The Smogon Runners Thread!

You could have just searched for the old running thread, it is probably still around.

Spliced, if your track room is really a place you can play pokemon, then that is lucky for you. Our track room was a place where if you were not in the 'in crowd', then you changed your clothes not disturbing the in crowd, and even then they might start shit with people for dumb reasons lol of course, that was middle school, now I am in college and just run on my own.
I run track, but I don't really pay that much attention to times, distances, ect., I go mainly to meet people from other teams.

uh, in 7th grade I ran 800 and time was like 2:30, last year in 8th grade I ran the 200 and my best time (iirc) was 52.7

and, wow, spliced, that's so cool. nobody I know irl plays competitive pokemon so just the thought of being able to shred my pearl version in a room of sweaty half-naked guys sounds amazing.
Part of track is definitely just meeting new people. I've made so many friends from other towns that I never would've met otherwise. And yah, I'm pretty lucky to be on a team like the one I'm on. Everyone's friends and nobody's a dick. There's a strict rule of conduct though: if you leak the pokemon related activities of the locker room it is punishable by means of swirly


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Oh cool.

I've been sprinting since I was 14 for mansfield harriers. When I started I was competitive in 100, 200 and 400m, and in 2005 I won the AAAs Under 15s Midlands Championship 400m in a time of 53.5, beating second place by bout a tenth of a second. A few weeks later in the English Schools semi final I tore my hamstring and was out of action for serveral weeks. Only a few months after recovering from that I tore a ligament in my left ankle which put me out of action for another 4 months.
When I got back into athletics I'd lost a lot of speed endurance and still haven't managed to get back to full fitness when it comes to 400m.
I now focus solely on 100m and 200m, having represented the midlands at numerous meetings.

My PBs are currently:
100m - 11.2
200m - 23.3
Seeing this is mainly a track thread, I'll post stuff for my other events too.

Freshman year, I vaulted ten feet, which was a really big thing for me because at that time it made me the top freshman vaulter in Las Vegas (and it was the requirement to go to regionals as well). Sophomore (last) year, I didn't do nearly as well, only hitting 11 feet. Stupidly, I brought my girlfriend with me at regionals, so I was distracted the entire meet, when I probably would have easily made 11'6" or even 12' that time. Oh well, :P. I was the #1 sophomore tied with two others for most of the season, but then this runningback from some other school beasted 12' out of nowhere. That pissed me off.

I long jumped like once last season, and got 17-something iirc. I'd never tried it at practice, so I guess that's ok for never having done it. I suck at sprinting; my best 100m is probably around 12.7 or something, and my 200m hovers around 26.

My coach loves me, and that's supported by the fact that he bought me three poles last season (poles run around $400), and sometimes I'm able to get out of sprinting practice to go vault. I was also a team captain last year as a sophomore, when only upperclassmen are supposed to be able to be one. Needless to say, that pissed a bunch of them off, but w/e.

We had two freshmen who were really fast; one ran a 53.8 400m, while the other ran it in 54.2. That's nothing compared to the guy from Shadow Ridge who ran it in 47.6, but whatever.

I'm psyched for this year, with weight training and everything else going on. My goals are to run the 400m in around 53, the 800m in 2:04 or so, and to vault 13'6" at least.

Oh, and for the record, I'm 5'9", around 135lbs, and hate running distance..

Edit: I, too, am amazed at how many awesome runners come to Smogon. Playing Pokemon = being fast??
It's cool to see so many runners on Smogon. It's disappointing that I'm the only person on my team that's even remotely into Pokemon...

This seems like mostly track people, but that's my off-season. I'm much more into CC then track.
5K - 18:24 (I'll be a senior this year)
Mile - 5:18 (meh)
2 Mile - 10:41

Not great, but I'm hoping to hit 17:30 this season.
I love sprinting. As a freshman last year, my best 100m time was 12.9, and my 400 was around 60. I hope to improve a lot this spring.

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
I run for fun (and to get in shape). I ran XC for two years in high school, and while my times were so abysmal I won't even mention them I had a blast. Other than my nipples being chafed by our uniforms, I liked the pain.
im quitting pokemon when basketball starts at my school. just until the summer though.

I started marathon training yesterday. Im running one in march i think.

Bam im almost exactly like you only i weigh 160.

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Good luck with the marathon remix01 as that takes lots of time and sacrifice to get ready for. I'm not sure if I posted before that my best marathon time ever was 3:02:26 over 10 years ago when I did it in New Jersey.
Thanks Evan. Me and my dad are training for it, hes like 39, and in a practice 5 mile run i beat him by 2 minutes. I dont remember my time though


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Might as well post here now, since I'm thinking of getting back into training soon.

I'm mainly a sprinter, I don't seem to have a great deal of stamina, although it's not really me running out of breath or legs tiring that stop me. Once I've been running for too long, I'll start to feel sick for some reason, so I simply have to stop before I throw up. I think if I work on my fitness a bit more though, I'll be able to run for longer before I get that feeling. (Although if it wasn't indoors when I did the Shuttle Run and infront of my whole year group, I would've kept going even if I did throw up lol).

100m - 11.27: Not amazing, but this is pretty much my official PB. I have run a 10.96 before, but I don't class that as a legit time as a friend timed me with a stop watch.

200m - 24.82: I should've been running this faster, but I never really practised it. I only ran it a handfull of times but will be looking to improve if I start training again.

400m - 54.40: Again, I could probably do a lot better if I work at this. Keeping a sprint up for 400m was hard for me IIRC, but I reckon if I find a good pace for around the first 250-300 of this I can put the extra effort in at the end.
Oh man, I suck at sprinting. I run the 800 at 2:09, and one time when we were doing 400s in practice I ran a 57. Maybe I should be a 400 runner because I ran 59s the rest of practice (we did 8 400s). =\

Well anyway, I am doing xc this year, it will be fun.
I used to be really into running at secondary school before I stopped bothering about keeping fit. At my best I ran 11.02 for 100m around 1.5 years ago and 24:xx for 200m [can't remember]. I could never be bothered to stay fit enough for any race longer than that; I think I only ever managed something like 5:50 for the 1500m.

Anyway, I'm planning on starting up again once I go to university in a month. Would be awesome if other people there were into Pokemon, but that seems like it would require some tremendous luck.
I feel like this may have already been done.

I feel that one of my bountiful four posts may have been about this already, but I love running so..

100m: 12.5
200m: 25.2
400m: 52.7
800m: 2:09
1600m: 4:50
5k: 16:55
10k: 36.27
1/2 Marathon: 1:24
Marathon: 3:27

Most of my bests are barefoot, and I am working on an exercise science degree to study barefoot running. Also Pokemon and running just go together, unlike say.. football. lol
I was always better running without shoes too. At secondary school we had our track painted onto our field, so that really suited me. I was still able to get decent times on a proper track with shoes on, though.


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Won another two races since I last posted here, one of which was a cross-country 5k where I was heavily handicapped and the other was a 3 x 3km relay where I was awarded fastest leg for a senior individual. So I'm pretty sure I'm back to 100% now and I'm looking forward to the cross country season that starts in 3 weeks time.

VapHaze, that sounds very interesting...I can't honestly comment on how functional running barefoot is, but I always find it refreshing which must count for something! I'd be interesting to hear some of your theories/findings if you're willing to bless us with a 7th post in two years? :)
Yep, running and Pokemon do go together. Someone should do some serious research on this = )

I hate that school is starting soon. but I just can't wait fro XC to come. It's gonna be sweet. The whole summer has been focused on preparing for a 15:24 3 mile at the state finals. Such a dillema, hate school but xc is so fun
Well, I tried running a 100m today at the track for the first time in ages and ran 13.4 which I'm obviously pretty disappointed with. I know I'm capable of running close to 11 seconds so it's just down to not being in shape.

Anyway, I was looking for some advice since I know there are some top runners here - what would be the best sort of training scheme for the 100m sprint? I've never really trained seriously for athletics before so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Using Havak's structure,

Well, I started running in middle school after I discovered I was the fastest one on the basketball team. Everytime we would do sprints, I'd be waaaaaaay ahead of the group, and finish without any problems. The coach made me try out for JV track at my high school and I made it in 8th grade (that was a big deal for me ;o)

100m- I've never been timed on this lol. My time is probably around 11-12 seconds though.

200m - 22.24: This is what I ran this year at practice one day, and I'm actually pretty proud of. :D. I have a pretty much ideal body type for the 200m, being pretty tall and lean.

400m - 56.34: This is my freshman time, I haven't done it for two years now :/. I'm pretty sure that with some training I could possibly break the 50 second barrier.

Mile- 5:11: I'm mainly a sprinter :l
everyone knows track is where all of us who are pokemon players take shelter. it isn't even a question.
so yeah after wasting half my year on track, i've run
100- 11.3
and proudly vomit after every race
First post

I think it's cool that so many of you run. I am currently a sophomore in college, running cross country and track.

400-60.xx lol haven't ever broke a minute, kind of take pride in this
5k cc - 16:13
5k track - 15:45
8k - 26:10
10k cc - 33:17

First meet this year is tomorrow and I am excited, unfortunately I have been injured and am probably not going to come close to PRing.

No one on my team plays pokemon, but I my high school used to have some people play (not competitively though).


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Getting a good lead at the opening day of the Cross-Country season yesterday. It was a 3km through a very hilly, muddy course. I came fourth overall, out of several hundred people, with a time of 9 mins 11 secs easily qualifying for regionals next week. A top 25 finish next week will see me through to nationals which is pretty fucking mindboggling since only a few months ago my doctor told me to "find a new sport" which whilst not as dramatic as "YOU WILL NEVER RUN AGAIN," it still hit me quite hard.
Getting a good lead at the opening day of the Cross-Country season yesterday. It was a 3km through a very hilly, muddy course. I came fourth overall, out of several hundred people, with a time of 9 mins 11 secs easily qualifying for regionals next week. A top 25 finish next week will see me through to nationals which is pretty fucking mindboggling since only a few months ago my doctor told me to "find a new sport" which whilst not as dramatic as "YOU WILL NEVER RUN AGAIN," it still hit me quite hard.
Congrats, it took me a while to figure out that you weren't from the US. I was wondering what you meant by nationals this early. LOL I'm still new here. Do you mind me asking why your doctor told you to "find a new sport"? Regardless good luck qualifying for nationals!

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