Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

One of the better themes in my opinion is a strange one: It's the music that plays when you battle Nascour in Colosseum.

Why do I say it's odd? It's because the battle has no background music at all. The only sound is the battle noises and the crowd cheering. It raises the suspense up so much higher than any music could ever hope to.
Gen 1:
1. Champion Battle
2. S.S. Anne
3. Pallet Town
4. Cave Theme
5. Guidepost
[I also love the Pokémon Tower music, even though the tower itself made me want to stop playing Red when i was younger! The cycling theme is also really good!]

Gen 2:
1. Game Corner
2. Lance/Red's theme
3. Ecruterak/Cianwood City
4. Viridian Forest/Route 2
5. New Bark Town
[My favorite generation, and the Game Corner theme is actually my favorite song out of all Pokémon songs, it's that good! Even though you probably shouldn't gamble.]

Gen 3:
1. Bike Theme
2. Littleroot Town
3. Birch's Lab
4. Surfing
5. Either Dewford Town or Slateport City
[There is something about the Bike theme that makes me relaxed. Maybe it's because of how much i liked this game, how much i liked biking, or maybe it's because it's just really good. I love these songs!]

I haven't played anything after Gen 3, but the generations after it look really nice, and i'm looking forward to seeing them, especially 6! Even though i will have a hard time picking songs, since there is about 7 trillion songs in just one game in the newer generations, i think i'll enjoy listening to the songs from later generations!


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Any Gen 2 music, I didn't have a gameboy through Gen 1 so Gen 2's music is just all I can remember, especially Lance/Red's theme, my favourite piece in Pokemon. Anything from PMD2 as well, my favourite sidegame, might even surpass BW for me tbh, the soundtrack for it was almost as captivating as the story.
My absolute favorite is relic castle. The entralink from b/w was godly too. Those two themes are among the most criminally underrated and unknown themes in pokemon.

Sun and Moon has a great soundtrack too. The aether foundation theme quickly became my favorite (dem violins), but vast poni canyon is really great too.
Not necessarily a song one would connect with Pokemon but for me, it's the one that always pops into mind when I think about Pokemon music in general.
Sun/Moon has many great musics. Too many to choose as always, but one thing for now, I am out in Hau'oli at night. The jazz is nice, I can study while listening this all day.

Oh, and then, I had been so moody and depressed over real life, but then I realised GenVI doesn't have a cheerful yet leisurely relaxing theme. Hau'oli in daylight actually makes me spiritful and soothed my negative feelings as I need some holiday break. Feels like I want to rest at a beach relaxing lazily, preferably with some Pokemon enjoying the beach too.

And that is just two of great musics brought by SuMn. GF had done it again, might be even better than before.
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This is definitely my favorite theme in Pokemon, and one of my favorite songs in general. It's got plenty of power and emotion, and it manages to sound very urgent and emotional, which is fitting for the ending of the game in question. That, and it plays during one of the best and most memorable boss fights ever. Honestly, I could write a whole thesis paper's worth of praise for Explorers of Sky's music alone.
Alright, moving on from previous post, I like the trials theme. Its is cheerful and energetic compared to the gym theme we hear for so long, along with all the funny trials (Lana's blatant lies, photobomb trial, cooking beneath radar, and poor Soffy).

And then we get to face the kings of island, kahuna, with such amazing theme. A bit of Tapu's theme at start, then the remixed music of trials that is somehow fitting greatly for a battle.

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Oh boy, spin-offs included? Sit back with popcorn, this'll be a long one..

Azalea Town is just one of the most memorable bits of music from GSC for me; I remember trying to search everywhere and find where this music was from. I eventually played the entire game over again just to find where.

Ecruteak / Cianwood is just a nice, calm tracks that reminds me of nighttime. Maybe it's just because getting over the sea seemed like such a huge accomplishment and my team was so beat up, I felt like this music was just like a pat on the back.
The ultimate nostalgia tripper. Probably one of the most beautiful songs to me; can't really say why.

Set the bar for boss battle music that only Red himself could beat (no Lance doesn't count).

Ah, the legend's music.

Ironically, it's only a favorite because Red himself gave me a memorable story; to be brief, I got my butt handed to me going through Mt. Silver and the surrounding routes. I was absolutely destroyed when I got to him; all I had left was like an HM Slave. I talk to him, desperately hoping for healing, a cool item, SOMETHING to reward my young self travelling to the ends of God knows where (remember, this is an age before spoilers. I wandered to Red of my own graces). Instead, I get an absolutely pitched boss battle with music that actually fit my absolute terror of facing THE boss of the game, underleveled, unsaved, and on my last legs. How I clawed victory from that, I don't even remember. Probably something to do with Full Restores ("Pokemon Master" more like shopping master)

This is one of the few tracks I think Game Freak did better the second time around. I'm fully nostalgia'd for the first, but the second I like regardless. It just fits how hyped ??? makes a battle; Mt. Moon especially.

I like pretty much all the music in RSE, but this track is probably the best battle music of them all IMO. It's just great.

When I was little and played Emerald, I thought I was good at the game; I'd already beaten Sapphire and Silver, I'd beaten up to the Battle Frontier, and I thought I was pretty good. In comes the Battle Frontier and I get frustrated, because I have no Pokemon at 100 and all my good old party favorites are above 50. In a fit of brilliance, I decided to make a team specifically for the Battle Frontier, raiding my boxes for suitable pokemon; unfortunately, I didn't really know what pokemon breeding was and all I had caught were like 8 pokemon through the entire game. So, outside of the token Wurmple, Poochyena, and a Wailord that I tried and hated, I had only chose Anorith and Trapinch and got to work with the Elite Four, getting a mighty Armaldo and Flygon for the Frontier. It then dawned into me that I actually needed a third pokemon, and I really didn't want to train anything more; luckily, I had tried to get a Volt Tackle Pichu as far back as Lilycove. I failed miserably since I didn't know anything past male + female = egg, but on the plus side one of the Pikachu did get to level 45 off of my steps in that time. I shrugged, said "good enough" and turned it into a Raichu. It was the infamous "thing to fill the third slot", and I didn't even bother levelling it to 50.

Needless to say, for someone who thought EVs were something you evolve into Umbreon, Espeon, and the like and that IVs were for hospital stuff, I didn't really do that well, especially since I didn't really use TMs, a unique resource, on my hodgepodge team. The best I did was give Thunder to Raichu to make up for being underleveled. This went exactly as you'd think it would, and I got destroyed a lot. Me and my cousin were both at the same place, and we decided we'd both have at least ONE victory, and picked a place to master. The spot I seemed best at (or looked the coolest so I picked it?) and chose to try and win at was the Battle Pike.

I mean, I was still terrible, but as the symbol screen said the Battle Pike tested your luck, and so I persevered. After countless, countless attempts, learning each "what lies ahead" meaning by heart, I RNG'd my way to victory.

Of course, I had no idea how to earn a medal so I was really mad the first time I got through and nothing happened. So I tried again. And again. And again. And, finally, I fought the Pike Queen Lucy.

It should be said that Armaldo did shine, getting Seviper down, only to be killed by Milotic. Fearing Milotic from previous experiences, I used my ace in Flygon; it did good, but failed. I then was in my worst nightmare; I finally made it to the end, but all I have left was something I treated as filler and almost used a lv3 Wurmple over; it wasn't even levelled up to top, for heaven's sake.

Thank RNG, again, really. It dodged an attack (Hydro Pump?) and hit with Thunder, resulting in the 1v1 of a lifetime. I was so pumped, and out came....
...Shuckle. I remembered this thing as some sort of jokemon, and decided to fry it into next week with another thunder. Haha, as if.

Shuckle toxic'd, Thunder missed. And it missed again. And I, for the first time, saw the horrors of Stall; in a game I was all to familiar with ending in a few turns (and Toxic being a worse poison), I became a helpless participant in a grudge match between Third Slot and a stupid-looking turtle that had suddenly become the Grand Master of All Things Bad. I became desperate; between the bind damage and only 1 or 2 thunders hitting, we were both like half health and all I had left was Slam, a move that was "not very effective", which may as well meant "you're toast". And so I slammed.

I didn't expect much, really. I got the bit I expected, but alas, a lucky break; paralysis on the glacier-pace turtle. And so the ultimate war of attrition started; toxic started to build up while I slammed Shuckle and prayed for luck. It got close, but all seemed lost until the master stroke.

"SHUCKLE is paralyzed! It can't move!"
I survived on the edge, less than 5% because I didn't get hit by Bind or anything. But to win, a Slam alone wasn't good enough..

"RAICHU used Slam. A critical hit!"
And that did it. Fitting, the place designed to test your luck won by luck. And so the theme will always go down as one of the most pitched fights I've had.
But on we go!

All have their charms. I like the pace in 3, but the others are phenomenal regular matches in themselves. Since they play off each other a lot (tournament order), they worked amazing together.
Nostalgia for sure, but the absolute best introduction to Colosseum ever. Unique, good first battle music to Rider Willy while you bask in the gloriousness that was actual models and animated attacks? Oh yes.

Great boss music; the switch in theme always coincided for when I started sweeping through these guys, so it always felt like an early rendition of how music used to change when the Gym Leader was on their last pokemon. It was pretty cool back then.

And of course, Mystery Dungeon! I gotta admit, a lot of these songs are great just because I remember the plot and the hype, but still!
Sky Tower was hell. Shedninja, Shuppet, Venomoth, Aerodactyl. Need I say more? Regardless, even they can't stop this from hyping you to the top for the final boss.
Such a cool thing to have a boss have a remix to the regular boss music. On top of that, it just fit the fight (and hype getting there) so well, and thus a favorite.
Though the parting hurts...

Hourai is right, this is just amazing. Playing Explorers for the first time made this legendary; it won't ever change. Even the remixes of this song are massive hits and featured alongside the original on YT; it was one heck of a ride.
I hate when people say "if you listen to this and dont feel something you have no soul" but dang. These tracks bring back probably the saddest part of any game I've ever played. If you haven't heard these in forever but played the games, they might knock the wind out of you a little (definitely surprised me)

Thanks for bearing with me here; getting to the end of this post is a feat in and of itself.

Edit: fixed things, borked things, fixed things again.
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Haven't posted in a while, but after that post of Carrier I just had to. The main games are often given the most attention and therefore credit. While this may be obvious, as they are the backbone of the series, it often leaves spin-offs ignored and forgotten. I will not be talking about Colloseum/XD or the mystery dungeon games, as they have been discussed a lot.

A piece of music that often lingers in my head is one that is often ignored if not skipped entirely. I am talking about the staff roll music in Pokemon conquest. This song is so good in conveying every emotion you underwent in your adventure. May it be the grandness of victory, the silliness of some characters you faced or the crushing defeat, this song has got it all.

The inclusion of the next song is more for comical value than anything else. The music in Pokemon Trozei/Link has a unique vibe to it, which I can't really explain properly. However, one song that sometimes haunts me in my sleep is the one that plays during endless mode. The reason for this is that it reminds me of Darude Sandstorm. Every time I listen to this song I get a sudden urge to listen to that horrible song. This is quite a contrast from the happy go lucky music that plays during the intro of the game, which to be honest fits the silly story of the game.

One game that deserves a mention is Pokemon Pinball R&S. The particular song that stands out to me is the one that plays on the Ruby Field. In my opinion the slow and happy music is not a great fit for a faster and sometimes quite stressful game of pinball, but it's just so relaxing. Most of the time while playing this game, I would just listen to the music and fail due to not paying attention to the ball. Overall, the music in this game is just relaxing and fun, which is all I really need for a Pokemon game.

We'll continue with a song from one of the more known spin-offs: Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs. Sky event plays during well... a sky event, but the name is not the only thing that fits. The start gets you pumped for a live-action sequence in which you have to dodge orbs of energy. And the piano fits the song just perfectly. It's a great piece of music for one of the rare live-action events in Pokemon Ranger.

While I am not the biggest fan of the Poképark games, I am a big sucker for its music. From high action songs like Absol's Hurdle Bounce and Salamence's Air Ace to serene ones like Meeting place and Iceberg Zone. But my personal favourite has to be Pelipper's Circle Circuit. This course only requires you to fly through a series of hoops in order to gain points, while flying from point A to B and this piece of music just adds so much to this otherwise mundane task. This song alone got me through the event and encouraged me to continue playing the game.

In order to prevent this from becoming too big of a post (I just really love the music in these games and could continue for ages) I'll talk about an often criticized game: Pokémon Rumble Blast.
While I really love a lot of the songs from this game, like: Westerly Town, Magma Battle and Northerly Town; There is one song in particular I would like to talk about:

Like its name suggest it takes place in an Autumnwood, and they couldn't have done anything else to convey that feeling more. Hearing this song immediately makes me think about making an adventurous stroll through the forest, kicking leaves as I walk forward.

I hope you are still with me after this post, but my main goal is making people more aware of the songs and themes in games. A lot of hard work was put into creating and recording these songs and not often enough is this recognised by people, especially when it comes to the less popular or known games. Thanks for reading and have a nice rest of your day/night.
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Since the music is one of my favorite parts of Pokemon, I'm doing another post with my favorite tracks per generation, not counting remakes
Generation 1:
It's pretty simple, but it still sounds really nice, and definitely worked well for the first gym leader theme in the series.
Generation 2:
Best surfing theme in the series, in my opinion. It somehow even manages to sound nostalgic to me, although it probably has to do with how much I liked using the GB Sounds in SoulSilver when I was younger.
Generation 3:
Generation 3 was my first, and this is the definitely the track from it that was a guaranteed pick. It's quite possibly one of the most beautiful tracks in the entire series, with its piano and all.
Generation 4:
It wasn't until I replayed Platinum earlier last year that I came to love Sinnoh as a whole. This is definitely one of my favorite route themes in the entire series, it sounds really cheerful and is the one thing that makes me not dread this route as much.
Generation 5:
Generation 5's pick would have been really difficult for me if this track didn't exist. Gen 5 has some of my favorite music of any main series Pokemon game, only narrowly beaten out by Sun and Moon, and this easily it's best. This theme is perfect for a last route, it sounds fittingly emotional for the end of your journey, and the instrumentation is just great
Generation 6:
Generation 6 was a difficult pick for the exact opposite reason of why Gen 5's would have been a difficult pick. Gen 6 as a whole had a pretty forgettable soundtrack as a whole, but this is the one that stood out to me the most for whatever reason. I was half tempted to just put something from PSMD on the list instead, because I just really don't like the selection of music in X and Y.
Generation 7:
This was another difficult pick, but just simply because Sun and Moon easily have the best soundtrack in the entire main series. This is easily my favorite rival theme, which is definitely fitting for my favorite rival in general. It's insanely catchy, and definitely fits Gladion as a character. I was really debating between putting this or the Ultra Beast battle theme on the list, but I ultimately settled on this one.
I'm wondering now. I have never had the chance to try Pokémon + Nobunaga / Conquest. I wonder which side made the musics there, Game Freak or Koei?

Since I wonder if there's Sengoku Musou vibes from the musics since I'm fan to that as well, although Pokémon by itself also are capable to have great musics....
Hello everyone,

Let me present to you orchestral remasterisation/remixes of themes from pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time !

For example i've made "Primal Dialga" remix... right here:
Follow my channel and you can appreciate more remixes about this game !
(There is also personnal compositions)

PEACE pokemon lovers !
Hello everyone,

Let me present to you orchestral remasterisation/remixes of themes from pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time !

For example i've made "Primal Dialga" remix... right here:
Follow my channel and you can appreciate more remixes about this game !
(There is also personnal compositions)

PEACE pokemon lovers !
Nice, I like your stuff but you should probably post here which is for things you made yourself; it's mostly art but music is definitely allowed as well. This thread is mostly for in-game music.

Either way, your music is very good! Welcome to Smogon.
Personal top 10
1.ORAS Deoxys. I love the constant melody and the sci-fi/ space feel.
2. B/W Special Wild Pokémon. Mostly nostalgia speaking here.
3. ORAS Zinnia. Dem violins.
4. Hall of Origin Arceus. So what if it was never released? It's still cool.
5. ORAS Wally. I love the sense of accomplishment this gives me, and it was my go to Battle Resort theme.
6.B/W wild encounter. NOSTALGIA!
7. ORAS Raikou/Entei/Suicune. I love how it sounds like actual GameBoy music.
8. ORAS Giratina. I love how it fades and beeps, like something's gone wrong
9. Destruction in human form. I just love the subtle vocals.
10. Team Skull. It just gives me a majestical feeling, like I'm conquering something.

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