The sequels are never good - FINALS [Won by M Dragon]

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I'm just posting to say that i've already played vs Baba Flirt (i played vs him last week on tuesday iirc) and i was waiting for M Dragon, but he didn't play vs Baba and now he has gone on holiday, so i can't do nothing...
Hey colcho lets play bw then and the winner gets the pot. Lets use the same teams we have used last week. I won RSE200 and lost dp and he allowed me to redo bw when he crit killed bliss with focus blast which is not acceptable for a real deal like him and especially in finals.
Colchonero and BaBa flirt please schedule a time for your BW match. M Dragon will be back with a good internet this Tuesday, he was away with a bad net so he couldn't battle.
Me and my nigga la dragun re 1-1 atm

Won RSE200
Lost DP

and yea he needed to go for lunch or something during the bw match. So yea i hope we will be able to redo before the deadline but as a matter of fact it doesn't look that good. The next days i will be very busy, so yea. We will see.
Lost to Dragon, got badly lucked in RS200, then got mad and threw the BW game, ggs i guess

Will never win a tour in this community, always the same shit in my finals...
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I was not able to play my match against la dragun and the fact of the matter is i don't care. And lets face it, even if i beat him and lose to colcho we have to repeat and i am telling you that this is the last thing i want. Ofc it's uncool for Colcho but M Dragon told me that he beat him fair and square so i don't mind about that. He deserved to win a Tour like this and i am just gonna leave the pokemon business but before i was gonna do that i just wanted to play a tour on smogon since i have never done it before.

Overall a few last words to this Tour. It shows me that Sequels 're always good. I let you know my Statistic in each Tier so u guys know what i mean.

RS200: 7-0
DP: 3-4
BW: 2-0

I should say this tour was fun and bla but it wasn't. There is a good reason why pokes like Garchomp and Excadrill are banned. The only Tier without broken stuff and most strategy based was RS200 but i have to admit i have never ever played it before but my big adv knowledge was helpfull for sure. And yea, Malekith was a very good host and nobody can blame him for this extension. Also, whoever read the whole Text, you sir, you deserve a cookie.

So stay horny and black, people =D
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wow this is finally over :o !!!

Congratulations to M Dragon and good job to BaBa flirt and Colchonero too. I'm glad to have seen 2 spanish players in the final of my tournament and a guy who I didn't know at the begining but he did extremely well!

Thanks to all the people who signed up and played this tournament as well.

And now everybody will know what they prefer, sequels or no sequels :P

~Greetings and... see you in the next tournament!!
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