Your Favorite Theme in Pokemon?

The boss battle music from HG/SS (aka Lance+Red battles) will always be in my heart as maybe the most powerful piece of music I know of in a game. Thinking about it and all the tension when you face Lance's team of Dragon-types just gives me goosebumps.


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Bored and feeling like shit for various reasons, might as well bump this to gush about a couple themes.

Battle! Champion (Hoenn) from Black 2 and White 2
Probably the best version of this theme (ORAS version is a bit to overkill). The opening is pretty killer and sets the mood for an awesome fight.

Kalos Power Plant from X and Y
Really chill theme that I never see anyone talk about, but is really great. Reminds me of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for some reason I can't describe.
I enjoy the GSC Surf theme, it's so nostalgic hearing those old school 8-bit or whatever you want to call them. It makes me sad sometimes tho, it's like longing for that old bicycle when you let go of the training wheels (no pun intended, but the bike themes are nice too).

RSE has a bunch of stuff, but I'll pick a few:

Mt. Pyre Outer Wall:
Probably one of the first pieces of Pokemon music to ever make me say, "Wait...what is this I'm listening to?" Perfectly encapsulates the understated weirdness/importance of Mt. Pyre.

Frontier Brain theme:
Probably my favorite trainer theme. It's definitely congratulatory that you got so far as to face them, but it also has the menacing aspect that all good Trainer themes need.

Trick House:
Literally "Fun: The Sidequest: The Music".

Gen 5 --
Route 23:
You've just beaten the new team Plasma. You're one route away from Victory Road. Here, have some freaking awesome music.

Especially when it's in random side areas in the games, it always catches me off guard.
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Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but in the last few weeks, the citizens of Netherlands have accomplished something quite amazing in my opinion.
I will try to translate this article into English for you to enjoy.


Pokémon Theme Song makes a début in the Top 2000*

The founder of Facebook-page 'Pokémon Theme Song in de Top 2000' has done it: the nostalgic song Gonna Catch 'em All by American vocalist Jason Paige has managed to claim a spot in the popular music ranking list.

"Now, 17 years after its first release, the inevitable has finally happened: the Pokémon Theme Song is in the Top 2000," Wisse ten Bosch, founder of the Facebook-page, writes. "Everyone who has voted, shared and shouted to get this done: Thank you!"

In October, Wisse made a digital call to his followers, asking them to help him get the Pokémon theme song in the Top 2000. He found it weird that the song had never been able to make the list before. "And this while, from its first notes, this song inspires feelings of nostalgia and happiness in an entire generation, and has people singing along at the top of their voice," he states at the facebookpage.

Which place the well-known song will get is not yet clear. The full list will be revealed on 16th December.

*Most acknowledged music popularity ranking list in the Netherlands, where Bohemian Rhapsody (by Queen) dominated the no. 1 spot for a very long time, ... until the millennials became 'aware' of their powers and things started shifting. Last year, for the first time in this very long time, Bohemian Rhapsody was beaten, by Hotel California (by The Eagles). It seems the game is on now. Time for Ash Ketchum to turn his cap around.


Facts from the FB-page:

6K people on Facebook had confirmed to be interested in the event
58K people on Facebook had confirmed their taking part in the event of voting on the Pokémon Theme Song
140K people on Facebook had been invited for the event in total



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Hmm kinda hard to say honestly, I liked Pokemon for a large portion of my life and I never really had a favorite theme. I'm gonna have to say a few.
DPP: Routes 201, 206, 209, a majority of the post game routes, Cynthia Battle and the Palkia/Dialga battle
RSE ORAS: Hoenn Rival Battle, Pokemart, Deoxys battle, Slateport City, Frontier Brain battle, Foretree City, and the title & end credits themes
RBGY FRLG: Trainer, Gym Leader/Elite Four and Champion Battles
GSC HGSS: Champion Battle, any remixes from gen 1, and golden rod/bike theme, anything else sounded unmemorable to me
BWB2W2: Sky Arrow Bridge, both Reshiram and Zekrom themes (yes they are slightly different!), Bike theme, Undella Town (Summer), Accumla Town and the credits theme)
XY: A New Meeting (Friend/Rival meeting), "Rival" Battle theme, Bike theme, Xerneas/Yveltal Battle, Mewtwo Battle, and Kiseki (credits theme)
Anime: Advance Adventure and V (Volt)

Kinda hard to think of anything from XY and BW as I hardly remember anything from those games and XY is really new compared the other stuff (as oras was just remixed with a few new themes here and there)


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I recently got pointed to this thread. I'll read through it later, but let me first put the post that had a mod suggest I come here. Actually I need to post 3, one not from me so I'll leave out their name:

In the Unpopular Opinion threads there's a movie discussion going on and during it I was reminded that some of them had great pieces of music:

Search For The Girl - Pokemon Heroes

Lugia's Song - The Power of One

Oracion - Rise of Darkrai
Someone said:
On the subject of music, as Pikachu315111 mentioned the movies, there's a couple from the games that I really love. Well, several, but two I want to talk about.

So Sinnoh has the best first-route tune in the game, hands down, come at me bro:
And another thing Sinnoh introduced was day/night variations of the same theme. So if you're departing Twinleaf at an hour no ten-year-old has any business being outside their house during, you get this:
The difference is really subtle--mainly that the drumbeat of the day tune is mostly missing from the night--but it's still the same addicting song I could listen to for hours on end, while still being not the exact same.
If you don't mind me bring this right back to the anime with you example, I always liked when the anime remixed a song from the games giving it an orchestral version. For example:

Some of my other favorites (just gonna provide a link to them):

Kanto Trainer Battle (called "Burning Battlefield")
Hoenn Elite Four (and unlike the ORAS remix they have the clapping!)

And while we're on music from the anime, anyone remember Pikachu's Jukebox (just gonna link you to playlists):

Pokemon Season 1 Opening Theme (I Want To Be The Very Best (Like No One Ever Was))
(On The Road To) Viridian City
2.B.A Master
What Kind of Pokemon Are You?
Together Forever
Double Trouble (Team Rocket's Rockin')

Song of Jigglypuff
Two Perfect Girls
I find love to Battle Frontier. The musics. So energetic. Especially the Frontier Brain. Although lately my head hurts when listening Maison Chatelaines'remixed Emerald Frontier Brain music, so I listen fan remix instead. I wish they'd make Battle Frontier, not Resort though, as I want to listen the remixed trumpets of glory that is Battle Frontier BGM again....

Also, the best route is Kalos route 18. It feels heroic yet heartwarming.
Kaina/Slateport City has vocal song and is beautiful. In any version.
Soaring the Sky both day and night. It's very dreamy and wonderful.
And somehow I got attracted to RSE/ORAS's encounter theme to the champion (not the battle theme). Too bad ORAS doesn't play it anymore in rematch against Steven.... :<

Of course there are actually many more....
I love the Dive Theme from RSE. Very calming song imo, and I like calming songs.
Every Champion theme before Gen 5 due to how energetic it is.
Cyrus' battle theme as well, truly gave me the feel of an intimidating Team Boss. (Now if only Team Galactic was actually like that)


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Orange Islands
I love the Dive Theme from RSE. Very calming song imo, and I like calming songs.
Every Champion theme before Gen 5 due to how energetic it is.
Cyrus' battle theme as well, truly gave me the feel of an intimidating Team Boss. (Now if only Team Galactic was actually like that)
If you like calming songs you'll probably very much like the Outside the Pokemon League Theme in DPPt... A very classy peice of music seemingly intended for you to stop and take stock of what you've done and how you've made it so far.

It's also probably in my favourite pieces of music from any of the Pokemon games. I also really like Colress' theme and the awesome guitar riff in the Plasma theme too. I'll check back through the thread and see what else has been posted :)


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Guess I will post a few favourites.

Distortion World ~ Pokémon Platinum — I really like this theme, starting quiet and empty at the beginning before building towards a crescendo in a quiet, but grand manner. Really works considering the world.

Amp Plains ~ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers — The upbeat, electronica feel works here and the loud melody near the end of the loop is really powerful and awesome, fitting in line with the electrical nature of the dungeon. The Super Mystery Dungeon cover of the theme is pretty good though I still prefer the Explorers version.

Boulder Quarry ~ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky — Basically a remixed Mt. Steel from Rescue Team but this version is just so much better with the rocky undertones. It feels so much more powerful and easy to listen to.

Route 15 ~ Pokémon X & Y — This one sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it and is one of the several big gems to come out of X & Y. The moment you enter Route 15 for the first time to the ominous piano strokes before going into an emotional, melancholic melody gives off the vibe that things are going to get darker and harder from here on in, and it really fits with the autumnal surroundings of Route 15/16 and later, the ride up Route 17 on the back of a Mamoswine.

Legendary Stage ~ Pokémon Shuffle — Shuffle has a few pretty good themes and this one I rate as my favourite for the grandiose yet relaxing feel, as well as the nice hints to the RSE and ORAS title themes as well as some theme from Coliseum.

I have a few more I might post later.
In Kalos, you can pretty much throw a rock the length of Route 1. Which is a damn shame, because this theme is quite enjoyable. (Not least because of the piano, which is a huge part of what endears the XY soundtrack to me.)

Emerald is the only game I've played where I genuinely enjoy wild grinding. I wonder why that could be?

Another one from the original Mystery Dungeon, the Great Canyon. Imagine my delight on hearing that they actually used it in Super Mystery Dungeon. Kinda. (Granted, you won't get to hear it until the postgame, but still.)
As underwhelming Diantha seems, I still feel that her Champion theme was awesome. It really gives the theme of a feminine Champion which is quite a shame that they didn't really focus on Diantha's character. Still, my favorite Pokémon theme would go to Blue's Champion theme. The original, the classic, and still the best. All of its remixes have been done well, especially the Pokémon Origins one.

In Kalos, you can pretty much throw a rock the length of Route 1. Which is a damn shame, because this theme is quite enjoyable. (Not least because of the piano, which is a huge part of what endears the XY soundtrack to me.)
That theme is really nice. It really feels the start of a big journey ahead of you.
Team Flare is my favourite theme in the entire series. It makes me care about every single battle with the "token evil group" simply because the music gets me pumped up so easily.


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It's the bongo drums. Just as Super Mario Sunshine, it's themes are good on their own but add in the Yoshi bango drums and they make it a bit of a different listening experience.

Oh yeah, I remember that version of Gen II's Champion theme (both Lance and Red are Champions). It was my favorite rock version of that theme, then I found a Youtuber called LittleVMills. He's a rock musician who makes rock version (and rarely other genres) of video game music. He made a whole record of Rock version of Pokemon music (mainly the Champion themes, though if you look through his videos (or use the search function) you'll find others). Though don't take my word for it, here's his version of the Gen II's Champion theme:


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