Where is your nick from?

Killua kun

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I used to have another nick instead of this one.
My current alt was born in 2012, the date I watched hunter x hunter's episodes, and I liked a lot killua's character, therefore I tried to register that name, however it was already taken.
So I added "kun", in order to ladder on PO.
I decided to keep it cuz I got plenty of times top ten both bw2 ou and ubers.
SirQuixano comes from me losing a few accounts named after DonQuixote after forgetting the passwords, but SirQuixano stuck and has a nice ring to it in my opinion
My actual first name is gifford, but when I signed up on PS that name was taken. I thought I'd switch a few things but still try to preserve my name, and thus gyffyrd was born. I rather like it, although a lot of people think it's jibberish simply due to the bizarreness of the name. Fine with me though!
One of my first names when I started going online was DragonStorm. This went on for a good long while until I got way into Forums for Roleplaying. On a bleach one I made I wanted to name my sword something cool. I went with Inazuma has my Swords name because it sounds cool. I don't really remember what it was for my bankai. All I know is that I mixed another word with Inazuma and that's what I came up with. The reason this story is significant is because I liked the idea enough to try some other things. I was way into lightning when I was a teenager but I didn't really care to keep using Inazuma so I went with Arashi which means storm. That was cool enough for me to start using ArashiDragon as my name in a few places but I still wanted to mix it with something else. Eventually Kuroi *Dark / Black* was what I had chosen because when you're a teenager, everything's cooler when its darker. I tried KuroiArashiDragon like one time before mixing the two together and making KurashiDragon.
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I used to really like Disco as a kid, so I started calling myself Discodude on things like poptropica and stuff like that, so eventually when I started playing smash, I changed it to Disco Inferno/Almighty Disco and whichever I use just flucuates
this is my first name irl. so when I first arrived on Pokemon Showdown in 2014 I was quite happy that it wasn't taken already.
I used a lot of nicknames throughout the last years, but FirstStrike was the one I ended up being most satisfied with. During the time I started using it, I began almost every Pokemon battle with Fake Out and thus always got the first strike. I was once beaten to it by another Fake Out user, but I still enjoy using the name although my tactics changed. ^^
acronym from a pokemon rpg site I used to mod for and it stuck .w. was originally rkd but the name was taken on ps so I added i
Well, I used to have Tai_Lopez9001, then one day in the ubers room someone said some Freddy Krueger joke and i made the Freddy Kyogre pun, and decided to take that account since it sounded way more ig "professional" or mature than Tai_Lopez9001.

Then, I accidently spread a one-week chat lock to my school (sorry guys) so I needed to dip out of there and changed my name to hide basically permanently since I had no previous ties. Stuck with it since.

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