OU Smogcasts

Are you looking to become more knowledgeable about OU or want to know about the state of the metagame at different points in time? The best place to start is the Smogcast, a podcast about the current state of the OU metagame. Below are links to all episodes of the Smogcast focused on any period of BW OU, with some information about the topics, lengths, et cetera included as well.

Note: All Smogcasts can be downloaded on iTunes and Zune Marketplace, just go on your respective program and search "Smogcast."

The Smogcast - Episode 6

Subject matter: The major changes to Pokemon in general brought by BW, the 10 new Pokemon that sounded the most threatening, the new items, the new game mechanics, and the Dream World were discussed.

Hosts: cim and Seven Deadly Sins

Panelists: Lee, Rising_Dusk, and Deck Knight

Length: 2:18:34


The Smogcast - Episode 8

Subject matter: Round 1 of suspect testing, its results, and what happened shortly thereafter were the topics discussed.

Hosts: Seven Deadly Sins and cim

Panelists: Elevator Music and JabbaTheGriffin

Length: 1:37:38

Note: there is some strong language in this episode, so use discretion


The Smogcast - Episode 9

Subject matter: Reuniclus's impact on the metagame, the resurgence of Dragon-types, weather wars, and the genie trio (Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus) were the topics discussed.

Host: Seven Deadly Sins

Panelists: JabbaTheGriffin, locopoke, and idiotfrommars


The Smogcast - Episode 14

Subject matter: The Sand Veil and Snow Cloak ban, Garchomp, Genesect, Keldeo, the Therian formes, Pokemon that dropped from OU to UU, underrated movesets, and more were the topics discussed.

Host: MikeDecIsHere

Panelists: idiotfrommars, locopoke, and Lavos Spawn

Length: 47:03