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Xatu and Azelf are done!

With that, seeing that my parents are allowing me to use their desktop computer whilst mine undergoes repair, I'll reserve Tornadus.


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OP Updated.

(I probably missed something, let me know if I did!)

I added a few Pokemon to the unreserved list due to some expired reservations, so take a look in case you want one (there's some cool ones, just saying).

Also take a look at this, please.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there's already a huge amount of work done for Flygon and Scolipede (two of the Pokemon I added to the unreserved list), so whoever reserves them gets a head start (I'll give you the skeletons once you do).


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Having played with them extensively in the last few months, I feel that I've gotten to know a few things about them, so I'd like to reserve Slowbro (which just now has gotten its tag changed to unreserved, I'd been waiting for that for quite a while lol) and Rotom-Heat, if that's ok...
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