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Sticky XY Sprite Project (read 1st post): Release v1.1 on Post #3240


...are Xerneas active form (in battle).

...are Xerneas neutral form (out of battle).
Can we get some out-of-battle BW sprites? Or are those completely useless to us here? (I would at least like to have them for the color scheme.)
The neutral form is out of the scope of this project, since these are made for pokemon showdown and you don't see your pokemon out of battle, however I did recolor the sprite to make a neutral version for myself a while back, you may have it but all credit still goes to the XY Sprite Project since the base sprite came from this project.



supertasks with sprites
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hi guys, i made an updated list of the sprites from this project. the only things i qc'd were the cosplay pikachu forms and reducing the colours in some of the unfinalized sprites before.
however, the animated sprites list doesn't have much in it yet because many of the static sprites were updated some time ago. i'm thinking of helping with finishing some of the animated sprites once i finish more stuff in the Sun/Moon sprite project
if i'm not mistaken what is left from gen 6 is:
the vivillon patterns, what is missing is all the patterns(minus meadow) of Wobblebuns design, both front and back
https://imgur.com/RnA8qgg https://imgur.com/uUywGpy
or the back sprites of Basic Vanillite design which already has all the front sprites, but i do not know which design has been chosen to be the "official", is it the first that gets completed?
furfrou trims, leparagon already made normal front sprites, what is needed is back sprites and shiny's
neutral xerneas, leparagon already made(what i would guess is the final version or close to it)of both front normal and shiny, what is missing is a back sprite
https://imgur.com/5OWHxye https://imgur.com/zghv2mj
lastly, tree xerneas and cocoon yveltal, merely for completionist' sake(leparagon already made a sprite for a mon that has not been used in battle ever(i think): rotomdex, and something tells me that the rotomdex is not going to get much use in showdown, if at all)
Edit: that last part about the rotomdex sounded a by to much like i was complaining about the sprite existence, which could not be further from the truth, i like that it has been made, the point i tried to make is that to me at least treerneas and cocooltal should be put on the same category as the rotomdex, and that is that they need a sprite despite them being only used maybe on an obscure fangame(at least for battle that is, they could be used in a pokestar style in-battle cinematic of sorts), now if you excuse me i'm going to write a similar comment on the gen 7 project for a few unlisted forms in their doc(like the furfrou trims and neutral xerneas of this projects doc, yes i'm not counting treerneas nor cocooltal, they are rather obscure forms, but they should also be in)
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Never posted on Smogon before but if mods deem that my sprites meet the quality standards I could for sure make some of the missing backsprites and post them here. If they get rejected I will still post them on my DA for those who might need at least some form of a backsprite.

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Question, how would one ask to try to join and contribute to this? I heard you needed Vivillon backsprites of all patterns, and, well, not to throw a third candidate onto the pile, but I do have a personal project of mine that's already finished all the sprites front and back, normal and shiny for all the vivillon forms, so theyd at least all match together nicely too. Im just not the greatest spriter and they were admittedly heavily edited (the wing edges at least, the bodies I did myself) from a self proclaimed free to use resource here: https://www.deviantart.com/dreadwing93/art/666-Vivillon-Sprites-710504373

Benefits to you guys:
1) They all match eachother and are a nice looking set
2) They look decent and vibrant (to me)
3) Every sprite is finished, front/back shiny etc
4) They are all 14 colors or less, every single one, which I know is important from reading this thread
5) they are fullbody back and front

1) I did start with those above sprites, but you can see on their page they said they are free to use for whatever, not to mention said person has even made a website to make your vivillon pattern here: http://cutievirus.com/vivillon/ BUT it's really just the wing edges and basic pattern shape, I recolored/reshaded slightly edited the wings and totally remade the bodies myself
2) I am not the greatest spriter anyway, probably might need a qc pass/not sure if there up to you guys standards/this was just a personal thing I did for myself, but if there's a need for it here, then might as well offer?

feel free to say no thanks, just thought id throw it out there since there seemed to be a need for a task that was probably kinda daunting

*EDIT* I also tried to take a stab at making more backsprite patterns to try and match the other vivillon backsprite that's already been made earlier in this thread, so there's that as well, I used a lot more brighter/vivid colors out of personal preference though, again, not the greatest spriter, it's probably a bit messy, but I think alright for a first attempt at it


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Nice Furfrou forms, Leparagon does have a habit of taking a while before making back sprites.

A lot of people have been asking about the Vivillon sprites and I am glad there are people out there that are willing to take on the challenge of spriting this needlessly complicated butterfly. However I actually have something in the works that uses Wobblebuns' design with Basic Vanillite's color pallet to create a full set of Vivillon sprites with animation.

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