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By the way, I'd like to thank the people who have done their matches so far, and those who went out of their way to swiftly contact their opponents to set up a match.

Those who have done this have protected themselves...those who aren't contacting their opponents (via a simple vm) or who aren't being reasonable with matchups are not protecting themselves and will be vulnerable to activity decisions.

Yes, just to repeat myself, I will have 0 issue doling out acitivity decisions in this preliminary round...EVEN IF THAT DECISION WILL AFFECT PLAYOFF STANDINGS.

The time to stick to my timeline has mostly passed, but if you choose to contact now and be viligant, that will count as well.

Again, I will have no issue handing out activity decisions in this preliminary round. I don't care if your captain is my friend, or if your captain is a TD or a super mod or a badged member...if you haven't contacted your opponents and set times to play your matches, you will be open to getting activitied.

Don't communicate at your own risk.
cbb is obviously talking about the one and only WhiteQueen.

I contacted all three of my opponents and have attempted to get my matches done ASAP but that's not gonna be happening disappointly. My fans will have to wait a little longer to watch me in action. I'll be leaving for the beach after work today and won't be home till Sunday night or so. Activity post I guess.


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my face always lights up when i see the last wcop post was by whitequeen. but that one was full of disappoint. wq do better please....
Not sure if a gg here would be offensive, but whatever. I emerged victorious with the help of a rather helpful and untimely crit upon something that could have taken an attack.
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