Your First 100s

My very first level 100 was my female Sylveon in X. I was so proud that I got her to that point. Following her my second and third level 100s were my Aerodactyl, and then Dragonite.
My first level 100 was my sceptile back in emerald (on about my 10th run through). I still have him. Not too long after I trained up a whole slew of level 100s in Platinum. Sceptile will always be special though.
I can't recall my Emerald play anymore aside of that among of them were Metagross, Espeon, and Latias I managed to win with against the Battle Dome boss.
I'll start from my X. I believe I had my team boosted at the Battle Chateau or something, so I couldn't recall much either, but I remember my starter Delphox? (later succeeded by best female one named Vixenia) became the mentor of my other Pokemon training to level 100.

Not many other storyline teammates manages to reach that level, though, sadly. Raichuu can't keep up with the story with her sad stats....

I can't recall Alpha Sapphire. Blissey camps trivialise the whole EXP matters.
My first was Xerneas, I got good IV's so decided to raise it to 100. Second was Rayquaza for similar reasons.

My third and only real one to me was my 5IV Charmander that I bred myself. Did a solo run of Alpha Sapphire with it.
My first 100 was my beloved SAMEWOTT(my starter in Black, and yes, that's the most creative nickname I could of come up with)
I got the Mac hoopa event right after the third gym in omega ruby; it was kind of game breaking so early, but it's my 2nd 100
I then have Blaziken, my Omega Ruby starter, and countless since then.
I'm still 100less in Sun
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My first 100 was a Thundurus I got off the GTS in Black. The first 100 I raised myself though was my Talonflame in Y. I fed it the pokepuff I got on my birthday and it loved me so much I gave it the honor of OHKOing everything.
My first level 100 was a Venusaur in Blue.
It had a shallow movepool, but that Razor Leaf's crits were so good that was a pleasure using it during all the game.
My first Lvl. 100 was Lapras; transfered from FireRed and hit Lvl. 100 while I was challenging friends' secret bases in Sapphire. My Charizard and Tyranitar, also from FireRed, weren't far behind, along with my Kyogre, Sceptile, and Rayquaza.

The highest level Pokemon I ever had in the first games I played, Silver and Gold, was my Ho-oh who I think I never got past Lvl. 94-98 before I moved on to gen 3.

My first Pokemon ever was a Cyndaquil who I think capped out as a Lvl. 70-some Typhlosion before I reset my game and started over with Totodile. God, did I love Gold and Silver. I played through those things so many times... I was so familiar with them that when I imported HeartGold from Japan I had no problems navigating through the game despite not knowing a lick of Japanese outside of ”おかあさん” (okasan). So at least I knew whenever my mom was calling me over the Pokegear!
Tyranitar in the original Gold, I believe. Never actually leveled a team to 100 in Blue because I would restart it constantly to play through the story again haha.
My first level 100, not counting all of the ones I've gotten from Lucky WonderTrades or friends, was my Greninja is X, with my second being my Swam- Altaria in AS. My in-game Altaria was WonderTraded to me early on and it got overleveled as heck, so, EZ Level 100 :P
My first level 100 was Sceptile, way back in Sapphire. I didn't get any more until Black 2, when I got Lucario, Zoroark, Latios, and Cinccino to level 100. Admittedly it was a bigger deal back then, since now there are high-leveled opponents and Blissey Bases that make it a lot easier.


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My first 100 was a Dragonite in Gold. I actually remember its moveset: Fly, Blizzard, Thunder, and Hyper Beam.
Charizard in Fire Red. Standard smogon set of Blast Burn, Fire Blast, Flamethrower and Fly. When it finally got there I had to give it a "cool" nickname so I renamed it Heat X (Charizard X later became a real thing). It was the only Pokemon I used properly on my team throughout the game besides an underleveled Dugtrio and Jolteon. Seems like a lot of kids who started with RBY FRLG did pretty much the same as me.
Salamence, way back in Sapphire. Traded a friend a Bagon to train and my trusted Starter companion back for it up in the 80s. Solo'd the Elite Four as many times as it took to level up everything to 100% the regional Dex. I think I even put an Amulet Coin on it, lol.

Thing was a monster. Fly, EQ, Dragon Claw, and I think Hyper Beam of all things lol.
My first level 100 was a doozy to get. It was on a bet with my friend in Gen 4, Platinum to be exact. He bet me $50 that I couldn't level up my level one Togepi (egg from Cynthia, Eterna City) in less than an hour. I ended up doing it in only 48 minutes. It turns out that since I was doing this in school (they were pretty lax about DS's back then), the teacher saw the 50 dollars and "confiscated it." She made up some poop (sandwiches) about the school handbook. I looked in there, and it said nothing about either electronics or money at all. That teacher then had a new 24 kt gold phone case the next morning, I wonder why?
My first was a Blastoise in Pokémon Blue, Surf/Hydro Pump/Strength/Ice Beam.

I remember Surfing level 12 Bellsprouts to death with it and laughing at the "it's not very effective".
My Staraptor in Pokemon Platinum. After the e4, I ditched all my pokes except for Staraptor, and made a new team from scratch.

My first 100 was my Empoleon nicknamed Dedede from Diamond version. I'm pretty sure my next to level 100s were my starter and Kyurem from White 2, and after that most of my party from Y.
I named my Jigglypuff in Pokemon Y Kirby, lol

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My first level 100 was my Swampert in Emerald. The reason it got to level 100 is a simple one; it just didn't leave my party. This was probably because young me decided that the ideal moveset consisted of 4 HMS: Surf, Waterfall, Dive and Strength.
My first was my squirtle in pokemon blue when I was 6. Blastoise had fissure surf hydro pump and ice beam and would kick ass. I thought Id lost it recently since all my game batteries were dying but I found it in my yellow along with all my other pokemon.

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