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...are Xerneas active form (in battle).

...are Xerneas neutral form (out of battle).
Can we get some out-of-battle BW sprites? Or are those completely useless to us here? (I would at least like to have them for the color scheme.)
The neutral form is out of the scope of this project, since these are made for pokemon showdown and you don't see your pokemon out of battle, however I did recolor the sprite to make a neutral version for myself a while back, you may have it but all credit still goes to the XY Sprite Project since the base sprite came from this project.



supertasks with sprites
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hi guys, i made an updated list of the sprites from this project. the only things i qc'd were the cosplay pikachu forms and reducing the colours in some of the unfinalized sprites before.
however, the animated sprites list doesn't have much in it yet because many of the static sprites were updated some time ago. i'm thinking of helping with finishing some of the animated sprites once i finish more stuff in the Sun/Moon sprite project

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