The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Signup Thread [NEW UPDATE: Post 643]

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Pokemon Online Username(s): B-Tron, G1gaR3d
Country/State of Residence: Minnesota, USA
Nationality: Peruvian
Other Eligibility, lived in the states for most of my life
Pokemon Online Username(s): LeoMence
Country/State of Residence: Canada
Nationality: Canada
Other Eligibility (if applicable): no, because that would go back 300 years to 4 countries.
Pokemon Online Username(s): Jedgi
Country/State of Residence: USA (Virginia)
Nationality: American

If for some exotic reason East needs a leader (If Stone Cold randomly can't do it or something and others don't want to) I am able to, I was on East last year so I know how things work.


^ Sport de raquette + Service pas rattrapé
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Pokemon Online Username(s) : Aqualouis / Aegir
Country/State of Residense : France
Nationality : French
Other Eligibility : Europe


dont you worry child
Pokemon Online Username(s): JeiiZe / [DR] JeiiZe
Country/State of Residence: México.
Nationality: Mexican.
Other Eligibility (if applicable): LA
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