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Yeah I was on irc until my 4:30 am (the scheduled time was around my 1:45 am)

And I thought it'd be common sense to look for me there since a) I PM'd you there on Thurday or Friday, and b) your captain contacted me a couple times on IRC anyway

We'll just battle another day I guess, activity posting this early lol
(15:57) [EG] CyberOdin: we play now ?
(16:01) Luck>Skill: ok
(16:01) Luck>Skill: give me 5 mins
(16:02) [EG] CyberOdin: Ok bro
(16:09) [EG] CyberOdin: mmm
(16:09) Luck>Skill: polishing the team
(16:09) Luck>Skill: :<
(16:12) Luck>Skill: oomph they don't like my team
(16:12) Luck>Skill: smh
(16:13) [EG] CyberOdin: xD I do not understand
(16:15) [EG] CyberOdin: ready ?
(16:15) Luck>Skill: err
(16:15) Luck>Skill: you did not understand right
(16:15) Luck>Skill: my team (Asia) doesn't like the team I would like to use vs you
(16:15) [EG] CyberOdin: Ok
(16:16) [EG] CyberOdin: bye

tomorrow to see if I play my 3 opponents. Good


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You gave him a ten minute window and left without warning? Can you stop making activity posts as if you're the victim?


edit: mcmeghan is stupid

koko edit: ^ yeah i agree
The first "taking a win due to DC" is probably happening today...

Let me repeat this again...SUBMIT YOUR TEAMS TO EO.

once more


have a nice day


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Id like MDragon to stop banning me for no reason
3 time today, 8 time this week
and I have to ask McMeghan or Masterclass to unban me, but they are not always on
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