Zombie Apocalypse! (Now with Bad Posters!)

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Last day was pretty easy with Dusknoir disabling things left and right and showing those zombies the real meaning of DOOM.

For day 2 I get #12:

97.5% accurate Sleep Powder on everyone NAO

Then run for your life
Day 1: Conkeldurr

Day 2 Roll: 295

295 = Exploud

...Well, assuming this is during Generation 3, I can just give it a Silk Scarf and three PP Ups and spam Hyper Beam...


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Random Roll: 379

Man how the fuck am I gonna outrun the zombies while lugging around this hunk of metal?

On the plus side it has a thick metal hide and takes reduced damage from ghost/dark, so it isn't all bad I guess...
97.5% accurate Sleep Powder on everyone NAO
What with zombies being dead, I'm not sure that they're actually capable of sleep, but whatevs.

Anyways, I wasn't aware we were getting 2nd chances, but all the cool kids are doin' it, so eff the police!

My poor Koffing fought so, so hard for me. Levitating me away from danger, spewing Sludge Bombs into the eyes of our foes, aiding our escape with Smokescreen, etc. And though we bonded, all good things must come to an end. It seems Koffing was out of PP for all his moves, save one. In one last attempt to save my sorry hide, he unleashed a mighty Self Destruct, the likes of which could be seen from space. His eyes locked with mine one last time and he gave a tearful smile before bidding farewell to the world in a most spectacular fashion.

Arceus, having sensed the love shared between my humble hero and I, was moved to give me one last chance. One more companion.
"I will not waste your sacrifice!" I proclaim as I go for my 2nd cosmic dice roll...

And I get #125, Electabuzz. Time to rape me some undead horde.
Day 1 Roll: (491)Darkrai.

To bad Zombies don't fear the dark...or sleep...
But those Dark Pulses this guy tosses around should get the job done.

Day 2: (369) Relicanth

Unless Arceus decided that with the coming of these Pokémon the laws of fysics were altered to let fish float on land I'm screwed.
Wow i'm lucky.

First roll today..got 448.


No more need to be said.

I can imagine it now, me and my dog walking in a deserted road(i'm holding a machete).
Day 2? Okay.

Number 204: Pineco...

I guess it can leave a trail of spikes behind me while I run? Doubt it would do much though.

Well, at least I can have myself some ice cream so I don't die of starvation. Do zombies like ice cream? Is can ice cream cure someone that's been zobified?

Since this is a zombie apocalypse with Pokemon, then its an anime...THERE WILL BE BOOBS AND PANTIES! (HotD reference, terrible anime, don't watch)
After birthing countless perfect-stats chickens, the world gives to me the mighty Tropius. With its Leppa Berry stalling power, soon the zombies will be calling out for it to be banned as they Struggle away their life.

Lombre, if there's something I know about ecchi anime (yes, I'm continuing the trend set by Highschool of the Dead), it's that there are busty girls and where there are busty girls, there are naked girls and where there are naked girls, there are bathtubs and when there are bathtubs, there are showers and where there are showers, there's makeshift rain! There might even be some pediatric rocks which we can dunk into water and then they'll be Water Stones so you can evolve.

What are we waiting for? To the bathmobile!

(music playing in the background)

Watch out zombies, STAB Surf in the rain with Swift Swim and Rain Dish!


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WOW...luck was on my side tonight. I got #637, which is volcarona. Burn, baby!! Who can tell me what game that's from and who says it??
Day 1: #26

I don't think electricity will have an effect on the undead, but maybe #26 can jump a car battery or something and help me get to safety...
Number #17. Pidgeotto.

He's too light to fly me anywhere, but with a wall of wind and sand obstructing me from the zombies, I make my escape to the ocean, where I sail to safety with the extra wind he generates.

P.S. Are these zombies actual Undead or are they infected some goofball virus?
Second try...
...363! Spheal? Seriously what can it do against zombies, apart from a pseudo-Stallrein set?


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Was hoping to get a Victini, but alas, the odds were not in my favor. Instead, I get this thing:

I consider this my Yoshi. Together, we will traverse the lands and headbutt every bloody mound of rotten flesh impeding our progress.
Day 1 roll: #288 Vigoroth

Vigoroth is cool. It can claw open zombies or something, seems good.

Day 2 roll: #503 Samurott

That's more like it. Not quite my favourite Pokémon, but I bet it tears up zombies like a boss yeah
I got Gible which is good I guess because it can dig me a tunnel or a cave to hide out in, and make pitfall traps quickly to hault their progress. It could probably eat a few of them as well, just gotta be careful he doesn't bitten!

forget Street Sharks, GROUND SHARKS GOOOOO
My zombie plan has been considerably backed up by the addition of #142 Aerodactyl. In addition to holing myself up in an apartment, Aerodactyl can be used as a ride in and out of my stronghold to scout for supplies. In the event that I have to beef up security, Stealth Rocks can be used similarly to barbed wire to protect the stronghold, slowing them down enough for Aerodactyl to pick them off with Hyper Beam or whatnot. Hiding in the basement and using Earthquake can also trigger the collapse of the apartment should there be a need to stage a last stand. And if you go by the rule that zombies are ghost-type, Aerodactyl's Crunch is a decent close combat option against zombies should I be forced into such a situation. Heat Wave is also an acceptable AOE attack to clear out mobs if I get cornered, but we have to assume zombies are made of paper.

Other things that may have been useful: Typhlosion might be useful for staging a one-man stand right smack in the middle of the horde, with Eruption or Heat Wave. Forretress's access to all three entry hazards are an insanely better fortification tactic than Stealth Rock on its lonesome, and it can Reflect as a side bonus to secure the stronghold temporarily. Explosion as a last ditch 'scorched earth' method of going out by blowing the whole damn place up. Lastly, Abomasnow could summon a hailstorm and disadvantage the zombies who have no body heat. They'll freeze like corpsicles!
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