Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

Gold was my first pokemon game, and without all of the memories I made playing it I wouldn't be here today.

I couldn't ever beat the Elite 4 as a kid so I would end up just getting frustrated and restarting it. Looking back, I realize I was trying to win with some pretty terrible 'mons.

Anyway in one of the run-throughs I ran into Suicune for the first time (on that file). My first poke wasn't going to be fast enough to damage it, and my best ball was a Great Ball. I had nothing to lose so I threw it. I can still see that little blue ball arcing across the screen, headed straight for that magnificent beast. It opened up and Suicune was inside; I knew it wouldn't last long though. I was expecting it to burst out of my Great Ball and flee, but it just kept shaking in that certain way only a poke ball can. Once, twice, three times. I couldn't believe it. I had captured the Aurora Pokemon. This is hands down my best experience in Gold.

Some honorable mentions are: Climbing Burnt Tower time and time again to catch Ho-oh, finally killing Whitney's Miltank every time, the first time that I caught Lugia, and last but certainly not least, discovering that Lapras was the monster roaring in Union Cave.
Testing out a master ball on a random high leveled poke, before knowing it was the only one you could feasibly get

Finding a shiny Rattata and turning the game off, thinking it's becoming corrupt or something (I wasn't paying much attention and missed the sparkle animation)
Burning everything with my Typhlosion

Team Rocket Grunt with the awesome laugh. HYUK HYUK HYUK!!!

Catching a Shiny Raticate, only for the game's battery to run dry

Reaching the top of Mt Silver and defeating Red


Oh, god, the sweet memories.
This has probably been said, but after getting all of the badges and getting back into my hometown after traveling down route 45, I of course finally stumbled back upon that body of water so close to my house. Believing it was just some small lake, I sailed across it. Surprisingly, there was another side! And when I stepped off, I was immediately challenged to a battle.

But wait, there's no battle music, he can't want to battle. Do I know what I just did? No, I don't, something about first steps-WAIT. What did you just say?! Is it true? Can I really. . .? Looking at the map, I was stunned. A whole new, or rather old, world lay before me. I was back.
i've never really played the original games as anything but glitch and gameshark guinea pigs; however, there was one time where i spawned a raichu in my party, then levelled it with rare candies. when i walked through the walls to blackthorn, though, it went to level 30.
...not heartwarming or nostalgic, really, but strange, all the same.
Gold is my first pokemon game.
It took me weeks to figure out how the switches in Underground Rocket Hideout (Goldenrod) works. Finding how to clear that Sudowoodo tree also took forever, never checked the florist! :|
I was a total-noob and my team was ridiculously underleveled, throwing Master Ball at Lance's Dragonite because I heard it worked somewhere. :|


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This is going to seem an odd one.

It's this time I was surfing off of Cianwood city just after beating chuck, looking at my team (which consisted of one overleveled Meganuim and one overleveled Pidgeot) and realizing, for the first time in my Pokemon career, that I was a terrible, terrible trainer.

Seriously that is the one thing I remember most XD
I was training my meganium on the sea near whirl islands. It was infested with tentacools/tentacruels. Found a weird colored tentacool. Catched it. Never take it out of the box XD


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After being taunted with Mt. Silver's existence ever since I first saw the town map, I was happy to head to Victory Road to go check it out.

"You can't go there! There are scary-strong Pokémon in there," the guard said. I actually found out later that that was a big fat lie, the "Scary strong" Pokémon were actually at a perfect level for grinding before the Elite Four. Anyway, disgruntled, I beat the Elite Four and returned. Nope, I still had to beat the Gym Leaders of Kanto, it seemed.

A long time later, the gym leaders were beaten, and I went into the most underwhelming area in Pokémon since Ever Grande "City" (actually, EG"C" came later, but anyway). The Pokémon there were an insult to Cerulean Cave, the post-game area of RBY, but regardless, I explored the caves. I went deeper and deeper, higher and higher, until I entered a cavernous, yet well-lit room where a narrow path went across a huge abyss. At the other end stood a figure I knew all too well. Why was he here? What did he want? I talked to him, and he replied. Actually, he said nothing, but he replied. Then he grabbed a Poké Ball and nodded slowly. Slightly nervous, I did the same...
Thus began the battle of my childhood for the first time. It took me a few tries to get past him and his endless Full Restores, and that Snorlax. But that first encounter... definitely a favourite moment.

In second place, the feeling I got when I completed the Magnet Train sidequest and was able to take the train for the first time. It was as if everything suddenly fell into place, Kanto and Johto were connected once again and the entire world was just a short trip away, instead of that once-a-day boat ride or the trek via Tohjo Falls.
I remember getting stuck in Mahogany town and restarting the game. :(

And the first battle with Lance; that silence as he talks to you and then the music comes in and WHAAAT WHATS WITH ALL THESE DRAGONITES AAAAAAAAAA

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