The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Representation Thread

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Mosh, Radio_Head
South America

Edit: I know that was away of the poke world in the last years (since the release of Diamond / Pearl) but now I came back (I am currently playing for liek 6 moths or so) and I think that I have what it takes to be Captain of my team, I know all the good smogon players from south america and all the good brazilian players who aren't that involved with smogon (I am moderator of the biggest brazilian site about competitive pokemon for more than 3 years)
Shoddy username: Druggedfox
Team: U.S. East
Second Choice: U.S. South

I'm not too well known on the forums, but quite a few players on the U.S. East team know my ability to play.
ShoddyBattle Username - tivanenk
IRC Username (If you go on IRC) - don't have one
First Choice of Team - Canada, woo!!
Second Choice of Team - Not, I'm sticking to the country i've lived for almost 13 years!
ShoddyBattle: Luxormaniac
IRC: n/a
First Choice of Team: U.S. West
Second Choice of Team: n/a

Not the best or honestly expecting to be much of a help, considering my zone's great players already, but I'm getting better all the time! (and I need some homeboys to root for)


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Im very pleased with the turnout so far guys, keep it coming, I know there are still a lot of faces missing. The signups will be open for a few more days still, and me and shiv will discuss in the near future how to accomodate as many of you as we can. In a tournament where over 200 people signed up in about 30 hours, it doesnt seem fair to only take 96 people. No promises though

in the meantime keep signing up/spreading the word :)
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