Turnabout Engine: Chapter 2 (Day) - Delayed until further notice


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Chapter 2 (Day):

9:00 March 6, 1922. Swiss Alps.

The night was a long one. At least to those who stayed awake. It wasn't the usual kind of night. That was because of the rush of tension that many experienced that night due to the fact that so much happened.

What you experienced that night was nothing out of the extraordinary. It could be said that it was simply something you expected to see yourself doing in such a situation. Thus it wasn't long until dawn approached. The commotion from the day before had not died down, and as such many of the passengers looked tired.

There was a call for the passengers to gather together for a breakfast briefing. Nobody was in the mood for it at all. The sleepless night combined with all the recent events had kept everyone on the edge.

As everyone entered into the Dining Car one by one, you found yourself staring at each of the passengers. Their dull, tired eyes returned your stare. It was painful to look at. Yet satisfying to know that you were not the only one to lose
sleep. As the familiar face of the train attendant enters the room, all eyes turn to him. He smiles and bows his head,

"I hope everyone had a good night's rest!"

His bright and resonating tone hurt your ears. It almost annoyed you. Probably because you didn't get enough sleep last night. However as your thoughts of hitting him in the face began to brew, he suddenly frowned.

"Why, there are only eleven of you here! Who is the missing person?"

As you look among the other passengers for the missing man, you notice that Da Letter El was missing.

At least that is what you thought at first, until you heard a gasp. One of the passengers began to howl in terror. The passenger was sitting by the door to the pantry, which was closed shut when you entered, but was now open. There, lying among a pile of bread loaves was the body of Da Letter El.

One man, who looked rather extravagant, bent down to check the man's pulse. He shook his head.

"This man is dead," He looks up at everybody.

Everyone in the train car stood in shock. Who, what, why? This was the third death on this train. But now another passenger died.

"From the looks of it, he seems to have suffered blunt trauma," the man continues, "I would guess that the time of death was around six hours ago. Unfortunately there isn't much to go by for a murder weapon by the looks of it, so I can't help much there right now. I do however think that the large wound on the back of his head could have been dealt by a precise blow - most likely by a slender, yet hard object. I also found a will in one of his pockets, or at least a letter."

The extravagant man began to read the paper:

Acklow said:
Dear Da Letter El,
You are Darius the Doubtful.

You are a rather big man. You are, for some reason, dressed in cossack attire - dark brown bearskin boots and baggy pants as well as a rabbit fur hat. You have a sash tied around your waist and on it is a small bag that allows you to hold paperwork in it. You are bulky and have dark brown hair. You have a cossack-styled mustache on your face and you wear what looks like a sheriff's star on your chest.

You like fish, hockey, dancing, eating, reading poems, Americans.

You dislike guns, needles, mice, murder mystery movies, Americans.

It is important to note that you are Polish. You were once convicted and suspected of murder. The victim of said murder was the happy fiance of a woman who may be on board this train. You are not, however, guilty of murder (only you know this). You were the witness of the murder when it happened. However, since the murderer disappeared as quickly as he appeared, when the authorities arrived at the crime scene, you were arrested on the spot for being suspect of murdering the fiance. You know that if the woman would find out your identity, she would not hesitate to kill you, so it is in your best interest to try to keep mum about your past. You will be highly suspect, however, due to the nature of your menacing appearance, no matter what you do. Oh and did I mention you are Polish?

Each of you look at one another...a little surprised. Who was this woman that the paper spoke of? It was highly likely she could have been the murderer!

With this sudden turn of events it was decided that you would compare your findings from the night before in order to see if you could pinpoint the culprit.



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You look at the laboratory supplies. It looks like all of the chemicals there are arranged in alphabetical order. There are all sorts of concoctions from alkaline to zinc chloride. You notice that there are poisons in the supply shelf as well. However, you notice that Cyanide is missing. There is another bottle missing but you are unsure what it is.


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Gentlemen, I have investigated the automobile in the caboose and discovered that not only is it a very rare model, possibly created by the esteemed Nicola Tesla, but the front possesses the same crest that was on the ring of our deceased friend Acklow, which I spoke of "yesterday".

Again, if any of you knows something about this crest, which potentially represents some organization of some sort, I urge you to come forward at once.
Hello there, I appear to have a lead of to what may have happened to our dear friend Acklow, or at least uncover the air around him.
Both you and I got out of last night closely, since I inspected the pantry and you would have been heart-broken to leave me I am sure. I identified objects in the pantry before the apparent murder of Darius. I did notice quite the large amount of bread piled into one corner, and in the other corner a large amount of olive oil drums. Something that piqued mine, and should peak your, interest is this hand-crafted fan, left above an olive oil drum. It had a design - very much the same as what you have described, you *points at Walrein* (no in-game names sorry). It was very much the more simplistic version of the crest if we are to believe your explanations on the other crests. Rather than a fire surrounding out gold-colored bird this crest was just red in the lower area of the fan. A gold-colored bird was then etched into the red.

My proclamation is that if anyone here placed the fan there they should come forth at once and say as such. If you know anything of this fan then I agree with him *Waves where he did previously* that you should explain yourself. We're not going to kill you, but what will happen is the murderer can kill all of us, including you. Now that would be clear idiocy *scowls*, take your choice.

It is also worth mentioning that I could enter the pantry only due to the shutter being unlocked, as it was locked this morning I would expect the murderer to have some kind of key, from where I do not know.
I spent my time checking the first three rooms in the passenger car. Room 1 is mine, and didn't have anything important in it, just my stuff. Room 2 is much different from mine, since it has someone else's stuff in it. It also had the smell of tulips. Is anyone here into tulips? Both had a dresser, a bed, and a window. Room 3 is... serene. There's a small painting of Mary on a dresser, with a Bible next to it. Whose room is that?

Also, *points at jalmont* he was in the car with me, and agreed to check three other rooms.


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Aura Guardian, I can promise you that none of those first three rooms belong to me. I can also promise that anybody who claims that they were in the Caboose other than Ditto or myself is lying, and more importantly, is retarded.

Flighty though (s)he may be, I find our friend Celever's discovery of this fan to be most interesting indeed. I have previously mused that perhaps the car in the caboose belonged to Acklow as it bore his crest, but I can't quite imagine him carrying a fan around, nor poking around in the pantry. Again, I urge anyone with knowledge of this recurring crest to come forward.
I stayed in the dining room, hoping to get a nice drink, to calm the nerves. The bartender hasn't really been around, probably because of all that mess...

Strangely, though, there were missing bottles of vodka. Seems someone snagged that drink I wanted.


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"That same crest is on one of these bottles of alcohol," I point out. "Speaking of blunt, slender objects..."
"I checked the tables here in the dining car last night," says the old lady. "I noticed that one of them had quite a few cups of unfinished vodka on one end of the table, and there was also this strange note that said 'Rab eht ta teem.' After a few minutes, I realized that it says 'Meet at the bar' backwards. It seems likely that our killer left this note for poor Acklow."
Whilst this may be coming to quick conclusions, I believe that all of the evidence we have put forth today leads to one conclusion. Here is the evidence to support my conclusions, I will then tell you what I believe:
Our murderer appears to be a woman
Our murderer appears to be using only weaponry with or near Acklow's crest upon it

From this I gather several conclusions.
The murderer socialized with Acklow before he died. In his drunken state of drinking vodka the little idiot *scowls* gave away where he has hidden his dangerous equipment to our murderer. The murderer can now use such equipment to kill fellow people on the train, so if you find anything with this crest I demand you spit it out.

It is also likely that Acklow belongs to some kind of organization. The fellow clearly has acquaintances on this very train and if we can track them down it shall be helpful. Furthermore I agree with Aura Guardian here, a hand-writing analysis is to be done. However we do not have the note handy, so we must trust in theangryscientist not to lie about what the hand-writing looks like. Do we have enough faith in him to be able to do that? I feel as though before we do a hand-writing analysis theangryscientist must give us a description of the hand-writing. Chop chop, no time to lose good fellow.
"I checked the next three rooms of the passenger car. Room 4 is mine with nothing noteworthy. Room 5 had a tea set and some news articles about the Treaty of Versailles and some discrepancy. Room 6 had a torrid smell, of fish and alcohol. Couldn't find either though. But I did find a book of poems.

The inactivity in this game is startling. I am disappointed at all of you and I earnestly hope you all decide to post more so we can actually get something done."
I am a woman, feel free to lynch me instantly, if only to validate the suspicious actions of proactive users when there is no reason to be considering the odds of hitting a successful target relative to the amount of players in the game.

It's people like you that are stopping me from voting back in Georgia, harumph. Does my vote even count?


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Is there actually a reason we are not lynching the women who hasn't actually defended herself?
Yes, let's just slaughter every single woman on the train, what could go wrong >_>

Only an incompetent buffoon would suggest something so absurd.

(For the record, I am male)


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Also, it's possible that the woman who was out to get our Polish compatriot was not the one that murdered him and/or Acklow. We simply don't have enough to go on at this point.
I do wonder good chaps whether a female is indeed the murderer. The note discovered explains that the girl would kill him quickly if she discovered said person's identity, but after only a day on this blasted train what is the likelihood that the woman did indeed discover Darius' identity? Our murderer may only have randomly killed a person, judging from out activity yesterday it would only make sense, and his note actually diverts attention away from himself, leaving us able to begin lynching women while the male murderer kills us off at night. That also answers Ginganinja's question, but it has more worth.
On the other hand. our murderer here would not like lynches to happen during the day in fear that they may strike him. Remember we will lose one of us every day if we don't lynch anybody due to the murderer murdering us every night. This piques interest as Aura_Guardian has now decided to vote no lynch first out of anybody both yesterday and today now....

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