X-Men Mafia

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Trying to get my Smods back D:
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Lookee here, mes amis...another bad guy wit' his hair pulled into a pony tail. Is there some dress code nobody tell me 'bout?

lynch yoshi king


take me anywhere
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it'd be nice to get a little more information rather than following blindly d1..... but whatever I'm a sheep

Lynch Yoshi King
What a horrible day, my cat dies and I get lynched. T_T Good luck to the rest of my team, and I hope everyone has a fun game.

Lynch Yoshi King.

Will I ever make it past 2 days in a matty mafia? heh
She's as old as I am (21, we got her when I was a baby), and for the last week she pretty much shut down... at her age it's expected, but I'm still going to miss her. Thanks though, Outlaw. :D


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The X-Men crowded into the mansions study to decide the lynch for that day. MS spokes first. "X-Men, it has come to my attention that we have a traitor among us. YoshiKing is not in fact Vulcan but an imposter bent on destroying mutant kind!" With his short speech the X-Men quickly gathered around YoshiKing but before they could destroy him, Outlaw spoke up. "X-Men, I think it fair that YoshiKing have a say before he is killed. Let the mutant speak!"

YoshiKing then got up in front of the X-Men gathered and sat silently. When he finally spoke, all that came out were the gargelled words from a dead telephone line and the inmistakeable syllables "My Cat died..."! And suddenly YoshiKing's skin flickered and he turned into a human sized Sentinel Robot. The X-Men quickly converged on YK and tore off his head before the dangerous robot could do more damage.

Dear Yoshi King,

You are Mark III. The third prototype of the Sentinel mutant robot project. Although Mark I was a sucessful project, Washington decided to go ahead to create Mark III Sentinel robot more focused on recovering lost items and erasing memories of mutants. Your mission in life is to capture and delete as many mutants as possible

Since you are a swift killing machine, once during the game you may send a PM to matty stating "Night X - Enclose and trap <User>." That night you engage in combat with that user and trap them inside of you. They will be unable to post in the thread and also to use abilities during the Night. They also are effectively removed from the game so they may not be lynched as well. You may release your target any time (even during day cycles) however, if you do, they will know who you are. In the event that you are ever killed, you will release your target. You may target other Sentinel robots.

You have another ability. Since you are a Sentinel Robot, once every odd Night you may send a PM to matty stating "Night X - Destroy <User> with laser system." That night you will use your power intensive laser to instantly kill that user. However, if more than one user allied with the Sentinel Army attempts to kill in a single night all kills will fail. You can only do this on odd numbered nights. You may not kill if you have a target kidnapped inside of you.

You may only use one your abilities (killing or Kidnapping) once a night.

However, since you are Mark III, the most powerful killing robot invented yet, once during the game you can use your killing ability on an Even Night as well as your odd Night ability.

The other Sentinels in the Sentinel Army are:
<A fairly large snip>

You win if a member of the Sentinel Army is one of the last alive
The X-Men had officially ridded the game of their first enemy.

It is now Night 2. Night 2 ends in 48 hours or when all Night PMs have been received.
Enjoying your first blood? However, I still have 5 people that haven't claimed, you know who you are. Unless you want to join Yoshi King on the junk heap, time is wasting.
Alright cool first kill is a success :). Sorry to hear about your cat Yoshi King =( Alright now I need everybody who has an important night role to contact me, I have a solid target in mind but I need a few people to confirm this.

Also Bass you expressed good intentions to contact me but you never did, so it is of the utmost importance that you do so now to avoid any misunderstandings or unnecessary conflict.
Team Aether, I wanted to wait for the postgame thread before talking about my decisions in 28WL, but if you absolutely can't wait, I'd be glad to have a discussion on the matter with you, on IRC or via PMs.

Mekkah, pluff and Amelia: *hug*
Oh by the way accent, zero hadn't claimed yet and was acting a bit suss, so I'm going to throw the gauntlet down by saying that if you do not contact ke immediately with your role pm, I will assume you are mafia and lead a lynch on you tomorrow. It's time to go all lonelyness on these bitches!! ;)
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