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Anyone else catch the reveal today?

Nothing much, no gameplay, the reveal was underwhelming in my opinion (and to stockholders too I guess as Sony's stock rised 14% during the announcement while Microsoft's dropped). Feels like MS is too concerned with making their system into a media center rather than a gaming console.

15 new exclusives though in the year for it and the skype call while gaming is great. Not sold on the Xbox One yet though, I'll have to see the exclusives for it, I go PC for everything but exclusives.
No used games or backwards compatibility was expected, but required kinect, non-replaceable hard drives and no games was all kinds of bad. I was already pretty sure I was only getting a PS4 and a WiiU when some better games came out, but this sealed the deal.

Also, the announcement was notable for temporarily ending the never-ending console wars on /v/ as Sony and Nintendo fans teamed up on Microsoft in an alliance that lasted about 30 minutes before they went back to hating each other.
...ehh I should have saved some of those "sonyntendo" images but those threads are dead by now

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Shitty release.

Apart from the COD/EA Sports/IP announcement if you aren't living in the US chances are you give zero fucks about handegg and hulu/netflix-like service which as usual which be restricted outside US, thanks to licensing issues greed for money

And the stuff that actually matters isn't sounding too promising either.

  • Always-on Kinect
  • Not being able to play offline for games you LEGITIMATELY OWN. FUCK THIS
  • Requiring extra cash to play used games? WHAT THE FUCK.

This video pretty much sums it all up.

They were very vague with the information with used games. You'd be able to use your games on your profile on your friend's xbox obviously means that your friend wouldn't be able to play your game. Very disappointed, but expected from M$. I'm still waiting for solid information to confirm what everyone is thinking, but it looks like the rumors are true, at least in some part.

What still gets me is the fact that people have to pay to access the multiplayer of games they just spent $60+ on. All this TV (like anyone cares) and the other stuff mentioned in the first half of the conference seems like justification to charge a fee for XBL.
Another thing is how advanced can console gaming get without a significant advancement in resolution of tvs? And Microsoft wont hesitate to drop the xbox one on its head if it starts loosing money because microsoft makes profits outside of the xbox. Same for sony.


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This is an incredible disaster and there is no xbox 360 exclusive I cared for heavily since I only play FPS on console. Digital games are getting way more refined and I can expect them on steam at least 6 months later (and then in a year at ridiculously lower prices). The exclusive windows keep getting shorter. The xbox is dead in the water to me

Just about every hour I learn something worse about this console on neogaf too what is this.

The name is bad, xbox > 360 > xbox 1 is the stuff of extreme idiocy. The used game thing is just greedy or horribly unexplained, and insulting either way. I don't care for half the stuff they seem to talk about. Kinect has only really been used in my house for a fitness game of all things, nothing remotely interesting about the controller. This new kinect version looks even more awful than the original, and likely with all the features we expected of the original. It looks big and awful. It looks like the controller uses AA batteries, which doesn't float my boat (I'm still a luddite that I prefer wired though), at least give recharge packs.

Nothing can save this console for me, unless there is another Tales of Vesperia level of screwing over that occurs I will not buy it. I'll stick to my PC, Wii-U and when the PS4 gets an inevitable newer version or price drop with the newest Tales game I'll then consider jumping in.

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This reveal was shit. Basically just showed me a bunch of shit I'm never gonna use. I already own a Wii U, and if I buy another 8th gen console, it will be the PS4.

Oh and the used game shit... Microsoft just committed suicide.


Feeling more confident in my Wii U purchase everyday :)

These next generation gaming consoles have been a complete joke so far. They're just making games more expensive to produce and more expensive to play, just for the sake of slightly better graphics and features that add nothing to the gameplay experience.

I really hope E3 has an amazing lineup of games to show, or the 8th gen will be a mess.

-Best controller ever made, but the look is meh
-Confirmed x86 architecture (even though this was known for a while)


-Console + Kinect are huge. They REALLY want to replace everything
-They envision unified access with your cable box, but cable is becoming abysmal
-Lots of confusion on used games, license keys etc
-Phil Spencer saying the console needs to connect to the internet at least once a day; what happens if it doesn't?
-No real gameplay shown. All appeared CGI, but a Forza 5 dev said it (Forza 5) wasn't?

I still expect this console to sell extremely well. The live TV features will appeal to the casual audience. I'm also curious about the HDMI in port. Perhaps it can be used for something other than a cable box???

I for one really enjoyed today's reveal :)
Nice one there Phil ;)

  • Has retarded download only system that charges you full price for used games, killing the used game market while making piracy a lot easier.
  • Forces you to have an Xbox Live account, which you have to pay for

  • Kinect is a requirement, which means it will be built into the system and it will ultimately cost more
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That's incredibly sad, and that's coming from a Sony die hard fan (nothing compared to Philip though). But meh, when games start to get announced everyone will forget this ever happened...

Also, Sony is poised to repeat the PS2 monopoly with the Wii U and XBox bombing...

Edit: People were saying you cannot top 599 dollars...YOUWEREWRONG.


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It looks like a VHS player from the early 90's.... Who thought that would be cool?

My 360 is dead, and with no back compatibility and must having Kinect I can't see myself getting a "One"

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