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I might have been evil before, Outlaw, but Emma Frost is the leader of the current X-Men as much as you would like to play this down. However, I would like to hear what you have to say now that I'm co-operating with Stallion.

PS: I can't make it rain, but I heard from a little bird that someone can.
Dark X-Men

Main article: Dark X-Men
Donning a modified black version of her costume as well as the name Black Queen, Emma Frost is appointed by Norman Osborn to lead his new team of "Dark X-Men." Marvel writer Matt Fraction indicated that her alliance with Osborn will place Emma and Scott at odds with one another, providing "a profound schism."[62]

Just sayin, it could be matty chose to make you it so that you are still a good guy. I only know what the comics tell me.
Ok guys first thing is first - do not lynch Kharozz, turns out he is actually good lol.

Secondly, I need the bodyguard and the inspector to contact me or blue light as soon as possible. I have alot of claims now but neither of those, so this is pretty important.
Srry guys about earlier, I was just copying what others seemed to be doing: asking for roles. So yeah, after learning that mafias knew their teammates I now feel like a complete dumbass. >.< Sorry guys


Trying to get my Smods back D:
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Y'all would do good to be trustin' good Ol' Remy Etienne LeBeau. 'Bout time everyone on this team started trustin' that everyone else on this team knows what they're doin'!
Lol Zero, beast is one of the 5 original x-men and Emma frost is their leader. Use some common sense, don't you think we would have been counterclaimwd if that was the case? Anyway zero, I need you to pm me pretty soon, because alot of the non claimants are shaping up to be mafia and we don't want someone lynched on a technicality like that do we???

Additionally, I would like Team Aether to confirm that he received my pm and for Charles Xavier to contact me or blue light asap. If I have sent you instructions for a night action guys, I'd like you to reply to confirm to me that you got them.


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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Guys, get your PMs into me and Serenity. Missing about 1/3ish of you. You will be auto-subbed without nudging since last game it kinda of ruined the game. Please do it!
Update is technically in an hour and I am missing PMs. If you are idling be sure to mention that you are idling, otherwise make sure you sent your PM to both myself and matty. We know who didn't read the rules as it clearly states that in bold / and or we know the idlers.


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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The X-Men assembled back at the Mansion after an exhausting night. A few had seen Sentinels and Brotherhood Mutants creeping along the night yet many didn't have the chance to engage them.

Jimbo took role-call of the 25 mutants assembled. Yet none seemed to have died during the Night...

However, a bright light brightened the sky and it read:
Mingot wasn't targetted by anyone last night...
Lastly, a glimpse of a Sentinel Robot flashed across the sky. It dropped a package which Jedil quickly snatched. It read:
The Sentinel Robots have captured and assimilated one of you pathetic mutants. We have completely converted that mutant into one of us. Prepare to be exterminated.
It was a curious Night... many interesting circumstances were afoot...

It is now Day 1. Day 1 ends in 24 hours or when we have reached a majortiy.
Hey everyone, Beast here! Anyway there are a few highly suspicious characters around and one of the most suspicious here is Yoshi King. He would not send us a pm, and he claimed a role that was already in existence so everybody please Vote Yoshi King
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