The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Signup Thread [NEW UPDATE: Post 643]

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Pokemon Online Username(s): FallenToHell
Country/State of Residence: Niger/Africa
Nationality: BLACK AFRICAN. As black as your pubes. (stfu if you have colored/white pubes)
Other Eligibility (if applicable): im black. if i dont get accepted im gonna be pretty pissed. now we all know what happens when a black man gets pissed off. so accept me or your gonna regret it. but if i get accepted i might consider sharing some fried chicken with the rest of mah n****s.
Hi Yea is there already a list of teams you have to join or can you put a team together? An Ireland team would make me so proud, even with a terrible accompanying result if that is the case:toast:
Pokemon Online Username(s): kalarse, ImRandom
Country/State of Residence: Uruguay
Nationality: Brazilian / Uruguayan
Other Eligibility (if applicable): Brazil (the country where I was born), Uruguay (current location, my mother's nationality), Latin América (where both Brazil and Uruguay are).

I'd prefer to play in Latin America team as I feel more comfortable there.
Pokemon Online Username(s): Molo and Hola
Country/State of Residence: U.S.A
Nationality: African American
Other Eligibility (if applicable): None

I've never signed up for a tourney on Smogon, so I'm definitely not vying for a Captain's position. I'd still like to participate though.
Pokemon Online Username(s): Zazzy
Country/State of Residence: United kingdom
Other Eligibility: I have lived in pakistan for 13 years and am moving to the UK on june 17th permanently
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