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Where is your nick from?

One of my first names when I started going online was DragonStorm. This went on for a good long while until I got way into Forums for Roleplaying. On a bleach one I made I wanted to name my sword something cool. I went with Inazuma has my Swords name because it sounds cool. I don't really remember what it was for my bankai. All I know is that I mixed another word with Inazuma and that's what I came up with. The reason this story is significant is because I liked the idea enough to try some other things. I was way into lightning when I was a teenager but I didn't really care to keep using Inazuma so I went with Arashi which means storm. That was cool enough for me to start using ArashiDragon as my name in a few places but I still wanted to mix it with something else. Eventually Kuroi *Dark / Black* was what I had chosen because when you're a teenager, everything's cooler when its darker. I tried KuroiArashiDragon like one time before mixing the two together and making KurashiDragon.
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I used to really like Disco as a kid, so I started calling myself Discodude on things like poptropica and stuff like that, so eventually when I started playing smash, I changed it to Disco Inferno/Almighty Disco and whichever I use just flucuates
this is my first name irl. so when I first arrived on Pokemon Showdown in 2014 I was quite happy that it wasn't taken already.
I used a lot of nicknames throughout the last years, but FirstStrike was the one I ended up being most satisfied with. During the time I started using it, I began almost every Pokemon battle with Fake Out and thus always got the first strike. I was once beaten to it by another Fake Out user, but I still enjoy using the name although my tactics changed. ^^
acronym from a pokemon rpg site I used to mod for and it stuck .w. was originally rkd but the name was taken on ps so I added i
Well, I used to have Tai_Lopez9001, then one day in the ubers room someone said some Freddy Krueger joke and i made the Freddy Kyogre pun, and decided to take that account since it sounded way more ig "professional" or mature than Tai_Lopez9001.

Then, I accidently spread a one-week chat lock to my school (sorry guys) so I needed to dip out of there and changed my name to hide basically permanently since I had no previous ties. Stuck with it since.
Used to love searching up Nokia memes on the internet, and thus incorporated the Nokia Brick as an instrument of world destruction in some comics I made, though I called it a Nuukia instead. Eventually it became my official PS name, then here.
My name origin is fairly lame:

I love mangoes (favorite fruit)

Meloetta is a fun mon to have in the team, especially normal monotype. Also it makes for good alliteration.


literally me in real life
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it was the name of my minecraft faction i created when i was like 10, it was fairly popular and i had a nice base but it got raided because i didn't have enough obsidian to protect it, so after learning that i abandoned my own faction i created and never went on that server again

this is actually my 3rd name on smogon, with my last two names being ScraftyForTehLolz and Springtrap, so i think it was an overall great decision, but i still about that faction everyday
I love Mortal Kombat ever since I was little, and my favorite character is Scorpion - to be fair, he's everyone's favorite character from MK - so my usernames are all based around him.
It's just one of those names that randomly came into my mind one day and I thought "Hey. I should use this somewhere." And voila.

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