Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2


Its 2015 somewhere
won the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournamentis a Past SPL Champion
Wrave you get Jim-Bob, the Hillbilly Quagsire. Quagsire comes from the swamps of louisiana, so it may only use moves that remind it of its home. (aka only STAB moves) Additionally, it doesn't like Morty or will, since he's a fancy schmancy artsy types, so he must solo them. Finally, when you get to the point where you can catch unown, Jim-Bob can't read so well, so you must teach it its moves by catching all unown that spell out the letters of his attacks before moving on.
Still need one more Pokemon for my Super-Hard White Scramble. (Note: Please read this before assigning a Pokemon)

I've started my Super-Hard Ruby Scramble, and will be posting updates probably tomorrow
SoulSilver Scramble Update:

I made it through Ilex Forest and healed at the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center. I then went straight to the Bug Catching Contest and with the help of Hax FTW, caught Moxie the Pinsir who recieved 1st Place. I trained Moxie to catch up to the rest of my team and decided to take on Whitney. Probably the easiest battle with Whitney I've ever had. Moxie 2HKO her Miltank with Revenge.

I then traveled to Ecruteak City, after defeating the SudoWoodo, I made it there. I healed at the Pokemon Center and proceeded to catch Ewwww the Koffing. I did so, and released the Legendary Dogs into the wild.

I trained Ewwww to catch up to the otheres and taught him moves that could be useful. With 2 Dark attacks and Fire Blast, he easily defeated the required 10 Poison Pokemon (mostly Gastlys and Haunters in Morty's Gym) and then went ahead and defeated 5 Water Pokemon. Ewwww can now evolve at level 35 with no problems.

I defeated Morty using Ewwww to take out Gastly, but he fainted against the first Haunter, Hax FTW defeated the Haunter easily with Rollout, and Gengar was tough but Thunder Paralyzed leading to Rollout being able to outspeed it and win. The last Haunter was defeated by a OHKO 5th turn Rollout.

Now I need to get Surf and go catch NoMBounce:( and Versity.

Current Status:


Location: Ecruteak City

Objective: Catch NoMBounce:( and Versity

Current Pokemon:

Gay Dino
Level 22 Bayleef
Adamant Nature
Ability: Overgrow
-Razor Leaf
-Magical Leaf
-Gay Dino the Chikorita from Arcticblast
It has no restrictions until level 12. Then, to make a long story short, it realizes that is is in fact a gay dinosaur. It cannot use "other" moves (Growl, Reflect, Toxic, etc.) on Pokemon of the opposite gender, but it must use one at least every other turn against Pokemon of the same gender. No restrictions against genderless Pokemon.

Level 23 Dunsparce
Careful Nature
Ability: Serene Grace
-Hax FTW the Dunsparce from Newby n0Ob
It must have the following moveset before the Elite Four round 1, whether it has Serene Grace or Run Away:
- Thunder Wave/Thunder/Glare
- Headbutt
- Roost
- a move of your choice
It must use this moveset to solo Koga just to give him a taste of his own medicine. In Kanto, have it solo Brock to prove how effective the set is, even against Rock-types.

Level 21 Pinsir
Adamant Nature
Ability: Hyper Cutter
-Brick Break
-Seismic Toss
-Moxie the Pinsir from EndQuote
This ferocious bug-type is convinced it is from the Dream World, so it pretends it's ability is Moxie.
If it KOes a foe, it cannot switch out and must use only attacks, because it is convinced it has an attack boost.

Being from the Dream World, it likes to sleep, so teach it Rest ASAP. (TM is on Route 31)
If it gets a status condition, it must use Rest immediately, to return to it's beloved Dream World.

Rest is not on Route 31, messaged EndQuote, waiting for edit

It must solo three Pokémon in the elite four, all three belonging to different trainers.

Level 20 Koffing
Modest Nature
Ability: Levitate
-Fire Blast
-Ewwww the Koffing from dregstr
Every Pokémon is grossed out by his Stench but he's oblivious to this and thinks he's as clean as a Suicune. So he can't use Poison type moves because that's not what Suicune would do. To evolve he has to fight 10 Poison type Pokémon and that's when he realizes he's a Poison type and he freaks out. In an attempt to clean himself he has to solo 5 Water types but to no avail he's still dirty. So he faces it and evolves into Weezing.

Weezing embraces his Poison-type and can use poison moves but is frustrated so he must learn Frustration. He can't take another pokemon's place in battle unless the one before it faints.

Pokemon Needed:
-Versity the Lapras from Jimera0
Versity wants to be as diverse as possible, and therefore cannot have two attacks of the same type. It must also have at least one of each physical, special and status moves at all times. Again because it wants to be as varied as possible, it must act as if under the effects of Torment at all times, switching up its attacks every turn. In order to be used in the Elite Four, have it solo a gym of your choice, making sure to use every attack she has at some point during the battle.

-NoMBounce:( the Natu from King Serperior
No restrictions except that it is forever under the effects of Torment and Taunt. Have fun:)
@Tyranitarphantom, take a Patrat named Rattatak. It can only know level-up moves, and can never evolve. Solo Clay, every Watchog you battle, and Shauntal if you want a little more difficulty :) Also, only HP healing items can be used on it, so no X items, status healing items, etc. although it can hold any item you want.
Alright, let's see what we've got.
  • AasTmO, you get Pointless the STABless and unevovable Ponyta. Must solo your rival at Canclava city.
  • Take UFC the Machop. It must have a movepool of one throw, two striking moves, and Submission before Maylene. Then, it will solo Maylene to become the UFC champion. It must keep a similar moveset for the rest of the game. (Throws: Seismic Toss/Vital Throw, striking: A lot of moves :P)
  • Diva the Treecko, which cannot attack directly when statused, facing grass pokes or when he just has directly attacked, and must solo a gym -leader to evolve once and a gym + leader to evolve again.
@Axmaster: are you really asking me to grind through 4K pokemon? And to kill a bronzong with a moveset of.. well.. That? The 2nd one I want to try, the first one I don't. Adjust the grinding, and I'll accept it :)
EDIT: Also, noone has ended my team yet, which means I want more pokemans! Gimme them!
.....; I fail to understand how people are stupid enough to give me 2 starters in my Scramble Challenge when I totally said NO TRADING and posted the Pokemon I had so far.
Protip: Read the muthaf***ing post before you muthaf***ing type

【 Challenges Given to me so far 】
Tepig [NN'd: Ms.Scarlet]
Final move set must be [Hammer Arm | Grass Knot | Flamethrower | Heat Stamp]
Must solo all grunts in the Cold Storage.

Trubbish [NN'd: Imnotrash]
Must know Frustration ASAP.
Can't fight Poison or Bug types.
Can evolve after soloing one Pokemon for each type except for Poison and Bug.
After it evolves, it doesn't need frustration. Still can't fight Poison or Bug types.

Maractus [NN'd: Datcactus]
As soon as N's Carracosta is sent out, from that point onwards, it must solo N.

I still need 3 more Pokemon.
You get Dribble the Cubchoo. Due to being so adorable, Dribble may never be sent out first, and must switch out if under 33% health. Must solo entire 8th gym. You may only use your STAB once while your in (you may switch out and back in to use it again). Have fun!
Man, Axmaster68 is really working hard to win the next Cruelest Scrambler award...if you keep like this, you will earn my vote for sure =D

BeastMode2010: You'll get Ugly Duck, the Ducklett!

His family and neighbors always looked to him as the black sheep of the family, just because he is not even close to look like his brothers.

He is so sad that he must know frustration (ASAP) and use against every winged pokémon he faces. That means, every winged pokémon YOU face, because He FEELS that he is not equal to his parents, and because of this, must face all of the pokémons that have wing, just to see if he look like them.

He must solo, of course, Mistralton ENTIRE gym. When he faces Skyla's Swanna, he noticed that he actually looks like her. To discover if he is or not a swan, you must fly to his home town(that means, Driftveil Bridge) and must solo 20 duckletts to evolve.

After evolving into a Swanna, Ugly Duck forgets his frustrated past(that means, forget Frustration) and learn Return ASAP, to thank you for helping him to discover that he wasn't a duck...the names keeps, just because he likes the name now.

Must hold a soothe bell forever, because he loves you ;D.

The only flying type Ugly Duck can face now is Ducklett(must solo all of them, but only Ducklett, Swanna no), the rest he can't, because the other flying types have not to do with his past.

Must solo one pokémon of each E4 member, N and Ghetesis that doesn't go against another requested solo using return as the first move in every battle, just because he wants to help you to fight your enemies, just like you helped him with his.

Hope you like it

V1ral: You don't need to be rude man, people are here to have fun, not to hear people screaming with them. They are not your employees to make what you want(and neither if they were, being rude helps no one). Humans make mistakes, so, accept this fact and be nice, right? The only think you will have here being rude is people don't like your way to ask, and kind "forget" to give you challenges. Gotcha?
【 Challenges Given to me so far 】
Tepig [NN'd: Ms.Scarlet]
Final move set must be [Hammer Arm | Grass Knot | Flamethrower | Heat Stamp]
Must solo all grunts in the Cold Storage.

Trubbish [NN'd: Imnotrash]
Must know Frustration ASAP.
Can't fight Poison or Bug types.
Can evolve after soloing one Pokemon for each type except for Poison and Bug.
After it evolves, it doesn't need frustration. Still can't fight Poison or Bug types.

Maractus [NN'd: Datcactus]
As soon as N's Carracosta is sent out, from that point onwards, it must solo N.

I still need 3 more Pokemon.
(Read the Spoiler)

They call him Redfoo
He walks in the club with a bottle or two
Shakes it, sprays it on a body or two
And walks out the party with a hottie or two

Take A Mienfoo. Nickname him Redfoo. He can't evolve
He cannot enter a battle unless you have at least two vending machine drinks in your bag at the start of the battle.
He cannot attack until you have used two of those drinks on two different females in your party (unless you only have one, then use both on her)
And he can only switch out of battle against females. If you have two females in your party when you switch him, then you can't use him next battle.
Ok. I am requesting an Emerald Challange. Please make the challanges CREATIVE. (Oh, and I reserve the right to reject any challange given.) No Trading.

Have at it!
Ok. I am requesting an Emerald Challange. Please make the challanges CREATIVE. (Oh, and I reserve the right to reject any challange given.) No Trading.

Have at it!
I'm going to give you Sluggy the Slugma.

Sluggy has asperations to become a SNAIL. However, this takes quite a while for poor Sluggy to get the ability to harden his magma. So, to compensate for not having a Shell yet, he must learn and keep Harden, and use it in every battle until he evolves.

Once Sluggy evolves, you must change his name to SNAIL. Unfortunetly, by the time this happens, the majority of your foes will be water-types. This greatly annoys SNAIL, being x4 weak to Water, so he must learn Frustration after evolution, and must keep it until you defeat Juan.

Knowing it's his few shots at glory he has left, he must participate against Tate and Liza, the Maxie/Tabitha double battle, and each member of the Elite Four. If you choose to fight Steven, he must face down Metagross. SNAIL does not have to win, mearly try and prove himself.
I beat the e-4 with my platinum scramble team.
Here are the original Challanges and earlier updates.

- Soloing Lucian with Abe the Togepi
- Soloing Byron with Mare the Marill
- Soloing Gardenia with Fred the Bidoof

I will edit the original challanges in later:

Endquote's Flightless: Bide was pretty cool but costs a shit load of potions. Thank god for the Milk Bar that sells by the dosen. The gym leader challenge was fun to do, but didn't require a lot of thinking (more like praying to live through a crit). I liked that he had something to do late game with the E-4 solo.

DaVinci: It was a whole lotta fun, trying to sketch the best moves in each gym. Technician really helped his guy out too, making lesser moves more viable. With vitamins in attack he was quite decent at dishing out damage early game, and Will-O-Wisp really helped him out late game. He solo'd Wake and Candice, but especially Candice proved really hard. If I hadn't sketched Headbutt from the first gym, I would have been 10 levels lower and may not have pulled through so easily. Sketched moves:
- Roark: Headbutt
- Garnenia: Razor Leaf
- Fantina: Will-O-Wisp
- Maylene: Force Palm
- Wake: Waterfall
- Byron: Earthquake
- Candice: Ice Shard
- Volkner: Thunderpunch
- Cynthia: Dragon Rush

Jimera0's Bidoof: I laughed at the challenge when I read it, then I cried as I realised how hard Gardenia was. In retrospect this was a pretty awesome challange. Swagger was trolly enough to make it a challenge (especially getting swept when Fred died), but it was also usefull enough not to become tedious. Definitely something I'd give out again. I expected the switching out of water types to be annoying, but he never really faced any. Also having him solo one of the E-4 gives him a reason to keep up with the team.

MelodyRay91's Jigglypuff: I decided to harden the challange by only solo-ing trainer owned pokemon. This definitely made it medium hard. It was fun, but a bit lacking in my opinion. Maybe a mandatory solo or backstory would have been nice.

King Serperior's Togepi: You made it sound so easy =P "Just Metronome a few moves and kill stuff with a Togekiss..." Well, I never even got there. Regardless, Togepi was a whole lot of fun to use. He wore down major threats with Charm until he could beat them one on one. I also loved the idea of looking out for certain moves. I was happy to get Water Gun (dealing 1 damage to a Gyarados) regarless of utility. Admittedly, I did use 100 metronomes to get there. His problem is offense (lacking) and PP (I could beat two pokemon before it depletes). Ah, thanks for editting in that list of moves. It was very helpfull.

Axemaster68's Marill: I was a bit confused so I hope I interpreted things right. That solo of Byron was almost impossible. (Lots of fun though!! Probably the hardest solo this run.) The BP restriction made me keep Aquaring, Raindance and Rollout, which turned out to be pretty great on this team. The "solo 140 pokemon of a different type" thing kind of slipped through.. Its too annoying to keep track of these things while also progessing with the game. There also didn't seem a real purpose to it other than "oh yeah just do this". A backstory or a reward could help a lot in this department. Other than that he was fun, especially being the only team member not weak to fighting.

Thank you all for handing out these challanges!

The team:

Flightless (Empoleon) - Level 62
Nature: Calm, Ability: Torrent
Item: Razor Claw
- Bide
- Drillpeck
- Surf
- Aqua Jet
Status: I gave him an X-speed and solo'd Berta with relative ease. He did fall to an EQ on the first go however. I was suprised that Gliscor outsped him.

DaVinci (Smeargle) - Level 81
Nature: Hasty, Ability: Technician
- Headbutt
- Earthquake
- Will-O-Wisp
- Ice Shard -> Thunderpunch -> Dragon Rush
Status: I grinded him to level 74 and applied my Rare Candies before facing Cynthia. And he was a true champ: Earthquake killed Roserade and Lucario and he stalled against Garchomp to Sketch her Dragon Rush.

Fred (Bibarel) - Level 61
Nature: Adamant, Ability: Unaware
Item: Aquav Berry
- Rock Climb
- Swagger
- Yawn
- Superpower
Status: There were few times where he actually ran out of Swagger. He got killed a few times, with the opponent running rampant at +4 attack. (Hence Aquajet on Empoleon). But danger was his middle name. He got reckless during his solo with Flint, but he certainly did not disappoint me. Rockclimb reset Swagger a few times with the confusion-hax. But in the end he really missed that extra power and accuracy from Return to secure several critical KO's. I was surprised by his Bulk, surviving critical T-bolts, Punches and Close Combats to the face.

PuffDaddy (Jigglypuff) - Level 60
Nature: Mild, Ability: Cute Charm
Item: Spell Tag
- Disable
- Shadowball
- Hypervoice
- Body Slam
Status: I hadn't expect to like this thing. But it did pretty well as a special sweeper and general annoyer. Cute Charm is pretty devious, especially when the opponents main attacking move is disabled and Body Slam gets the crit-hax. Hypervoice and Shadowball are a great combo on him. Disable saved me on quite a few occasions, seeing as my team is weak to fighting.

Abe (Togepi) - Level 65
Nature: Gentle, Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Lum Berry
- Charm
- Yawn
- Metronome
- Wish
Status: Oh my god! What a Beast! He solo'd Lucian's entire team! It only required like 40 Metronomes to pull off! But he wasn't used much; his low offense made him run out of pp after two opponents. Seriously, this is his major flaw. WHY CAN'T I BUY ETHERS?! I thought about using a Recycle-set with the PP-berry, but it can't even learn that! Fortunately, Platinum features random trainer battles inside poke-centers and Abe effortlessly solo'd them all. The combination of Yawn and Charm ruins most opponents.

Mare (Azumarill) - Level 61
Nature: Serious, Ability: Huge Power
Item: Mystic Water
- Rollout
- Aqua Tail
- Aqua Ring
- Rain Dance
Status: Rollout enabled him to solo the Rivals Rapidash. Setting up Rain versus Cynthia gave him the edge on the Spiritomb.

So last post I was right before Candice. With DaVinci grinded to level 61 he was ready to sketch his latest gymbattle. Since I suggest that Brazilian guy would solo this gym, I decided to put that little tidbit to the test..

First mistake I made, was sketching a useless move: I thought it would be nice to go for an Ice-Type move.. With virtually no special attack, and lacking the bulk to abuse Avalange I sketched Ice Shard. I should have gone for Faint Attack here. The burn takes care of Sneasel and Abomasnow.. .. until it nearly kills me with a Focus Blast! 0_o The real problem, however, is the 'Snowcloak + Double Team Frosslass'. While I was buzy healing and missing Will-O-Wisps, it gets to +4 evasion. Ensuing an endless cycle of healing and missing Earthquakes.

Back in galactic HQ, Puffdaddy finally solo's his final Fire-type, learning Hypervoice as an added bonus. I evolve it on the spot, and it instantly becomes a powerhouse on the team. Para-hax from Body Slam coupled with Cute Charm and Disable troll anything. Especially with its new found bulk. Hypervoice and Shadowball make a great offensive combo, taking care of most wild encounters in Mt. Coronet. In the meanwhile Fred learns how to climb rocks and has fun solo'ing his way through the trainers.

On a side note: How boring is the distortion world! Push a boulder in a funnel?? Yeah.. Get on with the battle already! After the tedious drama, PuffDaddy and Fred solo Cyrus's roster in turns like the best of bro's. The newly acquired Superpower makes things too easy.

At the eighth gym DaVinci is back with a vengance, soloing all with EQ while stealing a Thunderpunch to boot. He hits the bench again for victory road (he's about 20 levels higher than the other team members). Abe gets back on the team with an Exp share. When I finally reach the end he has grown about 12 levels.

While grinding my team to level 60, I accidentally trigger the Rival battle at the pokemon league. Unfortunately I hadn't really healed, so my team is out of PP. Great. Flightless takes down the Floatsel with Bide (who has brick break) and Mare is forced to solo the Rapidash with Rollout. Of course he had to miss twice making this officially the most epic Rival battle this run.

Also: Every mon on his team carries a fighting move. Close Combat is the most dreaded nemesis for my team. That Staraptor lives a Rock Climb and fails to die to confusion. It nearly swept my team if it wasn't for Aqua Jet. With Abe in good shape I set up against his Snorlax, put it so sleep, lower its attack to -6.. check. Ready to spam Metronome! But it instantly selects Memento.. For the tenth time. *Abe used Ragequit*.. ..*Can't escape!*

Speaking of Metronome: Abe set out solo the remaining trainers on water routes, in pokecentres and south of Hearthome. I manage to select 3 more moves; Tail Whip, Quick Attack and Haze. 100 Metronomes later I get Water Gun too!

I cheer for a micro second, as Abe dies yet again to that damned MEMENTO! I revive him in battle because he's got 10 PP left, but two moves later he kills himself yet again with Healing Wish!! Really, these moves should be banned from Metronome; I get them way too often! This was possibly the tenth Memento!

This was another fun moment: Abe used Metronome. It selected Fling! *Abe flung his Exp Share* Me: WTF .. *speechless*

In an attempt to complete the challange I launch a final Metronome session in Victory road grinding another 8 levels. Not bad. But not good either. I only get Muddy Water, still no Bite or Aqua Ring. In the end I decide not to evolve him any more. He's such a boss already, and I'm gonna prove it!

I'm not off to a great start. Mare solo's the Yanmega with Rollout. It turns out that Heracross outspeeds as it OHKO's half my team with Close Combat. I burn with DaVinci, it lands a crit. I miss a Rock Climb with Fred as it full restores and KO's the next turn. Finally I realise that I can just spam Drillpeck with Flightless. Vespiquen nearly stalls me out of PP until I get a razor claw crit.

Bertha: Flightless easily Surfs the team, needing one X-Speed to outspeed the Gliscor before it can OHKO me with EQ. Yeah I did need to reset there. Empoleon is surely the main pokemon to take on the E-4.

Flint: Fred is up for his final solo. Houndoom is confused as I set up two X-SpD. Out comes the Ape from hell. I set up an X-Def to prevent being taken out by T-punch. Swagger gives me a free turn which I use to climb for the KO. As Rapidash comes in I heal on the first Bounce, and then Swagger to make it a liability. The Magmortar proves to be the most dangerous. After a Swagger and one Rock Climb I get him down to his berry, but two T-bolts have put me in the red. I figure another Rock Climb will take it out and decide to show some balls. But the Magmortar lives with a sliver of HP left! I hold my breath, thinking I'm done for. But he goes for a flamethrower; Fred lives with 11 HP. Again I opt for the reckless move and go for another Rock Climb. It misses! Fortunately Flint heals his 'mon. I learned my lesson and decide to play it safe. Healing and comfortly 2HKOíng. His final Flareon cuts his own HP in half following a trolly final Swagger as Fred climbs for the win.

Lucian: As an experiment I decide to solo the final E-4 with Abe the Togepi, making up for the failed Metronome Challange and hopefully selecting a few more moves. But man what a BEAST is this Togepi!! Alakazam has Focus Blast to OHKO me, Gallade has Drain Punch to OHKO me and Leafblade to crit through my X-items. And yet, somehow, Togepi managed to come out on top!

Fortunately Mr. Mime is set up fodder for Abe. I sleep him and get +2 SpD and Def up while it sleeps. I start spamming my first batch of metronomes as it sleeps a second and a third time. When I get a Dragon Dance in, Lucian opts for the smart move and switches in his Gallade. After a Yawn and double Charm, his Drain Punches have become a terror of the past. A random Kinesis makes his stone edge a liability. The metronome Gods are suddenly favourable as I get a Calm Mind off and Bounce for major damage. A blizzard takes out his top threat.

After so many Metronomes I'm forced to go for the Max-Elixer. But Alakazam comes in to spam his Focus Blast. Afraid for the crit I Yawn right off the bat, (even at +3 it does more than half damage). Finally Zam falls asleep and I start Metronoming away. I get a Stone Edge, forcing a full restore to end the sleep instantly, and some panic on my part. Focus Blast hits me twice before a doom desire takes it out.

Mime returns for round two, scoring two crits in a row with T-bolt. Abe barely lives (Thanks to buying those Zincs at the Veilstone Mart!). Have I mentioned what a beast this thing is? More healing on both sides as something awesome happens: Abe lowered his head, his defense rose: Skull Bash scores a OHKO. Espeon comes in, dealing respectable damage with Psychic even scoring the SpD drop. But a super turn of Doom Desire hitting, Wish healing me and a Stone Edge takes it down to the red. No time to cheer however.. Lucian applies a Full Restore, getting rid of sleep in the process. More importanly i need another Max Elixer to continue this battle. After a lot of haxy moves including Confuse Ray and Flash, Metronome selects Bide. I hold my breath in fear. Abe barely lives through two Psychics and OHKO's back.

Lucian's final poke is a Bronzong who crits me right off the bat. As I struggle to heal and Yawn it sets up Calm Minds. The Metronome only selects troll moves like Screech and Tail Whip. I have to wait quite a bit for a physical attack (stuff like Hydropump deal lol damage to a +4 CM Bronzong). Finally it selects NightSlash to take it out. Man that Bronzong did massive damage after the boosts.

Cynthia: I lead with Mare. Raindance + Aquatail + Mystic Water take out her Spiritomb with relative ease. On the first try I set up Aquaring and OHKO Roserade on the Switch but the second time, it turns out that it outspeeds Mare and kills it off with Energy Ball.

DaVinci EQ's Roserade and Lucario. Actually, Lucario and Togekiss are huge treats for this team. Aurasphere will bring any pokemon into the red, not to mention Shock Wave and Flinch Slash. I'm tempted to sketch Stone Edge, just to deal with Togekiss. In the end I send out Fred to deal with the hax-bird. It seems only fair. He Swaggers first and bare lives an Aurasphere. I heal and get the confusion hax. Fred uses Yawn for safety as another aurasphere brings him back in the red. He Rock Climbs to victory. It may not appear much, but Fred was an absolute boss for taking this thing out.

Next up is Garchomp. I grinded DaVinci to level 74 before the League, and used my remaining Rare Candies before the match, to relearn Sketch. It must use it one more time, and the target move is Dragon Rush. I burn Garchomp and stall with a few potions before he uses it. Sketch and Dragon Rush for the KO. The Milotic gets flinched to death by Headbutt. In the final moments of the Challange DaVinci takes the time to paint the picture of a victorious team.
EEVEE3, take one of the following:

1. Master Chief(or Master C for short). He is an Aron.......for now. To evolve he must solo 5 ELITE trainers. To evolve again, he must solo a hunter(AKA- a gym leader). He must know EdgeQuake, Double Edge, and Iron Tail.

2. Cortana: she is a Ralts.....for now. To evolve, she must land the final blow on Two GLMP. To evolve again she must Calm Mind up to +3+3 min and solo a gym leader. Her final moveset is Psychic, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, and Hidden Power/Magical Leaf.

Edit: I am proud to see how well Abe did:)
Chow, you're my hero!


I'll have a couple off this kind of solos in my platinum scramble. God bless me, because I really will need(c'mon Maylene with Sableye, using only knock off? Shit!)
Yeah! Trusty will be probably at level 100 when I fight him. Gringering is not a problem for me(when I was a kid, I put all the 1st gen pokémon on level 60 playing only in cinnabar island... yeah, I know I'm an idiot, but...) and, to deaf Lucian with Flamethrower and Solarbeam, released by a fucking TAUROS, will not be easy...
EEVEE3, take a Treecko and name it Geico.
Like the Geico gecko, this Treecko is constantly trying to sell life insurance to everything he sees.
He must use Leer immediately every time he is sent out, to subtly hint at a better life through insurance.

He must Leer meaningfully at the last Pokémon of two gym leaders to evolve to Grovyle.

As a Grovyle, Geico learns about advertising, and must replace Leer with Screech.
He must use Screech immediately every time he is sent out, to spread the word about insurance.

He must Screech advertisements in two gym battles to evolve to Sceptile.

As a Sceptile, Geico gets totally caught up in the insurance business and begins to fear for his life.
The previous restrictions no longer apply, but:
Geico must always hold a healing berry, to cling to life for as long as possible.
Geico cannot attack if he is in the red.
Geico must switch out if he receives a status condition.

He must solo Juan and three Pokémon in the elite four
Gratz @ chow :p
and we have ourselves a Treecko lover @ above poster xD
and because i wa
nt to get started already: I will only accept challanges for the next 24 hours; after that, I will get going with my already very much loved team.
Reserving pokemon for Beastmode.

@ Beastmode you recieve a Deerling. You may choose it's nickname. This Deerling is one who doesn't enjoy the cold, therefore it may not battle while in Winter. Also for it to evolve into Sawsbuck it must be the Summer and Deerling must have defeated 15 other Deerling. Finally it must keep Aromatherapy in it's move set for the rest of the challange. Why, well it likes things to smell nice. Whatever else is fair game.
Reserving pokemon for Eevee, Beastmode, and Wrave.
Also, BrazilianGuy, I love super hard challenges, but I also love giving MVP's. So, if you want me to be cruelist scrambler, that's fine, but I'm going for majorly good members here. Plus, you get to solo Wake and Gardenia with only bubble :) good luck with that one!! Also, AasTmO, you only have to solo 250 pokemon unless you faint. If you do, then good luck to you sir. If you'd like, cut each in half, or divide them by four.
@Chow, who is your MVP and LVP for your team? Otherwise, congrats!!

Okay now, Beastmode, you get Hmm? the Roggenrola. Hmm cannot hear, and thinks he has the ability Soundproof, and such must take 25 sound attacks to realize that he does not have soundproof. Also, he cannot learn any sound-based moves, as he would never know if they worked or not. He must solo the most annoying gym leader before Elesa to evolve, to show that even a pokemon that cannot hear can kick someone's buttox! When he evolves, his sense of touch increases so much he hurts himself, so he cannot have any physical attacks with more than 100 base power, to stop from hurting himself. Solo Clay or Drayden to evolve again. When he evolves again, his sense of taste grows so much, he must hold a berry, and if he loses it, he must regain one immediatly after the battle. Keep track of this, as he must solo that many pokemon in the E4, with 2 being the minimum, and 10 the maximum. Good luck to you and hope you like your possible MVP!!

Wrave, you get Azul the Marill. Azul loves the color Blue, and so must keep at least 1 water type move, and hold any blue item ASAP. Azul must solo a gym leader to show them the POWER OF BLUE!!! Once he completes the above, he can evolve. Once he evolves, he falls in love with the number 140. So, he must have a total base power of 140, and must solo either 20, 70, or 140 different kinds of pokemon, depending upon which number you would like. Everything else depends on the number chosen.
20) He must have the ability Thick Fat, and must never face another fire or ice type, as they bore him with the 4x resistances.
70) He must have the ability Huge Power, and use it to OHKO 25 pokemon within 5 levels of you.
140) You choose the ability, and you choose which of the above to take on half of (ex. taking on Thick Fat, and never facing another ice type, but facing fire types, or taking on Huge Power and OHKOing 12 pokmon within 5 levels of you. Good luck to you, too!!

Now, EEVEE, you get Stellar the Spoink. Stellar is obsessed with space and all of space, and so must keep the move Psywave at all times, to connect Stellar with the ETs out there. He connects to the airlessness in space by learning Bounce ASAP, keeping it, and *bouncin' around the world* by using bounce on as many pokemon as possible. He evolves at level 37 after soloing any gym leader without SE moves, as he must take into account what will be the most fair in life, so he can stay focused on space. Once he evolves, he must take into account his new weight, so must use Bounce on 10 more different pokemon, or just 10 pokemon if you got all the pokemon earlier. Once you get to Mossdeep City, he falls into a coma with excitement, and must be taken to the Space Center at least 1 time for 5 actual days before he gets over his coma and comes back. Also, try to get on the rocket into space with him, but you don't have to. He must KO at least 1 of Liza and Tate's pokemon, and must solo 2 of the following: Your rival the last time you face them, Wallace, and/or Drake.

Good luck to you all, and I can't wait for tommorrow so I can continue with my RU scramble!! Remember, update on Sunday or Monday!!


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@Eevee3, You get Metal Head the Aron. He must have the ability Rock Head instead of Sturdy (Which in Gen III is a good thing). The bad bit is that he doesn't realize he's part Rock type, seeing as the only attacking Rock Type move it can learn in Emerald is Rock Tomb via TM. As such, you can't switch it out of Water types once it's been sent into them, because it figures that it can handle them. The same goes for Fighting and Ground types, since it thinks it only has a 2x weakness and believes its high defense can make up for that. He must also switch out of any Fire Type you encounter, believing he's going to be hit for super effective damage on his weaker special defence.

You can get these restrictions lifted however, though it won't be easy. You can lift the restriction for each type, but you must solo the Gym leader that uses that type in order to show him through experience what his strengths and weaknesses actually are. So to life the restriction for Fighting Types, he must solo Brawly, for Water types he must Solo Wallace and for Fire Types he must solo Flannery. Unfortunately there is no major user of Ground Type in the game, so that restriction will always stand.

This is a challange that was rejected because I fucked up and miscounted how many pokemon a guy had already received. I really liked the challange though, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to hand it back out.

ALSO: CHAPTER 10 RELEASED FOR MY LG SCRAMBLE! Check out the post I have linked to in my sig to read it!

EDIT: Reserving a challagne for Wrave, AasTmO, and Beastmode. will edit/post new post with them when I'm ready.

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