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My name sadly isn't Earl, no.

It comes from years ago back when I was 8 or something and my sister nicknamed some blue frog "Earl the Poliwhirl" and that name has been implanted into my psyche ever since. The -io is because just "Earl" is never available and numbers are dumb
My nickname comes from my fictional 4-dimensional world. I wanted it to sound scientific, "Quarti" is Latin for 4, and many places end with "ia".
Yes, that is Quartia pictured there:

Rory Mercury

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not what i was expecting the origin of your name to be
Glad I wasn't the only one thinking of cognitive behavioral therapy.

On another note my name is from a character of an anime called GATE. I don't even actually like the anime and the character Rory Mercury is just alright, not a favorite. Also androgynous names are nice as you can be named after a female character without going by a strictly female name. It also isn't a Japanese name so people don't always realize that it's an anime character's name right away and call me a weeb. :^(


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i was a young lad on pokemon online many years ago and tried to go into the sim with my real name. when that didnt work because my name was too common and someone had presumably registered it, i randomly decided to go with "epikhairz" in the spur of the moment and have been using it on all pokemon related sites ever since
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I have gone through so many different names, but as for this I did not know what I wanted to use so I saw myself Undecided and there is alot of manga with days at the end of it (ex. Dog days, School days) so I went with Undecided days.


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Well my first account was "Tehpazzaaaman" I chose this because when I first started my cousin showed me pokemon showdown and he told me to pick a name so the first thing I thought of was the pizza man but somehow I got the "I" to be an "A."
My next name would be pazzaa (pazza was taken on ps >.<) because a "cleaner" name lol also so I had a fresh start in ladder and I wanted people know it was still me.

Century Express

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When I chose my nick, Crime of the Century (Supertramp), and Trans-Europe Express (Kraftwerk) were albums that I've used to listen a lot, and I thought that "Century Express" was a cool choice fsr. Tbh I kinda regret my nickname choice, but I can't find any other decent replacement, so yeah
it's actually my name in real life

n 2 d nite
in to de night
into the night

I couldn't come up with anything so I just chose the first thing that came to mind and made it look stupid. No regrets.
I was taking the piss out of smogon names with AreWeFreshYet?, turned into Fresher than You. I thought that the average smarky smogon name was dumb.

Ironically this name works very well on smogon and I've grown to like it.

PX is an old username from another site, some people know me on discord so I thought I'd just mention real quick.
My nickname is based on Sig, a Puyo Puyo character. Back when he had no official english name.

I used that nickname on several websites (it's also my Showdown main account) though I'm starting to phase it out in lieu of SuperSnivy (a pun on the Shelby GT500 Super Snake)
My last name is murphy, and there is that car the lamborghini murcielago that people call lambo mercy. I wanted to have a name pun but not something too obvious so i liked the idea of lambo murphy

(and 44 is my favorite number)

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