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Posted by Elevator Music on Mar 16, 2013.

Over the past month, our users have been hard at work writing analyses and other content for the hub. Without our dedicated users, this wouldn't be possible, so a huge thanks to them is necessary. If you're interested in contributing an article, analysis, or letter to the site, check out our Contributions & Corrections forum. Below is a list of content uploaded in the last month.

Speed Boost as a Possible Suspect

Posted by Charmander on Mar 06, 2013.

After some previous discussion on Speed Boost, the Little Cup Council and other Little Cup players have decided to discuss the possibility of banning the Speed Boost ability and unbanning Yanma and Carvanha. In the fourth generation, Yanma was banned due to its overwhelming Speed and sweeping capabilities. After the start of a new generation, this speedy bug was immediately banned for the same reason, and Carvanha later fell with it. However, the community is currently discussing allowing Yanma and Carvanha back into Little Cup without their threatening ability. Read more about it here!