What do you miss most from the Gen. I era?


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I miss how everyone played the game in school. Now very few people at my school play it and those who do are playing the competitive side of it only
^ This.
Can't understand why Pokémon is seen so nerdy, I mean, we have all played the games and loved it. And Competitive is hard as shit - Tactic's needed. Just because we all started to play when we were kids doesn't mean the games are for kids.

I will play Gen 1 & 2 for the rest of my life. I will save my Gameboy in a safety valve just so my kids can play the games when they are in a appropiate age. They shall learn to love Kanto, Charizard and the addictiveness from the start and to fear Mewtwo, Lance and Blue. Not that Arceus shit...
i miss an awful lot from the 1st generation of pokemon,i had red which i played for hundreds of hours and would play it all day everyday.i would even use my pocket money to buy batteries so i would always be able to play it.i can remember a glitch where you would talk to the man in viridian city and then fish off the end of cinnabar island and find lvl141 rapidashes which after a battle would go back down to level 100.it would be good if on a future pokemon game you could revisit all the old regions like kanto so young people and people new to pokemon can see what we all loved about the old pokemon generations,also getting a big nostalgia kick at the same time
I miss how popular and new it had been. Pre-2000 Internet wasn't as pervasive so it was easier to believe all those crazy rumors, especially when you have the crazy glitches to prove it. It was also so much fun waiting for the Gen 2 upgrade. Granted, I think Pokemon is much better now, but there's much to be said for the simplicity and freshness of Gen 1.
this will sound corny but i miss the days i felt like a real pokemon trainer and that each my pokemon were my friends. I actually didnt evole most of my pokes much like ash and picked things i like. i miss those simpler times :.(
I miss the fact that the gameboy pocket/colour was small enough to fit into my pencil case, so I could play during class!

I remember exclaiming rather loudly once when the room was silent because I lost to Sabrina!
I appreciate all generations, but I loved the simplicity as well as the originality behind the concept at the time. I felt like it was far and away the best game boy game at the time...like, I had no desire to ever take the cartridges out. Also, when everyone played it at school and we'd compare notes or just hang out and play.

I do NOT miss losing my game saves on gold and silver due to the internal batteries dying though, haha.
Of course I enjoyed the games, but I wouldn't ask for anything from them back to future generations.

Sometimes I play my Blue and I think "oh how could I survive all this time without running shoes?", "Wow only one Special stat that's retarded", "why there is so much grinding I'm fucking tired of this". Some people say that they love them because of the simplicity, but I believe Pokémon got much better when it started to get complex. I love that challenging feeling the newer games gives me, beating a Generation II onward (specially Generation IV and V) game feels much more rewarding than beating a Generation I game.

The Bike Theme is great, it's my favorite Bike Theme of all, but somehow makes me feel sad, and Pokémon Mansion Theme makes my body dance (I don't understand why people say is creepy). Favorite songs of Generation I and frankly Generation III remakes of those are bad and doesn't make them justice.

And the characters too. I love Crystal, love Hilda, etc. but I have never been so attached to any other characters as much as I'm attached to Red, Green and Blue (even thought Blue didn't even make it to the games). And it's been years and Misty it's still my favorite Gym Leader but that's probably the anime fault.

Somehow my game's batteries are still alive.
I miss how difficult it was to catch and level up pokemon, and then put them through the insanity of that super hard elite four that gen 1 has. Of course, I still have red and yellow so the classic pokemon experience is never far.
I miss looking for mew for hours next to that damn truck.

I always liked mew better than mewtwo, it needs a buff one generation, i loved how it was the rarest, cutest (and before i knew any better, the strongest) pokemon, then fucking arceus and shit came along, fuck that. Mew will always be uber in my eyes
the thing i miss most wasnt the glitches or pokemon, or the elite 4, or missingo (which i never saw ;___;) it was my first game. and eing my first game, i loved it (as does everyone playing there first game)

my family doesnt have much money (hell, im at the local library now!), so all we could afford in 2008 was the original gameboy colour. the games i got with it were pokemon yellow, crytsal, some mario games, and a casino game.

i brought to school excited that i had a game, i battled people and lost :P but i loved the story. it was a stroke of genius to me. the amount of pokemn in it was amazing! i never completed it. i caught caught mewtwo, but i found mew.

so i guess what i miss most about gen 1 was the originality of it. there is none like it in the world. the original. the best.
I really miss all the glitches. I also miss how the crit ratio worked diffrent, and pretty much every hit from a starmie or dugtrio would be a crit. Sure I agree it's kind of broken, but I enjoyed it at 10.
dont know if anyone's mentioned this yet but..i miss the old system where special attack and defense weren't separate.

tentacruel was such a cool sweeper back then :(

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