Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Since AOPSUser's reservation is up, I need another imbossibru challenge for my suicide-inducing yellow challenge.

If this challenge wins nothing at the page 150/200 Scramble Awards, the world will implode.

Oh, and no killing. I know it's impossibru, but no killing.

Edit: @jimera awesome update as usual! I would go on a rant on how Silph Co. actually is the center of the pokemon world, but then Screentime completed that solo :D
... Not to mention how my Sabrina takedown will be approximately 100x more hellish than yours.

Edit: @treadshot in sig, can't cp
Reserving for Waterwarrior

You'll need to give me the constraints for your scramble, though.


You get WWarrior, the _____. That's right, you get to choose what Pokemon this is. Just pick something you like, it doesn't matter. WWarrior is absolutely obsessed with being as annoying as possible.

Firstly, no matter what it is, it gains a second ability in Defeatist. Except it's changed to "only use non-attacking moves when at 50% health or below".

Secondly, you must use WWarrior in each and every gym battle that is not being soloed, and using only WWarrior, force a Pokemon to use Struggle (or make them run out of PP, I'm not sure off Struggle exists in Yellow). Yes, every gym battle, trainers included, once per battle not per pokemon.

Thirdly, WWarrior must always be switched in whenever Haxmaster faints, because WWarrior is Haxmaster's greatest fanboy/girl (edit: don't know which, so choose the one applicable to you), even stealing inspiration for his suicide indulging scramble. Because it loves Haxmaster so much, WWarrior must solo the pokemon that fainted Haxmaster. If it fails to do so, throw out every item you have (not including TMs and stuff, just potions and balls and that sort of stuff). I'll throw you a lifeline here. If Haxmaster faints during its solos, you may bring in WWarrior, and faint the pokemon who fainted it. You may then continue the solo with WWarrior, on the condition that it can only faint Pokemon while under the effects of Defeatist. This doe snot count towards beating the third to last challenge.

Next, keep WWarrior 2 levels lower than Haxmaster, since WWarrior's always 2 steps behind. No more, no less.

To use an item on WWarrior outside of battle, it must first offer the same item to Haxmaster, and that item must be used on Haxmaster first (so if you wish to use a potion, use one on Haxmaster first, and if Haxmaster can't have a potion used on it, then WWarrior can't either). If in battle, you don't have to use the item on Haxmaster first (as that would waste a turn), but the item must be able to be used on Haxmaster at the time you use it on WWarrior.

(third to last challenge here) The final challenge? To prove its worth to Haxmaster (because to WWarrior, Haxmaster is Pokemon-god), WWarrior must solo a gym leader, and it must only faint Pokemon while under the effects of Defeatist.

When it's finished doing all this, it may finally consider itself equal to Haxmaster. Finish the game with them both at the same level post-Champion. If they are of different levels, too bad, restart from your last save and try again (so save before the Champion!).

Oh, and one final thing: since you sold your soul for Pokemon and not to Fluttershy (how can you say no to Fluttershy?), WWarrior must solo all wild pokemon who resemble real-life creatures (so Rattata counts as a rat, Pikachu counts as a mouse...practically all Gen 1 Pokemon resemble animals...humans are exceptions, so you can skip the Hitmons and the Machop line, etc.)


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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@Treadshot there's a problem with your challenge, particularly this part:

using only WWarrior, force a Pokemon to use Struggle (or make them run out of PP, I'm not sure off Struggle exists in Yellow). Yes, every gym battle, trainers included, once per battle not per pokemon.

Computer played Pokemon in generation one have infinite PP, so this challenge is impossible. You're going to have to change that to something else.
Like I said in the post where I requested the challenge, I am actually unsure whether or not to be offended or not by this Treadshot. Hopefully not.
EDITing the edit: Oh, ok. Text and all.

Anyways, Episode 1 will come when the Scramble Awards are posted. Let's all get together and see if I'll ever get past Brock.

EDIT edit: I'm going to be a Pikachu, I never got a challenge for that.

EDIT #7000: 1. Thanks for the tip XD
2. Google is your friend.

EDIT # >9000: I'd love to be a Water-type, but that would lead to two things: Three Water types on my team, and the fact that I wouldn't have any members of the team until Mt. Moon. Kind of hard beating Brock with no Pokemon you know.
(in response to Waterwarrior before the edit about the fanboy/girl section) WWarrior, I wasn't insinuating that you were a girl, rather I had no idea which and didnt want to offend you, so I put both (sorta like the "circle one" option on surveys and the like). Sorry if it came off as the opposite. I'm mean, but not that mean.

And replace the forced Struggle part with (survive at least 10 damage dealing enemy attacks, before fainting the first Pokemon). They can be any damage dealing move, as long as damage is done right away (so Toxic wouldn't count, as no damage is done on attack, only afterwards). You may use whatever items necessary, as long as the restriction involving Haxmaster is followed.

Oh, and just a recommendation: falling from great heights is generally very painful and should be avoided. Please use alternative means of ending the scramble, preferably by beating it. :)

Also, where do you get the Pokemon-Pony avatars?

Edit: shouldn't you be a water-type? Y'know, water warrior and all...
Oh joy, of course somebody askes for an impossible challange WHILE I'M AWAY AT CAMP!!!!

Seriously, curse your timing.

Anyways waterwarrior, I'll send you my votes for the Scramble Awards when I finish reading Jimera's update.
First, the bad news: My FireRed cartrage disappeared :(
Second, the good news: I found my Saphire cartrage :)

In honor of me find this cartrage, I want a Scramble for it.


1). No drudgery.
2). No killing off other pokes.
3). Please don't be too hard on this one. I haven't been to the Hoen region in over two years :(
4). 2 hour placeholders.
5). I like creativity.

Here is the theme: Anime/Manga villains from my fave series.

My fave series:
1): Mobel Fighter G Gundam
2). Yu Yu Hakusho (misspelled, I know)
3). YuGiOh
5). Digimon
6). Naruto
7). Zoids: New Century Zero
9). Transformers (I count this as Anime)

You guys can choose your own Anime/Manga villains from your fav series that isnt on this list, but please explain who it is because I will most likely have no clue who it is.

Let's go!!
Ok, people, as LoudKirbyKing did not go by the rules his challenge, his Challange was rejected!

I still need one more mon for this scramble. I'll edit in the mons that I have in a moment.

I said Mid-Level!!

Axmasters is the absolute max difficulty!! I will not accept another Challange that is equal to or greater than this one.

Current Pokemon:

Sebastian the Trapinch
Reserving a for KS. He'll be based upon the Sebastian (a demonic butler) from Black Butler (it's on Youtube if you'd like to watch it). He'll be tough, but doable, 'cause I'm going to give you a good pokemon!

EDIT: KS, take Sebastian the Trapinch. Sebastian is your demonic butler, and such:

First, he must declare himself a demon by learning and keeping Faint Attack. This attack must be tied for your most powerful move.
Second, he loves cats, and such can never battle one unless he is the last member of your team.
Third, he must always guard you, and such can never be healed minus revives in battle
Fourth, he must vanquish many enemies for you, and such must solo Winona, your rival twice, Aqua's boss once, and 1 E4 member. He can evolve the first time after soloing 10 trainers and the second time after you defeat Tate and Liza.
Fifth, you must black out once before Tate and Liza. Here, you forget about your contract, but Sebastian makes you remember by learning and keeping Sandstorm.
Sixth, even though Sebastian is nice and gentle when he isn't in battle, when he is, he is ruthless and cold hearted. As such, he can never switch out unless he reaches red health.
Seventh, Sebastian hates money, and such every time he faints, you must throw out 1000 dollars worth of items.
Eighth, After Tate and Liza, you turn into a never dying demon (not really), and Sebastian realizes he must serve you forever. So, Sebastian cannot be used until Victory Road.
Ninth, he thinks, "I am simply one hell of a butler." So, he must prove it again, by soloing 1 member of the E4 the second time, and 2 of the Champion's pokemon.
Finally, don't turn into a Black Butler during this challange!

Have fun KS!

Kira the Shroomish
Take Kira the Shroomish. Kira is set to remove all evil from the World. But before that, Kira must obtain a Death Note by soloing Roxanne with a limit of 7 items. Now, he must rid the world of all evil. Solo all water types any Team Aqua member may possess. Also, Kira must be the God of this world. He must solo all Wailords and co. Kira will obtain the eyes after evolving. It must try to stop the people after him. Solo 2 of the Rival's pokemon everytime. Finally, Kira must have a death note with him at all times. Carry a Mail. However, you can chose to have Kira relinquish ownership of the Death Note. Instead, Kira must now try to help the person after him. Instead, he may never be used in rival battles. Finally, every time you defeat the Rival with Kira, Kira is happy. You must celebrate by buying 15 Soda Pops reserved just for Kira. Kira may no use any items besides revives until you use up the Soda. Have Fun!

Jack the Torchic
OK, I know I'm a little late, KS, will you still accept this?

Willing to change some of it for difficulty.

Also, I'm not quite certain that this counts as Anime/Manga, but would you take a Homestuck challenge?

The flavour abounds with spoilers, so here's a list of the restrictions. If you've read Homestuck, then feel free to take a peek at the flavour below.
- You get a Torchic named Jack.
- Can only use Normal type moves.
- Evolve to Combusken after entering Mauville. You may now use moves of all types, but you must choose only one STAB type.

Look here only after choosing a STAB
If you chose Fire for your STAB, get the Flamethrower TM and teach it to Jack. If you chose Fighting for your STAB, get the Rock Smash HM and teach it to Jack. (Or level-up to evolve and get Double Kick).

I chose Fire ^_^

- Teach Aerial Ace to Jack after defeating Winona (Not with Jack).
- After kicking Team Aqua out of Mossdeep, evolve to Blaziken. You may now use both STABs, and delete the STAB move you were forced into, as well as Aerial Ace, if you choose.
- Cause damage to Kyogre during the battle, and be active while capturing.
- Solo 5 trainers in Victory Road.
- Solo Phoebe.

Wrath the Absol
EDIT: KS, take Wrath the Absol. Wrath is a homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist that is super good with swords, but I won't say more in case you want to watch the series. Anyway, Wrath in your challenge is represented by an Absol. Being a sword master, he must have Sword Dance and Slash ASAP and keep them both forever. He must also learn and keep a dark type move, but only use it against enemies that are weakened (red or low yellow) or dead (ghost types) in order to keep his dark nature a secret from the world. He discovers eventually that the Full Metal Alchemist (Steven) is trying to foil his plans, and as such must solo at least one of his Pokemon (not more because that'd make it hard seeing as Absol isn't exactly stellar against Steel types).

Deidara the Baltoy
KS, take Deidara the Baltoy. I'm really pissed that Baltoy's don't have genders, because it would've been a girl one (yes I know Deidara's actually male). Obviously, he wants to be like his namesake in every way possible. Deidara loves tricking his opponents, so he must know his Psychic STAB at all times. He loves making clones using his clay, so it must know Double Team. Obviously, what's Deidara's favorite thing to do? MAKE THINGS GO BOOM! Therefore, he must use Selfdestruct/Explosion whenever he goes in to the red, as he will not be simply defeated. You must KO any of Steven's pokes with Explosion, as there is no Ground gym leader/ E4 Deidara feels he must end the way the real Deidara did, killing himself for the chance to capture Gaara (of the funk).

Fate the Aron
EDIT: You get Fate the male Aron, based off of the villain of Mahou Sensei Negima. He specializes in imprisoning people with his stone powers, so he must learn Rock Tomb ASAP, which will be the only TM he can ever learn. His first motive, along with his group, is to capture Konoka and awaken a powerful demon in Kyoto. To do this, he must solo one of Flannery's Pokés, finishing with Rock Tomb, and not faint. Only by doing this can he evolve into Aggron (he can evolve into Lairon whenever). His next scheme is in Mundus Magicus (the magical world) to face Negi (Sidney) one-on-one until he faints. If he fails to solo two of Sidney's Pokés, he can no longer be used in the Elite Four.

Chapter One of the Villian Scramble
•Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, and so on and so forth
•"Boy or girl?" asked the gender confused old man.
• "Are you related to Goku because he couldn't tell genders apart either!
• *sigh* I am a guy named King!
• Everything suddenly went black and the next thing that I knew, I woke up in the back of a truck!!
• My first thought: "Holy snap!! I have been sold to the Cartel as a slave!!
• I come to find out that it was just a moving van....
• Hello mom, hello Machoke, hello house obviously designed for one person, but holds three instead....
• Set the clock you say? Well, my PC potion comes first!
• I head downstairs and my mother screams bloody murder about my dad.
• First, I am too slow and I miss him. Second, she gets mad and sends me next door to say hi to the neighbors =_=
• quick question: Why is May not a blonde? She acts like one.....
• I step out and hear a cry for help!! I find out that it is a crazy man who is running away from a puppy in circles and has yet to realive that he could run to his bag and pick it up and send out all three pokes and kill that mutt!!
• well, I choose Jack the Torchic and 2KO Poochyena.
• Well, I decide to keep Jack, but it looks like he has a genetic disorder that halts evolution and prevents the use of moves that are not of the normal type until it evolves.... Just my luck!
• time to find May!!
• I found her!! She has a Mudkip :(
• You know, this rival battle music is amazing!! I will have this Music as my gym theme!!
• I procede to kick her rear and take 300PD (PokeDollars).
• I head back to my home village (I ain't a town!) and in less than a minute from each other, I gain the Pokedex, 5 Pokeballs, and the Running Shoes!!
• with these shoes on: I. AM. THE. FLASH!!! Zoom! Zoom! ZOOOOM!!!
• realized a rules loophole!! I blacked out early to save time and money!
• I help Wally catch a Ralts (that easly?)!
• I now enter Petalburg Woods to catch Kira!
• I will now train Kira to Jack's level..........*does so*
• Time to journey through Petalburg Woods!!
• I meet with a guy who is looking for a Shromish away from the grass, I own one (not letting him take Kira), and some thug attacks while I defend the wimpy kid :(
• I exit the Woods and enter the glower shop to get a berry and a Wailmer Pail!
• Ahhhh......I remember the glitch-like state that the screen does when you are walking with a poisoned mon :). I creaked out the first time I saw that >.>
• Anyway, I get my Quick Claw from the teacher in Rustboro and the Cut HM from my Lumberjack Friend!
• I train Kira to Learn secret weapon for fighting Roxanne!

Trainer King Vs Leader Roxanne

• Kira Vs Geodude: I use an X-Defend (Item 1/7) while Geodude defense Curls. I absorb while she Rock Tombs me. I Absorb again while she potions Geodude. Same as last time. I now Absorb for the K.O. And that brings me back to full health!!

• Kira Vs Nosepass: She Throws Rocks at me while I Leech Seed her. She uses Harden while I Stun Spore her. Now, I shall use my secret weapon:
And she Rock Tombs me. I then K.O. Her with a second and last Mega Drain!!

• Kira has finally obtained the Death Note!!
• I now go heal and save.

This is my team from LVP to MVP:

Jack the Torchic:
Lv - 13
- Scratch
- Growl
- Focus Energy
- Ember (Cannot use)

Jack is way weaker than Kira because of no STAB and a very low level.

Kira the Shroomish:
Lv - 18
- Mega Drain
- Absorb
- Stun Spore
- Leech Seed

Kira is the big boss of the party. Not only does she (yes, Kira is a girl) kick butt, but she came out of soloing Roxanne with full health!!

Chapter Two: shorter than usual but has a big punch!
• Time to save the Goods (as in drugs?) and the gull!!
• I enter the cave filled with walking Boom-boxes!!
• I beat the Aqua thug and get the goods (how much will these sell for?)
• Figured out that I need and HM slave, so I catch a Zigzagoon named HM Slave......creative, right?
• A lot of stuff happens when I get back to town, so keep up!
• I give the goods back (why? I wanted to sell those on the black market!!), I get taken to a strange place (please don't kill me), I am given a letter that I must deliver (letter bomb? Perhaps drugs? Money?), and I am given a Pokenav (bet it is a bug so that they can track me and listen to me...).
• I grab HM Slave and teach her Cut and cut down trees!! I get to kick butt too!!! And the Items are also a plus :)
• After that is done, I meet May in town.......she doesnt want to battle :(
• I cut down a tree in Petalburg Woods and some random girl randomly gives men a random Miracle Seed.....*gives it to Kira until I get some Mail....I mean the Deathnote*
• I collect a random Nugget from HM Slave Zigzagoon :D
• I meet up with an old guy chasing a Gull in a circle in a small house......yep, just another day in the world of Pokemon!
• He takes me for a ride in the INCREDIBLE SHRINKING BOAT!!!
• I arrive in Dewford Town!
• I walk into a cave and am given Flash by a random hiker (is this illegal? Is that why you are giving me this??
• While looking for Fate the male Aron, I meet up with 3 Abra in a row!!!
• I found Fate, found Steven Stone, and delivered the letter. It didn't explode, so it must be either money or drugs!
• Time to train for a gym battle!
• *Jack, use Scratch! (200+X)*
• With Jack now fully trained, it's Fate's turn!
• *Fate use Headbutt!! Use Metal Claw!! Use Mud Slap!! Use Rock Tomb!!*
• With my training now complete, let's take out some Gym Trainers!
• After a few bouts, Kira is looking to be my only hope in this match as Jack has one weak, un-STAB-ed attack and Fate is hit for 4X SE damage.
Trainer King Vs Leader Brawly!!

- Jack vs Machop: I use X-Atk and it Bulks up. I focus energy and it Karate Chops me for about 50%. I potion and it karate Crits and K.O.'s me.

- Kira vs Machop: I Leech Seed it and it Karate Chops me. I X-Special and it Bulks up. I absorb and it Leers. I Mega Drain and it Karate Chops me. It dies to Leech Seed!!!!!!!!!

- Kira vs Makuhita: I Super Potion and it Arm Thrusts 3X. I Leech Seed and it Bulks Up. I Mega Drain and it Bulks Up again. I Mega Drain and it Arm thrusts 2X. It dies to Leech Seed and it's own greediness!!!!

Current team from LVP to MVP:
Jack the Torchic @ Silk Scarf
Lv. 18
- Scratch
- Growl
- Focus Energy
- Ember (unusable)

No STAB, Mono attack, weak move, bad defs, and just weak in general!! All it has going for it is that it is the fastest member of the team!

Fate the Aron @ Quick Claw
Lv. 18
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb (mandatory)
- Headbutt
- Mud Slap

Although Fate participated in 0 trainer battles in this chapter, he has solid bulk, good moves, and a Quick Claw to negate it's speed issues somewhat!

Kira the Shroomish @ Miracle Seed (will replace with Mail soon)
Lv. 20
- Mega Drain
- Absorb
- Stun Spore
- Leech Seed

Great Bulk, Leech Seed, Stun Spore, strong STABS (at this point in the game), and just awesomeness!!!! The only downside is the relatively low Sp. Atk. She has Soloed Brawly (Jack being in battle does not count as he did nothing but die). Unless something changes fast, she is going to always be MVP!!

Chapter three: A shocking experience!
• Let's enter THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING BOAT once more!
• Entering Slateport City now!
• Here is when I buy the Death Note and give it to Kira!
• Jack is so weak that even he seems to realize his uselessness!! He hit himself 4X in a row while confused!
• Fate eats up sooooo muck exp!! Is Fate half dragon??
• Recieved a random Soft Sand from a random little girl.
• The Aqua Thug that I beat earlier gave me the TM for Thief!! Is he implying something???
• I give the goods to the guy and we Get attacked by more thugs!!
• I beat them to the ground, their boss walks in, he threatens me, and they all disappear!!
• I go buy a couple of tons of Soda Pop for my team!!
• I withdraw HM Slave for some cutting soon (hint, hint).
• Enter the Trick House!
• Guess what? It's filled with Cut trees!!
• after all of that, I head down the path under Cycling Road. I see May!!
• Time to battle!!
• Fate and Jack double team May's Shroomish and Kire 2KO's Marshtomp and actually Leech Seed stalls her Numule!! AMAZING!!!
• May gives me an Itemfinder and rides away on a BIKE!! I want one D:
• I head back to the Pokecenter to heal before I continue my journey.
• I reach Mauvial!! time to evolve Jack!!
• Jack 2KO's Wally's Ralts, Levels up, and Evolves!!!! I can now use Fire moves!!
• I got the Mach Bike!!
• I then went to the Game Corner and got 1000/4000 coins needed for Flamethrower!
• Kire has evolved!! BRELOOM!!!
• I take a short trip down Cycling Road!
• I head back to the Game Corner! 1500/4000 coins for Flamethrower!
• I then enter the gym and battle the trainers!
• Fate and Kire solo'd 2 trainers apiece.
Trainer King Vs Leader Wattson!

- Fate Vs Magnemite: I mud Slal and he Thunder Waves. He Sonicbooms and I am unable to move. He misses with Supersonic and I K.O. with Mud Slap.

- Fate Vs Voltorb: He Sonicbooms and I miss with Take Down. He Selfdestructs and I take.........8 damage........yea....... He decides to bring out Magneton, so I switch to Jack.

- Jack Vs Magneton: He uses Sonicboom and I use Ember. He uses Shockwave and I K.O. with a Blaze Boosted Ember!!

• And to think that Jimera0's constant redo's at Wattson had me worried :P
• I head back to the Pokecenter to heal and save.

My team from LVP to MVP:
Jack the Combuskin @ Silk Scarf
Lv. 25
- Ember
- Scratch
- Focus Energy
- Growl

Although Jack became a powerhouse in this chapter, he was almost useless throughout most of it. This is why he became LVP.

Fate the Aron @ Quick Claw
Lv 26
- Take Down
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb (mandatory)
- Mud Slap

Fate held his own in this chapter with great power, coverage, and bulk. This led to many KO's for him.

Kira the Breloom @ Harbor Mail/Death Note
Lv 25
- Headbutt
- Mach Punch
- Mega Drain
- Stun Spore

Only two things can be said about Kira being MVP:
1). Leech Seed stalled a Numule using only one Soda Pop!!
2). OHKO'd 99% of things after evolving.

Chapter Four: Passions Flare at the Volcano!!
• I found some Blackglasses for a strange guy. They aren't his >.>
• I broke some rock in a cave that separated lovers. I got Strength as a Result.
• Kira manages to solo the entire Winstrate Family!!
• Found and beat the tag battle reporters!! Said no to their interviews!
• Enter the Fiery Path!
• So. Many. TORKOAL!!!!!
• I am out of that Torkoal-infested cave!!
• Found the kid with Secret Power!! Looks like it isn't secret anymore!
• Met with the creepy, old lady that likes watching me sleep O_O
• Let's play in the falling ashes!!
• Fallarbor Town!!
• Grabbed a "hidden" Nugget!
• I found Dig! Sebastion will appreciate this!!
• Enter Meteor Falls!!
• Looks like Team Aqua kidnapped a man O_O
• Team Magma scared then away *phew*
• I find that Meteor Falls is a dead end. Let's go back!!
• I will now take a fun ride on a Cable Car!
• BATTLE TIME!! Team Aqua Vs Team Magma and I!!
• Trainer King Vs Aqua Leader Archie: Jack takes out Myghtyena. Fake kills Golbat. Kira OHKO's Sharpedo with Mach Punch!
• Aqua runs away, Magma thanks me, they leave also, and I am stuck here at the edge of a dangerous volcano!!
• I leave and start hopping down a mountain!
• Enter Lavaridge Town!!
• I have a plan for the upcoming Gym battle, but I need Fate to be at level 32 so he can evolve.
• I solo the gym trainers with Fate while healing him every now and then.
• I have a question: how does an Aron learn Iron Tail? I see no tail!!
• Fate reachs level 32 and becomes a Lairon!
• Time to heal, enter the gym, and Challange Flannery!
• Trainer King Vs Leader Flannery:

- Fate vs Slugma: Fate OHKO's with Rock Tomb.
- Fate vs Slugma #2: Fate OHKO's with Rock Tomb. I switch to Kira as she sends out Torkoal.
- Kira Vs Torkoal: Fate uses Stun Spore and Torkoal OHKO's with Overheat.
- Jack Vs Torkoal: Jack uses Focus Energy and Torkoal uses Attract. =_=' Jack uses Strength and Torkoal uses Body Slam (Jack is now Para'd). Jack cannot move and Torkoal uses Body Slam. Both Pokemon cannot move. Jack uses Strength and Torkoal uses Body Slam. Jack uses one last Strength as Torkoal KO's with a Body Slam.
- Fate bs Torkoal: Fate KO's Torkoal with Rock Tomb!!

• I exit the Gym and May comes out of a house and gives me the Gogoggles!!
• I head to the Pokecenter, heal, and save!!
• Looks like Sebastion and my Exploding doll buddy will be joining us soon!!

My team from LVP to MVP
Jack the Combuskin @ Silk Scarf
Lv. 30
- Ember
- Strength
- Scratch
- Focus Energy

Even though evolution gave Jack much needed STAB, Jack's low BP moves and horrid coverage led to many pokes to not be taken out in one shot. Sorry, Jack, perhaps next chapter?

Fate the Lairon @ Quick Claw
Lv. 32
- Iron Tail
- Take Down
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb

Fate took a lot of training to evolve this chapter, but it was worth it. Without him, the battle with Flannery would have been many times worse. Fate's power and coverage is only beaten by Kira.

Kira the Breloom @ Harbor Mail/Death Note
Lv. 29
- Headbutt
- Mach Punch
- Mega Drain
- Stun Spore

Kira is always a powerhouse, even at her lower level compared to the team. She only barely outmatched Fate in the fight for MVP. She is still OHKOing everything, but that is getting harder to do as the enemies get stronger. Will she get outclassed in the next chapter? Find out!

Chapter Five: A Little Less Normal Than Usual!!
• Went to the pokemart to buy about 10 Great Balls for the great desert search.
• Enter the Desert!!
• Got a Root Fossil as aliens teleported the Claw Fossil away O_o
• After about an hour, both Sebastian and Deidara are captured!
• Now, it is time for some training!
• Went to the casino to buy the Mandatory Flamethrower for Jack.
• ok, one. Trainer almost slaughtered Sebastian and Deidara! Luckily Deidara managed to stay in the yellow.
• I'll head out to train in the fiery path before coming back.
• =_=' Sebastian gets burned with every 3rd Ember attack....
• Sebastian is now on par, level-wise, with the rest of the group! Deidara's turn now!
• after a while of weak attacks from Deidara's side, I now have every mom on an almost equal playing field.
• The Trick House is going DOWN!!
• I decide to lead with Sebastian in order to get the mandatory trainer solos for his evolution.
• Stupid, Selfdestructing Graveler!!
• ok, let's see, 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10, 1/2, 6/10, 7/10........*sigh* looks like the Trick House is closed until I get my next badge...
• Enter the Petalburg gym!!!
• 8/10, 9/10, 10/10!!! In about 2 or 3 more levels, Sebastian can Evolve into Vibrava!!!
• ok, lets do this, Dad!!
• Trainer King Vs Leader Norman (A.K.A. Dad):

- Deidara Vs Slaking: Slaking OHKO's with Facade =_=
- Kira Vs Slaking: I Mach Punch it while it Traunts. I Mach Punch it again while it Facades me. I KO it with Mach Punch.
- Kira Vs Vigoroth: I Mach Punch it and it Facades me to 1 HP. I KO with Mach Punch. I decide that Fate can handle his other Slaking.
- Fate Vs Slaking #2: I Metal Claw as it Focus Fails with Focus Punch. I Rock Tomb as it Traunts. I miss Metal Claw as it OHKO's with Focus Punch X_X
- Sebastian Vs Slaking #2: I Dig on Traunt and make it Focus Fail on the next Turn. The next turn is the same as the last one. I see that a Hyper potion is inevitable, so I send out Kira.
- Kira Vs Slaking #2: I Mach Punch as it finishes me with Faint Attack.
- Sebastian Vs Slaking #2: Dig on Traunt and Focus Fail on the next turn. Same as the last turn. He Hyper Potions as I Dig. I make him Focus Fail again :D Dig, Traunt, Hit, Focus Fail. Same as last Turn. Refer to the Turn before the last one. You know what happens again.

• I win the badge!!!!
• I go grab Surf, heal, and save!!

My Team from LVP to MVP:
Deidara the Baltoy @ Nothing
Lv. 30
- Psybeam (Mandatory psychic STAB)
- Secret Power
- Selfdestruct (Mandatory suicide technique)
- Double Team (Mandatory Copyer)

Weak offenses and low HP mean that it is not a good battler. It's best moment was when it Confusion stalled a Zangoose that Swords Danced to +6 with Double Team and Psybeam.

Jack the Combusken @ Silk Scarf
Lv. 31
- Flamethrower (Mandatory)
- Ember
- Strength
- Scratch

Bad coverage and weak mid-game stats for a starter mean that it is falling slightly. Evolution will be much appreciated.

Fate the Lairon @ nothing
Lv. 32
- Iron Tail
- Take Down
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb (Mandatory)

Strong and nice coverage, but that is where it ends. Relies on Iron Miss for power.

Kira the Breloom @ Death Note/Harbor Mail
Lv. 30
- Headbutt
- Mach Punch
- Maga Drain
- Stun Spore

Sadly, Kira is now having to fight with Fate for this spot. She has been loosing much power and is only here because her attacks are far more reliable than Fate's. She helped weaken Norman's mons, so that is something.

Sebastian the Trapinch @ Quick Claw
Lv. 33
- Dig
- Secret Power
- Faint Attack
- Bite

This is a shocker!! Why did this slow and Frail mon get to be so high up? Well, without Sebastian, Norman's Slaking would have swept my entire team. Be exploited Focus Fail and Dig to bring me victory!! Even Kira's SE Mach Punchs did less than Sebastian's Digs!!!

Chapter Six: A boring battle only because it was necessary
• Taught Surf to HM Slave.
• It is time to surf to Fortree!!
• I met Wattson on the way there! I got a Basement Key!
• Enter New Mauvil!
• I managed to stop the generator and save Hoen from Nuclear Winter!!
• I got Thunderbolt for risking my life!
• Surfed to Route 118!! Let's really go to Fortree!
• Beat the Tag Battle Reporters again!
• Gained a Good Rod!
• Steven Stone appeared from nowhere, said nothing worth repeating, and walked on off.
• Before Deidara could Selfdestruct, a Trainer's Swellow used Quick Attack and KO's Me :(
• Deidara's first successful Suicide attack is on a Beautifly!!
• "The Bag is full." =_=' Jimera, I now feel your pain.....
• Enter the Weather Institution!
• I saved the Institution!!
• I was forced to remove the Death Note from Kira because Sebastian must solo the rival twice.
• After five failed Attempts to solo the rival and being unable to get past her Shroomish, I decide to level up Sebastian and evolve him first.
• Sebastian is now evolving!!!
• Sebastian soloed May with ease! She gave me Fly :)
• Enter Fortree City!!
• Let's search for Absol!!
• *Ten minutes later* Freaking Absol are so Freaking hard to find!!
• *Searches Bulbapedia* =_=' 8% chance....
• *Ten more minutes later* Wrath was captured!! Time to train!!
• I got the Devon Scope from Steven!
• The training of Wrath is now Complete!! Let's clean up some trainers that I skipped on the way to Fortree!!
• Enter the Gym!
• Trainer King Vs Leader Winnoa!
• Sebastian is OHKO'd at full HP by Altaria's Dragonbreath.....and Sebastian does a little less than a third damage with his Dragonbreath.....
• Goes to buy X-Items in Mauvil!
• Rematch at the Gym!!

- Sebastian Vs Swellow: I use X-Def six times and she Double Teams six times. I use 6 X-Speeds while she Aerial Aces Six times. I Heal as neccessary. I then use 6 X-Attacks as she still uses Aerial Ace. I heal one last time and then miss Swellow 10 times with Secret Power. I manage to hit and OHKO it.
- Sebastian Vs Altaria: I OHKO with Secret Power.
- Sebastian Vs Peliper: It Protects as I use Fly (It always does). I OHKO it.
- Sebastian Vs Skarmory: I Crit with Secret Power and do about half damage while it Sand Attacks me. I almost KO it with another Secret Power and it Steel Wings me. She Hyper Potions as I Secret Powers her. I Secret Power her as she is fully Para'd. I Secret power and she Steel Wings. She Hyper potions as I Secret Power her. I heal up and She Steel Wings. I Secret Power and She Steel Wings. I miss with Secret Power and She Steel Wings. I Finally KO that bird!

• I win this battle!!
• I go heal and save!!

My team from LVP to MVP:
Deidara the Baltoy @ nothing
Lv 34
- Psybeam (Mandatory Psychic STAB)
- Secret Power
- Selfdestruct (Mandatory suicide Technique)
- Double Team (Mandatory doppleganger technique)

Low Offenses, low HP, and horrid coverage lead to it not doing Much. It fails to 2KO a lot of stuff.

Jack the Combusken @ nothing
Lv. 34
- Flamethrower (mandatory move)
- Strength
- Aerial Ace (Mandatory move)
- Quick Attack

With his main attacks neutralized in the rain, he has been lacking in power. Evolution should be coming soon, so this may change.

Kira the Breloom @ Miracle Seed
Lv. 34
- Headbutt
- Mach Punch
- Mega Drain
- Stun Spore

All the flying types in this chapter and her 4X weakness has destroyed her abilities in combat. She is still strong, but her weaknesses prevented her from using her power to the MAX.

Wrath the Absol @ Silk Scarf
Lv. 34
- Facade
- Quick Attack
- Bite
- Swords Dance (Mandatory)

Although her coverage is horrid, her extreme power more than makes up for it. She is, unfortunately, extremely frail. What little action she had in this chapter showed what she can do.

Fate the Lairon @ Quick Claw
Lv. 33
- Iron Tail
- Take Down
- Metal Claw
- Rock Tomb

He destroyed and took hits like no tomorrow. With normal and flying and bug types running around left and right, his resistances and defenses provided many chances to OHKO pretty much every bird and bug.

Sebastian the Vibrava @ Soft Sand
Lv. 36
- Dragonbreath (now Mandatory)
- Dig (formerly mandatory)
- Secret Power
- Fly

This chapter was pretty much Sebastian having to solo every other thing. Because he was the star, he is the MVP.
BTW, KS, you can use the changes to Sebastian that we discussed.

(Dig, others, yeah.)

EDIT: Zipo, I'll give you a pokemon. Just give me a second. It'll be a grass type.

EDIT 2: Zipo, take a Bellsprout.

This Bellsprout thinks it is the king of all grass types. As such, Bellsprout must attempt to solo every grass type you face (yes, that means Erika too, but NOT the rest of her gym). With this completed, Bellsprout is free to evolve to Victreebell (you can evolve to Weepenbell before Erika). Now, Victreebell must gather his or her famous moveset: Slam/Acid/Vine Whip/Sleep Powder. Victreebell must use this famous moveset to solo 2 of Giovanni's pokemon in the gym and 1 of Blaine's (just one, but remove this if you'd like). Finally, Victreebell must prove that the grass type is awesome, and so must solo 5 trainer owned pokemon of each type that is super effective to Victreebell. Have fun, and good luck (sorry if this is too much soloing)!


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Pokemon for KS coming up! It will be an Absol from FMA

EDIT: KS, take Wrath the Absol. Wrath is a homunculi from Full Metal Alchemist that is super good with swords, but I won't say more in case you want to watch the series. Anyway, Wrath in your challenge is represented by an Absol. Being a sword master, he must have Sword Dance and Slash ASAP and keep them both forever. He must also learn and keep a dark type move, but only use it against enemies that are weakened (red or low yellow) or dead (ghost types) in order to keep his dark nature a secret from the world. He discovers eventually that the Full Metal Alchemist (Steven) is trying to foil his plans, and as such must solo at least one of his Pokemon (not more because that'd make it hard seeing as Absol isn't exactly stellar against Steel types).

A nice, simple, classic style challenge for you. Enjoy! Oh, I also HIGHLY recommend watch FMA: Brotherhood (BROTHERHOOD, not the original one. Brotherhood is far better imo). It's an incredible series, and you should ALL WATCH IT.
Reserving for King Serperior's last slot.

EDIT: You get Fate the male Aron, based off of the villain of Mahou Sensei Negima. He specializes in imprisoning people with his stone powers, so he must learn Rock Tomb ASAP, which will be the only TM he can ever learn. His first motive, along with his group, is to capture Konoka and awaken a powerful demon in Kyoto. To do this, he must solo one of Flannery's Pokés, finishing with Rock Tomb, and not faint. Only by doing this can he evolve into Aggron (he can evolve into Lairon whenever). His next scheme is in Mundus Magicus (the magical world) to face Negi (Sidney) one-on-one until he faints. If he fails to solo two of Sidney's Pokés, he can no longer be used in the Elite Four.
Yeah. Well then, it's rejected. I need to get Slam, correct? Well, Victreebell doesn't learn Slam, only Bellsprout and Weepinbell. At level 54. I consider that way too hard.


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Completely Edited Post:

Gamer gave me my Joltik, so that means I officially have all six members of my team! They, and some requirements I have, can be found below!

1) waterwarrior's Gothdevoir the Gothita. As a Gothita, it can only use moves that Ralts can also use. It must solo 5 trainers to evolve. As a Gothorita, it begins to show its angsty, hipstery teen nature, and only has to have 2 moves that Kirlia and Gothorita share. It must solo 10 trainers and an entire Gym to evolve into Gothitelle. Fully evolved, it has its goth side fully fleshed out, and only needs to have one move that Gothitelle and Gardevoir share. However, this isn't nearly the end of its restrictions. As a Gothitelle, you must solo every smiling Pokemon you see (unless it conflicts with another solo), as it wants to share its unhappiness around all of Unova.

My Opinions: A pretty solid Pokemon! I actually used a Gothita on my last [like two months ago] Black playthrough and was pleasantly surprised. Thankfully, Gothita learns practically every TM that Ralts does, so I'll be able to satisfy some conditions that way.

2) King Serperior's Purrloin.
1. A Purrloin named Oh Snap.
2. Must know Sucker Punch and Assist ASAP.
3. Must maximize the PP of said moves ASAP.
4. Must use one of said moves first when it enters the battlefield.
5. May not use any other moves until both moves are out of PP.
6. If both of said moves are out of PP at the end of battle, BACKTRACK to the nearest pokecenter to replenish them.
7. The backtracking is negated inside of gyms and the E4.
8. Must solo the psychic E4 member using only Assist.

My Opinions: I'll be honest. I dislike Purrloin. But at the same time, I'm glad this challenge is making me use Pokemon I normally wouldn't [read: Purrloin, Joltik, Woobat, Tepig] so I'm okay with this. Also, Assist is one my favorite moves in the game! I think it's super funny.

3) gamer40000's Jerktik the Joltik!

First, this Joltik has to always be in your party.

Second, he starts with one free move. You get the rest by either catching a Joltik and raising it to the first number of the power/ accuracy (for status moves) of the move (9 for Bug Buzz, 10 for Thunder Wave) or catching that many Joltik. He must always have a TM, he can only have 3 moveslots after evolution and the costs cost double (and renew your costs), and it must solo Drayden and solo 30 ground-types.

Have fun!

P.S: If you unlock a moveslot, it is there forever, but you must upgrade after you get a move that costs more. (e.g. If you get Electroweb, then replace it with Double Team, you have to solo/catch 4 more Joltiks.) You also have to start over after evolution. On the good side, free experience!

My Opinions: I. Hate. Tarantulas. They scare the shit out of me. So what do I have to do? Catch lots of them. Beautiful. I love it. And by "I love it" I mean I'd rather gouge my eyes out. Thanks. On the plus side, I get to solo Drayden lolololololololololololol delightful.

4) The Reptile's Jack, the Pansage. Jack is a samurai, and can only use Physical Attacking moves. Jack must always be in your party. Jack strives to be better than your starter and can never be 5 levels lower than Tepig. If he is, level him up until he's the same level as your starter. You cannot use Jack for the first gym leader. Jack must solo any and every gym leader not part of a challenge. Jack cannot use a SE move until the opponent is at yellow health, then it must finish of the pokemon using a SE move if it's available. Once Jack is in a battle, you cannot switch him out until he is at red health. You cannot use any items on Jack, and he must always have a held item at all times. You cannot evolve Jack until he is at least level 30 and is at a higher level than your starter. When Jack evolves, you must teach him a TM move that is either a Physical Attacking move or a stat-boosting move ASAP. Depending on what you chose determines Jack's next restriction.
- If he has another attacking move, remove any item on Jack. Jack can no longer hold items. Jack must lead your party at all times.
- If he has a stat-boosting move, he must use this move twice every time he is brought into a battle as soon as he enters the battle. Jack can never switch out and must stay in until either he faints or the battle is won.

My Opinions: Probably the easiest challenge, in my opinion. But that's probably because I use Pansage a lot [hooray for Shaking Grass encounters in the Forest!] so I already know how to react to this. Using only Physical moves is fine, as Seed Bomb and Acrobatics are pretty standard on any Pan/Simisage I run. Soloing non-solo-required Gym Leaders will be interesting though... thankfully Skyla and Brycen are out, so I'm not at any type disadvantages. Clay is easy, duh. Lenora will be an issue due to levels, and Elesa has those stupid Emolga with Flying moves.

5) Jimera0's Woobat, named IH8U. This Woobat hates the fact that he's associated with friendship and love and stuff and so he refuses to like you. He will hate you, to show that not Woobat are kissy wubbykins! He's way too cool for that! Have him learn Frustration as soon as possible (Nimbassa is where you can buy the TM), and he cannot learn Heart Stamp or Attract. He refuses to hold that sissy Soothe bell either. He must also learn a dark type move ASAP (Assurance pretty much comes standard so this shouldn't take long) to show how he can be dark and brooding too. But this isn't the tricky part, not yet. No, you see because he hates you, he refuses to listen to you. Instead, he does whatever the hell he wants. When in battle with him, roll a 6 sided die. 1 corresponds to the move in the upper left moveslot, 2 to the upper right, 3 to the lower left and 4 to the lower right. If you roll a 5, he decides to listen to you for once, and you can chose whichever one you want. If you roll a 6, you have to switch him out of the fight because he refuses to fight anymore.

That would be it, but there's a problem with IH8U's little protest against lovey doveyness. Despite his declared hatred of you, the more time he spends with you the more he realizes that he actually kind of likes you. Each time you get a badge, you have to roll the one less turn as often. So after you get one badge with him on your team, you only have to roll the die every 2nd turn, after 2 every third turn, and so on. Eventually he'll find himself evolving because he likes you so much, and then he can no longer pretend he hates everything. Replace Frustration with Return, and the die rolling restriction is removed. However the other restrictions remain in place, as he has no intention of being a sissy nonetheless. You may rename him to whatever you want after this, as he trusts you enough to give him a good one.

My Opinions: This challenge screams obscenities at me. Or, rather, I'll be screaming obscenities at Woobat until I get a few badges and stop having to roll a die so much. I have such bad luck, it's awful. Boo. However, I do like this idea!

6) EndQuote's Tepig, Cinders, which has some sort of mental problem. I am not going to lengthen this post to the extreme by including all the relevant information. Here's all that good stuff.

My Opinions: I love the creativity of this idea! Most of these requirements aren't too difficult, I think, so it won't neuter my ability to use Tepig. But they're very creative and I'm quite interested.

Current Gym Leader requirements:
1) Pansage may not be used against Cress.
2) Tepig must solo Burgh to evolve into Pignite, and then later solo Brycen and his Gym.
3) Gothorita must solo a Gym of my choice. [Probably going for Skyla here... Because Shock Wave is available as a TM on Route 7 and I know for a fact that Gothorita can learn this. Also, there's no way Pan/Simisage could solo Skyla.]
4) Joltik must solo Drayden.
5) Pansage must solo all other Gyms that don't have a requirement. [Lenora, Elesa, Clay.]

Current Elite 4 requirements:
1) Liepard must solo Caitlin using only Assist.
2) Emboar must lead and defeat two of Grimsley's Pokemon.

Evolution requirements:
1) Tepig must solo Burgh to evolve into Pignite.
2) Pignite must defeat one Pokemon of each type to evolve into Emboar. (This is post-Brycen's Gym.)
3) Gothorita must solo a Gym of my choice to evolve into Gothitelle.

That's everything! I'll keep a general log of how I do and update you guys, as per normal, every so often, but those will come in a separate post that I'll put into play when I've written the first one. Thanks you guys!

P.S. woooooo three Bug weaknesses woooooooooo

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