Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Reserving for Biscuits, based on....the chairman from Iron Chef (you know, the back flipping guy in a suit who shouts really loud to start a battle)

This one isn't really designed to be hard, just very annoying for you. Basically, you get a Turtwig called Chairman. Since he's so rich he can afford to throw money around on an elaborate stadium, he has no need for restrictions to moves/items/solos. However, you have a restriction, in that every time Chairman enters a battle, you have to shout (like, actually shout) any cooking-related thing you can think of. you also have to shout out the name of any item you choose to use on Chairman (just like when the chairman shouts out the name of the main ingredient, so shall you embarrass yourself by shouting the item you want to use). Oh, and is since he likes food so much, Chairman must be holding a food related item at all times, as soon as possible (so, berries, herbs, etc.).

Oh, and at the end of a battle, you have to shout out your character's name (in very dramatic fashion), just as the chairman shouts out the name of the victor.

...why do I have a feeling this will get rejected? Lol

Edit: ranger, just FYI, the first hide tag in your post shows nothing, as in your Pokemon aren't listed.
Reserving for Biscuits, based on....the chairman from Iron Chef (you know, the back flipping guy in a suit who shouts really loud to start a battle)

This one isn't really designed to be hard, just very annoying for you. Basically, you get a Turtwig called Chairman. Since he's so rich he can afford to throw money around on an elaborate stadium, he has no need for restrictions to moves/items/solos.
If I have to show ALLEZ CUISINE! every time I send it out, I'm going to die laughing.

EDIT: Eh, I was close enough. And don't worry, I have NOTHING TO LOSE except for my dignity. Accepted!
@Oh My Biscuits: I added a Ramsay Challange for you on the previous page.

@Axmaster: LOL! I'm honored with the tribute! XD I guess you now know the limits of Sprout Tower. Can it really be done without healing? Well, I guess level 7 is high enough.
Major Announcement!
For my scramble, I won't be doing Kanto because of time restrictions, so no Dratini challange either. However, I don't think anyone started for that, but if you did, notify me and I will save you a spot in the next scramble.

I now have:

"Dreamer the Totodile"
"Victory the Oddish"
"Gamble the Scyther" (God I hate probability challenges)
"Scarred the Pidgey"

and @ Axmaster I had to get rid of your challenge because I already had a grass/poison type and i couldnt fill anyone in your challenge.
John, take Gamble the Scyther.

As a Scyther, you have no restrictions on it's moveset. You do have a big restriction though.

In battle, you must roll a 6-sided die before each attack made by him. Your action depends on your result:
1. Use the move on the upper right.
2. Use the move on the lower right.
3. Use the move on the upper left.
4. Use the move on the lower left.
5. Roll again.
6. Freebie.

You must solo one gym leader and one E4 member.

Have fun :D

If you decide to evolve it, I'll make restrictions for it's Scizor form...
JohnWesleyX, take Scarred the Pidgey.

This Pidgey must be the first one that you can catch on Route 29. It is scarred after it's entire family and all it's neighbors were fainted by Cinders. Because of this, it may never battle a fire type. If it leads the party and a fire type appears, you must run/switch immediately. Also, after hearing my rant about not finding sentrets on Route 29, it must switch in and faint all sentrets and furrets. It may evolve after soloing Falkner (not his gym). After it evolves, it is still scarred. It may only use contact moves and status moves and is under the effects of Torment. To stop this, solo the Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. After it evolves again, rename it Happy. Now, it can stay in battle against fire types. Solo Lance's Charizard.


Restrictions as Pidgey: Switch out of fire types, kill all sentrets and furrets, must solo Falkner
Restrictions after one evolution:Switch out of fire types, kill all sentrets and furrets, Under effects of Torment, may only use contact moves and status moves. Solo Gyarados at Lake of Rage
Final Evolution: Rename Happy, Solo Lance's Charizard, kill all Sentrets and Furrets.
Have Fun! Tell me if too difficult, I think you will hate it when it's a Pidgeotto.

Edit: Reserving Tentacool (Numb) for Axmaster. Editing

Axmaster, you get Numb the Tentacool. It must have Liquid Ooze.
First of all, it's a tentacool because, well, this line: 'Caught in the undertow just caught in the undertow' and 'Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface'
It has some weird restrictions.
'I've become so numb I can't feel you there'= Must keep one poison type move and Toxic Spikes. Toxic Spikes may not count as the poison type move until after the Steelix Solo.
'Can't you see that you're smothering me? Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control'= must keep Wrap, Constrict, or Wring Out.
'I'm tired of being what you want me to be. Unimportant lyric. I don't know what you're expecting of me' Must solo Jasmine's Steelix and one Magnemite. After that Toxic Spikes can be your poison move. Must poison 1 Elite Four member with Toxic Spikes. (Not being Soloed)
No evolution restriction. Also, it must learn Surf. To ease up the movepool, poison one gym leader pokemon with Toxic Spikes to get rid of Constrict/Wrap/Wring Out. Have Fun with a premier OU wall!
Sorry if this is less Linkin Park style, never listened to this song, or any for that matter =P
@Oh My Biscuits, you get Paula Deen the Buneary. She loves butter, so much in fact that her restrictions are based on the word itself:

Berries=Butter to Paula Deen, so she must always hold a Berry.
Use no moves twice in a row like under Torment.
Teach and keep 2 Status moves at all times.
Teach and keep 2 Physical attacks or 2 Special attacks but not both.
Eat 10 held Berries to evolve into Lopunny.
Relax and enjoy the Butter after soloing 1 Gym Leader and 1 E4 Member.

Have fun!

@Axmaster68, take InTheEnd the Drowzee. It knows "that time is a valuable thing" so at the start of every battle it will "watch it fly by as the pendulum swings" by using Hypnosis at least once. "In spite of the way (Pokemon) were mocking" it, by always being under the effect of Torment, it manages to solo Morty. It can evolve into Hypno now but it thinks to itself "Things aren’t the way they were before, (My Trainer) wouldn’t even recognize me anymore", so it must learn 4 new moves ASAP and it cannot relearn the original 4 moves but the Hypnosis restriction is lifted. It must solo all but the last Pokemon belonging to an E4 Member and again for any Kanto Gym Leader because "in the end, it doesn’t even matter". Hope that was good. Have fun!

Although I don't listen to Linkin Park and don't know most of their songs, Im going to try and make this an unique twist you wouldn't expect.

Take Jay-Z the Meowth.

Lol, I know its not a song but.. I know he had a remix wwith numb.

Jay-Z decided to combine his musical talent with the song numb (Tentacool), so in every double battle you have it must be with Jay-Z and Numb. As most rappers, Jay-Z loves money so he must keep Pay-Day at all times and use it at the start of every battle (After level 30) and then follow up with Taunt because he thinks he's all that.
Also whenever you switch Jay-Z out you must always go into Numb, to go with the song. Jay-Z also cannot evolve before Numb, and Jay-Z also has to solo Chuck (just him) while being under the effect of Encore(Note you have to be encored in Pay-Day).
(Seeing as this is hard enough) No more restrictions except he must solo Bruno's Machamp

*Must do all double battles with Numb
*Must always Start a battle with Pay-Day then Taunt
*Cannot evolve before Numb.
*Must Solo Chuck while encored (for this challenge, doest not need to follow rule 2)
*After evolving all restrictions lifted
*Solo Bruno's Machamp

(if this is to hard ill gladly change it)
@Super Saiyan, I like it, but I really would prefer it if you gave me a different pokemon. The restrictions are fine, I'd just like a new pokemon.

@Grassblade, Accepted. I'm starting to really like your challanges!

@John, I'm going to have to reject your challange, for two reasons. One: I really hate Meowth. The anime ruined it for me. Two: It doesn't comply with my theme's rules. Super Saiyan already took the "pick a song" challange(thankfully he knew what I meant there), and my theme is Linkin Park songs, not Linkin Park. Sorry, but if you'd like to try again, go right ahead! The spot is yours for up to 24 hours from 4:30 PM GMT -6 today until the same time tomorrow.

I still need Leave Out All the Rest, One Step Closer, Bleed It Out, and Iradescent challanges. One spot is John's for 24 hours, and only 4 more! Keep 'em coming!!

Thanks to both of you who have given me my 2 challanges so far.
I will redo your challenge, but will you re-do mine?

Will edit in a bit


Axmaster take BleedItOut the Pinsir

After you catch him find Dig and teach it to him immediately- Dug a trench out, laid down there. With a shovel up out reach somewhere

If he becomes poisoned, switch him out immediately. After the battle you must walk around until he is cured of the poison and is left with 1 Hp I bleed it out

At the start of every battle he must use his highest base-powered move. Shotgun, I pull, lock and load. Cock it back and watch it go

Now you can only find Pinsir at the national bug catching contest. So your final challenge depends on what place you come in!

1st Place:
Solo Morty and that is all

2nd Place:
Solo Morty and Pryce

3rd Place:
Give him the sitrus berry
Solo Morty, Pryce, and Eusine

No Place:
Must always hold the Shed Shell
Solo Morty, Pryce, Eusine, and Karen of the E4
Sure, I guess, though I'm using that Bellsprout challange later!

Will edit in in a moment.

EDIT:John, take Smogon the Togepi. This Togepi is funny, and has restrictions based upon some members of Smogon:

King Serperior: Togepi must keep and use Metronome to get at least 1 move of each type.(sorry if this intrudes on your signiture challange, KS)

Me: Togepi must always be in the party with a water type in your team, and must never attack a water type. Solo 5 Psychic trainers.

Sage Chow: Solo Sage Chow in Sprout Tower, and every Hoothoot there. Solo Erika, using a grass type move at least once.

Super Saiyan: Know and keep a physical move ASAP, and use it at least 5 times during Smogon's solo of Chuck.

It's A Random:Use a Random Number Generator to RNG a number, which corresponds to the item that Smogon must hold.

Oh My Biscuts: Choose a challange from OMB's new scramble, and complete one restriction that you can from the challange you choose.

Grassblade: Solo Lugia, and solo 10 grass types. Use the grass type move Smogon learns against each at least once.

Treadshot: Have Treadshot give you a challange.(unless he already has), and add one of those restrictions to Smogon.

Gamer4000: Have Smogon hatched before you hit 4 hours of game time, and complete the solo of Chuck before 25 hours of game time.

Waterwarrior:Survive a Selfdestruct or Explosion hit 5 times, and complete 3 pokeathelons in each category, winning each one that counts.

This is a test challange, and I will change it if it is too hard for you(with Treadshot, it may be.)
Its unique just god I hate Togepi, The challenges seem fun an something I need to keep track of. Is there any other Pokemon you will change it to?

Edit: Alright I guess Ill Stick with Togepi to keep you from redoing the challenge.
I would have to change the move to something else, but if you can trade, how about a Clefairy? Really, it can be any pokemon you catch before Chuck, that is hatched/caught before 4 hours of game time, and can learn a grass type move. I really designed it for Togepi, so the challange kind of wraps around the pokemon itself, but if you want to, I guess you can take your pick.

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