insane and thankfully a bit of it went my way with the low damage roll! Screw this, Ball is coming out to use Brick Break.
*Kangaskhan wakes up and flinches Ball with Bite*
...... you have got to be kidding me. Is this thing a fucking Jirachi in disguise or something?
*Brick Break finally KOs the damn thing*

Alright, that was more difficult than I had anticipated. Goddamn hax. Well, in any case Giovanni is defeated! You and I are heading downto-
*lights flicker, Giovanni disappears*
Wait what? So he’s a goddamn ninja now too? Or a Black Wizard with Warp, either one... well he left behind the Silph Scope at least! Now I can go finish the Pokemon Tower.

First though I got to grab a little something from Route 16...

Beyond the Young Couple, there’s a little house where someone has a certain HM that will be mighty handy to have... a little move called Fly :D
*Ch’Ding learned Fly!*
There we go! This’ll make backtracking so much easier. So, time to take flight to Lavender town.

Wait a second, I’m getting flown by a duck a quarter my size. HOW THE HELL DOES THIS WORK?

Well in any case, back up the Pokemon Tower I go! I Gotta catch Ghastly, Haunter and Cubone on the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to get all three without grinding.

*Catches a Gastly easily*

Darn, didn’t run into any of the other two yet. In any case, it’s time to take down the Ghost Marowak. Poor thing... I guess Team Rocket is more than just a bunch of silly louts after all, if they kill innocent Pokemon.

It means they’re MURDEROUS silly louts!

Anyway, it took a bit but I took it down. Damn thing has defences like a Panzer tank, and it hits pretty hard too. It gave Ball a run for his money, putting him in the red. Well, it’s been put to rest now.

Alright, time to take out the sick fucks who did this. Prepare to die Team Rocket!
Wait I’m not allowed to kill them? Cmon, Charming hasn’t gotten to roast anyone yet! Pretty please?

Ah well I can at least kick their asses and send them packing.
*Second grunt’s Koffing Self-Destructs and takes out Charming*
GODDAMIT! I am so freaking glad this is not a Nuzlocke.
*Revive and Super Potion later*
Alright, now this is personal you fuckwads!
*Charming utterly wrecks the 3rd grunt*
*to Mr. Fuji* Ahem, anyway gramps, you’re free to go now.
Oh you want me to come with you? Alright, since I know I’m getting something awesome out of this I’ll tag along :P.
*One musical gift later*
Booyah! Thanks for one of the most useful items in the game gramps! Now I can sell all these awakening I picked up. But first, I gotta go catch a couple Pokemon I didn’t run into before...

*a short while later*
Alright, got a Cubone... just a Haunter now.
*runs into a Haunter*
Perfect, just gotta use sleep powder then wear it down...
*Haunter wakes up, uses Curse and kills itself*
-.- well that sucked. At least running into another one shouldn’t take too long.

*a couple minutes later*
AHA this time I left your health above half, so when you use Curse it puts you in perfect catching range!
Just got to sleep you through this confusion before Curse kills me and then you’re mine!
*Bulbus snaps out of confusion next turn, puts it to sleep. First Great Ball catches it*
YES! Alright, now we’re in business.

Alright just one more thing before I fight Erika. I got a 5th team member to catch! Back to route 16 (as soon as I buy about 20 more Great Balls)
Alright Snorlax, you’re about to discover a whole new world beyond sleeping, blocking pathways and being a general pain in the ass

Wakey wakey, smell the eggs and bakey!
Alright, the strategy here is to put it to sleep, use Growth a couple times and then weaken it with Vine Whip until I can catch it.
*damn thing eats a Chesto Berry*
.... well at least it won’t get to rest for free now...
And damn, it hits pretty hard.
*it uses goddamn SNORE*
Ok, this thing is going to be hell isn’t it
*+2 Vine whip does about 20%*
Oh yes, fiery, torturous hell.
*Now it uses Yawn (and Pokeflute wakes BOTH Pokemon up)*
I think I hate this thing already.
*10 great balls, 5 lemonade and +6 Sp.Att later*
.... I mean, welcome to the team Gen1OU *painfully forced grin*

And as an added bonus, I get some Leftovers for my trouble :D

Alright you mighty big pain in the ass, I’m going to use you to take out Erika’s lackeys. But first I have to give you Hyper Beam, since I need to get you as close to the Gen 1 standard set as possible ASAP, and that’s the only move from it I can give you right now. And since Gen1OU is a terrible name, I’m just going to refer to you as Bob from now on, alright Bob?

I wish I COULD teach it Selfdestruct, so I could make it pay for the hell it put me through catching it.

Alright, restocked and taught Bob Hyper Beam instead of Yawn. Time to finally head to Celadon Gym!

Creepy Old Guy: *is staring through gym windows* “Heheh! This GYM is great! It’s full of women!”
Ok, I don’t really need to say thing about this. I don’t have to; it’s all been said by many others before me already.
But still. Ew.

Alright Bob, time to start Hyper Beaming everything in sight! Giving me access to a STAB 150BP move at this point in the game is a total game breaker eh heh heh!

*after Hyper Beaming a Weepinbell*
Jeeze, Hyper Beam looks kind of lame in Gen 3...

*ridiculous rampage of destruction later*
WOW. Bob is practically BROKEN at this point in the game. Nothing can scratch him and he can obliterate anything in a single hit with Hyper Beam, and most things are OHKO’d just with Headbutt. If I get statused I just heal it off with Rest. Seriously, it’s just plain unfair. It’s like using Arceus in RU. I only had to go to the Pokemon center because I was running out of PP (20 attacking PP total, and there are more than 20 Pokemon in the gym)

Alright, now it is time to Solo Erika with Charming. This is not going to be as easy as you’d think, since I’m betting all Erika’s Pokemon are female, meaning I can’t use my fire type attacks unless Blaze activates. On top of that her team has status inflicting moves out the wazoo. My strategy is going to be to hit them with Mega Punch as hard as I can until Blaze activates... then the real fun begins.
*she sends out Victreebel*
Sure enough, it’s female. Looks like I got a real fight on my hands. If only I could use Bob, this’d all be over in a few turns...
*Attract immobilizes Victreebel*
At least Attract is a damn useful move. It’ll make things a lot easier I think.
*Mega Punch is a 3-4HKO, and it manages to Paralyze Charming*
Oooo boy. This is going to be a long drawn-out fight isn’t it.
*a few Mega Punches later, Victreebell faints without getting a hit in*
Well despite 2 missed Mega Punches I actually got lucky there, with it being immobilized all the time. Next out is her Tangela... again female. Oh well, back to work!
*Tangela uses Ingrain*
Well that could prove annoying...
*Mega punch does good damage*
Ah good, Ingrain shouldn’t play in too much, assuming I don’t get haxed like mad.
*Mega Punch misses twice, FP’d once*
85% accuracy my ass... it’s already missed 4/8 uses.
*Goddamn Erika used Hyper Potion on it just as it gets near the red*
I. Hate. AI. Healing. Item. Spam. So much.
I’m switching to Brick Break now since actually hitting is more important than the extra 5 BP against Tangela. Brick Break won’t work on Vileplume, so I had better conserve Mega Punch’s PP anyway.
*Tangela finally goes down*
Ahhhh yes, now comes out Vileplume... this’ll be fun *sarcasm*.
*Vileplume uses Acid, it does some damage but not a lot*
Well that could be useful; if it activates Blaze I can end this much more quickly!
*Vileplume is immobilized a lot, while I crit with Mega Punch*
Hell yeah! One or two more Mega Punches should do it! Maybe I won’t need Blaze after all!
*After several turns of misses and parahax, Mega Punch finally connects and brings it to the red*
And the whole time it’s been completely immobilized by Attract! Ha, this has been epic! Charming really is a ladies’ man it would seem. Since it has so little HP left I’m going to use the more reliable Brick Break to finish it
*Vileplume faints*
Victory! On top of that, Charming reaches lv 34 and learns Flamethrower! EPIC! This could not have gone much better!

So I’ll just take my Giga Drain TM, Rainbow Badge and be on my way then Erika, thanks for the easy as hell gym eh? I’m going to teach Giga Drain to Bulbus right away, and then use both the PP Ups I have on it. It’s a much better STAB for him than Vine Whip, with almost twice as much BP, healing, and only a little bit less PP after I boost it up.

Alright then, that’s it. I got a decision to make now, since after Celadon City the game stops being quite so linear. I have 3 options on where to go next; I can take out Team Rocket in Saffron, head to Fuchsia City via Cycling Road or head to Fuchsia City from the Lavender Town side. I want to get Wuzzle ASAP, so I want to head to Fuchsia first. I’ll leave it up to you lot to decide which path I take though. The first person that PMs me a choice gets their choice acted upon!

END OF CHAPTER SUMMARY (now with commentary!):

Badges: 4
Pokemon: 5
Location: Celadon, but departing soon.
Blackouts: 1 (My head still hurts from it. You know what Brock does to people that lose to him? It isn’t pretty.)

Charming the Charmeleon:

Level 34
Brick Break
Mega Punch

Surprisingly, Charming has only been mediocre so far. He doesn’t have a lot of power or defences, and he finds himself getting hit and fainted a lot. His restriction can also be a pain, since it seems like all the people that use Grass types are female and so have all female Pokemon. Despite this he’s far from being a load on my team, and I strongly suspect he’ll become much, much more useful once he evolves.

Shenron the Raichu:

Level 33
Double Team
Quick Attack
Electric Solo tally: 5 (Not a single electric type encountered this chapter)

Man, before I evolved him Shenron was my clear LVP. He had terrible defences and didn’t have enough power to take advantage of his blistering speed, even after learning Thunderbolt. Charming fainted more, but that’s only because I wasn’t stupid enough to leave Shenron in against anything that could faint him (which was most things). Now that he has evolved though he is much more useful. He’s bulkier and hits harder, securing OKHO’s on most things with Thunderbolt or Slam and being able to take a hit if he doesn’t. However I expect him to become less useful again as my opponents get tougher.

Ball the Sandslash:

Level 33
Secret Power
Rock Slide
Brick Break

My MVP up to this point, Ball can take just about anything on. When Axemaster68 said he had no restrictions he was kidding of course, but ever since he evolved he’s felt like the least restricted member of my team by far. He hits like a truck, has great coverage and can take hits like a boss. Even the equivalent of a STAB 150BP super effective hit didn’t take him down last chapter! Of course it was from an un-evolved Pokemon 8 levels lower than him, but that’s still impressive.

Bulbus the Victreebel:

Level 33
Giga Drain (2 PP Up used)
Secret Power
Sleep Powder

Bulbus has actually been pulling his weight better than I expected him to. Despite having low BP attacks, his ability to boost reliably using Sleep Powder and Growth makes up for it, allowing him to devastate even Pokemon that resist Vine Whip. Since learning Secret Power over Acid he’s been even more useful, as it provides much better coverage alongside Vine Whip, hits harder AND can have a secondary effect. And of course he’s been instrumental in catching every Pokemon I’ve caught since I got him, and that counts.

Gen1OU (AKA Bob) the Snorlax:

Level 32
Hyper Beam

Oh boy, the new boy on the team has impressed me. At first I wanted to kill him for being so freaking difficult to catch, but after obliterating the entire Celadon Gym with him all has been forgiven. He hits super hard, barely gets hurt by attacks himself and can even heal off status and damage with Rest. The only problem is I’ll have to get rid of Rest eventually to make room for Earthquake. However I don’t get the TM for it until after the 8th gym, so I have a long time to abuse a nigh on perfect set until then. In the end I think Bob (I refuse to call him “Gen1OU”) will likely end up my MVP.

So yes, send me those PMs on where to go next right away! Until then I'll be at the game corner, gambling my life away... earning valuable hold items :P.

EDIT: Your wish has been granted, Axemaster68!
Well zdrup15, time for your challenge.

Now, looking at your other Pokemon, it is natural that I'll give you a Grass Type to complete the FWG Core. So, take a Turtwig (Not going to bother with nickname).
Your Turtwig is a very nervous one & is indecisive & is unsure of what its best assets is: Offence or Defence. So at the beginning, you must assume your Turtwig is of one of them, & basically do the following.

Under Offence tactics, it is limited to basically, going offensive. It may only use either attacking moves or moves that boost an attacking stat. It must solo 10 Trained Pokemon while under Offence Tactics each time it is under these tactics.
Under Defence Tactics, It likes to be super defensive & cannot use moves with over 40 BP. It must solo 10 Trained Pokemon while under Defence Tactics each time it is under these tactics.

However, after every 2 Badges, your Turtwig feels as if it doesn't have that asset it has & switches to the opposite tactic. Ultimately realising after 8 Badges that what tactics it initially used was what he was natural at, & therefore, uses that tactic for the rest of the game.

Have fun.

Also yeah. No more new challenges please, thank you.

OMG WHAT IS THIS!!! Talk about pain in the ass... But I think I must pass! Could you give me something with wings?

@Marodin: You get Physical the Koffing. It's disappointed that its attack stat is higher than its special attack stat despite having one of the most shallow physical movepools in history (with no STAB, no less). Therefore, it cannot use anything but physical attacks until it soloes Chuck (or Morty to make it easier), at which point it can evolve. It can now use one special or status move. If it soloes Jasmine, it can use one more.

Optional: It cannot have a -Atk nature (Timid, Calm, Modest, or Bold).
Awesome, assurance will pawn morty!

Marodin, you get BAZZUP! The Mareep. BAZZUP! Loves making things sizzle and pop with electricity, and as such must have pure electric type. Have it Solo Bugsy to evolve. The sizzling and popping of the insects getting zapped satisfies its urge to make things sizzle a little bit, so now it can have 2 moves that aren't electric type. After a while it begins to desire the popping of cooking insects again, so have it solo 10 trainer owned bug type Pokemon with nothing but electric attacks to evolve it again. After this it begins to realize that it's being a sick sadistic bastard and stops trying murder everything with electricity. It decides to actually devote its abilities to winning rather than fufilling his own sadistic pleasures, and decides the best way is to have as many different type moves as possible. From the point it evolves onward, it must have no two moves the same type (ASAP).
Doesn't sound too bad :D

"Choice" the Gyarados: must select one move and keep it forever. This one move determines Choice's moveset. Flail: must know Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, and Dragon Rage. Tackle: must know Blizzard, Bite, and Thrash. Splash: must know Dragon Dance, Earthquake, and Waterfall.

"Eve/Evan" the Eevee: is fiercely loyal to it's type, so it can only use Normal-type moves. When it evolves, and however it evolves (Up to you), it can only use Normal type moves and moves that match it's new type.
It must solo three Pokémon in the elite four, all three belonging to different trainers.

"Physical" the Koffing: disappointed that its attack stat is higher than its special attack stat despite having one of the most shallow physical movepools in history (with no STAB, no less). Therefore, it cannot use anything but physical attacks until it soloes Chuck (or Morty to make it easier), at which point it can evolve. It can now use one special or status move. If it soloes Jasmine, it can use one more.

"BAZZUP!" the Mareep: Loves making things sizzle and pop with electricity, and as such must have pure electric type. Have it Solo Bugsy to evolve. The sizzling and popping of the insects getting zapped satisfies its urge to make things sizzle a little bit, so now it can have 2 moves that aren't electric type. After a while it begins to desire the popping of cooking insects again, so have it solo 10 trainer owned bug type Pokemon with nothing but electric attacks to evolve it again. After this it begins to realize that it's being a sick sadistic bastard and stops trying murder everything with electricity. It decides to actually devote its abilities to winning rather than fufilling his own sadistic pleasures, and decides the best way is to have as many different type moves as possible. From the point it evolves onward, it must have no two moves the same type (ASAP).

Am still waiting for a starter! Thanks guys =)
Marodin, You want a starter? Fine, take a Cyndaquil. It's fed up of being so overpowered, because it's seen one too many players solo the game with nothing but a hyped-up Typhlosion and the version legend (I went through SS with Typh and Lugia).

So, it wants to challenge itself, and it wants to show that the Legend is not necessary. Pure Fire may not be everyone's cup of tea, but according to this Cyndaquil, it's not that bad either. It decides to lead your party whenever you are surfing (unless this affects another challenge, in which case that challegen takes priority), and whenever a Water-type pokemon (including Dual Type pokemon) is sent into battle, Cyndaquil must come in as well. It must survive an SE water attack between each Gym, and the pokemon that uses the Water-Move must be no more than 10 levels below Cyndaquil.

Solo any Gym Leader you choose. If it solos a Gym Leader as a Cyndaquil, you can use all moveslots afterwards. As Quilava, 3 moveslots available after battle. Solo as a Typhlosion, and after the match you only get two moveslots. During the Gym Battles, you may use as many moves as possible. You MUST solo a Gym.

Call it Cinder.

@Team Magma Boss Maxie, you get BurnFireBlaze(bonus points if you can guess the reference) the Houndour. Must use nasty plot before attacking, and must have only 1 special attack. Solo Blaine for your 15th badge and Erika for your 12th badge, and to evolve, use nasty plot against 55 evolution lines, with either 1 or 2 members(your choice) each. Good luck
If i'm not mistaken, that's one of the attacks used in the newest Beyblade cartoon, I think by...oh, i forget his name, but he was one of the few 'adults' and wore a hell of a lot of red. His blade was, unsurprisingly, red.
Definitely Pheonix, though his relation to Ginga (sp?) i don't know and can't be stuffed to find out. But i do recall the name Pheonix. I only saw the episode where it got beaten by Pegasus' Stormbringer attack.

Anyways, back to Pokemon...

Marodin, I forgot to say that until the Gym Solo, Cinder can use however many moves it wants, but after the mandatory solo, then the Moveslots restrictions comes in.
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