Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

I've read the last couple of you guys' updates and I enjoyed them. No further comments other them keep chucking them out. Oh and enjoy your scramble while playing it too!

Oh and hey page 300 too, quite fast actually.
Hm... alright. Addie, you get Rosa the Budew. Rosa is a very nice Budew, and she loves to play. She is a bit competitive, and she can hurt others. But, she gets worried because she does not want to hurt anybody. So, she keeps the move Worry Seed(16). After hurting an opponent, she gets worried, and uses it. This must be done 5 times to evolve, and she can only evolve at least at 20. Once then, Rosa becomes very arrogant, and does not care for others. She then wants to appeal others by using Sweet Scent, and you may replace Worry Seed for that. She wants to attract many men, so you must use Sweet Scent(31) 12 times on 12 Male Pokemon is the first step to evolve. She also wants to be the most beautiful pokemon, so she must solo 3(2 or 1 if that's too hard) of these of your choice: Candice, Bertha, Maylene, Gardenia, and Fantina. Then you may evolve. No restrictions on moves at a Roserade excluding Sweet Scent.

To sum it up:
Keep Worry Seed
Use it 5 times after attacking to evolve
First evolution only possible at 20 or higher
Replace Sweet Scent for Worry Seed
Use Sweet Scent 12 times on 12 Male Pokemon to the first step of evolving again
Solo 3(or 2 or 1 if that's too hard) of Candice, Bertha, Maylene, Gardenia, and Fantina to evolve again.

Have fun!


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Yay Page 300...

Do not finish the page up fast, though, as Level 51 needs to post the results of the Page 300 Scramble Awards on this page. If you want to vote, & have not done so yet, visit this discussion, & PM Level 51 with your votes.

Hi! I'm looking for a Pokemon challenge for FireRed. I want to have a Growlithe, but the other 5 pokemon and the rules/story for the Growlithe are up to you! :)

My Rules:
-Need a Growlithe/Arcanine
-Medium-Hard difficulty
-No trading

Feel free to add more rules. :D Thanks!
Hi! I'm looking for a Pokemon challenge for FireRed. I want to have a Growlithe, but the other 5 pokemon and the rules/story for the Growlithe are up to you! :)

My Rules:
-Need a Growlithe/Arcanine
-Medium-Hard difficulty
-No trading

Feel free to add more rules. :D Thanks!
Take STRONGTH the Dratini. Must have only moves with over 100 BP as soon as possible. Must solo either Lorelei or Lance. Have fun :3
Hi! I'm looking for a Pokemon challenge for FireRed. I want to have a Growlithe, but the other 5 pokemon and the rules/story for the Growlithe are up to you! :)

My Rules:
-Need a Growlithe/Arcanine
-Medium-Hard difficulty
-No trading

Feel free to add more rules. :D Thanks!
I'll give you a Growlithe in a sec.

EDIT: Take Flareon the Growlithe. The Growlithe feels bad for Flareon, since they are very much alike except that Growlithe gets some good physical fire-type moves and Flareon doesn't. So, he can only learn moves that Flareon can learn in gen III (here's the bulbapedia link). Also, he must not be caught until you get to Celadon City because that's when you get an Eevee. He must solo one gym leader to evolve and 2 E4 pokemon. GL;HF!

You get Kamia the Spearow. Kamia wants to prove that Spearows and Fearows are the best Pokemon in the game! To prove this, it must solo Erika to prove that he's that good. Once he evolves into Fearow, it gains the mighty Drill Peck and its beak will be the beak that pierces the heavens! Seeing it's awesome might, it will want to use it as a finisher to all of it's fights from then on! Knowing it's strength, it wants to challenge Bruno of the Elite Four and put him in his place.

To recap:
- Catch a Spearow and name it Kamia.
- Whenever is comes into battle, you must ask out loud "Who the hell do you think I am?!"
- It can only evolve once it solos Erika.
- Once it learns Drill Peck, it must use it to finish off every opponent there after. While it uses this attack to finish an opponent, you must shout "GIGA DRILL BREAKAH!!!!!" as loud as possible, no matter how embarrassing!
- Kamia must then solo Bruno of the Elite Four
arquinn, take Brotherly the Jolteon. Brotherly sees Flareon (the Growlithe) as a brother to it, and also that it's needlessly limiting itself. Because of those characteristics, Flareon and Brotherly must lead your party whenever you're in a double battle. Specifically, Brotherly sees Flareon as a little brother to it, so Brotherly must always be at least one level higher than Flareon. Also, if Flareon gets statused or critically hit, Brotherly must switch in the next turn and solo the opponent. It also wants Flareon to land the finishing blow on whatever it weakens in double battles. Of course, being "brothers", Brotherly and Flareon have a bit of a sibling rivalry, and this causes Brotherly to solo a Gym Leader and 5 Elite Four Pokemon. Note: The Gym Leader Brotherly soloes has to be after whichever one Flareon soloes.

Have fun! For convenience, restrictions are bolded.
Hi! I'm looking for a Pokemon challenge for FireRed. I want to have a Growlithe, but the other 5 pokemon and the rules/story for the Growlithe are up to you! :)

My Rules:
-Need a Growlithe/Arcanine
-Medium-Hard difficulty
-No trading

Feel free to add more rules. :D Thanks!
You get Drinker the Bulbasaur. Drinker loves to drink(!) and he likes using moves such as Leech Seed. Therefore, he wants to take the ultimate challenge and drink as much as he can! Before attacking any non-grass type, he must use leech seed(if it is out of PP, he may not attack or if that is too hard, he may attack without trying to use it). He wants to drink everything. So, he must defeat a gym leader of your choice to evolve. However, upon evolving, he read the internet one day, and saw that you can suck more HP when using Toxic, but he didn't realise that it was only for Gen 1. So, you must teach him Toxic(after 6th gym), and before using Leech Seed, he must use it before Leech Seed, then he may attack(if Toxic has no effect, disregard that and move onto leech seed).
Finally, to evolve again, he must solo any gym leader or E4 Member of your choice by using Toxic->Leech Seed-> attack.
Optional: If you want to play hard mode, keep him under effects of torment.

Sum it up:
Keep Leech Seed
Use Leech Seed on every enemy you face
Solo a gym leader to evolve
After getting Toxic, teach it to him
Use Toxic-> Leech Seed before fighting an enemy
Solo a Gym Leader or E4 to evolve again
Optional: Keep him under effects of Torment

Level 51

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omg I seriously didn't know it would progress so fast 9.9

Presenting the Page 300 Scramble Awards!


Most Creative Challange
SirRobin the Pawniard by Hwang: 1 vote!
Damaged the Lucario by StallMandibuzz: 1 vote!
Unnamed Smeargle by Sprocket: 2 votes!

and the winner, with as many votes as Damaged and Unnamed put together...
Personality the Eevee by Professor Science, with 3 votes!

...although these challanges were all not in the legitimate period of the thread (pages 200-299)... so actually Unnamed Smeargle should win x_x

Hardest Challange
Multitype the Ditto by Arceustar and UberKle the Shuckle by AOPSUser each garnered 1 vote, and Damaged the Lucario by StallMandibuzz, 2;

and the winner, with 3 votes...
Endgame the Throh by Its_A_Random!

(well at least the winner was the one in the correct pages)

ok maybe I shouldn't c/p so much x_x

Hardest Team
Abstain's Abstain Abstain Scramble managed to get one vote, surprisingly :o
Jimera0's Hard Black Scramble wins overall with 5 votes!

wow Jimera's hard black scramble wasn't even in the right pages... screw you KS

Most Sadistic Challange-Giver
With a few votes between them, King Serperior and Level 51 have each shown a spark of sadism within them (1 and 2 votes, respectively)... but no, the audience favors Threadsh Treadsot[/s] Treadshit Treadshot A1 the most, who walks away with a 1:2:4 victory!

Best Challange-Giver
With a surprisingly surprising result, a surprising three-way tie has emerged between Jimera0, Level 51, and Its_A_Random! The winner, though, with as many votes as the rest of them put together, is King Serperior!

Best Challange Backstory
Destined the Lillipup by King Serperior wins with a landslide 5 votes!
Jimera0 said:
Honorable mention to KS' backstory for my Random Munchlax for being the most horrifying Pokemon related story I've ever read.
also KS says "now you reminded me and i have to get my ass working on White update 1, fuck" lol gg bro

Best Overall Challange
the winner is zerowing's zero the missingno. with a record 0 votes.... q____q


Most Creative Scrambler
Garnering FIVE (5) (五) (ஐந்து) votes, King Serperior walks away with his second walkover today!

I guess you could say the others...
...cinq'd without a trace

Edit: oh never mind someone gave this guy another vote so it's 6 votes and my pun doesn't work... /me cry

Most Courageous Scrambler
With a total of 6 votes, our mysterious winner who no one at all knows is... Nyara!
Present said:
I like the fact I can choose so much.
Best Scrambler
>drumroll pls
UllarWarlord: 1 vote
Jimera0: 1 vote

Its_A_Random only got 2 votes... u_u

King Serperior, who edged out his competitors with a total of 3 votes!


Best Veteran
With 1 vote all to himself, Jimera0! (and it wasn't him voting for himself btw)
King Serperior doubles this, with an honorable 2 votes!
And, doubling that again... Its_A_Random! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Best Newcomer btw
And for the last walkover of tonight, Present walks away with a walkover in the first awards he's been at! wow.

~Congratulations to all the winners!~​

Hopefully next awards will get a bigger response though...
Maybe with the explosion of Orange Islands activity due to Pokémon X and Y, we'll get a lot more people. Can't wait for the Scramble Challange Mark III thread! Inanimate blob signing out until then.

Level 51

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Wow, inanimate blob won't be back for 200+ pages? That's hardcore. do know that this doesn't mark the end of this thread in any way, right x_x


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Unofficial Smogon Policy is to lock threads when they get too long, i.e. When a thread gets to 500 pages, assuming you are reading at 25 posts per page (The default number). So we get another 200 pages worth until I (or an OI Mod) lock(s) this thread, & starts a new one. Usually the only posts on the 500th page should be the page 500 awards, & someone posting to say that they have locked the thread. There is no limit to thread length, but it is generally advised that threads should not be longer than 500 pages, or bad things can happen.

That said, congratulations to all who won something this instalment of the awards, & the Scramble Awards will be back in another 100 pages time! Until then...
Maestroke's Pokemon Platinum Introductory Update

So I get up for another routine day in the small boring town of Twinleaf, this ofcourse involves wasting half of the day away with the television and so I watch this Prof. Rowan report.. real boring stuff, maybe it would be better to take the old fashion way and play outside? Well I try to, but Barry barges into my room on the way out and it turns out he watched the report to and wants to threaten Rowan to give us some of his Pokemon, sounds trill, am up for it. Alas, he storms off before I can even say a word, some guy tips me off that he's in his house so I decide its time I barged into his room instead >:) instead he bumps into me at the door again >.> Imbecile, he even forgot what he went back home for :( where do I find friends like this.. He runs around some more which is getting annoying so I just knock him out and decide to drag him to Sandgem town and just as I was going to use him for wild Pokemon bait he wakes up on Route 201 (I should club harder next time).

•Route 201•
So anyway, the Rowan guy shows up (now's our chance to get him >:)) but Barry goes soft on him and the Prof's scared too so he just decides to bribe us with the Pokemon he's carrying for his safety. Then this mystical force overwhelms me and makes me pick the Fire-type Chimchar .. The old man now scrambles off before we can rush him with his own Pokes and then Barry rushes me to see who got the better Pokemon, time to teach this punk a lesson >:( during the fight the Chimchar tells me his name is Gassy to which I reply "ok..." Suspiciously (these things are suppose to talk right?) And then proceed to mop the floor with Barry and his Piplup. We decide to go and thank Rowan and tell him we no longer wish to threaten his life, but Barry wants to catch Mesprit first (sure, wynaut?) The idiot forgets about Pokeballs tho and we run into this Blue haired guy, I make my way to Sandgem beating on an innocent Bidoof and Starly on the way hehe and Chimchar tells me the reason for his name , he has gas issues O.o uh oh looks like I picked the wrong 1, I can probably get Rowan to give me Turtwig instead right?

•Sandgem Town•
Apparently not, the cheapskate says no refunds and gives me a Pokedex to compensate, sigh. Dawn tells me she's the reason I can't get my refund /:| and she feels bad so she'll teach me the technique of enslaving these Pocket Monster beings for my own evil desires, trill. But first, I gotta say goodbye to mama, I got a bad feeling about that Starly and Bidoof I ko'd wanting revenge so I decide to forget her lessons and stock up on some Pokeballs myself, how hard could it be?

•Route 201•
The Female Bidoof and Male Starly jump me and I promtply chuck the Pokeballs at them, capturing them, suckers :p they tell me their names as well. Slavery - Bidoof.. In her words "as your Pokemon, master, I am now forever in your debt to do whatever you wish as your slave" Me:"Coool" (think imma stick some HM moves on this 1), but Starly is more interested on capitalising on the first 4 letters of his name and making it BIG, so he wants to be called Star, Me:"Sure, whatever".

They join the party , I return to Twinleaf and the paranoid mums feel the need to dump junk like maps and journals on me -.- ok fine, now I have to find Barry and give him his, My mum takes care of my gassy Chimchar and resets his Gas meter too(apparently, healing resets it). I pass Sandgem town to find Dawn waiting to teach me

•Route 202•
She offers to show me how to catch'em but I reject her offer and proceed to show her my superior catching skills (pfft, I mean, I already caught 2 of'em). "Step aside, babe, ;) I'll show you how it's done" the words I utter before engaging a wild Shinx in battle and elegantly toss a Pokeball @ it.. And miss.. "Uh oh" and then it rushes @ me as I flee for my dear life, Dawn then weakens it with her Turtwig and catches it before handing it to me laughinly ("Why I oughta") hmph, I take it from her hands and ignore all her other talk while walking away a good distance from her.. No good lil- oh, we have a new Pokemon in our hands, that just tried to kill us, well I'm in charge now >:).
It's a male Shinx, which I call Lynx (cause it rhymes) like every1(cept Gassy) he has an ambition of his own, to be the leader of the pack (a rather rivalrous Shinx if you ask me ) and to do so he needs to show atleast 20male electric-types who's boss . Ofcourse, why not, because what we need in this team is MORE wackos.. Anyway, we make our way to Jubilife to rest after this hectic day of events, we'll find Barry tomorrow.

That's All Folks!

Next Update will likely be after I beat up Roark, so it'll come soon ;)

Team (as of update)
Star the male Starly Lv3
-Tackle -Growl

Slavery the female Bidoof Lv3

Gassy the male Chimchar Lv9
-Scratch -Leer -Ember

Lynx the male Shinx Lv3
Gratz to everyone winning an award. I'll try to keep active over time and hope my challenges will get better and better. That seems to be it for now.


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Grats to KS, I guess it's about time you won a few awards XD. I feel kind of dissapointed with the fact I didn't get any (except for "hardest scramble" which honestly didn't even qualify and I only won due to the lack of nominations, AND wasn't even my own doing), but I can only blame myself and the lack of a "best update" category for that :P. I didn't participate in this thread nearly as much this time around (except to post my updates of course) so I have only myself to blame.

Now, as for the lackluster scramble awards showing this past round... Well I have some ideas on how to improve it. One, I'm going to create a nomination worthy submission dump like IAR did a couple awards ag- wait IAR already did that. Well that saves me a bit of time.

Alright, so, everyone... POST THE STUFF THERE. If someone gives you a cool pokemon, CP it. If you see someone give a cool Pokemon, CP it. If someone seems to be getting a lot of ridiculous challenges, link it. If someone's updates are particularly cool, link it!

I will be doing this myself personally (like I did in the first nomination dump), and make a concentrated effort to keep it updated. I need the extra work anyway, build some character and resolve in this lazy lump I call me.

Now, I suggest that the Scramble Awards should be mentioned in the first post, to hopefully make them less of a back-room affair. I've noticed that unless you're a part of the scramble challenge social group, the Scramble Awards have a tendency to sneak up on people. By stating that they happen every 100 pages in the OP, hopefully it won't come as a surprise to so many infrequent and new scramblers. Also, I suggest that rather than backloading the Scramble Awards talk to the last 20 or so pages, that we should maybe mention them more often in the thread? Like, just say "that pokemon is great, I'm putting it in the nomination dump thread" with a link every now and then or something.

Not only should this hopefully prevent the Scramble awards from falling into obscurity again, but it should also encourage new users to post better Pokemon, and provide a place they can go to look at good examples. The prospect of being recognized for your creativity should help spur some users to put more thought and effort into both their Pokemon and their challenges!

I also think that as for the scramble awards themselves we should try to cut down on the sheer number of categories so that it's less work trying to find good nominations for them. Some that can easily be cut/merged are the most Creative/best Scramblemon/ best backstory (merge them), Best Scrambler/most creative scrambler (practically the same thing, merge), most courageous scrambler (would have to be based off too little evidence, few people take more than 2 scrambles a session). Also, make sure there's a Best Updates category this time. I think it must've just slipped Level 51's mind until after it was too late, because updates have become one of the biggest parts of the thread.

So with all that in mind, lhere is to another 100 pages! My recording of good scramblemons starts from this post onward, and yours should too! Let's have fun and try to not let whoever's going to host the next scramble awards down this time!
And...with the Page 300 Scramble Awards over, I'm out of here.

I've no more interest in this challenge. Aside from completing the one on Black 2 I still have (Evil the Riolu's just got Ice Punch, and I'm working on Swords Dance to help it solo Drayden), this thread doesn't hold much appeal for me anymore.

I may still pop in once in a while with an update, but aside from that, until X and Y at least, I won't be very active in this thread, if at all.

So yeah, celebrate. No more MEPs. I'll still be around on Smogon for X and Y, just not this thread much.

Wow.....That's more awards than I was expecting to win. I even recieved a honorable mention from Jimera! Thanks to those who voted for me. Congrats to those who won awards!

Level 51

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I also think that as for the scramble awards themselves we should try to cut down on the sheer number of categories so that it's less work trying to find good nominations for them.
I was trying to make the awards more exciting... but point taken, I guess you're right!
I think it must've just slipped Level 51's mind until after it was too late, because updates have become one of the biggest parts of the thread.
In my defense, when the nominations thread was posted the update department was really dead. When shinyskarm first posted his version of the nominations thread, it also excluded updates :/
E4 defeated!

-edit- going to re-do the battles since I violated a rule
I evolved Kirby by fighting a Magnemite at the Power Plant for the Steel type. The Dragon type is tricky since (based on what I know) besides the 3 Lance's pokémon the only other Dragon pokémon are:
- a Kingdra and a Dragonair belonging to Battle Tower's trainer
- Dratini/Dragonair the Safari Zone
So I caught a Dratini, went to Pokémon Mansion in Cinnabar Island and put him against a wild Ditto, which was at this point Dragon-type and I defeated him with Kirby.

This time I took videos of the battles! Here they are:
Lorelei: soloed by Peace the Persian
Bruno: a standard battle, bonus point for Curse stalling
Agatha: Golbat soloed by Snake and the final three pokés soloed by Nuke (I didn't defeat the first Gengar with him, because he must not switch out and I need to fight Golbat with Snake only)
Lance: Gyarados, Aerodactyl and Dragonite soloed by Snake (fortunately he used them in a row so I didn't lose the boosts)
Blue: Pidgeot soloed by Snake, Rhydon, Alakazam, Exeggutor soloed by Nuke (I needed only two of them but Blue is a bitch and switched out Zam for Rhydon), I got some misplays but fortunately nothing compromising the victory

Reset: many, since with low leveled pokémon I had to watch for damage done/taken and choose the best way to play...crits are bastard though, and paralysis almost never works!

Nuke (Charizard) (M)
Trait: Blaze
Level: 52
Gentle Nature
- Fly (unusable in battle)
- Mega Kick
- Flamethrower
- Earthquake

Kirby (Wigglytuff) (M)
Trait: Cute Charm
Level: 52
Timid Nature
- Ice Beam
- Strength
- Psychic
- Thunder Wave

Calamitous (Graveler) (F)
Trait: Sturdy
Level: 56
Modest Nature
- Earthquake
- Explosion
- Rock Slide
- Rollout

Snake (Arbok) (F)
Trait: Intimidate
Level: 52
Hardy Nature
- Stockpile
- Glare
- Acid
- Bite

Peace (Persian) (F)
Trait: Limber
Level: 52
Timid Nature
- Water Pulse
- Toxic
- Protect
- Thunderbolt

Gneolaut (Gastly) (M)
Trait: Levitate
Level: 39
Sassy Nature
- Hypnosis
- Confuse Ray
- Dream Eater
- Curse

I enjoy how you straight gave up on Gneulaut.

How did you enjoy War/Peace? Most people enjoy feedback of their Pokémon in order for us to properly give better challanges.
Okay, so I want to do something different. Having started and given up on many Scrambles already (4 and counting!), I have a new idea that is slightly harder but also more fun. I don't know how many of you watch/follow Marriland on YouTube, but you should check him out. Anyway, he came up with a Nuzlocke-variant called a Wedlocke. I don't want to explain the rules, so see my signature for the thread about it. Anyway, I want to mix this with a Scramble. I request a Pokemon Sapphire Scrambwedlocke that's stupid just Scramble-Wedlocke!

- Easy/maybe medium difficulty because it's just harder in general
- Each scramble pokemon is paired with another one (gender makes no difference in this case). Basically, just give me a pokemon, and the next pokemon given to me is his/her partner.
- No 1-pokemon solos. The only solos are for a pair.

Take a Luvdisc because seriously you knew this shit was coming. No restrictions, other than it and its partner must solo an Elite 4 member, because, y'know. Luvdisc.
Take LowIQ the Slakoth.

Low IQ loves the opposite gender, but is too stupid to know how to attract them. It thinks that showing off it's power will work best. As such, it can only use damaging moves.

Once it evolves, it gets more intelligent......somewhat. It must now learn Attract ASAP and use it at the start of any battle against a pokemon of the opposite gender.

Once it evolves again, I realizes that a perfect mate will never be satisfied by pure, brute force. As such, it can only use Special moves and Attract. It must use Attract on every Female pokemon it sees. Rename it HearThrob.

HearThrob and his/her mate must solo Sydney, but HearThrob must land the killing blow on all his mons. Also, because of HearThrob/LowIQ's Attract restriction, it's partner must attack it when there is a pokemon of the opposite gender is being faced.

Espeon65, take Voodoom the Sableye. This Sableye believes it's actually Voodoom, the fabled "perfect mate". Because it thinks it's a Voodoom, its moveset must be composed solely of moves Voodoom can learn ASAP (for convenience, the list can be found here). Also, as Voodoom's intended partner was Togekiss, Voodoom's partner must be either a Flying-type or a Normal-type. As for personality, Voodoom strives to be an admirable gentleman (or gentlewoman). As such, if its partner is statused or in the red during a double battle, Voodoom shall willingly give its turn up to heal its partner.
Finally, Voodoom hears about Tate and Liza and their bond. Voodoom mistakes this bond as a "boyfriend-girlfriend" kind, rather than the "brother-sister" variety, and because of this misconception, Voodoom and its partner must solo Tate and Liza.

Have fun!

Well then Espeon65, let me reserve a poke , my signature RNG. editing in in a moment, expect a poke with interesting typing.

You get RNG the Torchic.Torchic is a fan of RNG and bases his challenges on it. You may learn a total of [3] damaging moves, while all your moves must be off [1] different types ASAP, and they must stay at that number. Torchic may evolve for the first time at level [27] after soloing [3] gyms (excluding gym leaders) and evolve a second time at level [46] after soloing [1] other gym leaders / bad organization leaders. For every time RNG faints, throw away [17] of your most expensive pokeballs, or [6] of your most expensive items. You may heal Torchic a maximum of [3] times per battle.
Torchic [1=must] hold items. (If yes, he must always hold an item) To prove your starters worth, have it solo at least [3] elite four and champion pokemon per fight of [2] members. Well, he evolves late, can't learn more than one type of move, has to solo 3 gyms and 1 gym leader/bad orginazation leader, and must solo 3 E4 pokemon in 2 of the fights. But on the bright side, Sidney has to be soloed by HeartThrob anyway so that's one down...

Espeon, give me a little bit.. you get scrambled the illumise. Just modifying the challange.

Scrambled the Illumise!!!
I don't know if you watch Marriland on youtube, but I sure do, and on his emerald nuzlocke he caught an Illumise and named it Omelette! Unfortunately, she did die during the nuzlocke - or so Marriland though! She just barely clung on to life, and is in such a state that who she thought were her friends have given her the nickname scrambled omelette (Marriland releases his dead that's how she went into the wild) so that's why you must call her Scrambled! Now, when Scrambled was in full health she had so much swag, she wore black glasses and knew Swagger! So, for your first 2 restrictions, Scrambled must always hold blackglasses and learn Swagger ASAP Flatter just because I can't trade and don't have Emerald, there doesn't appear to be a swagger move tutor in sapphire, so could you trade Scrambled to emerald, fire red or leaf green for the move? Scrambled learned thief when she was in a healthier state, however as you need to be nimble and healthy to steal things, Scrambled may not learn thief, yet must still hold blackglasses! Scrambled perseveres though; she persevered when she almost died that fateful day and she perseveres now! She must solo any gym leader (with her partner) AFTER obtaining and learning swagger. Scrambled must use swagger on every of the pokemon the gym leader (or elite four member, if you want) it solos! Now, Scrambled is in such a mental state that she may have only 2 special attacking moves at one time which, including the permanent swagger, leaves it only one possible physically attacking move or 2 status moves! I think that's probably enough, but as a final challenge, Scrambled was "killed" by a Gyarados, so Scrambled must solo any Gyarados you see. If Scrambled isn't already out when a Gyarados leads a battle or you run into a wild one Scrambled must switch in and solo it (I know this breaks the rules a little, if you really don't want to break the rules then just try as hard as you can to have Scrambled or her partner in the lead spot when wild gyarados' or gyarados trainers are around)! If a Gyarados makes Scrambled faint again then Scrambled may only learn 3 moves, and may only learn one special attacking move and then swagger, leaving room for either a physically attacking move or 2 status attacks. Oh, and she must get the 2 (unless you faint from a gyarados) special moves ASAP, as well as Swagger ASAP as mentioned above.

A pretty complicated challenge but... ENJOY!!! :D
here you go...
You may take Limelight the Tropius.

Limelight is here to prove that Tropius are awesome and that everybody should know it. He is sick of people thinking that he has no battling skill and that he is compared to the frail cotton balls that share his typing. Limelight will show everyone that he is the best and that he knows his stuff. To prove he knows his strategy, he must always (asap) have at least two attacking moves, one of each of his STABs, and a non-damaging move. He must also always have a hold item, preferably those that make him look cool, and so once you obtain the focus band, he must wear it.
Limelight must also prove his battling skills against those that most threaten him and his superiority, so he and his partner must duo Glacia of the Elite four. This may be along with luvdisc if that is Limelight’s partner. He must also prove his dominance in the sky by soloing Winnona’s Skarmory and Altaria. Because of his jealousy, he will jump out of his pokeball and into battle when either enters battle whether his couple is fighting or not.
He must also enter shoal cave and solo it to obtain his super cool focus band.

enjoy :)
List of partners:
RNG and LowIQ/HeartThrob
Voodoom and Scrambled
Lovey and Limelight

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