What would your life be like if smogon was never created?

Smogon...school,community and also site that prevents competitive battling from turning into a n00b infected, monotonous piece of garbage
(and god forbid filled with serebii users)
so in this thread smogon users can debate about :
-how much did smogon change your life

-the downside of smogon not existing

-and the god awful sites we would be forced to consult/discuss competitive battling aspects

so let the debate (about the apocalypse) begin :D


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- i wouldn't know shit about ivs
- we wouldn't know the correct damage formula
- i wouldn't be able to look at analyses
- i learned some social skills on smogon - wouldn't have those
- oh yeah and i write infinitely better because of C&C on smogon - wouldn't have that
In regards to sites, I think it would be inevitable for good players to congregate somewhere. They'd choose a site(s) to compete on regardless of Smogon being around. The special thing about Smogon is that people are willing to work to put out high quality content. The best players generally don't do the analysis writing or whatever, and I think that would be very hard to replicate on another site.
Gamefreak could also cut with all the hidden mechanics and just come clean with them, although this could take some degree of fun from battling, it would help starting competitive sites (smogon being absent)
Uh... typical capefeather answer, but it depends on what you mean by "Smogon". If you mean "any competitive Pokémon community with a similar scope to what Smogon is now", well, I can't imagine a competitive Pokémon following not growing eventually into *the* hub for serious tournaments and competitive discussion. Well, I suppose if VGC kicked off earlier, it might have killed the organic singles community, but even there I don't think that scenario is likely. It's not like people didn't or wouldn't know about EVs or RNG or other hacking stuff without the competitive motivation. Looking under Pokémon's hood would probably be more lucrative than the rest of the ROM hacking "industry" combined regardless.

I suppose things would change a bit more if "Smogon" were a different community with different foundations and eventual leadership, or if I individually never found Smogon. Regarding the former, well, I don't think anyone really knows what an alternate version of "the premier competitive Pokémon website" might look like, since there are so many possibilities. Yet, there are some aspects that I think would be retained. A rabid fanbase would probably still translate into a relatively rabid and confused competitive community, with different people wanting different things out of the site and no one getting along. There would still be long-held cultural aspects, influenced heavily by the culture that the Pokémon games produce, which would drastically impact how we think about the very idea of "competitive Pokémon", and which would be next to impossible to so much as question with any measure of efficacy. There would still be people who are chill, and people who want desperately to make people chill, only to have their efforts make things worse. There would still be hard-working people who are excited about contributing to a hobby in a semi-meaningful way, and some would be satisfied while others are blocked from contributing how they want for various reasons. Meh.

As for the latter, uh, I'm not really sure. I might have joined a different community, or not have drifted as far from other communities I have joined in the past. I might have beaten more video games. *shrugs* I'm not really sure of how I might have spent the time I have spent Pokémon battling and doing Pokémon-related projects... I'm not sure if I'd have been happier or if it would have been roughly the same. It's hard to pinpoint the source of one's misgivings sometimes. I have gone weeks without visiting the site and forums before, so maybe that's kind of an indication of what I might have been doing with my time, but it's still hard to say.


I did it again
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(and god forbid filled with serebii users)
Hey, some of us eventually find the light.

Anyway, without Smogon, I'd probably be done my homework right now. However, this is much more fun, and I can deal with that homework business later anyway. I've met a bunch of good Internet friends in the past year and a half, since I've started comp. battling. And I'll be damned if I don't meet up with some of them eventually, haha. It hasn't affected my real life too much, though. I do procrastinate a tad more than I used to, but that's really it. Smogon, and being involved with Pokemon on the Internet overall has just made my life more fun. I really wouldn't know what to do with myself in the free time that I'd get if I didn't have it. Always gotta be busy with something.
well i wouldn't have met some really great friends or my best friend/boyfriend without smogon, so i imagine life would be marginally shittier
Without Smogon, I would be a more introverted person than I am now. From Smogon I have picked up new interests, and have made friends here and IRL over these interests. In addition to this, Smogon has been a pretty fun place overall, so I would have probably ended up joining some other, less fun, community if I did not find Smogon.


its okay.
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My life would probably be.....less fun. I've made countless friends on here who have really helped me in Smeargle's Studio. Without Smogon, I wouldn't have found a way for people to appreciate my art(fuck dA) and help me out with it, then being able to contribute my work. Smogon's just a main part of my daily life, man. For the competitive world, I've also had alot of fun because of this website. It showed me how badass Pokemon was again.

i love ya'll


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The same as when I quit back in 2007, which was alright and I didn't miss it. Came back in 2009 out of sheer boredom, so I guess I'd be more bored than normal during that time.


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i would probably still be on tcgplayer, getting trolled by logicat (that retard...) and wondering why konami didn't understand the concept of banlists

seriously half the reason i love smogon so much is because the metagame is being run by people who have brains. sometimes big brains, sometimes only average, but at least it's better than ygo, where konami basically spends half their time trying to figure out what bans will make the most money. /cue flaming by hardcore ygo fans who think konami can do no wrong

my time management would probably be shittier if smogon was gone actually, because i used to spend 4 hours on tcgplayer a day but i only spend 1-2 on smogon so woot (but i've started laddering again recently so probably shit's about to go down the drain for my schedule). i need a fix of competitive gaming these days because i find it's really good as a thought exercise.
I'd still be that naive, very carefree boy playing the story without giving a shit about IVs/EVs or natures.

Fuck you Smogon.
Smogon...school,community and also site that prevents competitive battling from turning into a n00b infected, monotonous piece of garbage
I'd say only one of those descriptions is accurate. Anyways, I don't do competitive pokemon anymore, so I'd probably just be that guy who only posts in the general subforum on some other site. I probably would have played all the games and watched all the shows/animes I don't have time for right now because I wouldn't have wasted spent so much time on pokemon. Also I could honestly see myself on 4chan if I didn't have any other go-to internet site (shudder).
I wouldn't say I actually care about this site. (because tbh I don't)

I met most of my friends on various other sites, so besides a few users that I have strong relationships with, I wouldn't care if this site existed or not.

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