Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Seeing how I've got 4 hours of sitting inside a train each day, I'm looking for a timewaster LeafGreen challange.
- I want the challanges to be hard/insane, I really need to waste time..
- No IRL actions to go with the ingame actions
- No further restrictions. If you want me to have only 3 pokes, have the 3rd one post this is the end of my challenge.

EDIT: Oh, no trading, too.
No trading AastmO? Ok, you also want it insane too? Fine, you get Pity the unEvolvable Geodude. No restrictions except soloing Blaine and one non-Onix or Haunter E4 Pokemon. Have fun:)
Train ride? Ok! Take a Charmander, and name it Gen1Mence. The number of Brock's pokemon it soloes without metal claw in a successful gym challenge is the number of times it may evolve. If you fail to solo any of Brock's pokemon, you can have a second chance against Misty, since I'm in a charitable mood. It also may only learn moves that Salamence can learn once it evolves to Charizard., but it must learn them by the same method that Salamence learns them. For example, you may not learn Flamethrower by level up, but you may learn it by TM.

Have fun.

EDIT: Pokemon in the Water Monotype:

Piplup from EndQuote
Psyduck from TalkingLion
Chinchou from Ziposaki
Bibarel from KingofKongs
Reserved King Serperior pokemon
reservations from before.

If I gave you a reservation in the OP, you have until 10 tonight to cash in. After that, you're out. If all three are claimed, King Serperior's reservation will be invalid (sorry) and King of Kongs' Bibarel will go away, because he was the last one in.
Shiny, I give you one of the following Pokemon:

1. Choice the Gyrados: its details are on post #12409 of the Scramble Challange MK1.

2. Wacky the Wooper: If it holds a berry, it can only know Physical attacks. If it holds a benificial item, it can only know Special attacks. If it holds a hindering item, it can only learn TMs and HMs. If it holds no items, it can only know status attacks.

3. Riptide the Horsea: As a Horsea he has to solo your rival the last two time you battle him. If you evolve him, he cannot know attacks with a combined power of more than 130. If you evolve him again, he can only know Physical attacks. All restrictions are passed up the evolutionary path.
So, I've got so far... A useless Geodude, and a pretty useless Charmander. Nice start! However, since my DS is currently lost, I will go on a challange with Diamond first; same rules as above. Pity and Gen1Mence will stay in stock for when I've recovered my DS.... Sorry for the inconvenkence :$
Take UFC the Machop. It must have a movepool of one throw, two striking moves, and Submission before Maylene. Then, it will solo Maylene to become the UFC champion. It must keep a similar moveset for the rest of the game.
AasTmO, take a Turtwig and name it Diva.
This little turtle is a total Prima Donna, so it can only attack when it feels like it...

1) It cannot directly attack for two turns in a row.
2) It cannot directly attack if it has a status condition.
3) It cannot directly attack fellow grass-types.

To evolve to Grotle, it must solo every trainer in a gym except the gym leader.

To evolve to Torterra, it must solo every trainer in a gym including the gym leader.

It must solo Bertha in the elite four.

Good luck!
My Scramble is currently in cyro until Wendsday. I have a huge test and project that is due plus a Homecoming game that I am being forced to go to. I would like to say that Reaper is almost ready to begin her solo of Jasmine with this moveset: Roost, X-Scissor, Steel Wing and Slash. It's going to be a stall war!!!
Wow, I'm not used to not having a full team by now. It's actually a lot of fun.

HeartGold Scramble Part 4:

HeartGold Scramble Part 4: Ghostbusters

With my half a team about 6 or 7 levels above what they should have been, I actually beat Whitney (who normally creams everyone with that asshole Miltank) incredibly easily. The whole battle basically consisted of Random killing her Clefairy with two Headbutts (the first one flinched it), and then who I think was Brick finishing Miltank off quickly. No wonder she cried after...

After getting my ass handed to me at the Pokeathlon, I headed down to Ecruteak, picking up Quote (my Machop) around that time. I have to admit, it was not the first Machop I caught, but the first one had a Bold nature and a Machop with a -Attack nature is a sad, sad Machop. Since I had two of the required gym badges, I replaced two of his moves, (Focus Energy and something I forgot) with Seismic Toss and Revenge respectively. After training it a bit, I took him to Goldenrod Tunnel, where he soloed a few trainers I "forgot" to fight earlier. Ehehehe... Thus, I earned him the right to evolve.

After defeating Rival Rival at the Burned Tower (Each of my Pokemon took down one of his) and released the three dogs, I went over to fight Morty.

I officially hate the Ecruteak Gym.

You see, my team so far is not very Ghost friendly (three of my four pokes had types whose STABS did nothing, and the fourth's STAB was resisted). Each and every single time I defeated a trainer, I had to go back to the Pokemon Center and heal up, then head back again. There are, like, 5 trainers there! All of the Gastly and Haunter just loved confusing me, Cursing me and Mean Looking me so that my Pokemon just sat there dying. That's annoying. I went into Morty's fight expecting more of the same.

It was an epic troll-fest.

His first Pokemon was Haunter while mine was Random. Expecting a non-attacking move (being Normal-type and all), I used Encore. His Haunter used Curse, and I laughed while I switched out Quote and his Haunter was forced to kill himself. He must have gotten mad, because he sent out that asshole Gengar of his. I sent out Random again and Encored Mean Look. Mean Look proceeded to run out of PP while I slowly whittled his health down with Magical Leaf over Magical Leaf (He healed it later, of course). Then, I Encored Sucker Punch. Then, I realized that all he had left was Shadow Ball (which does nothing to Random) and Hypnosis (which is useless if you can't do anything to Random).

About a half hour later, Gengar Struggled himself to death. I lol'd. He sent out his second Gengar, while I think I sent out Quote. If I did, I used Foresight so that I could spam Seismic Toss (which would do about 25 damage at that point). In any case, when his second Haunter was at half health I think that Morty just got sick of the whole sad thing and had his Haunter Curse itself to death. I won probably the most troll-tastic Gym Battle I've ever had.

I proceeded to go on to Olivine and Cianwood, where I spent about half an hour trying to catch a Chinchou that a) had Volt Absorb and b) didn't have a -SpA nature. I finally caught one after about 5 or 6 tries, and little Fury (with a Timid nature lol) became the fifth member of my elite squad. I then spent about half an hour trying to catch a female Shuckle to breed with the Cianwood Shuckle (which is male, dammit). Luckily, the first one I found was female. I proceeded to breed away, taking the first Shuckle egg I got. PVTShuckle is only level one, but I believe that one day he shall grow up to become a fine tank.

I'm getting ready to fight the Cianwood Gym, whose leader Brick (now a Meganium) must solo. How will I pull this one off? Tune in next episode and find out! (or not)

Also, the legendary dog music is freaking awesome.


Meganium (Brick) Lv.32 @Miracle Seed
-Petal Dance

Clefairy (Random) Lv.29
Docile/Cute Charm
-Cosmic Power
-Magical Leaf

Aipom (Fingers) Lv.28 @Shell Bell
Jolly/Run Away
-Fury Swipes

Machoke (Quote) Lv.28 @Quick Claw
Relaxed/No Guard
-Seismic Toss
-Karate Chop

Chinchou (Fury) Lv.20
Timid/Volt Absorb
-Water Gun

Shuckle (PVTShuckle) Lv.1

Also, this is another super-noobish question, but how do you use hotlinks (make links say something else)
Shinyskarmory, you get Flop the Barboach. Every restriction depends on your choice of Flop's first four moves to learn and keep.

Mud-Slap: Flop must use Mud-Slap against every pokemon with Neutral STAB(s) before any other move can be used, and must have a final moveset of: Mud-Slap,Water Pulse, Rest, and Snore. Also, Flop must have no move with more than 60 BP, EVER. Solo 100 of them.

Mud Sport:You must use Mud Sport against every pokemon weak to ground OR grass, and must have a final moveset of: Mud Sport, Amnesia, Aqua Tail, and Fissure.Fissure cannot be used more than 2 times per battle. Flop gets no more than 90 BP, EVER. Solo 100 of them.

Water Sport:You must use Water Sport against every pokemon that is weak against Water or Fire. Final moveset of: Water Sport, Mud Bomb, Earthquake, and Protect. Flop gets no more than 80 BP, EVER. Solo 100 of them.

Water Gun: You must use Water Gun first against every pokemon with SE STAB(s). Final moveset of: Water Gun, Magnitude, Sandstorm, and Snore. Solo 100 of them. Flop gets no more than 40 BP, EVER.

Them equals what the pokemon his first restriction in each are. This does not apply in major battles, but does in trainer battles. Also, Flop must solo 2 gym leaders with Neutral main types to evolve, and all restrictions carry over.

AasTmO, if you want INSANE, then you get Useless the Farfetch'd. Useless thinks he is useless, and wants to show all those mean pokemon out there who'd NOT USELESS(even though Farfetch'd is). So..., he must never have a move with more than 20 BP, or can NEVER use those moves which do not, or be forced to take a level 3 penalty. Final moveset must be: Fury Cutter(which cannot be used more than 2 times in a row), Knock Off, Leer, and Sand-Attack. Each Status move cannot be used more than 1 time per pokemon, as that would mean he really IS useless. Also, he must solo every electric, rock, and ice type you face, which can be no less than 250, and must solo Lt. Surge, Sabrina, half of Giovanni's team every time you face him, and 1 member of the E4 that is not Lorieli, who must be soloed too. All must be soloed without any SE moves, if there are any, because that would show weakness in Useless, and being no higher than the level of each's main pokemon, and with only 10 item uses per. If Useless faints once, he recieves a level 1 penalty. 2 times, level 2, and so on. Also, if useful does anything wrong above, he faces a level 3 penalty.
The penalties include:
Level 1: Solo 500 pokemon at level 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Level 2: Level one doubled.
Level 3: Loss of a moveslot, first to go is Knock Off, plus Level 2 again.
Level 4: Loss of Sand-Attack's moveslot, and you get Level 2 doubled added on.
Level 5: Loss of Fury Cutter(basically a useless pokemon).
If Useless gets to level 1 on the above table/chart, he needs moral support and a buddy, so RNG another pokemon you have with you, and Useless must always be in the party with that member. Finally, You asked for it, so good luck with this!(If you want harder OR easier, just ask.)

For Diamond, the Farfetch'd part is actually a Skoropi, with Poison Sting, Knock Off, Leer, and Scary Face, if you'd like. The Gym leaders/E4 members restrictions for the Skorupi would be Flint, Candace, Lucian, and half of Cyrus's team every time you face him. Everything esle applies, if you'd like, of course, otherwise I can give you a completely different challenge, or I can modify this one a bit, and if you'd like, I can just have the Leafgreen Challenge one(which, if you add this guy, may be the hardest team ever taken on).

Talkinglion, you get OppositeDay the Zubat. Yes, when you said a Zubat that has to solo Bruno, and this one is named OppositeDay, this means you get another Zubat that has to solo Bruno. Hopefully everything else is a bit easier. OppositeDay, who I will call OD for short, must do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. So, OppositeDay cannot enter battle if he/she is not the first or last pokemon to enter battle, except in major battles, where OD gets that this isn't the time. Also, OD cannot have a move that one of the other members of your party has ever had(if you'd like, the words ever had can be has). Also, OD has OCD, and must use everything in sets of 2, or has to start over. This means that every move OD uses must be used twice in a row before changing moves. Solo 200 pokemon, 50 of which must have SE STABs, being no more than 12 levels higher than them. Finally, OD must have 4 different types of moves, no moves with more than 75 BP, and cannot have more than 2 attacking moves and one boosting move.
EDIT:Yay Skitty Solo!!So Strong!!
LeafGreen Scramble Update! Just noticed it's been 3 months since the last update, and after my team almost won Hardest Team in the Awards, it inspired me to start playing it again :)

Update 1
Update 2

Also for those of you who forgot (Probably everyone) I was experimenting with video updates! My goal was to defeat my Rival at the S.S. Anne and Giovanni at the Celadon Rocket Hideout, you have to watch to find out if I succeeded :)

Lolcat the Pidgeotto (Level 34)
~Quick Attack
~Wing Attack

Restrictions: First Pidgey you see on Route 1. Evolve it one time. It may learn one move with more than 40 Base Power, Sand-attack is the only non-attacking move it gets.. It must solo Blaine, Giovanni Gym Battle, and 3 Pokemon from a single E4 member (DetroitLolcat)

Comments: The only team member besides CH'DING who can put up a good fight, STAB Wing Attack turned him from good to great, and Thief made Rock Tunnel possible. MVP by far.

I hate you the Metapod (Level 41)
~String Shot

Restrictions: Can only fight Pokemon that are lower level, must start each battle with String Shot, solo nerd at the end of Mt. Moon to evolve to Metapod. Can't switch out, must solo Misty, then can't battle until Lavendar Town. Solo all Grunts in Celadon, then String Shot doesn't have to be used, and can't battle in Silph Co., followed by soloing Saffron Gym. No longer has to battle Pokemon of a lower level, solo the Gym Battle against Giovanni, then evolve to Butterfree and teach it Giga Drain and Psychic. Solo 2 Rival's Pokemon no the way there, then solo 5 E4 Pokemon (TalkingLion)

Comments: Needed X items to solo the last two Rocket Grunts <_< Very weak despite being overleveled, definately earned the Hardest Challange Award.

Sadist the Magikarp (Level 29)

Restrictions: Must be bought from the Magikarp salesman, must lead the party through Mt. Moon, cannot evolve until Level 30. After evolving, must know Splash, Tackle/Flail, a non-STAB move with 60 base pover or less, and a non-STAB move with less than 60 base power.
Cannot heal at a Pokemon Center unless 3 of its moves are out of PP, and can only use Splash if it has more then 50% health left. Must switch out or heal if afflicted with a status condition other then poison; if poisoned, it must stay in until a Pokemon faints. Solo 1 E4 member and the Grass Gym without visiting the Pokemon Center (user 18)

Comments: Spent the entire time in the Daycare. Will get him out and evolve him so he can solo the Grass gym, then leave him in the PC/Daycare until the E4 since his requirements are so annoying. LPV

CH'DING the Farfetch'd (Level 29)
~Fury Attack
~Knock Off
~Fury Cutter

Restrictions: Can only know moves with less then 60 base power, must be healed by a Potion after every battle it's injured, can only know Sand-Attack and attacking moves. Solo Lt. Surge and Bruno (Bob_Squob)

Comments: Surprisingly good with Fury Attack + Stick getting crits a lot :) Currently in the PC since he'll disobey in two levels, and he's making sure HCE isn't the lowest leveled Pokemon. Skipping his solo of Lt. Surge for now.

HCE the Ditto (Level 29)

Restrictions: Cannot be the lowest leveled Pokemon, cannot hold Exp. Share or be left in the Day Care, must solo Lance (Its_A_Random)

Comments: Currently relaxing in the PC. Since it doesn't have to be used until Lance (And it'll disobey if it grows 2 levels) not much point in using it right now.

EDIT: LOL Togelover Skitty so strong :)
@TalkingLion, you get Remorse the Tauros, it feels bad about Intimidating its foes, so it must use Swagger (after level 26) before any other attack, to undo what it has done. To make up for the confusion caused by Swagger it must use Thrash (after level 43) after the foe's confusion wears off. The other 2 moves cannot be STAB/Status. This requirement is in effect regardless of whether or not Intimidate actually activates. Have Fun!
@TalkingLion; You get Gutta the MALE Oddish! Continuing more on the story in Latin that I'm translating, Gutta's name means droplet. He's also Bulbus' best friend. Gutta is trying to seduce Modestus because Bulbus paid him, and since Modestus was Charming the Charmander, he must use Attract on any and all Charmanders and defeat them. He's also a heavy gambler, so in order to evolve, he must solo 5 trainer Pokemon by rolling a dice and having the move picked for him by the dice. One through four correspond with the moves, which would be:
One Two
Three Four
Five and six are using an item and picking any move you want, respectively. No restrictions on the second evolution.
The only person to claim their reservation was Axmaster :/

Piplup from EndQuote
Psyduck from TalkingLion
Chinchou from Ziposaki
Bibarel from King of Kongs
Gyarados from King Serperior
Barboach from Axmaster (reserved)

Thank you to everyone who offered a challenge! I'll be starting this on the weekend, at least I've got good defensive synergy...

Gardenia and Volkner will be a BITCH to beat...
I'll be going to afghanistan next week and I need something to do on the plane rides. So hook me up with a Black Scramble of medium challenge (since this will be my first scramble).
Normal rules.
Mono-Water Scramble on HG. I failed a Nuzlocke three times so yeah.

Rules: Easy/Medium, All Pokemon must be able to evolve fully, No Trading, No Level Restrictions.

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