Little Cup April 2013 News

Little Cup Premier League!

Posted by Elevator Music on Apr 15, 2013. Art by Magistrum.

We're proud to announce our very own Little Cup Premier League! The LCPL will be a team tournament, consisting of 6 teams run by some of our best players, with 5 metagame formats listed below. Learn all about it and sign up here! The formats are as follows:

  1. DPP LC
  2. Round 2 (Initial LC ban list, Moody banned, no BW2 exclusives)
  3. Round 4 (Initial LC ban list, Moody, Vulpix, and Murkrow banned, no BW2 exclusives)
  4. Round 5 (Initial LC ban list, Moody, Vulpix, Murkrow, Carvanha, Gligar, Meditite, and Misdreavus banned, no BW2 exclusives)
  5. Current LC (Initial LC ban list, Moody, Vulpix, Carvanha, Gligar, and Meditite banned, yes BW2 exclusives)

Note that the 5th format (our current metagame) will have two slots, while the others will only have one.