Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Here you go, 13laze13oy: Spoiler: It's not a Pidgey.

Take Observant the Natu. Observant must have Early Bird. Observant is proud of its great eyesight, but doesn't like to talk about the fact that it can't see the future or harness its psychic powers at all. As such, whenever Observant is fighting another Psychic-type, it must switch out, for fear of embarassment. Also, if Observant catches the eye of any other Flying-type (that nobody else has to solo), it must solo it. Eventually, Observant hears that Will can aid Psychic-types in developement of their abilities, but only to those who have proved themselves. To prove itself worthy, Observant soloes a Gym Leader (without any items in this case) and Will himself. After these soloes are completed, Observant must learn Future Sight (and never forget it) and is able to evolve. Finally, to prove that it has unlocked its potential, solo half of Lance's team (and Saffron Gym if you're going to Kanto).
Have fun!
Catch Natu with Early Bird, nickname Observant.
Can't learn any Psychic-type moves.
Must switch out of opposing Psychic-types.
Must solo opposing Flying-types.
Must solo a Gym Leader without items as well as Will. (You may use items when fighting Will)
After the above soloes are complete, Observant must learn Future Sight (ASAP, but does not require you to purposefully black out) and can evolve.
Must solo half of Lance's team.
Must solo Saffron Gym.
Galladiator is back? That's a blast from the past from my days in Mk I.

I feel I should be nice, as you gave me a great Pokemon for LeafGreen, but at the same time, you asked for Very Hard...
You get an Aipom named Precise. He has perfected the precision of his moves to only do a set amount of damage. As such, he can only know moves with 40-90BP. Critical Hits "ruin" Precise's precision, so, whenever Precise gets a critical hit, immediately switch out, so Precise can hang his head in shame. Chuck, a very imprecise person, must learn the error of his ways, and get soloed by Precise, (if you get a critical, solo failed, reset). Precise can never be the lowest level Pokemon on the team as well. Good luck!

Edit: Also, 100th Post after nearly 3 Years of lurking! Yay!
Lastly, need 1 last Pokemon for Platinum Scramble, OP on that on Page 228.
13laze 13oy, here is your order!!

You get StAlLeR the Pineco!!! (Yes, you have to spell its name that way)

StAlLeR is a deadly creature of stalling capabilities!! As such, you must have 3 non-damaging moves and must know Bide in the 4th slot.

Solo one non-pryce Jhoto Gymleader, one E4 member, and one non-sabrina/erica Kanto Gymleader.

Also, before you can use Bide, you must use each of your other non-damaging moves first. Have fun!!
^Oh boy that is going to suck haha thank God for the EXP. Share. One more Poke preferably a Water type for Surfing and to help cover my massive fire weakness.

EDIT:actually King Serperior do you mind changing Bide to some sort of attacking move otherwise I can see this being more agonizing to train than just a unique challange. Any move besides like Rapid Spin, Selfdestruct and Explosion would be nice.
13laze13boy, here is a water type.
Take Mystic the Poliwag
Mystic likes mysterious things, so it must learn hypnosis, rain dance, and Belly drum to evolve. (it may forget Belly Drum or Hypnosis. If it is ever not raining, Mystic must use Rain Dance. To evolve a second time, Mystic must must solo all the trainers in a gym (not including the leader) without a special move.

Level 51

postbits are irrelevant to SPH, it's just flavor
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Stay The Most Interesting Man in the World, my friends.

Sorry again for the delay, nov.

Take Hydrophobe the Buizel.

As can be easily deduced from its name, Hydrophobe has been afraid of water since birth. No one knows quite why, but it seems to have involved a Wailord, a Psyduck and some place called "Solaceon". Oh well.

Anyway, Hydrophobe can't stand to be anywhere near water at all - not Water-type Pokemon, not Water moves, nothing.
Hence, its first restriction is that it can't fight any Water-type Pokemon. Simple enough, and quite easy! How nice of me.

Its second restriction is that it can't use any Water-type moves. No STAB? Never mind, should be fine, right?

Its third restriction is as such: you know how all Potions are water-based, right? No Potions or any other PokeMart-bought healing items. Uh-oh. Of course, if you force it to use such items, it can't help it, but it will flail around in your bag, knocking out P1500 worth of items.

For its fourth restriction, you need to know that the healing process in Pokemon Centres involve water. Lots of it. No Pokemon Center visits for it. It can still be forced to go for healing, but if it is, P3000 worth of items get pushed out of your bag. o.O

As you progress, you eventually reach Solaceon, the source of its fear. Hydrophobe feels the need to conquer its fear; leave it in the Day-Care for 48 real-world hours, or 3 ingame hours, whichever is shorter.

After this time, you can take it out, and it feels a bit better. The first and restriction is no longer in place.

Solo the entirety of Crasher Wake's Gym to help it overcome another fear, its fear of large amounts of water. After this, restriction 4 is no longer intact.

But its two other fears still remain, and it can't do anything about these! So, it wants to go around its fears and show you that it's still as useful as your other Pokemon. No potions? It can still go long times without those things, like soloing 50 Pokemon in a row without potions.
No Water-type moves? No worries! It shows you that it can still solo Bertha and all of Flint's Pokemon besides Infernape.

Good Luck; Have Fun!
Just finished my Emerald Scramble and surprisingly Wallace was the easiest to beat with my heavy Grass and Electric move using team. Very fun run through. I won't post any summary for this one but maybe some short updates for HG after each gym.
Stay The Most Interesting Man in the World, my friends.

For its fourth restriction, you need to know that the healing process in Pokemon Centres involve water. Lots of it. No Pokemon Center visits for it. It can still be forced to go for healing, but if it is, P3000 worth of items get pushed out of your bag. o.O[
Sounds like a fun challenge, but I do have one question. If I can't heal it, what do I do with it when I'm healing my other pokemon? If I put it in the PC, it'll be healed anyway. If I leave it in the day care to heal others, then it will be healed as well. Either way, its healed. And I can't no pokemon center my entire team. I have a Combee for goodness sake.
I'll start another challenge for Pokemon White.
- Starting with Oshawott
- Theme - Music Genres
- Only Soloing major battles (Gyms, Team Plasma, Rivals)
- Using the not commonly used Pokemon

Give me your best shot.
Hmm, a bit harder wouldn't hurt, and we'd need to change up the rules, as every rock, water, and ground type is being soloed by chimchar (I'm gunna forgo counting the fighting type if it evolves so I don't have to solo all those types that are added on due to the fighting type weaknesses). So duduo shouldn't touch any rock types as chimchar has those. Preferably, I don't really want any more type solo challenges. However, I will gladly accept a duduo that must solo some trainer, and has horrible restrictions placed upon it.
All right then, change the Rock-type solo to soloing Cyrus - all three fights against Cyrus. Of course, all type solos take priority.

If you want another restriction, I'll add that you can't use a Pokemon Center or a non-held item to heal FlyHope unless Fly is out of PP.
First HG update after gym 1:

level 16
Poison Point
Leech Life
Scary Face
Night Shade

I was really worried about having to defeat Falkner with only Webmaster and or NUMB3RS if I decided to catch it. I opted to grind a bit in Sprout Tower and got to the point where Pigeotto's Gust 3HKO'd me, managed to poison it and spammed about 6 Potions until it fainted. Got lucky with a Brave nature as well and really looking forward to using this guy.
Sorry about being gone for so long, and also, sorry for having to put the Platinum Scramble on an indefinite hiatus. But in the spirit of the new game coming out, I think I'll take a Black2 Scramble for my very first run on the game. I'm probably going to do prose like I usually do, which still reminds me that I'm very very far behind on my other two proses. D: Anyways, on to my Challange.


-Cannot trade (unless it's to evolve a Pokemon)
-The difficulty is hard
-I'd like to see personality in the challenges for the Pokemon (ex, X fears bugs and cannot face bug type Pokemon, est.)
-Pokemon number one must be one of the starters, I don't care which one it is though
-Will defeat all legendaries (Volcarona included)
-No Profane or racist nicknames
-No extremely impossible challenges (i.e: Solo Lance with a Magikarp, or beat Cynthia with a Wurmple.)
-Going 'til I feel like stopping >_> Dunno exactly when I'll end game, but I'll figure it out. :O
-Want to have a full team before the Plasma Frigate and Ghetsis.

So, bring them on. :) And once again, sorry for having to indefinitely freeze the Platinum Scramble that I still haven't started. >_> :L
Stall Mandibuzz. You'll get a Magnemite from me. A severely nerfed one, that is.

Take Repel, the Magnemite. It's only ever been in contact with one group of man-made items, Repels, and as such it's become used to never having any Pokemon around. It's also become quite wary of other items, as they appear mysterious and Repel doesnt know what those items will do.

Thus, you must always have at least 10 repels in your bag, and one must always be active (ALWAYS!!!). Should you run out of Repels, then you lose your Magnemite permanently. You may use any combination of Repel/Super Repel/Max Repel, and the rule only applies from the first moment you can buy repels (after that, make sure a Repel is ALWAYS active).

The only time you are allowed to not have a repel active is when you are catching another Scramblemon, and during that time Magnemite may not enter battle (not even as death fodder).

Magnemite must solo Elesa, because frankly she's a crap character that Game Freak should have removed, but instead they chose to make her even worse a role model for kids. Make Repel kill that Gym Leader, all her Pokemon, and every trainer in her Arceus-forsaken gym. (in case that wasn't clear, solo the entire gym)

Finally,as soon as Magnemite reaches level 20, it may only use moves with a base power that is less than 1.5x it's own level. Hidden Power is assumed to be Base 70 for this challenge, and status moves are assumed to be Base 0. Fixed Damage moves like Sonic Boom and Dragon Rage are banned completely from Repel the Magnemite.
Oh god, I'm kind of afraid to see just how messed up this poor Magmemite will be. D: Hopefully I'll actually be able to use it semi-decently though, but I doubt that. >_> Well, at least it'll make for good flavor in my prose, if nothing else.
I haven't give a challenge in a while hopefully this is up to mark

Take Mach the Heracross
After catching one in Lostlorn Forest(It should always have counter as a starting move), Now Mach loves the idea of using its opponents energy against it so it must KO 10 trainer Pokemon only using Counter until then it can only use 1 other move(chosen when you catch it) that is equal or less than 60BP taking STAB into account. Mach know that even when he's at low HP he can still win ao teach it Reversal ASAP and KO 2 GL mons with it. Mach is jealous of Flying types so whenever it gets an option to learn a move SE against Flying types it must learn it unless it already has one. Finally Solo 1GL or E4 member pulling of a successful Counter once and yes you have to keep Counter and Reversal in his Movepool forever

Have Fun ^.^
Since I don't really know much about Black/White 2, I'm just going to have to give you your starter. Take a Tepig, and for story purposes you can name it whatever the hell you want. However, your Tepig has a is a pyrophobe, and thus will not use any fire type moves, ever. That being said, it's pretty much the Rampardos of early/mid game, so rock out.

But wait. This is supposed to be hard. I find that some restrictions made writing my Ruby scramblocke brutally hard at points, so I'll allow you to choose 2 restrictions of your choice that raise this challenge to your difficulty level, so long as you post them in the thread for all to see. No turning back!

Have fun, and good luck with your updates!
@Treadshot: I can tell you really hate Elesa, lol. Oh god, that battle is going to SUCK! Especially since it appears that Repel has a BP problem. Will it be able to use Gyro Ball/Electro Ball, since they are indetermined BP until the attack is made?

@Wobba: Hmm, very interesting Heracross, Wobba. Can't say I've ever used a Heracross, and I've never used Counter or Reversal either, but it should be fun. :)

Both Challanges accepted. I need four more now. ^^ Let's see some personality and stuff. :3

@Skarm: Ooo, so a pyrophobic Tepig, hm? Sounds great. Maybe it could be scarred from seeing its' parents kill things with fire or something. Maybe Team Plasma attacked it with flames and actually scarred it. And Emboar's got plenty of moves that it can use that have nothing to do with fire. As for the two restrictions, I'll need to think about those. Accepted.
StallMandibuzz you get a Patrat named whatever you want. This Patrat has a Keen Eye and knows most trainers would only catch it to be an HM slave. Patrat is extremely mad about this so in an effort to change the minds of the Unova trainers he will attempt to solo at least 1 trainer in each area including one poke in each Elite Four battle(unless it interferes with another solo). He will show off his diverse movepool by having 1 physical, special, status move and non attacking move. The two attacking moves cannot be stab asap to show off his power. However he can't have a boosting move because that would be far to easy for a Poke of his caliber. To evolve he must solo 10 trainers on 10 different routes. He also may never be the lowest level teamate.
@13laze: Lol, ewwww, a Watchog. I have to admit, I'm liking these Pokèmon so far. I would never use a Patrat/Watchog if I wasn't given one in a Scramble. Question though, so I only have to attempt to solo a trainer in a route, and if Watchog faints after its' evolution, then it's fine? I'm pretty sure that Watchog isn't going to be able to solo an E4 member, but it'll sure be fun writing it! Accepted. Need two more 'Mons. ^^ Would kinda like a Water type, but no biggie if I don't get one. :3

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