Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


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@AasTmO, you get Mosquitto, the most annoying Zubat ever. It can never evolve, because then it'd get too big. Other than Leech-Life, which it must always have, it can only use "annoying" moves, meaning moves that have a 30% chance or greater of flinching, poisoning or confusing your opponent, or moves that raise your evasion. Taunt, Torment and Attract are all usable as well for their annoyance factor. Enjoy turning the tables of annoyance on your opponents, while being annoyed yourself by Zubat's general uselessness! If you want a real challange, have it solo an Elite 4 member of your choice.

Will edit in the other two challanges I have reserved soon.

@BeastMode2010, you get BEAST the Archen. BEAST is so beastly that he can only have attacking moves and nothing else. He is so beast, that once he evolves he can only use moves with 80BP or more. He is SO BEAST that he must solo, not one, but TWO Elite 4 members (first go around). He also refuses to believe that he's a Defeatist, and as such must stay in until either the enemy is down or he faints if his HP drops below half and Defeatist activates.


Last challange (for Wrave) will be edited in shortly.

EDIT2: @Wrave, you get Elctrotank the Chinchou. This Chinchou knows it's going to evolve into a good defensive pokemon, and as such may never have more than one direct attacking move at a time. It must learn Stockpile ASAP. The other moves are your choice, but remember with only 1 attacking move, you're going to have to be relying on your bulk a lot!
Yay Jimera!! I'm glad Ball is as strong as ever, and super pumped for chapter 11!! :)

EDIT:@Sage Chow, I have to add LOLZ!! I love it, and can't wait for your next scramble!
LOL! Glad you all liked the adventures of Abe the Togepi!

@Axmaster; There really isn't a MVP or LVP on my team. I try to use them all, so they've been benched in turns. I'm going to take a super hard scramble next. I just have to decide which cardridge to take.

@Brazilian Guy; Best of luck! But that Sableye looks do-able to me. You can buy X-items at the Veilstone Mart and it's immune to most moves, isn't it? (EDIT: I was assuming it could use stuff like Disable and Will-O-Wisp.. nevermind. XD Good Luck with that!) That Tauros will be more of a challenge, but you can hopefully set up on Mr. Mime.

EEVEE3: You get Bonnie the Illumise.

Once upon a time there was a famous bank-robber duo; Clyde the Volbeat and Bonnie the Illumise. But Clyde had to ruin the whole thing and ran off with some trainer from Smogon. Now Bonnie hopes to prove her worth by setting her own criminal record. Teach her Thief upon capture and keep it all times. You can find the TM in Slateport.

In order to learn new attacks you will have to “steal” them from the relevant trainers. Fortunately, the first one is right in Mauville: Solo one pokemon of Wattsons team in order to learn it Shockwave. Below is a small list of TM's it wants to steal and what to solo for it. You can even choose your own difficulty level: Solo one pokemon for medium, two pokemon for hard or every pokemon for insane difficulty. The same applies for the rules: You must use Thief once per pokemon for medium, twice per pokemon for hard and as your exclusive attack (just for these solo's) for insane difficulty.

It should also know Doubleteam, Charm or Helping Hand and use it in every double-battle. This is to keep the team-spirit that is associated with this 'mon. But if you complete nine out these solo's you may forget it and replace it with a better move. As an homage to the real-live victims, you will solo nine Aqua/Magma grunts before you enter the E-4.

Have Fun!
- Shockwave; One pokemon of Wattson
- Toxic; One pokemon of Flannery
- Facade; One pokemon of Norman
- Aerial Ace; One pokemon of Winona
- Solarbeam; One pokemon of Liza/Tate
- Waterpulse; One pokemon of Juan
- Shadowball; One pokemon of the Final Magma Bossfight
- T-Bolt; One pokemon of the Final Aqua Bossfight
- Thunder; The rival in Lillycove
- Giga Drain; Cool Trainer Braxton on Route 123
- Brickbreak; Cooltrainer Ruben on Route 128
- Focuspunch; Triatlete Kyra on Route 115
- Return; One pokemon of May in Lillycove.
- Hiddenpower; Any Ninja Trainer. But you must solo his full roster.
- Sunny Day; Aqua Admin Matt at Aqua Hide Out
- Secret Power; Cooltrainer Willton Route 111
- Raindance; Birdkeeper Cody Route 113 (No backtracking!)
- Any other TM; The first trainer you encounter after acqusition.
Started up my Ruby Scramble, but then I also started my White Scramble, and got addicted, as always. So, this will be my first update for my Super-Hard White Scramble!

Part 1 - The Promised Beginning
Player Ttar recieves a Tepig from Professor Juniper. It easily knocks out Bianca's Snivy and Cheren's Oshawott. Upon further inspection, Ttar discovers that his Tepig has a Naive nature. Despite this, Tepig (who was nicknamed Flamesy) felt the need to limit himself. In order to unlock his true potential, he must complete THE GAUNTLET. Starting off, Flamesy could only use Tackle, so despite learning Defense Curl, Ember, and Flame Charge as he grew, he refused to use anything but Tackle.

Flamesy easily forced his way through Route 1, beat the mysterious trainer N in Accumula Town, and easily beat through all the young trainers on Route 2, including beating Bianca again. Flamesy's power level was rising dramatically, but he would still only use Tackle. His thirst for power was increasing, and he decided that in order to make himself stronger, he would solo Striaton City's Gym Leader. Before doing so, he beat Cheren at the Trainer's School, and beat a few more kids in the DreamYard. A person in the DreamYard offered Ttar a Pansage, but Flamesy glared at him menacingly when he considered accepting it. The two continued to train.

Part 2 - Striaton Leaders
Finally, the time came to fight Striaton City's Gym Leader. To Ttar's surprise, there were 3 Gym Leaders instead of one! The three introduced themselves as Cilan, Chili, and Cress. As Flamesy was the only Pokemon that Ttar possessed at the time, the three decided that Ttar was to face Cress, a Water-type specialist, in battle. Flamesy knew he was in for a tough fight, but he was determined. He had grown to level 17 on his own, and he was full of confidence. The battle vs Cress began!

Turn 1:

Gym Leader Cress sent out Lillipup (Lv 12 Lillipup)!
Pokemon Trainer Ttar sent out Flamesy (Lv 17 Tepig)!

Flamesy used Tackle!
Lillipup lost ~40% of it's health!
Lillipup used Work Up!
Lillipup's Attack and Special Attack rose!

Turn 2:

Flamesy used Tackle!
Lillipup lost ~40% of it's health!
Lillipup used Bite!
Flamesy lost (some) of it's health!

Turn 3:

Gym Leader Cress used Potion!
Lillipup regained 20 HP!
Flamesy used Tackle!
Lillipup lost ~40% of it's health!

At this point, Ttar was worried about whether another Tackle would finish the Lillipup off. Before he could decide, Flamesy attacked anyways!

Turn 4:

Flamesy used Tackle!
Lillipup lost ~40% of it's health!
Lillipup fainted!

Score: 1-1

Lillipup was finished off by a Tackle, and now Cress only had one Pokemon remaining. Flamesy was still at a good amout of health, so Ttar wasn't particularly worried.

Turn 5:

Gym Leader Cress sent out Panpour (Lv 14 Panpour)!
*Cue epic music*
Flamesy used Tackle!
Panpour lost ~32% of it's health!
Panpour used Work Up!
Panpour's Attack and Special Attack rose!

At this point, Ttar wondered whether Flamesy could take a +1 Water Gun. There was nothing better to do but attack again and hope for the best.

Turn 6:

Flamesy used Tackle!
Panpour lost ~32% of it's health!
Panpour used Water Gun!
Flamesy lost (some) of it's health!

At this point, Ttar is scared. Flamesy hung on with 5 HP, and based on the previous damage, it was going to take a high damage roll or a critical hit to take Panpour out. Ttar looked at Flamesy, who looked back with a very determined look on his face. Flamesy and Ttar were in this, to do or to die.

Turn 7:

Flamesy used Tackle!
Panpour lost 34% of it's health!
Panpour fainted!

Player defeated Gym Leader Cress!

Flamesy nearly collapsed as Ttar jumped for joy. Flamesy had a look of satisfaction on his face. He realized more of his true potential, and unlocked the move Ember!

Cilan, Chili, and Cress presented Ttar and Flamesy with the coveted Trio Badge! One down, seven to go!

Part 3 - Onward to Route 3!
Ttar and Flamesy left the gym. They rushed to the Pokemon Center, where the kind nurse healed Flamesy back to full health. The pair then tried to continue on to Route 3, when a chubby scientist with long, purple hair approached them, and told them that her name was Fennel, and that she needed his help, at Professor Juniper's request. She requested that they venture to the DreamYard and find some Dream Mist for her. Ttar agreed, though Flamesy wanted to proceed to the next gym.

Upon arriving in the DreamYard, Ttar was approached by Bianca, who too was searching for Dream Mist. The pair found a Munna, who produces Dream Mist, but suddenly, two goons snuck up and attacked Munna! Flamesy was furious at their cowardry, and took both of them down. They claimed to be from Team Plasma, but ran away at the sight of Ghetsis, who was really an illusion created by a Musharna, who tried to save Munna.

Fennel showed up and took some Dream Mist from Musharna and Munna. She quickly left, and Bianca went off to find a Munna of her own to catch. Ttar and Flamesy were about to leave, when suddenly, a rather large Patrat leapt from the tall grass and struck Flamesy! Seeing this Patrat's power, Ttar decided to throw a PokeBall at it, and caught it! He named his new teammate Rattatak, and then returned to see Fennel.

Fennel thanked Ttar for his help, and presented him with the C-Gear! Ttar was wondering why he couldn't get something useful, like a Poketch, but he accepted anyways, being too polite to reject the worthless device. Fennel's assistant approached Ttar, and said that a mysterious trainer had said to give an Egg to someone named Ttar. Ttar accepted the shaking egg with a puzzled look on his face, and wondered why it was shaking so much. He thanked Fennel and her assistant, and left.

Ttar decided to train his new Pokemon, so he went to the DreamYard and let Rattatak out. He commanded it to beat up all of the Audino he could find, which Rattatak did happily. As Rattatak was rapidly gaining levels, the mysterious Egg was shaking more and more. Suddenly, a head popped out! It appeared to have an early 60's Beatles hairstyle, and called itself CAP ASB. With his Pokedex, Ttar discovered that it was a Deino, and decided to happily keep this incredibly rare Pokemon as part of his team!

With Rattatak's help, CAP ASB the Deino dominated many Audino with his starting moves Tackle and Dragon Rage. Before too long, Deino and Rattatak were reaching levels close to Flamesy.

With a good amount of training done, Ttar decided to proceed on to Route 3. After passing by a Day-Care where many children played with his Pokemon, he continued down the route, where he was confronted by Cheren, who wanted another battle. With two Dragon Rages from Deino, Cheren's Oshawott and Purrloin crumpled. Suddenly, two Team Plasma goons ran past the pair, and were followed by Bianca and a little girl, who claimed that Team Plasma had stolen her Pokemon. Without a second thought, Ttar and Cheren raced after Team Plasma, cornering them in WellSpring Cave. With the combined efforts of Rattatak and Cheren's Oshawott, Team Plasma quickly crumpled, and Cheren returned the little girl's Pokemon.

Bianca and the little girl thanked Ttar and his Pokemon for their help, and gave him a few Heal Balls. As they left, Ttar stood with his team, staring out over the rived that composed much of Route 3, and looked forward to the next city, the next Gym Leader, and his next capture!

I've had a ton of fun so far, and really enjoyed writing this. The team so far:

Flamesy (Tepig)
Level 18
-Defense Curl (currently unusable)
-Flame Charge (currently unusable)

Rattatak (Patrat)
Level 16

CAP ASB (Deino)
Level 15
-Dragon Rage
(MC- 12 (Thanks Audino!))
My friend wants to do a Scramble of Pokemon Black.
-Easy to Medium Difficulty
-No repeating types
-Starter must be Snivy
-No super tedious challanges (once per battle or use a Status move first)
-Trading is allowed
-Full evolution and full team possible by 8th gym
-Right to refuse only if too hard
-Six pokemon
-Reservations allowed
Super Saiyan, your friend will be going with Jackie the Sawk, my personal bro from my first Black run

Jackie is hyped, as it recently became know that in the NU tier, where he sadly fell due to lack of use, that he is not only the fastest Fighting-type available, but he is also the strongest! He's so hyped that he can't bring himself to use any non-attacking moves! He aims to be as competitive as possible, so his final moveset must have 4 different types of moves, all of them attacking. He must obtain such a moveset before he solos every trainer on Route 9. He also wants to show that he's the best Fighting type in the game, so he must solo Marshal.
Because this joke hasn't been called out for being old yet, and I like taking inspiration so far from lyrics, more LMFAO!

Hes runnin through these h**s like drano
He got that devilish flow, rock and roll, no halo
They party rock! Yea that’s the crew that he's reppin
On the rise to the top no led in their zeppelin

Take A Mienfoo. Nickname him Redfoo. He can't evolve
He must solo every female trainer you see after you catch him, unless it overlaps with a different challenge. (If this is too difficult, merely have him take part in the battle)
He can't use fighting moves
He has to be used first in every battle you use him in
He cannot hold items

This challenge is being stored as a Checkhov's Gun.
@Tyranitarphantom, accepted.

@luigiowns, rejected because he asked to fully evolve and no repeating types. Its a good challange, just not what my friend would want.
@Tyranitarphantom, accepted.

@luigiowns, rejected because he asked to fully evolve and no repeating types. Its a good challange, just not what my friend would want.
OK, Time for something completely different.

Daughter of Unova. There is something on your back.
(spoilers. Oh so many spoilers.)

Take DonnaNoble the Gothitelle.
In the past, she was met by a strange man. With his help, she saved the world. She also saved the Pokemon Centres of Unova. After this, he left. Since then, she felt like her life was incomplete. And thats where you come in!
Donna here has a fiery personality, but deep down she hides a compassionate soul, willing to help those in danger. Therefore, if a party member hits red health, she must switch in and deliver a beatdown to whoever dealt the final blow. She is also modest, not willing to call herself a genius, disallowing herself from using moves over 60 base power. Then something happens in Mistraltron City that changes her life forever. You see, on her way through Mistraltron Cave, she was infected by a time beetle/Joltik, that latched onto her back. Forced back in time, she decides to stop herself from helping the strange man. However, in the Future this means that ALL Pokemon Centres are destroyed. While she fixes the past, and ergo, the future, you continue on your way until Iccirus City, where she returns with your future fixed, and warning of a horrifying future. After Meeting N in Dragonspiral Tower, she accidentally merges her DNA with that of a Time Lord (why? because reference). This little perk allows her to use moves over 60BP, But there is a catch. The DNA is killing her from the inside. The DNA can only be removed by the Doctor, but as this is pokemon, there isnt one, therefore she must make do with a significant Time point. The only thing big enough to stop the hurting is challenging the Elite four. One other problem, the force of the transfer is enough to knock her out through the E4 Challenge. After Beating the Elite four, she'll just think she slept through everything again, and is back to regular Donna.

TL;DR Version HERE:
Get a Gothita/Gothitelle. Nickname DonnaNoble.
She Can only use moves with 60BP or less
When a member of your team hits red health, she must come in and knock out the opponent.
From Mistaltron City to Iccirus, You cannot use her, or Pokemon Centres.
After the Incident at Dragonspiral Tower, there isn't a Move BP restriction.
She cannot be used during any of the Elite 4 Members.
After the Elite 4, She goes back to only using 60BP moves.
sorry if its too long or anything, its just it took me forever to think up something to base my challenge around
Super Saiyan, your friend is going to be going with Slash the Drilbur. Slash loves the guitar player Slash, and so must show that Slash is the best by soloing all guitarist and musical trainers. Slash must keep a STAB move under 100 BP, and cannot use that move against any electric types after unlocking another move, and can only use that move until one of the below is complete. To unlock more moves and evolve, complete this SECURITY GAUNTLET!!!(if anyone can guess the refrence, props to you)
1)To unlock another physical move, you must complete a lights check by soloing 50 electric types.
2)To unlock a status move, update your Facebook status to awesome by soloing a gym leader without SE moves.
3)To unlock a special move, prepare your strings by soloing 12 flying types.
4)To evolve, rock the house by soloing 5 trainers and a gym leader, this time using only SE moves if you can.
5)To evolve, avoid the crowds by not battling every trainer on 2 routes after you get Slash.
The above must be completed before evolution, and every physical move must be under 100 BP. When he evolves, he must finish his concert by soloing 1 member of the E4, and landing the final blow on Ghestis. Bravo Slash, and good luck to your friend Super Saiyan!!
Super, I am reserving Snivy.

Edit: Ok, have him take King the Snivy. King must solo N every time that he is fought. Why? Because N is a prince. This means that he is a threat to King's reign. How does king defend his title? He must RETURN to the castle, grab his LEAF BLADE, have his guards COIL around him, and LEECH SEED the life out of him. This means that Kings moveset is Return, Leaf Blade, Coil, and Leech Seed. To fully regain his power, he must land the final blow on the mighty hacked dragon: Hydriegon.
Good luck IAR, hope you win and I would like to take a guess at MVP and LVP, after I review the restrictions. My guess: MVP: Drifloon
LVP: Burmy. *Any way you want it that's the way you need it any way you wa-ant it* Anyways, GL man!
@Axmaster68 and King Serperior, accepted.

Need 2 more for my friend's Pokemon Black Scramble.
-Jackie the Sawk
-Slash the Drilbur
-King the Snivy
-Mocha the Minccino
-reserved for luigiowns
Super Saiyan, give your friend a Minccino named Mocha.
This Minccino is very proud of it's voice, so it must learn and keep Sing and Hyper Voice ASAP.
It can evolve after using Sing in three gym battles and Hyper Voice in one gym battle.

It must send two Elite Four Pokémon to sleep with Sing, and must solo a third with Hyper Voice.
Good luck!
Time for not an update, but just the start of my Platinum Hyper Hard Scramble Challenge

This will be my mons and my thought about move sets and this stuff. Hope you enjoy! Give me advices, please!

Chumchar(Chimchar): @BlackBelt
Trait: Blaze
Nature: Mild
- Feint(lvl 26)
- Close Combat(lvl 36)
- Earthquake
- Strength (at least an attack to really use everytime)

- Can’t fight Fire, Fight and Piplup/Turtwig family
- Sent Chumchar in when one of my mons faint
- Cannot attack if my mons has a status condition
- When soloing Aaron, can’t burn Heracross
- Can’t use fire attacks unless blaze is active

As a Monferno:
- Learn Feint(lvl 26)
- Must use this thing above every time it’s sent in
- Evolves after using Feint successfully 5 times

Rejecting the capacity to use fire attacks. I could see a “sweeper” here, if I haven’t a +SP Attack Nature… I prefer Close Combat than Facus Blast…loosing status is not with me. I think I’ll change Earthquake to a status move, but to start…(I hate this mive set, really)

NO WEAK(Sableye): @ Chople Berry
Trait: Keen Eye
Nature: Adamant
- Astonish(lvl 11)
- Detect (lvl 22)
- Knock Off(lvl 29)
- Rock Smash(…)

- Maylene with only Knock Off
- Byron without Rock Smash
- Can’t fight Normal and Poison Types
- Always hold a berry that protects from super-effective Fight type attacks(¬¬)

Destroying my intentions of using some useful item, bwburke94 gave me a crap mon. But I still can’t see a LVP(there are serious competitors here), but I can see hard, really fucking hard major battles. This move set is forever, I can’t change it =/

Trusty(Tauros): @ Black Sludge
Trait: Anger Point
Nature: Modest
- Rain Dance (Slowpoke’s Well on my SS)
- Solarbeam (department stores)
- Spite (Snowpoint City Move Tutor)
- Flamethrower(fucking game corner)

- Must use Rain Dance in the Start of it battle
- On the Champion Battle, Rain must be active

Now I REALLY SEE a LVP. Black Sludge + RainBeam and Flamethrower(and a useless attack), with only Special attacks? Need to pick-up a modest nature(for a Tauros??????? Gosh, I’ll burn in heel). Can’t say more.

Cacophony: @ None
Trait: Speed Boost
Nature: Adamant

As Yanma:
- Sonic Boom
- Supersonic
- Uproar
- Screech
- Bug Buzz
As Yanmega:
- Roost(route 210)
- U-Turn(lvl 46)
- Wing Attack or Aerial Ace
- Steelwing(Route 209)

As a Yanma:

- It can only learn Sound Based moves
- To evolve, must learn Ancient Power, but can’t use and must kill 20 trainer-owned mons that can learn Ancient Power(fuuuuu)
- Can only learn: Sonic Boom, Super Sonic, Uproar, Screech and Bugg Buzz

As Yanmega:

- Can’t learn sound bases moves
- The only bug type attack that it can learn is U-turn
- Can only attack SE attacks
- Can only learn physical attacks
- Can heal only with Roost, and once in each pokémon center (won’t put it when Yanma, because, c’mon, it would be REALLY impossible to survive with a Pokémon that can’t heal).


- Must Switch-out when a secondary effect happens

- To solo Flint, must OHKO the Houndoom
- To solo Candice, must OHKO her Froslass
- Have to solo Cyrus Flying types on the Distortion World

Coments: I can see a really difficult challenge here, and lots of X itens on Major Battles. But this guy have his chances in it’s life. Once a Yanmega, it can fight agains Dark/Bug/Psychic/Rock/Grass/Fighting types. Ancient Power would be a bless here, but can’t have it =/

SuperStuff(Surskit): @Mystic Water
Trait: Swift Swim
Nature: Modest

As Surskit:
- Bubble
- Quick Attack
- Sweet Scent
- Water Sport

As Masquerain:
- Bug buzz(lvl 61)
- Roost(route 210)
- Blizzard(Dpt Store on SS/HG)
- Return(HG/SS dpt store on a Sunday with a Happy Mon)

As Surskit:
-To evolve, it must solo Crasher Wake and Fantina with only Bubble, and solo 50 fire type mons with only Quick Attack(won’t use the part of 7 levels above, because, I’ll train it a LOT to solo that guys with bubble, and because this scramble will be an impossible one, so, must be at high level ALWAYS, so, I won’t find fire types 7 leves higher than me =/)

As Marquerain:
-To change the attacks, must solo 25 trainer owned Ice Type mons and 45 rock types(man, you’re CRUEL)


- First time it dies: Solo 250 lvl 2,3 or 4 pokémons and 150 trainer owned pokémons
- Second time it dies: Solo 500 ice and rock types(can you explain it Axmaster68? 500 Ice AND Rock, or 500 Ice and 500 rock?)
- Must solo 100 mons with NFE moves(didn’t understand this part too, can you explain better, because I can’t get the objective of this)

This guy needs to be trained, because it CAN’T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period. It’s not a sweeper, but it’s better than Trusty or Cacophony…(Axmaster68, here is your post, for you to explain me

Clover(Budew): @Leftovers
Trait: whatever
Nature: whatever too
- Absorb(as budew), Giga Drain(Roselia & Roserade, lvl 25)
- Return(HG/SS dpt store on a Sunday with a Happy Mon)
- Sludge Bomb(route 43, HG/SS)
- Synthesis

- Solo Roark as a Budew with Absorb only, with no X items or growth
- Solo Flint as Roserade with Giga drain only, with no X items or growth
- Will forget the “Not above lvl 40 part” due to rule breaking

Can see a light here. The major battles will be a shit, but in the rest, it’s pretty fine. Return because all my mons are always happy with me =D(due to grinding). Giga Drain because I must use it, Synthesis to recover and Sludge Bomb to have a powerful poison type STAB.

Final coments: Trusty, Cacophony, SuperStuff and NO WEAK will be a pain in the ass. The other 2 have their flaws, but are almost OK. I know I’ll pickup my attacks in other games, but I already have to much restrictions to wait until receive the bless to get the attack in the game. Prefer to boost the STABs when have an opportunity. My move sets are not good, I know, but I prefer to have the move sets I’m comfortable with. This will be really difficult, and when I got an update, I post here.

- Bulk up(Battle Frontier) – Thinking about giving it to Chumchar
- Rain Dance (Slowpoke’s Well on my SS) have it
- Solarbeam (department stores) have it
- Flamethrower have it
- Spite (Snowpoint City Move Tutor) once there I get it…
- Roost(route 210) have it
- Steelwing(Route 209) have it
- Roost(route 210) need to pass from HG…bored right now
- Blizzard(Dpt Store on SS/HG) have it
- Return(HG/SS dpt store on a Sunday with a Happy Mon) have it
- Return(HG/SS dpt store on a Sunday with a Happy Mon) have it
- Sludge Bomb(route 43, HG/SS) have it
mmk guys we are here and I'd like to use this chance to steal the first post

I need a Yellow challenge, since I can't do my old one anymore. IDC what it is, throw it at me. accepting the next 6 challenges so long as they aren't retarded
It's interesting how this thing can go 8 pages and still lack 1 more mon.

ANYTHING. Pop it at me. Must be post-Surge.
As Yanmega:
- Roost(route 210)
- U-Turn(lvl 46)
- Airslash(lvl 54)
- Steelwing(Route 209)
If it's ability is Speed Boost, it's nickname will be Cacophony, and it may only learn moves that are blocked by Soundproof. Once it evolves, it realizes what a stupid restriction that was, and may never learn a sound-based move. Instead, it will only learn Physical attacking moves, and the only Bug-type move it can learn is U-turn. It may only attack with STAB moves.
Air Slash is special :x

EDIT: TM13IceBeam, you're going with TM13 the Seel! Ice Beam is it's favorite move, and it refuses to use any other attacking move (once he learns it via TM!) Have it solo Koga and/or Sabrina. If it can solo both of them, it can use Surf.
BrazilianGuy, the solo 500 ice and rock types restriciton is 500 of each type, not ice and rock mixed. Also, the OHKO 100 pokes with NFE moves is to show how Super SuperStuff is, even using attacks that are NFE. Also, since you asked, half of them must be trainer owned! Good luck to you, 'cause you are certainly going to need it. BTW, I have to add LOL to SuperStuff's review. Also, when you say bwburke94's post, do you mean my post?? Oh, and don't forget to RNG which pokemon SuperStuff must always be in your party with.
It's interesting how this thing can go 8 pages and still lack 1 more mon.

ANYTHING. Pop it at me. Must be post-Surge.
You shall receive from me, DA HORN The Goldeen.

It must learn and keep, as soon as possible, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, and Fury Attack. The final move is of your choice.

To evolve, it must defeat one of the two Snorlaxes with Horn Drill, and level up from the encounter.
About to fight the first gym leader in the Shedinja Solo.

Will live update in this post.

Nincada lv. 14 @ Quick Claw
37/37 HP
20 Atk/34 Def/16 Sp.A/13 Sp.D/16 Spe
Scratch/Harden/Leech Life/Fury Swipes

My basic strategy is to Harden to +6, then Scratch away until they die. I have brought potions and shit. Wish me luck.

Her Geodude attacked me 3 times, and now it's going to +6 defense itself. But that's what Fury Swipes is for. When i can tell that Scratch is doing 1 damage per hit, I switch to Fury Swipes, where I get multihit 1 damage per hit.


And it's over. I lost b/c Geodude got a perfect diceroll critical hit Rock Tomb, which ignored my +6 defense boost and OHKOed me.

More grinding for me **sigh**
@luigiowns, accepted.

For the last Pokemon, I'm going to give him the original version of Shenron that Jimera0 is currently using, somewhat modified. I'm trading over a level 1 Charmander for the challange. Since there won't be updates, 2 Shenron challanges won't be posted at once.

My friend's team:
-Jackie the Sawk
-Slash the Drilbur
-King the Snivy
-Mocha the Minccino
-DonnaNoble the Gothita
-Shenron the Charmander

Thanks everyone!
Hey guys, I'm doing an Emerald Scramble. Nothing too hard. IAR (no fucking Flapper the Zubat) and DLolcat will each give me a 'mon. Everything must be available by Flannery.

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