Winters Zombie's Retirement Plan! Distribution shall commence.

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I updated the OP with all the people who are getting one. Shortly after this message is posted the thread will be closed and distribution shall commence.

oh quick question. are you trying to learn korean because "★Is a Korean Pop fanboy★"
Not just only because of that. It is one of the main reasons, but no where near the only reason.



But I imagine he's moving there because he's a Korean Pop fanboy, so you are still right :P
Indeed. :) I also have always wanted to live in either Japan or Korea. So now that I am actually putting my front foot forward in getting there. It's quite exciting :D!

Hey I don't need your Pikachu but I wanted to wish you luck anyway. I just spent a year in Korea teaching and was curious if you are teaching and if you'll be near Seoul. You'll love the Korean alphabet as it is amazingly simple and straight-forward; very few odd pronunciation rules. However, the grammar made me want to die. If you are SUPER serious about learning it thoroughly, not just to get by, I would recommend getting a big-fat korean grammar book used online as they will cost you a kidney over there. Good luck! I hope you love it!

EDIT: And if you're ever desperate for American food (like I was) I can tell you where to find such delicacies as Oreos and not-meat-flavored chips. O.o
I am actually going into the Air Force and hoping to be deployed over there for a few years. Since being in the Air Force I'll be stationed at Osan, which isn't terribly far from Seoul.
I already have learned some of the writing. It is simple and straightforward. It's pretty awesome :D!
I actually bought Elementary Korean, college course book. It's really good!

Ew Oreos! xD!

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