Weirdest Move Animations?

Occasionally I go look up information about a move. I also get to see the animations too. This has let me see some questionable animations. Take gen 2 Withdraw for example: (from Bulbapedia)

The Pokemon dons a grey hard hat basically.

Or gen 1 Agility:

A brief white flash.

So what are some questionable move animations you've seen? Maybe it's an over-the-top animation for the move? Perhaps something basic for a move that should get more for its animation? Maybe it just plain doesn't make sense? Post them here for discussion!


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Imprison was always a strange one to me, and only got stranger as I looked into it. The move's translated name is already pretty vague, so the animation was needed to clue me in to what the move was actually supposed to be doing. However, when I saw the move for the first time, I was instead greeted by a weird red spot that was entirely unfamiliar to me. (To be fair, this was BW and I was pretty young, but still.)

I later found out that this was actually a sort of stamp used for letters, which especially makes sense considering that the original Japanese name of the move is "Seal." However, this animation doesn't make intuitive sense with on a move with the name Imprison. Another odd tidbit is that in gens 4 and 5, the original animation used a red cross with a Japanese symbol, whereas international versions switched to the seal. One would expect them to just remove the text from the cross, but apparently they were willing to revamp the whole animation and ultimately were happy with the actual stamp, as that was made the universal animation in gen 6 and (afaik, haven't checked SS) is still the one used today.

Between how unfitting the animation is for the name "Imprison" and the greatly diminishing relevance of mail/wax stamps, I wouldn't be surprised if this move returned to the red cross that was universally used back in gen 3. Then again, the original name of Seal remains pretty fitting for it and it's one of the more obscure status moves anyway.

tldr: make the animation a cool jail cell type thing idk

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