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round over! lovely submissions as always, lets get into these :)


by adsam


by Gravity Monkey
Unovan Slurpuff

Stats: 82 / 90 / 106 / 75 / 65 / 62 (BST: 480)
Abilities: Sand Veil / High Road*

High Road – This Pokemon's allies' Speed is raised by 1 stage at the end of each full turn this Pokemon has been on the field.


by Samtendo09
Based off the poodle dog and the mythical ice wolf, Fenrir.

Poodle Houndoom does not Mega Evolve, but can summon a special type of Hail that only the opposing side is damaged through it‘s signature move, Hail Razor.


by royalfluxh
Notable New Moves: Flare Blitz, Will-O-Wisp, Morning Sun


by Tidal Otter
Ghost/Fire Typhlosion
Skeletal structures borrowed from Limbpaw on YouTube


by temp


by blce
additional info

typing: bug/poison
category: night hunter pokemon
abilities: compound eyes, merciless, poison touch
stats: 70/90/50/90/50/100
new moves: cross poison, gunk shot, poison sting, poison tail, sludge, sludge bomb, venoshock, bug buzz, fell stinger, first impression, uturn, sticky web, tail glow

this variant of delcatty, just like it's counterpart, loves to bathe in the moonlight, residing in tropical and temperate forests. however, the night hunter pokemon is not docile like a regular delcatty. these ferocious hunters won't stop at anything to pin and strike down their opponent. delcatty are incredibly versatile: armed with a stinger upon it's long tail, an ability to shoot sticky webs, and powerful poisonous horns, you'd better think twice before encountering one of these felines!

if i missed anyone, poke me ^^

beautiful round everyone! these all came out so good. see you next week!
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