Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Great chapter Jimera! Hoping to folllow this one from the start, keep on rocking =D!

*psssst* Arceustar! Are you alive? You still have a Magby reserved for me.
QWAZ take Renate the Buneary. As she is nazi she must use moves that are either super effective or stab. She also refuses to use moves which BP is under 60. After she has soloed Cheren and Bianca at least once without any items she can evolve. After she has evolved she starts to regrets her past acts and she never cannot use which have BP over 70 and Renate doesn't use any super effective moves. When you get to E4 she realizes that Ghetsis is actually Klaus Adler in disguise. She knows that she can't solo Klaus, but she knows that she can help you to take Klaus down by soloing one of his Pokémon.
Haha, great update Jinzha Jimera. Assist really looks like it'd be a pain... probably not as bad as Metronome though!

I really want to get back to work on mine... being kept from my DS by work to do over the so-called Easter "break". I may end up skipping updates here and there so I can just play and get this scramble finished; I have a vague plan in mind for a (ridiculously difficult) second scramble afterwards, and being able to write a story from the beginning would definitely be a plus ;)
I'm alive but I've just come back from an holiday with awful Internet/Wifi/3G/Whatever

Iggy the Magby
Must only use cute moves (contest wise)
Must never use physical moves
Must hold a Soothe Bell to attack
Solo 2 gym leaders
Have fun
Okay, that's an interesting one. Was expecting way worse from you and I'm very happy you didn't give me worse. Lemme check the pokedex for a cool movepool.

PS: Iggy is a perfect nickname for some reason o.O . Nice to have a male too.

Edit: Just need Mandibuzz's seel and I can start! Already bred Dora and Sunny.

Edit inside an edit: No idea which moves are cute in contests, that might cause him to be a lot harder :o!

Editception: Flamethrower, Lava Plume and Fire Blast are all impossible already, I have yet to even find a cute move Magby can learn. Could we please drop that one?
Okay, i still need 3 more pokemon if king s dosnt give me his challange by the end of tomorrow i will free up that spot
Currently i need on more non unovan pokemon ( shellder)
Nauris at what point in the game should you trade it over to me?
I'm thinking about it, but I'd really like to at least have either Flamethrower or Lava Plume or he'll be useless. And I can really not use anything useless in a four pokemon team.

Your latest change makes my movepool: Rest, attract/sleep talk, swagger, leer. Did you even THINK about this Arceus? Please drop the cute/cool?

Sooooooooooooooo Sorry!!!!

Here is ELI the Scyther:

Although ELI is a blind man/Pokemon, he can use his senses to hit every foe!!! As such, ELI cannot use moves with less than 100% Acc.

ELI needs weapons to survive the harsh, post-apocaliptic world.
1). Blade - Must know a move that involves slashing.
2). Gun - Bullet Punch.
3). Bow - One Special attack.
4). Faith - One stat-boosting move.

As ELI has the technology, he must have Technition.

Solo the 8th Gym (both trainers and Leader).

@Jimera: CP.2 Fast!!!!!!!!! Random must redeem himself!!!

Also, excellent chapter ^_^
Reserving for QWAZ.

EDIT: Take Voldemort the Pawniard.

When you catch him, Voldemort has fled his family for reasons unknown to you. Not knowing what to do with him, you trade him to your Pokemon White version. This must be done before Elesa. He sees Elesa and rages, because he didn't quite know what to do against Electric-types. Therefore, he must solo Elesa. Congrats, you now have a murderer on your hands. Attempt to solo Clay. If you fail, you must release one of your Pokemon. (Does not have to be a Scramblemon.) Then, have him solo 25 of that Pokemon you just released. If you solo Clay, you have no more restrictions for the rest of the run.

Voldemort believes that he is the ultimate spellcaster, and so you must have Hidden Power on his movepool. You must only have one Physical attack. It wants to be the best Special Attacker, so solo 20 Litwick, with Hidden Power unless your type is Fighting. Then, if you did not solo Clay earlier, you must now complete the Gauntlet, to void all your restrictions and allow you to evolve.


-Glacier slow: Solo all trainers in Brycen's Gym, excluding Brycen. Do not OHKO any of those Pokemon.
-Hax kid: Solo 10 Axew.
-Inner Kung Fu: Solo 15 Fighting-types with Hidden Power.
-Friends or Enemies: Solo 15 wild Pawniard.
-Dragon Master: Solo Iris.

No matter what you do, you cannot void the next restriction, which is to solo Ghestis's impostor Bisharp.

Good luck!


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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@ Tetrinity
I believe you meant me, and not Jinzha with your last post, seeing as Jinzha has not made a prose update in a loooong time :P

@ QUAZ it'll be a lot easier for us to give you Pokemon if you'd link us to the post where you have your rules, and listed what Pokemon you've already recieved there. It's really annoying to have to search for someone's OP and puts a lot of people off giving challenges. In short, you'll get more challenges more quickly if you link.

@ Jinzha
Of course he didn't think it out, Arceustar NEVER thinks his challenges through.

Don't worry, working on Chapter 2 right now. I might actually kind of make it chatper 1 1/2 though, as this is going to be composed entirely of getting all the Pokemon I transferred over up to speed.

Seriously, start putting more effort into your challenges or people are going to start denying you the right to give them to them.
Yikes, I'm sorry Jimera!
When I made Felix, I imagined you'd have another poke to fall back on, not just Assist.
Bloody amazing job beating Cilan, though!
I was laughing out loud at "Just because you hang a lampshade on the plot hole DOES NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY."


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnus
Yikes, I'm sorry Jimera!
When I made Felix, I imagined you'd have another poke to fall back on, not just Assist.
Bloody amazing job beating Cilan, though!
I was laughing out loud at "Just because you hang a lampshade on the plot hole DOES NOT MAKE IT GO AWAY."
Oh don't worry it's alright, I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I'm pretty sure someone else here solo'd Striaton Gym with a Purrloin that could only use Assist too so I figured I could handle it. I did in the end, but it could've been a lot worse. I'm glad I made you laugh too, I do try hard to make these updates funny :P thankfully Pokemon gives me lots of good material to work with.

Chapter 1 1/2 coming up fairly soon here. It might take a while to get actual chapter 2 out so I'm putting this out as a bit of a place holder. But then, I did just do an update today so I might wait until tomorrow to put it out, space them out a little.

EDIT: @StallMandibuzz, I need to know what the rules are with regards to Damage's BP restriction with regards to moves like Counter and Reversal and the like, pretty soon too since he's learning such moves as I speak.
@Jimera: Damaged doesn't know how to use BP-variant moves due to his/her damage, so unfortunately, you cannot use them. Besides, you wanted it more difficult, am I right? ;)
Multitype the ditto for talkinglion

He will solo Lance's Dragonite Trio but he needs some warm up

He must transform into the following Pokemon before his grand finale:

He must also solo a gym leader in Johto and 2 in kanto
"Do not use items while battling Cyrus in the Distortion World to evolve and be able to replace one physical move"

This is proving far trickier than I had thought. My current strategy is rather complex:

- Beat Houndoom by using Lola to AgiliPass to Oldie and taking it out with AncientPower/Surf, thus levelling up Lola to lv43. Teach her Charm.
- Use Charm on Gyarados as much as possible before dying (depends on how the Houndoom fight went, usually only manage one). Growl spam with Can'tdoit as much as possible before dying. Switch in Confused.
- Set up with Double Team and Swords Dance.
- Sweep from there.

This strategy is far from perfect. Lola and/or Oldie usually end up getting burned by Houndoom. One crit is all that's needed to completely ruin everything when setting up with Confused.

Twice in a row, Gyarados has had a crit Earthquake after Confused's first Double Team. Other times, I've reached +6 Evasion and Attack only to then be hit by a crit Earthquake. I think this is a winning strategy (assuming 18 Rock Smash PP is enough...), but it's going to take a while. :p

@Tetrinity: Ouch, that sounds like loads of fun. D: Well, I'm sure I'm going to have a load of fun with some of my restrictions on my HG Scramble too. O_O I'll also come back after the Easter festivities and whatnot to finally give Rockstar and Jinzha their reserved Pokémon.

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