Turnabout Engine: Chapter 2 (Day) - Delayed until further notice

*Pinches nose to stop blood*

If you try that again then you will be sorry, you puny little rat. Some people call me fair... and *slides a bit of metal out of his pocket so that he thinks only this judo guy can see it* in all fairness I would like to do something to you right now that I may regret. Convince me otherwise, because if you even ATTEMPT to ruin my perfect face EVER again you will be very sorry for what you did.

Now may I please get some tissues over here, I don't want blood all over me christ's sake. Quickly!

I would never lay my hands on any other person in a harmful way unless completely necessary, for you, you roughneck, I say it is necessary. *scoffs*


Is she still looking at the sunset, now long vanished?
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I walk away and talk in a hushed manner, but still one that I think others can hear, "So he thinks I'm afraid of a little knife."
The girl smelling of roses gets back to the group after wiping off the grime from the floor, then says "Oh, well if we're comparing notes, I noticed last night that the vast majority of the tables were served red wine, whereas this one here..." she points to a table nearby "had the same kind of vodka that Acklow drank, and as you can see this one has all the drinks off to one side, and none of them were finished."

Then she sighed and said "Well regardless I think most of you are right, we really have no clue who did it, and I don't want us to start killing ourselves."

"So I'm going to say No Lynch."

"Also, if Francis is on this train, I'd like to talk to him tonight please, thank you!"
"I w-wish I could refer to you good sirs and madames by name but m-most of you haven't introduced yourselves. We should share our names and other bits of information about ourselves so we know about one another and may be able to catch the m-murderer quicker."

Tears trickle down her face.

"I d-d-don't want to be sitting ducks for the murderer, I feel we have to at least make him think we are going to kill someone during the day so he is fr-frightened! However, the lack of information that we have makes me scared to pick someone."
Well if we are to threaten someone with death today let it be the karate kid over there, *waves in a random direction that probably doesn't show where he is*.

Also, *hands the crying lady some tissues to wipe her tears away* I would prefer not to reveal my identity at this early stage. *Softens expression* But don't worry young lady, let's go and sort out that finger of your's.
Well come on you lot, I know that we are all frightened and tired from this murder but not speaking to each other for about 2 and a half days is simply unacceptable. Get back out there and socialize, I am not having this murderer killing all 12 of us.

*bends down and lays his boutonniere next to Acklow before picking it up again with a strong sniff*
If you want to end up like him you very well may *scowls* but you can only blame yourselves when people who are trying to find this guy, such as myself, die.
However I already have a good idea who this mafia may be... and what a sight to behold - *quickly scowls before spouting a name to make it seem natural* this person is, and it is not even the *scoff* karate kid this time, but good riddens I wouldn't mind if he died tonight.


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Sir, I'm sure you fancy yourself as one with incredible intelligence, but there's simply no way we can accomplish much today with as little evidence as we have collected.

(ooc) we can't vote anyone without evidence so unless someone found something major nolynching is our best option (ooc)
Hmph, if you can see my intelligence I think I may like you, however the logic you portray I do not. If we can focus here we can get some evidence for a later date, these are full-on DAYS we are using up sitting around doing absolutely nothing. If you are afraid to be killed by the murderer do not fret, as either your murder will be informative or the killer will be afraid to kill you because your murder would be informative.
Now in no way am I saying I would enjoy you dead, the very opposite in fact, but using up every second doing something productive is important, being distracted and being idiots are two things that you should never do around me.


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I apologize for not updating sooner. I will officially update tomorrow sometime due to the fact of how busy I currently am. I will arrange a time for tomorrow towards evening time after work so I can sit down and get this out of the way. Thank you for your patience and once again I apologize... :(​


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Chapter 1 (Night):

20:00 March 5, 1922. Swiss Alps.

As dusk approaches each passenger in the dining car gather together. You decide that you would join them, since something or somebody seems to be talking about something important. As you reach the group huddle, you notice that another train attendant is in the middle of the group. What shocks you the most is how similar he looked to the previous train attendant.

"Oh well I'm his brother," is what he replies when you prod him with the question.

Brother? Well that's interesting, you think to yourself. As you look around you, everyone seems a bit uneasy.

"Since it has come time to cast your vote, please make sure you each fill out a slip of this paper that I will hand out to you. Just mark who you think needs to be...well, removed. And we will accommodate the most amount of votes. The democratic fashion as you all wanted," the train attendant continues, "You each will have 12 minutes to complete this task."

The train attendant then proceeds to hand out slips of paper to each one of you. He reaches you, looks up at you, and then says,

"It is written, 'And when they had crucified him, they divided his garments among them by casting lots.'"

As you try to think of the reference, he continues,

"You are, in other words, casting your lot by taking part in this vote. It is just like playing the lottery, except in the end, God decides if you are worthy."

You blink twice. Whatever the hell this man was talking about, you were uncertain of. Hopefully it would make sense in the near future.

After passing out a slip of paper to each passenger who cared to vote, the train attendant sits behind the bar and stares out at each of you, looking to see who would make the first move.

You gaze around the room and see that nobody has moved to write anything quite yet. You break the ice by putting your head down and pretending to write something on the paper. Glancing up for a moment to see if anyone reacted, you realize that your little trick was successful. One by one each of the other passengers follows suit and begin writing down something on their papers.

The twelve minutes seem to feel like 12 hours. What was the motivation of the killer? Who could it be? You felt like as if the evidence was very unclear.

You scribble the words "No Vote" onto the slip of paper and fold it up quickly. You were not certain what to do, so you decided this was for the best. After all, nobody seemed suspicious. At least not yet...

Finally the train attendant, after sitting at the bar, stands up. His piercing gaze follows each person in the room until it reaches you.

"Ah, it looks like all of you are done with votes. If I may, I will collect them from each of you."

He moves towards you and takes the slips of paper from each passenger. You watch as he fumbles around with the slips of paper at the table, once he had gathered everyone's vote.

"Ahem...It appears that you have all agreed that nobody here is suspicious enough of any verdict. Therefore I declare that tonight nobody will eliminated," the train attendant loudly announces. Each of you sigh in relief after hearing his words.

"I suppose you may all take your time to gather yourselves together since this must have been stressful. Please take care in sleeping tonight!" He says.

You each go your separate ways.


I would also like to announce that moi is subbing in for General Spoon.

PMs are all sent out.
I'm just so sorry everyone, something had come over me for the first little bit of our time here. It almost felt as if some sort of general, a spoon you could say, had taken over my body. Now that that's finally over, I'd love to talk around. Maybe a bit too much, though. Sometimes I can't even close my mouth when I need to! Our dentist sure had an awfully hard time checking my teeth when I was telling him about the great round of golf my fiancée had at Augusta.

You know, my memory seems to be coming back from what happened when that awful general was having his way with my mind. For some reason, I had felt compelled to look over the poor man's body. Such a shame, he was quite the looker that Acklow. Just don't tell my fiancée I said that! Knew how to dress, too. Nice suit, fine accessories. All of those were still on him. Seems to me like this was no petty crime - something sinister is at hand.

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